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i use a combative tone sometimes but am nonetheless the most honorable netizen of the decade. make shit, do shit. agape love.

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im a neil young supremacisti love movies that have this song in it music of the minute
all joy has left my lifeshutupppppplpplllllppppppppplife is about friends..
Retweeted by cool man 𓀡 @ARSONDOER southland tales
its called live mas esse bell for breakfast, all other meals pussy
@iluv2tweetdood @funcrusherplus yeah there's nothing funny on there @flowerpathos yah @chopsueyside @netscape_negro couldnt have seen it coming, of course notit's weird that it's cannon that dwight k shrute loves Green Day and specifically their album 'american idiot' give… is meaningful representation
Retweeted by cool man 𓀡pssst 'wake me up when september ends' was about wanting to check out from society until american jingoistic cruscades post 9/11 ended :Dneil gorsuch is a weird dude @dickpillcyborg7
Retweeted by cool man 𓀡 @goblijn no fokin way wow thank you good on youim your dad. i watch viideos about tropic al waether neoliberalism sells itself as it authentically is, it sells itself as a post-ironic parody of itself— this is…
Retweeted by cool man 𓀡we're not so different @718Tv worse to never leave at all
Retweeted by cool man 𓀡this is fucked innoculations ?? @SpaceJam_BluRay @ARSONDOER
@ARSONDOER proud @BicLand hes a tres obv / w/e guy
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nIcE -69k -69k on the oldest anarchy server in minecraft
This is how to make a rope bucket handle knot
Retweeted by cool man 𓀡yeet @Arham_ii its fun! if u wanna try it out its worth the 20 bucks for a month of premium queue. then u get on in like 20 minutes.havin fun fuckin around @Arham_ii im just usin the standard Impact client. ;) u tryna play on the OlDeSt AnArChY… im off to a start
i made it out of spawn. 2b2t gains @SpaceGikoPurrp god is good amenim in love with this bitch
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Retweeted by cool man 𓀡Another morning in quarantine
Retweeted by cool man 𓀡“I know he got like 20 kills” 😂😂
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Retweeted by cool man 𓀡 @ggreenwald wtf clearly ripping off the intro sequence to 'the americans'i cant stop laughing about the white vegan part. 'if youve followed me you should know that i identify as a Dengist…
Retweeted by cool man 𓀡Weird thing to remember about Epstein's death -- while it's topical -- is that the political establishment didn't e…
Retweeted by cool man 𓀡david lynch made a whole animated series called "Dumbland" that no one ever talks about. he did all the voices, sou…
Retweeted by cool man 𓀡The old world still thrives in Pittsburgh
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@powcampsurvivor i would smoke so many cigarettes back thereHoly shit
Retweeted by cool man 𓀡Understand, and this is saying something, if what Ghislane knew got out the anger and rage would be even worse than…
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Retweeted by cool man 𓀡👁️ music of the minute: Evil Woman, ELO #GhislaineMaxwellDidntKillHerselfholy shit they arrested ghislaine maxwell for 'grooming'WHAT 👁️
2020 the summer sky, you water, and faithfully hold it till all downcast eyes have time to take it from you! Div… will make friends in this life AND i will die trying. see that? im unstoppable. @Sassy_Reapuwu hallelujah inshallah and a million tongues my smallness hasnt known all in praise @Sassy_Reapuwu Bless your assistance bless all collaboration. may we bring this into the world and make this place optimum like our source @Sassy_Reapuwu DM me!!!!!! @Sassy_Reapuwu im not concerned with the name of Time for i know it already. i am deeply concerned and interested… @Sassy_Reapuwu as am i, as are all, lest they deny it to much suffering. a spiritual gnosis is necessary to be in… @Sassy_Reapuwu you have cursed time, if you choose to call it cursed. as far as time goes.. we have what we have… @Sassy_Reapuwu temporary flesh yet honor defined otherwise. dm me, this poetry between us is fascinating. if you care to, of course @Sassy_Reapuwu one life of confusion begetting clarity, the next life imposing all that happened all at once on us.… @Sassy_Reapuwu death always comes, dishonour may yet, in the course of our lives, stay its hand. @Sassy_Reapuwu you sound like god or how you imagine God and i respect all prophets yet your trumpets horn discord… @Sassy_Reapuwu to wake in any day is bliss often missed to kill a man, any man, is the provocation of what we'll a… people cannot look a stranger in the eye. even with a handicap of no words. we break in seconds. this… @Sassy_Reapuwu war is unintelligible. words do no more justice describing war than war accomplishes in its horror. @Sassy_Reapuwu sry im not seeing anything just saw yr tweets and responded, idk who u are really. im a friend tho!… @Sassy_Reapuwu who holds our language? what a preposterous idea. can your tongue not flap freely can your unique a… @Sassy_Reapuwu idk anything about UK. Ruling the brits seems suss ngl @mitchellvii @remindmetweets 4 months @Sassy_Reapuwu no no no! Christ remains! where 3 of us gather he is here. theres so much evil but thats not a fa… @Sassy_Reapuwu me too i am looking you in the eye i know you @small_follower live @small_follower needs more cigsright? left? no. i type with my two hands. @JUDGE_T234 have you read dubois? boogie leads to nothing american. now if you are into more euro type shit then… @VeryGingerous fuck UK, unfollowing