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Dua Lipa new photos shares with the studio in Mick Jagger. @PopBase there are not even top albums on spotify wrapped... @sooyasvogue oh😭 @sooyasvogue i hate babies so much but most of them actually are cute. this one's a jumpscare tho @Notfancy_ tomorrow is gonna be even worse @MM02804 no:) @chartdata @taylorswift13 her best track 5YOUR PEOPLE ARE DYING... was this not a hit
@endgameeez exactly @miguelmidnights off MY MENTIONS @miguelmidnights I've muted ur ass for a reason now get off my mentions @repstadiumtour6 it = no hair @miguelmidnights imagine going back to a 20 days old tweet just to tag me thinking imma gaf ijbol @trixtid now who's thati will never understand how this turns y'all on @trixtid @repstadiumtour6 lmao😭 @Flo_ritaaa for a reason @trixtid @repstadiumtour6 NOW ;#(#&#>#%#[@>@&#why every time i post about how many times I've streamed taylor there's always this mf under the comments saying "I…'ve now streamed "Midnights" 700 times. It's Taylor Swift's 6th album to achieve this."Lover" now surpasses "Yours truly" and becomes my 12th most streamed album. @PopCrave they need to be stopped😭😭 @PopCrave @sanbenito even justice is better @chartdata @sanbenito @DUALIPA only one of them is known worldwide @slimyneoncooch matt leblanc when he was youngerhim and folklore are two completely different albums. y'all just aren't used to this genres of music so we alw… @slimyneoncooch they hate u too @wildestbloodx well mostly 😭 but many people in real life are like that too @alejstan_public why haven't u listened to iti don't like the way society treats older people. y'all act like they're not supposed to have fun or make jokes when they reach their 40s... @ThePopTingz if i don't get a message from taylor or avril I'm deleting spotify @PopBase taylor happy for both of them✨️Taylor's final album ranking: 1)reputation 2)1989 3)red 4)lover 5)midnights 6)evermore 7)fearless 8)speak now 9)taylor swift 10)folkore @UItreviolence tell em @flo2032eutdm @PRESSEDREE @EdwinnCarballo @ChartsRicky i don't think that's true😭😭 @gagavoodo2 lmao @YarDelRey anyways @YarDelRey og is more upbeat, it clearly has more potential @YarDelRey i did... @DulasPrivacy @majoelipa go back to school @YarDelRey no onei still have faith on Christmas tree farm @majoelipa when i was in the womb chill mf @bjorkoutsold his face and body are perfect damn @buzzboi692 😭😭 kicked a pregnant woman once @gagavoodo2 haircut = boyfriend @repwhores i would have came like 3 times with all this speedI've now streamed Sofia Carson 700 times. She's the 34th artist to achieve this. @PopBase deserved for homophobia LMAOseeing barbz crying about the remixes when their fave got a hit after years and it's already lower in streams than… @typical_barb @Iheart324 exactly...😭😭😭 @Iheart324 @typical_barb u can tell damn well this song would flop just based on its streams from nowdamn this guy got some bops @PopBase @taylorswift13 see when u have impact? @PopBase AS IT SHOULD @thelakeees orange @coveredinyou22 go to your settings @countedmiiles13 i can't choose😭 @coveredinyou22 labyrinth, mastermind and dear reader are skips b) sweet nothing is overhated c) midnight rain is overrated @talkofthecharts @Meghan_Trainor deserves top 5what happened??😭
Retweeted by bill | fan account @PopCrave that's smart @flo2032eutdm facts @PopCrave all overrated @PopCrave @Eminem we're tired @wildeyesfsgomez happened??😭 do i tell my friend that her mouth stinks @Prismore_Stan @hideyourkids13 i don't think u can 😭only future nostalgia had an impact and made noise worldwide @Flo_ritaaa just the login is in Portuguese bestie @Flo_ritaaa how😭😭😭😭 @Flo_ritaaa gurl...😭😭 @Flo_ritaaa @hideyourkids13 @xfplmaestrox leah kate @lovinglately taste"Familia" is now certified Gold in my charts. It's Camila Cabello's 1st album to achieve this."Sofia Carson" is now certified Gold in my charts."Shut down" is now certified Gold in my charts. It's Blackpink's 1st song to achieve this."What would you do?" is now certified Gold in my charts. It's Tate McRae's 2nd song to achieve this."Super freaky girl" is now certified Gold in my charts. It's Nicki Minaj's first song to achieve this. songs from Midnights are now certified Gold in my charts."Taking over me" now becomes Evanescence's highest peak for a song in my charts."Bad for me" now becomes Meghan Trainor's highest peak for a song in my charts. It's also her 3rd top 10 hit. do we do to make this a hit next month ? @Henry82712745 i didn't even say anything bad...and idgaf about america @flynnended he was in a kpop group thowhats goin on with korea today😭😭 @alejandrozario we could be bored togetherPOV: no talent, overrated, cultural appropriators, mysoginst, racist, immature fanbase.
Retweeted by bill | fan accountartists that receive hate for absolutely no reason:
Retweeted by bill | fan account"debut solo album" and it's just 2 solo songs😭😭😭 I'm crying
Retweeted by bill | fan account @notpoptingz @taylorswift13🚨My top artists this week🚨 @taylorswift13 remains at #1 for a 69th week with 74 plays. @dulayola @AtlanticRecords well i don't think it would be smart to promote it now that christmas songs are rising