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Dick Vitale @DickieV Bristol ,Connecticut

ESPN ANALYST Naismith HOF 2008, National Sportscaster HOF, Sports Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award Washington Speakers Bureau 703-684-0555, Board of V Foundation

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I’m thrilled this week to be a guest Celeb DJ for my buddy the superstar & gr8 entertainer @kennychesney on his… a great time to be a Tampa sports fan ⁦@TBLightning⁩ STANLEY CUP BABY - ⁦@RaysBaseball⁩ AL Champs & played in… Frenzy in Tampa as history in the @NFL as the Bucs 1st team to ever play on their home field in the SUPER… BOWL BABY ! It is #awesomebaby #awesomebrady GO BUCS ! Bucs have won 7 in a row / next # 8 for the LOMBARDI TROPHY BABY ! #awesomebaby #awesomebrady Bucs ! GOAT vs the kid baby !#awesomebaby #awesomebrady stage is set for the SUPER BOWL V! #awesomebaby & #awesomebrady Super Bowl is now all set @Buccaneers vs @Chiefs in Tampa Bay @RJStadium it will be #awesomebaby by I mean #AWESOMEBRADYMy VBDI Team of The Night ! RUTGERS who got their 1st W in January by beating Indiana on the road in @B1GMBBall to…
I was on @nflnetwork beaker today & listen what The VBDI said baby / @Buccaneers SUPER BOWL led by @TomBrady GOA… great year to be a Tampa fan / what a yr @TBLightning @RaysBaseball @Buccaneers BOWL BABY ! @Buccaneers I must get Tix baby @TomBrady the GOAT / 1st time a team in the Super Bowl is playing at home #awesomebaby It… @packers lose no one to blame but themselves for kicking the FG rather than go for the TD / said it when it happened on twitter .Wow a 1:32 from a SUPER BOWL BABY / go Bucs babyR u kidding me / this is unbelievable / what an intens battle by @Buccaneers & @packersWow shocked they kicked FF now 31-26 Bucs / I can’t believe they went FG . Up to @Buccaneers offense to keep the ball with 2 min leftThe @Buccaneers lead 31-23 with 4:42 left / what tension . R you serious ? I want that Super Bowl Baby for my Bucs… stomach CAN NOT TAKE IT / 8 min decides a National Football Conf . Title // SUPER BOWL D JPP baby ! Go Bucs can’t believe the dropped passes /Uncle Mo is now on the side of @packers as they battle back from 18 down & now trail 28-23to @Buccaneers going to… can’t take it / my stomach is rumbling / Lorraine get me that Pepto Baby. @packers r so explosive @Buccaneers need to raise their game on D 28-17 Bucs !Are u serious Baby ? Wow 28 @Buccaneers @Packers 10 / oh baby move that clock move that clock ! 28 more minutes o… GOAL / forget about it baby / @Tombrady GOAT delivers a magical throw for a TD baby 21-10 @Buccaneers ove… time Rodgers & @packers get the ball I need some Pepto Bismol ! is @_fournette of Old baby / rambling & spinning down the field for TD @Buccaneers 14- @packers 7 !Great drive baby @TomBrady to @MikeEvans13_ TD baby @Buccaneers 7- @packers 0Oh baby my bride of 49 yrs knows I will be a nervous wreck during BUCS - Packers game. #awesomebaby VBDI talks ⁦@Buccaneers⁩ vs ⁦@packers⁩ on ⁦@nflnetwork⁩ ⁦@richeisen⁩ a big time ⁦@UMichFootball⁩ man / hey… @RutgersMBB end their o-for Jan . by getting a quality road W 74-70 over @Indiana in tough @B1GMBBall actionWow after a strong start @RutgersMBB they r now facing @IndianaMBB who is coming off a fantastic win over… will be PEPTO- BISMOL time as @Buccaneers vs @packers ! of all let’s hope everyone recovers & r healthy . Basketball wise it will be interesting to see what effect wi… shocks McGregor with TKO in second round - via @ESPN App @kelleyroper Kelley ur @FSUHoops Noles were super / I will on my ballot for @AP_Top25 have them # 12 Hey praying… @cowboys_cubs1 @TheVFoundation Pls call 941-350 0580 share with ppl that help raise dollars for @TheVFoundation.⁦@MizzouHoops⁩ upsets ⁦@Vol_Hoops⁩ on road after getting beat by 20 at home by Vols. Bet on ⁦@UKCoachCalipari⁩ usi… CONOR McGREGOR @TheNotoriousMMA will be in the WINNER’S CIRCLE tonight baby !Team of the Night says the VBDI is MARYLAND @TerrapinHoops with a road victory over Minnesota in @B1GMBBall -This… VBDI ‘s PTPER Player of the NIGHT XAVIER PINSON of @MizzouHoops MISSOURI who lost at home to TENNESSEE by 20… @UVAMensHoops hangs on to nip @GTMBB 64-62 who missed a 3 on last shot .The Noles were #awesomebaby !Clemson vs. Florida State Men's Basketball Highlights (2020-21) via @YouTubeCats win game # 5 as they control game vs @LSUBasketball right from the start.Tigers have been having defensive pro…
The @TerrapinHoops despite their overall record are going to be a legit contender for an at large berth for… @FSUHoops was so impressive & dominating today vs @ClemsonMBB @FSUCoachHam ‘s team has size / physicality , de… @kyglazier Hey I can be found around noon Mon thru Fri at First Watch in LWR / they have been #awesomebaby in help… last 3 games @FSUHoops shot 53% in solid wins over @PackMensBball @UNC_Basketball & early this week routed… for @ClemsonMBB vs @FSUHoops it is obvious y Tigers after being 9-1 now 9-3 after being routed by UVA &… is an impressive stat that u will not see on the STAT SHEET on @FSUHoops & @FSUCoachHam In 19 yrs he has had… about a broadcasting legend / LARRY KING has passed . I had several chats with Larry at his fav breakfast plac… us 3 PM on ABC TV for ACC battle btw CLEMSON vs red hot FLORIDA STATE ! #awesomebaby posted a photo Who Get It, 5 Who Don't | Barrett Sports Media Man I appreciate the kindness . Thanks ! ⁦@jksports⁩ @espnpr ⁦… @timmbr U guys do a fab job. @dvancecosida @espn I am in trouble w/ o the talents of the SID’s I have wired with thru my 42 year on @espn @DocKevinElder @TheVFoundation @APlayersProgram Super stuff / fun times . Keith Jackson was All World!Loved talking with @PabloTorre about being a fan in Tampa ! @jksports @ESPNPR @StephDru great story on superstar on/ off the field HANK AARON . by ⁦@nrarmour⁩ via @USATODAYMy Team of the Night ! ST PETERS @PeacocksMBB with a W over Siena giving them their 1st loss of the year .CLASS ON & OFF THE FIELD ! HANK AARON RIP PTPer of the night is @umichbball MICHIGAN’s ISAIAH LIVERS who had 22 points - 10 assists in ending the 4 game win streak of Purdue .
Tonight in @B1GMBBall @umichbball is on the road & faces @BoilerBall / Purdue has won 4 in a row & a key reason… of the decisions by the ⁦@NCAA⁩ just amaze me .⁦@OSUMBB⁩ Day I ALWAYS will treasure / May the GREAT HANK AARON RIP! Chatter of the Day ! day I will always cherish / loved sharing time in the Green room with Conan / Charles & of course one of the GREA… AARON was as good as it gets with that bat in hods hands / He was a hitting machine . My Dad loved him! I was… is @dvancecosida COSIDA APPRECIATION WEEK / the SID’s across our nation at our colleges r invaluable . They c… up on @SIRIUSXM big 12 radio nowThe @NCAA MUST penalize those that r REAL CHEATERS - buying players / academic fraud etc / that is cheating not the… motivational tip of the day !#awesomebaby road W for ⁦@APlayersProgram⁩ ! @RobertMcGonig84 @NCAA U r so right Robert, well said my friend . @sammyt2840 @NCAA Sam, no t bias FACT / we have schools that have coaches talking about giving cash to players & th… @MoGoldman @NCAA @APlayersProgram U will not be cheering when the @NCAA lays the law down my friend . @Jasonreplogle12 @NCAA Jason, many of their rulings amaze me . @TitanicMafia05 @NCAA Dawn , wish the @NCAA would mail REAL CHEATERS ! @VinnyD100 @NCAA @UMassTennis The Mass tennis team got a raw dealMy PTPER of the night @PeppBasketball ‘s KESSLER EDWARDS who had 37 pts 11 reb. & hit 6 3’s in W over Pacific who h… VBDI TEAM of the NIGHT @IndianaMBB Hoosiers of @Archie_Miller rise big time with a special W over @IowaHoops about these minor charges that should have led to a a reprimand . It’s LAUGHABLE putting up penalty as a 1 yr… @Vol_Sports make a terrific hire in Danny White of UCF as their new AD White has a gr8 rep as someone with i… has happened to @RutgersMBB as they were beaten again tonight by Penn State. They have now lost 5 in a row in…
It has been reported that a # of schools have been notified by the @NCAA of allegations of cheating . It’s a joke h… @BobbyHurley11 had fans fired up about @SunDevilHoops but it’s been tough . Covid- 19 has hurt them & also they m… Chatter / Indiana vs Iowa. ⁦@B1GMBBall⁩ @B1GMBBall @IndianaMBB must get some W’s if they plan on being part of @marchmadness . They r 3-4 in last 7 ga… finished a singles match with Jane S . at the Lakewood Ranch tennis center- in LWR , Florida #awesomebaby motivational tip of the day ! #awesomebaby VBDI Team of the Night @Winthrop_MBB with win tonight r now 14-0 & along with Gonzaga -Baylor & Drake r the onl… PTPer of the Night is NATE WATSON of @PCFriarsmbb as he scored 28 pts & made clutch baskets down the stretch… ‘s @GTMBB have won their 7 th game in their last 8 by beating @ClemsonMBB 83-65 / Tigers now 9-3… suffers another crushing defeat as @UGABasketball of @Tomcrean ‘s kids make big plays at the end to give… Cats @KentuckyMBB finally getting a strong offensive game from HS All American BJ Boston as he has 18 pts (9-1… is a vital week for SID’s as @dvancecosida indicated that the pandemic has made it difficult for many .LOYALTY… scoring games as Wake Forest up 33-31 on UNC & UGA leading UK 30-27 .
Every game is becoming bigger & bigger for @KentuckyMBB / remember their annual goal is to be part of…