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no, DONDA has not dropped yet. backup account @didthealbumdrop

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Sources tell me that Kanye West will drop DONDA if the Bucks win tonight
@souljaboy Why you tweeting this like this“Listen kid, just send me an email or sum, I got stuff to do right now.” @WestSubEver oh my god this is Kanye we’re talkin about, he might have a feature on a gunna album
Retweeted by Did DONDA Drop Today?McDonalds Sprite taste like the intro of Yeezus
Retweeted by Did DONDA Drop Today?When I’m on my way, X hold the gate is a tragedy that we never got a finished verse from Kanye on ‘Internet’ by Post Malone.
Retweeted by Did DONDA Drop Today?Nice to see I’m trending West is a genius, good night.I swear some of you fuckers like this without realizing it was a memeDame, buddy, why you doing that instead of releasing that Kanye movie. clean version of All Day gotta sound like Kanye is constipated @ComplexSports @Complex Better than StephThanks for listening. I appreciate the time.A thread on all the reasons Yeezus is Kanye's worst work and the lowest point in his career as an artist. We may kn…
@mainlia_ i feel like if Kanye made AWESOME during the 808s era, he would have dropped it. Just didn't fit Yeezus @mainlia_ such a dope songHow Kanye West created Blood on the Leaves for Yeezus. @mathewpregasen good shitThis bro used a Yandhi beat for his startup commercial, I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE this shit never dropped. Spread Your… @mathewpregasen Is that a Yandhi beat I hear???I WOULD LIKE TO DISAGREE WITH THE OPTIONS.’m capping that’s MBDTF but let it have its flowers todayHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GREATEST KANYE WEST ALBUM MADE. West is a genius, good night.It’s always “Kanye, where is the album”, never “Kanye, how is the album”.Their show ended LAST WEEK and they’re already doing a reunion?!?
If Kanye uploaded DONDA to his website, but the only way you could get it is by shelling out $100.00, you buying or torrenting?Kanye West @Polo_Capalot idk
Retweeted by Did DONDA Drop Today?.@Complex has named the Yeezy 450 the #1 Best New Sneaker Design of 2021 (so far).
Retweeted by Did DONDA Drop Today?Happy Birthday, Kung Fu Kenny! @kendricklamar your 5th @ and link them a Kanye song to listen toOh shit saying “I’m back” is somehow less surprising than Kanye being late with DONDA.
Retweeted by Did DONDA Drop Today?Kanye telling somebody their yeezys are fake 💀
Retweeted by Did DONDA Drop Today?“It’s fine tho” Kanye in his head: telling somebody their yeezys are fake 💀
Has to be the most A$AP Rocky quote everSweden threw this guy’s ass in jail, but Rocky says he still wants to go back because he likes the architecture 🤣🤣🤣…“I’mma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time! One of the best videos of all time!” fucked me translate is NOT your friend. think Kanye West is in Hawaii about to create My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy 2, but he's probably talking abo… @YeezyTaughtMe72 Damn bro, I hope he lets you unionize @YeezyTaughtMe72 Just curious what Tory Lanez's payroll policies are. @YeezyTaughtMe72 Healthcare with Dental included?Tory Lanez really released a song named SKAT... fitting, I guess? He's basically doing that to our ears. actually sounds like some shit he'd do THIS WAS A JOKEkanye needs to hire this man telling his producer what to do.
This song is so good Kendrick Lamar album between now and November, confirmed. we ignore The College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation, 808's & Heartbreak, Dark Fantasy, Cruel Winter, Wa… a gift. Wonder by Kanye West really is one of the greatest songs ever made.JUST ANNOUNCED: There is no update on the DONDA release date, nor if the album still exists.woah i didn't even know Kanye was credited on this song. ears don't lie i guess. @lodyknowss wait Kanye is credited on Skeletons i didn't even know that.MY BEAUTIFUL DARK TWISTED BIBLE DROPPING SOONI don't wanna say we blessed, but we blessed. @anderson_acebo Tell ye to drop the album on behalf of all of Kanye TwitterKanye’s back in Hawaii? Y’all know what’s coming😎 is the LAST DAY to pre-order the YZY GAP Round Jacket
Retweeted by Did DONDA Drop Today?SIDE STREET
Retweeted by Did DONDA Drop Today? @alienfrmamerica He was fucking hilarious he literally woke up his business partner in India to show us some app he was making @808s_and_Jay Sending love and good vibes your way Jay, remember to keep moving forward ♥️For me it’s either meeting DJ Khaled & Asadh (when he was a baby) or talking to for an hour…
@alienfrmamerica Damn ripWho’s the most famous person you’ve ever met?This song had me ASCENDINGWHY ISN’T ANYONE TALKING ABOUT THIS BANGER OF A SINGLE?!?!?! @kanyewrld Previously, streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music would compress audio files so they were easi… clowned TIDAL for being the exclusive place that The Life of Pablo dropped, but who do you think won in th… Apple is rolling out Lossless, I'm probably going to finally cancel my TIDAL Subscription. I've been on Tidal… just has so many amazing moments across the musical spectrum, even though I rage harder to a lot of content on Rodeo.I always felt that Rodeo was my favorite Travis Scott album but Astroworld is his best I don’t know how else to explain it.SKELETONS by Travis Scott is an amazing song and we don’t say that enough. @therealmikedean Jay Z sold Tidal at the right time. @therealmikedean @TapDatApp @tosinn___ @AppleMusic 2 gospel albums? Is this including Sunday Service? @W0K3UPL1K3TH1S Ya he’s been around for agesOther songs that capture the 808s feel so well are songs like Paradise by Lil Uzi Vert. Fucking love that song too.I feel like what was so amazing about 808s and Heartbreak was the incredibly simply, bare, but perfect production.… Drake song is something I still go back to. One of the few songs that truly, truly feels like it's built in th… @OttoWanss Oh yeah def should have Gunna instead of DurkWho are the hottest features right now that weren't the hottest features in 2018 (aka no Drake, Kanye, Uzi etc.)?…🪂🧘🏾‍♂️🗽🏎⛹🏾‍♂️😭❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
Retweeted by Did DONDA Drop Today?Incase you forgot why Kanye is a musical mastermind:
Retweeted by Did DONDA Drop Today?Kim, pls never drive that thing in 80F or higher weather, you'll be sweating BRICKS. you forgot why Kanye is a musical mastermind: also cause he fucks with the true GOAT it appears'll follow this account cause they share our equal pain here at DidJesusDrop 😵😵😵 West 5 seconds after dropping a new pair of Yeezys "Hey great to meet you. I am really excited about this opportunity." Kanye: "Steve Jobs is dead."Do you think people who work at YEEZY have to interview with Kanye West? Gotta be stressful af. @shitting_pants grand majority of the time it's in my top 5
Pop Smoke would’ve carried that album 😭