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Born Degen. Sugardaddy, just call me daddy. Super mysogynistic sarcastic troll account

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@numer041 @RSean5 @WehLung @CryptoHidden @smilinglllama @Schdummbe @real_TRENDY @SecOfBitcoin @lilRIPplexrp had it comming! @CryptoHidden @WehLung @RSean5 @CryptoHidden @Schdummbe @real_TRENDY @SecOfBitcoin @lilRIPplexrp @tmichaelbryan @grimy_trades
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Looks like I came back just in time.
@TweetThreadFred @WehLung @theartistcoach @Ok_BoomerBTC @smilinglllama @NotRealKeeper @42RaptorJesus42 @theartistcoach yeah, just burn it and buy new lights next year. @liontradez @WehLung @Schdummbe Alt accounts or personalities? @WehLung @liontradez @Schdummbe footage of BSV attracting new people to crypto
Retweeted by Dick Fitzwhel @GrindingPoet Respectfully, GFY Sir @TweetThreadFred @cryptosucks @scottmelker Them floppy saggy bobs slap when you're doing her doggystyle. @TweetThreadFred @fluffypony Might wanna keep a backup on evernote however. Might be easier than the locksmith. @TweetThreadFred @fluffypony Brilliant @sawluke He's on Gab. No DM's there sadly.Pack it in @barrysilbert You just got b*ttf*cked by @cz_binance
Retweeted by Dick Fitzwhel @ICOffender Also, you lost a follower. So probably you should have shown some gape. @empty_banks @Carla_SHA_2 @Schdummbe I thought it was a programme about cleaning at first. @empty_banks @Schdummbe I feel there should be a variant with the tail in it too. @CryptoPahmp Imagine developing a candy flavored BTC service thats easy to use and efficient at defending itself fr…
Retweeted by Dick FitzwhelCan somebody walk me through how to short BSV? I am am not a trader, but seems like easy money. I created an acco…
Retweeted by Dick Fitzwhel @ICOffender Was hoping for a bit of gape. @Spongecoinbob So calm. Also seems to listen to you.I found @Schdummbe's google drive 🤔 @ICOffender @Cryptonomigone Smart man, Nomigone. He will not be dissapointed. @ICOffender And you're at 3Keks. Anyone want to testdrive this dude before following? @inversebrah @ICOffender OMFGLast follower to board @ICOffender before 3keks! @Science2_Space @cryptosucks likes to be breastfed everyday. @__MagUra__ 75x leverage on $TRX and $XRP. Boss move. Al Capone style boss.Who turned the bull-bots back on so soon? Most of us weren't done taking profits, FFS. @BullOfBitcoin Next time just DM me. @Karnickleon @inversebrah *doorbrushstrip for a wassiehouse. @bearishbulltard if you buy $bnb now, wait till CZ is done pumping and sell the initial investment you can use the gained B…
Retweeted by Dick Fitzwhel @Karnickleon Also, I'd say in about 60H. @Karnickleon And Barrycoins pampin....very strange.FFS @barrysilbert @Lord_Bera HiWhy hasn't $Zec not fully retraced yet? 🤔 @smilinglllama Came close tho @majinsayan @smilinglllama Take notice @BrianDColwell Did you buy it? @Colinthecrypto1 Hex is the empty casing. @Colinthecrypto1 If this is $hex, then the chocolate is the $ETH and Richard Heart ate that all himself. You get the empty casing back. @theartistcoach Fixed it for you. @smilinglllama 😂 @Leve_raged @theartistcoach Rename yourself "Katie" and tag @MrMichaelNye @bearishbulltard You have my blessing. Pump it! @GrindingPoet FFS and you really had to go on FB for that shitWhat a magnificent pump on $ZEC. We're still early! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (I do like the volume) Tevye gone? @KnifecatchR Just as real as your name is Rambo @Schdummbe Seems like someone who would choke in hjis own vomit.
@Adrian_Trident @CryptoHidden *givingBookmark this.... Wait, screenshot this, account is probably getinng banned. @do_i_feellucky That, and the market sentiment. @FitzGibb0n @iamPapiCrypto @CryptoHidden @lordofthebags Hey, clowns have families too! @2xWhisky Drinking Single Malts. @sabotagebeats Congratulations man!!! @3rdImpulse Overvalued AF @3rdImpulse Agree. Def. on that last one. @3rdImpulse F? M? K? @ForeverBearish * 1 $XRP @RektDisco Doesn't even need additional vinegar or brown sauce.Quitting my job and going full time crypto. @OleBitcephus @CryptoHidden @lordofthebags No, just below average and smelly, just like yours. @RektDisco @thebryman530 @krypto___klepto tell your hairdresser and uber! @RektDisco Smells like fish'n chips, but isn't? @RektDisco @thebryman530 @krypto___klepto Haven't you heard? I'm quitting my job for this! @CowboyCrypto @TheCryptoDog No, wallets about 1 or 2 $BTC worth of $XHV. @sweetslr1nonly @GamerGenieGG The worlds is overpopulated anyway. I've trouble believing it's a good thing to have… @CryptoEuclid Just this once, or everytime it hits 9K? Do I send you my BTC address? @GrindingPoet Happy hour at the rendez-vous place? @cryptosucks Don't tell me it's you @bearishbulltard It's the story build up behind it. But it's mainly the "Schadenfreude". @BreakingFrancis So it doubled already? (Since last week)If it hits 9k Im buying everyone ice cream
Retweeted by Dick Fitzwhel @bearishbulltard But worth it every goddamn minute. @TweetThreadFred @pt0kes @CJlovescrypto WE WILL.. WE WILL.. WOK YOU! @smilinglllama @CryptoParadyme Iranian Mullahs moving huge amounts of laundered cash into DOGE
Retweeted by Dick Fitzwhel @TweetThreadFred @CryptoEuclid Soon 1 $Pralin = 7 $Potato @TweetThreadFred @CryptoEuclid 2 $Potato for 1 $Pralin @lilRIPplexrp His one, or yours?$btc #bitcoin I am bullish but wanted to post this to provide a different perspective and play devil's advocate.
Retweeted by Dick Fitzwhel @lilRIPplexrp I meant when the guy turned to you. @_tm3k relatable But hey, compared to the rest on CT you're still pretty smart! @lilRIPplexrp I hope you atleast continued fapping. @OleBitcephus Might be seaweed. Bet it tastes pretty salty. @CryptoNewsFlash @OleBitcephus How do you buy something like that.... Just say, this is my size and buy it, hoping it will stretch enough?Someone paid back @CryptoFinally @CryptoHidden MrMichaelNye @CryptoHidden FloridaGator @Schdummbe Are you telling me @MrMichaelNye got laid once? @OleBitcephus I think it's taped on. @Schdummbe @OverdoseOnTwitr But it's "Strip-tease Patience"! @Schdummbe @OverdoseOnTwitr Patience. @grimy_trades @cryptobombshell *Connaisseur