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Proud reply guy and your next TC. I’m just here so I won’t get fined.

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@REALCURVYMAMA Yes! @katie_dd6 Aww, Kate! 😢 @shehasfreckles @urdearolfriend 🤣 @mommainfarmland You look beautiful! Hoping tomorrow is better! @shehasfreckles @urdearolfriend Saw this, thought of you. 😊 @MarieAllOverAg1 I’d gladly die this way? @featuringJANE @FirecrackerKatt I can’t even imagine what this one is...😱 @dakota_ginger Exactly! @dakota_ginger Mine are like 5 minutes tops. @BuckUpBits Around here, we call that a noonah! 🤣 @snickerdoodle_2 Makes sense! 🤷‍♂️ @CanadianBeave13 That bitch Carole Baskin has 🤣
@LilBadGurll I’m waiting... @CanadianBeave13 @ANGELEYES200519 Yes I can! @lezzimomof2 Your post hit all the feels. ❤️ @lezzimomof2 As an ally, I want you and your wife to know that I would never support anyone who would try to take your rights away. 🏳️‍🌈 @SirJeremyLondon Man, that was very emotional on so many levels. @snickerdoodle_2 @LordOfFuckery Nope! @fatty_tits_ @ByrdMan0914 Nailed it. 🤣 @_nessajuli I do! @SmutPodcast Eh? Maybe? @featuringJANE I’ll remember that for next time 🤦🏻‍♂️ @featuringJANE Their loss! @BexyWillRise Love the hair! @TheSuccuBish Forget the laundry Trish... @itsmebeegee07 Dealbreaker @featuringJANE I love it all! @katie_dd6 Wow! Kate! 😍 @lezzimomof2 🤣🤣🤣 @OneSweetMia Yes please! 🤤
@KC_Sass This will haunt my fucking dreams! 😱 @CanadianBeave13 Will they stick though? Or are you hanging those bad boys from your nips? @CanadianBeave13 Bologna? Pepperoni? Any other salted and cured meats? @RozannaBanana Chris Cornell. @_nessajuli Sleep well hun! @urdearolfriend I’ll be ready! @KimmieRoze Wow! @softly_sighing2 Beautiful! @turtledumplin Oh good. I won’t be blocked. 🤣 @MollyCocktail I am also partial to Dead Poets Society. @MollyCocktail Good Will Hunting @Coolhtowngirl @aimessweethrt Anytime! 😏 @_nessajuli Of course you can! @snickerdoodle_2 Very sexy! 🔥🔥🔥 @L0rriD @Girl15Gone Thank you! 😘 @Legacy316 @snickerdoodle_2 Check her fleets bro! @Girl15Gone Thank you! So are you! 😍 @305miami6924 I wish I was! @Girl15Gone @Wishes_She_Was Yes I know I need to charge my phone! 🤣 @buckshotbill 🙋🏻‍♂️ @featuringJANE Good. Keep talking! @featuringJANE If you are looking to vent, I’m happy to listen. It’s not good to let things weigh you down like that @whiskeywhit_ Looking good Whit! @GoviaIsaiah @VoIP_Tech_34 @AlvinForbes4 @JesseeWeirdo @DollarTreeJesus @JMokely @SlimShamelesss @Roclogic… @TheRealPalMal @TheRealPalMal Woo hoo! @urdearolfriend I had no doubt in my mind lol @urdearolfriend Ha ha! I wasn’t implying anything, I swear! @katie_dd6 I bet you look amazing! 😍 @urdearolfriend Wonder where that came from? 🤔 @urdearolfriend Too smart! @ShootyDoody @mamapjs1 Easy... @ncprincess252 @VoIP_Tech_34 @AlvinForbes4 @GoviaIsaiah @JesseeWeirdo @DollarTreeJesus @JMokely @SlimShamelesss…
@_nessajuli I’m right here! Anytime! @katie_dd6 I’ll take a chicky sangwich! @JailbirdMJ I’ve had similar situations arise on a couple of occasions. I was very upfront on what I was comfortabl… a MCM List that I know will not send their dicks so... @AlvinForbes4 @GoviaIsaiah @JesseeWeirdo…
Retweeted by DickMountain @VoIP_Tech_34 @AlvinForbes4 @GoviaIsaiah @JesseeWeirdo @DollarTreeJesus @JMokely @SlimShamelesss @Roclogic… @FirecrackerKatt I said I didn’t want to know! 🤮 @FirecrackerKatt I want know where his dick went...wait, no I don’t. @PretendBadass Welcome! @_nessajuli Good to know! 😏 @NEGirl711 Wow. All the feels here @OneSweetMia Oh God Damn! 🔥🔥🔥 @turtledumplin 🤣🤣🤣 @featuringJANE 🤣🤣🤣 Perfect! @MyDarkSide75 Got it. I agree with you on that! @CanadianBeave13 @ByrdMan0914 You may grow a third leg, but then you can start sending unsolicited pics of it in r… @urdearolfriend @WineMummy Mountain you say? 🤔 @featuringJANE @MyDarkSide75 Greatest of All Time @blonde_opinion 🙋🏻‍♂️
@EmSwallow122 Mine sounds very familiar to yours Em!Lots of Friday night football games, dances and all night Nintendo/Sega sessions too! @dimestorec0wgrl @WtfKayla69 Who would turn that down? 🤔 @snickerdoodle_2 Those eyes! 😍 @_nessajuli No, thank you for being you! ❤️ @turtledumplin Done @305miami6924 Gorgeous lady! 😍 @area5150 @Khakione @turtledumplin 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m dead! 💀💀💀 @turtledumplin I wish I could watch but blocked. 😡 @puntmedaddy I wouldn’t mind @troubleinheels1 They certainly are! @lezzimomof2 Beautiful!Ask and you shall receive! 🤣
@_nessajuli We know you are very very real Vanessa ❤️ @Riverrunsred44 Sweet hat! @ANGELEYES200519 I hear you Angel!