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Author. MA @Baylor, MSt. @UniofOxford. Non-binary Lesbian (they/them). Cat parent. Former evangelical. Support my work:

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most of my friends know at this point that they'll end up in an anecdote. @UptownSpitMom those tater tots look good tho @DrSprankle ...i have a new book in the before times whenever friends wanted to stay out past 9 poisoning is a good boy. @blackhillsbum more like i have 20 pounds worth of cat who like to sit on me at nightwho needs weighted blankets when you have cats @sarahbwarrender that sucks. sending good vibes for a restful night and for the flare to calm down! @jonah_ven oh fuck, I am so sorry. And yes, that is absolutely a good reason to call out. @KardueM @R_Thomas85 @dansolomon One of the restaurants that burned during the protests here in Minneapolis had a b… @JochiPochi I do but someone already sent me a gift card to my favorite spot!can not believe that flavortown has a better mayor than most major american cities
Retweeted by Dianna E. Anderson @JesseThorn someone in Minneapolis has a black and white crown vic like that and they've taken a bunch of stick on… @AngryBlackLady It is WILD. They have a display at the front of every car that tells you how fast the train is going. @AngryBlackLady I know you're talking about a movie but fuck yes, absolutely. I *love* train travel so much. I once… @mattvogt That’s a long way from me!someone buy me dinner so i don't have to think about what to cook @partlycloudypat @gina_goldberg My dad likes to spend about $100 on each of us kids for Christmas even though we're… @Thalesdisciple A few weeks ago, I took a nap and Georgia was declared during that time. @PaperClippe Right? I love my apartment except for that.(And this pandemic meaning I never leave my place and can wear the same leggings for a week also means I do laundry once a month, max.)right now i'd just settle for in my apartment i have to walk down four flights to the basement and that's currentl… afternoons are for naps, apparently. At least nothing huge happened during this one, which has been the case during much of 2020.
@Joi_the_Artist perfection.2000/mo would cover all my bills. As it is, I'm struggling to make it to January. ( @IlhanMN I've been unemployed this entire time, and it's run out for me. And we just got notice that the CHAP rent… have wished @BluehairCoffee "Shabbat Shalom" every Friday evening via text for over a year now. My phone is just… @BluehairCoffee it's been awhile but i seem to recall a lot of stories from the bible about not praying in public for acclaim @Brainmage I love it so much. The video is AMAZING.😂
Retweeted by Dianna E. Anderson @KittenBalerion This is why I have google calendar alerts!! @emmykegler @aritalkstv NICE @Brainmage I have not! Will google now. @Joi_the_Artist hiiiiii rocket! @aritalkstv @emmykegler I have faith in people! @Brainmage RA-RA-RASPUTIN LOVER OF THE RUSSIAN QUEENI say all this because it's a thing I didn't recognize as a symptom of a potential disorder. I thought everyone had…'ve noticed this with the car sharing service I do. I will block out two hours to go to the store because I'm bad… starting a new project or task that is going to be routine, I will literally make note of how long it takes me… is why, over the years, I've developed coping strategies and learned to clock how long certain things take so… literally have no awareness of time without some external thing keeping track of it for me. It's especially bad w… is why, when I have an appointment or something that interrupts my regular schedule, I set alarms with labels…, in college, I shut myself in one of the lounges in my dorm with a bag of chips and a thing of soda and wrote… have analog clocks in every room in my house, within my sight line at all times, because I will absolutely not no…, so this thread? Great. A long read, but it puts into terms something I've struggled with a lot. When my depre… @emmykegler @aritalkstv reward yourself when the book is finished @emmykegler @aritalkstv No but you said you were going to try itthe spaghetti squash @charlotteirene8 What's the laptop? @megaforte84 I love that you had the same bonkers family gifts. We used to do a gift exchange in the family where e… @jessicashortall @gina_goldberg The 10yo got a Kamala shirt. Luckily she knows I'm poor so she knows I'm not the pe… @emmykegler @aritalkstv Emmy did you ever end up watching it? @alysonlaurel hahhah that's amazing. Both my nieces love them. I have two large tattoos, so it feels like a complim… @gina_goldberg once they get personalities you really have to think about it, lolMy niece is 4.5 so I got her some tattoos and a craft kit from crayola and we're good.The fun thing about buying Christmas presents for little kids is that you can just throw a bunch of temporary tatto… @midwestbisexual @dipfef Send it in to @AskAManager! She's really good about preparing scripts! @MileHighBrendan God yeah, I will find myself thinking about that test I have to study for and I'm I don't.Friends familiar with the UK puberty blockers case, does Keira Bell use she/her or they/them pronouns? @erinarlinghaus oh wow, I've never gone back that far. Occasionally I end up back in high school going "I'm 34 and… @erinrjohnson3 Mine are usually "you've gone back to school for another master's degree!" and I'll wake up and have… another of my regular anxiety dreams last night where I've gone back to grad school but skipped all the lecture… @Spoolses oh god @midwestbisexual @dipfef I think a lot of it is purely just millennials and younger are more willing to just click… @dipfef @midwestbisexual at my last job, I got called a tech wizard because I was good at googling and figured out… @macbethann Is Cortland white? Cause that name screams white. @charlotteirene8 Boooo that sucks. Mine is just no longer suited to the work I need it to do. @macbethann I HEARD ABOUT HIM @charlotteirene8 It is. I'm hoping the replacement I get will last me longer than a couple years. :| @charlotteirene8 Same. @hannahnpbowman @AnaMardoll I've been thinking about this a lot in relationship to the mask mandates. Here in Minne…, you should read about how the FBI killed him. He was asleep in bed, possibly drugged with sleeping pills. Th… @bluesmurftaco @dbastemeyer i approve @dbrauer There's also the English: jump the queue.His Rainbow Coalition, which did bring together poor whites under class consciousness to fight racism AND poverty,… Hampton was a young black man who was a leader in the Illinois Black Panther Party. He brokered a peace betwee… made an article on Fred Hampton ... about white people., casually watching TikToks: "awwww this wife got her hubby kitties!" *spots a Thin Blue Line flag in the backgr… @brookstravis Yes @EmExAstris @priellan YUP, lol The very next summer they let me go see Sixth Sense without them, lol @EmExAstris @priellan 95% of people my age know the scene because it was the source of much middle school gossip @EmExAstris @priellan y'all are making me feel old @priellan lol your choice! @priellan Here ya go: oh and one last one. Armageddon. Went with the family. I was 12. Mom was seated between me and my brother. We g… @RhemaBoyo that sounds awesome. @amfaraday I am amazed my conservative parents let me see it. Then again, it's what started my deep love of film, so. @BluehairCoffee This sounds about right for you.Oooh, there's also the time I talked my parents into buying a ticket to go see The Sixth Sense when I was 13. my th…, that same year, I talked a bunch of my new Baylor classmates into going to see Twilight and proceeded to just… saw Slumdog Millionaire in an advanced screening in Austin, TX, at a place where each of the theaters was themed… @Karnythia woohoo! @Quiara @EmCohen_ @telushk Man is one of the top Karl Barth scholars in America. Terrified of a condiment. @EmCohen_ @Quiara @telushk I had a professor in college with a PHOBIA of ketchup. He ate lunch in the cafeteria wit… @BluehairCoffee @spooky_hobbit yeah, she's still very obviously a kitten but much more in line with the size she should be! @spooky_hobbit I usually don't? @spooky_hobbit I always assume it was in error and they didn't notice. @BluehairCoffee aawwwwww @BluehairCoffee well that's boring