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At this stage, better question is if Kanye successfully got rid of Sony and Universal. #FreeYe. Backup @didthealbumdrop .

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Kanye Spazzzzzzzzzed Saint JHN SpazzzzzzzzedHardest Shit I've Ever Fucking Heard DVD SMACK DVD SMACK DVD SMACK DVD @Wagster1316 another level @0saucer0 youtubeHardest shit I’ve heard all yearKanye even says f’ing holy fuckKanye West x Saint JHN holy crapSmack DVD is the hardest shit I’ve heard in my lifeare you excited for new Drake x Wayne tonight?Kanye West performing Lost in the World at the Macy’s Day Parade in 2010 Happy Thanksgiving fellow Kanye fans! We’…*hangs out with ye once* carti: gifted Chris Brown a Jesus Tank
We can help make designs professional designer here actually in terms of my day job. didn’t need to flex on us that hard wonder who that legend was... this one close 50/50 u love to see it the artist! does graduation rank on your all-time favorite Kanye projects? 🎨: Briana Roman/IG: artsintheheart we found the real reason Abel wasn’t nominated, case closed. isn’t here for your bullshit @RecordingAcad
@TuckerDesch i still love 2014 FHD sonically. J Cole shouldn't have alienated Kanye fans like that tho @TuckerDesch On Born Sinner, J Cole laid out the skits in a similar tone / effect to The College Dropout. On 2014…'s wild that J Cole was out here dissing Kanye when he was in the hospital when this same man tried to copy the C… should watch Dave Chapelle’s last IGTV video to understand how fucked he got by Comedy Central. He preache… who made this was robbed man this shits weak
Retweeted by Did DONDA Drop Today?Kanye is about to piss on a Grammy on live television KANYE WEST PISSED ON A GRAMMY AND STILL GOT NOMINATED HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA DROPPING ON THANKSGIVING. RETWEET IT INTO's true without Denzel Curry we would have never gotten The College Dropout. and The Weeknd got ZERO Grammy nominations and you’re still gonna tell me Kanye was wrong for this?
Retweeted by Did DONDA Drop Today?*wheel of fortune* _ a _ i s _ Can I get an R please. @EFFEXWHORE fuck with these noms - they nominated some lyrical rap this time, not the popular stuff, and i respect that disrespect must stop GOOOO @MUNCHKiN_XO Happy Birthday, Queen 🕊believing that a Playboi Carti x Kanye West song is actually going to come out requires more faith than any religion atp
Retweeted by Did DONDA Drop Today?I hate rapping I watched my hobby that I did in my room become something I can’t even enjoy anymore because everyone has a opinion
Retweeted by Did DONDA Drop Today? @Complex
@DesMc01 shows up to your doorstep in this outfit, wyd? @UncleQuincy age slow homieHappy Birthday to the Greatest Album of All-Time #MBDTF10
Retweeted by Did DONDA Drop Today?Mood all day. @WBLooneyTunes No one duck should have all that powerLooney Tunes with the massive W #MBDTF10's 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' has re-entered the top 100 on US iTunes on its tenth anniversary.
Retweeted by Did DONDA Drop Today?My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Retweeted by Did DONDA Drop Today?Of course everyone posts a tribute post to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy except Kanye West himself.Damn seeing everyone talk positive things about Kanye today was awesome af.
This is so dope!!! @KimKardashian ICONIC🙏🙏🙏🙏 what that’s sick wanted to get all the Good Friday songs cleared to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of MBDTF. We failed but it's…
Retweeted by Did DONDA Drop Today?Who was the best feature on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy? #MBDTF10.@therealmikedean going home after co-producing 10 classics on MBDTF. // 10 YEARS
Retweeted by Did DONDA Drop Today?every song on MBDTF could legitimately be someone's favorite song on it, and that's what makes it the greatest album of all time. #MBDTF10What song are you guys on? #MBDTF10 you stan of Kanye's MBDTF? Well, it's the album's 10th anniversary this weekend and we linked with @tillyksg to…
Retweeted by Did DONDA Drop Today? world shook the day Kanye premiered this prelude to Dark Fantasy - they knew he was working on something big.… @Genius Happy #MBDTF10 DayGood morning #MBDTF10Crazy I own a copy - timeless man... timeless. go pick up a copy of @KanyeWest 's new album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" in stores now! Its crazy!!!
Retweeted by Did DONDA Drop Today?The Production. The Writing. The Backstory. The Execution. Words can’t begin to describe how much I love this album…
Retweeted by Did DONDA Drop Today?There are more tweets making fun of #MBDTF10 posts than #MBDTF10 posts. @KanyePodcast IDK BUT LETS GET KICKING*taughtI honestly don’t know what to even post. Dark Fantasy thought me that perfection is possible, that beauty can be co… @Complex *album of the century*10 years ago My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was released to what remains the most critically acclaimed album of the 21st century #MBDTF10 @nfr_podcast HAPPY DARK FANTASY DAY.HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GREATEST ALBUM OF ALL TIME @DATMONKEY2222 @kanyewest Happy Birthday, King 👑 @twebster00 @Complex @OrlandoMagic .5 seconds
Missing what now. @Complex Should’ve signed with the @OrlandoMagic and played with Mo BambaTOMORROW WE CELEBRATE
mike dean retweeted this and i gotta retweet it too cause its TRUE out Ye’s latest feature with Saint JHN if you haven’t yet! @andreslutsen SPITTINGTHIS IS ETHEREALKANYE FEATURE TIMEFREEDOM IS PRICELESS BEST IS FILTHY HOLY GOD2 FOR 2 SO FARSHOULD I LIVE TWEET THIS SAINT JHN JOINTThe #VERZUZ we all want.
Retweeted by Did DONDA Drop Today?Even when he’s just a feature he’s STILL LATEI literally closed my eyes to sleep just as my cousin texted me and reminded me that the new @SAINtJHN album was dr…
@zXvXnrX For sure dm me your psn @Tossy_Rossi Direct