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@Himalayaa Baby nooooo! @webtoonofficial Lalin’s Curse!! @tsulala Run!!!!#DEVILSCANDYCOMIC UPDATE 04/16/21: CH13 • P22 --------------------- ---------------------…
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@TooMuchDynamite Will it get smutty? @GaboFighto @YindeeComics 👀💦In the late 12th century, Galgano Guidotti had a vision and thrust his sword into the ground to create the shape of…
Retweeted by Diego @dimelojp @AztecEmpire1520 Hubiera sido una fiesta muy culera 🤣 @AztecEmpire1520 Cortes tiene fans? @eggysoup ❤️😭❤️villain redemption? nah. i wanna read a book where the hero is slowly corrupted until they get to a point where eve…
Retweeted by Diego @purplebirdman Horns growing?Ive decided I really like fucking painting in black and white
Retweeted by Diego @DeyaMuniz As an audio editor I would spend an extra hour cutting those if necessary
A camel petroglyph at the Bir Hima complex which covers the time period of 2500–1000 BC. Najran province in southwe…
Retweeted by Diego @Himalayaa ❤️ ❤️ @flamboYAAnt Please let Franky be gay too!Don't really wanna give away what my current project is but I kinda wanna share this black mamba I drew for all the…
Retweeted by Diego @Stedilnik Yes, excellent, remarkable, glorious! @emilyerdosart And then fight! @emilyerdosart Please record some of it! @Stedilnik, I'm going insane.
Retweeted by Diego @DeyaMuniz @emilyerdosart @webtoonofficial Fursuits"Passing Love 2 | Page 28" is up on my Patreon! Comic access starts at $6!
Retweeted by Diego @AdZennie Hopefully Rigby and Morty will do a better job with this one
@keiidakamya Oh ye! More pain!Armor with conch-shaped helmet. Japan, Azuchi-Momoyama period, early 1600s
Retweeted by Diego @emilyerdosart @DeyaMuniz @OhHeyDJ @DiegoRuzzarin Hay que hacer poemas porno @dillydoodles I ship it yes yes @wbfactorynsfw Here xD
Retweeted by Diegomy new favourite panel 🤖
Retweeted by Diego @v_0_3 Fuck that’s gorgeous!!
@emilyerdosart 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼Ep. 64 of #CRUSH3Dcomic ⬆️ The last part of the 1st game, so now's a great time to please check the webcomic, if y…
Retweeted by DiegoA Peruvian elongated skull with metal surgically implanted after returning from battle, estimated to be from about…
Retweeted by Diego @corrigibal He’s dumb lol @eggysoup You bless us with your smut @Himalayaa Good luck!!A 2000 year old Thracian chariot with horse skeletons.
Retweeted by Diego @dillydoodles I can’t wait for Doc-Roy interactions lol @HousepetsComic “Let’s take a short cut over those cactus” @DeyaMuniz @emilyerdosart @DeyaMuniz @DeyaMuniz AAAAAAA! @dillydoodles D-don’t look at me like that 😳💦Change my mind
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@DeyaMuniz @emilyerdosart That sight 😍💦 @dillydoodles Cool man and the sentient fart @tsulala 😍😭😍 @flamboYAAnt seen a silence this loud
Retweeted by Diego @v_0_3 Smart @DeyaMuniz @mowfwa @RodVonBoche The angry boy! @DeyaMuniz I like the transparency on Emile’s outfit @emilyerdosart I don’t say this enough but the poses during the skating scenes are awesome! Really awesome job!
Aig let's do this!
Retweeted by Diego @refrainbow Right @refrainbow Show the specs @tsulala This is so cute!!devil swap!😈🔁😈
Retweeted by DiegoMay this image from The Dreaming: Waking Hours #9 officially welcome you to the weekend.
Retweeted by Diego @WontonDiazepam Or you mean just one of your ears has this quality? @WontonDiazepam That’s a normal function of the brain! @WontonDiazepam ??
@kqom_ Umf @HousepetsComic Weaseling away
@DeyaMuniz I kind of want to see him get eaten by some clever girls @eggysoup If only 😭 @eggysoup That’s either really good or really bad lol @emilyerdosart What song!?
@Gre7gL @BMBrice_cake OOOH! @BMBrice_cake 😍😍😍 so his ears are under the metal or are the metal? @allkooks It doesn’t!! @eggysoup lolThe oldest door still in use in Rome. Cast in bronze for emperor Hadrian's rebuilding, they date from about 115 AD.…
Retweeted by Diego @eggysoup 👁👁👁👁 @eggysoup Why was this being discussed? lol @eggysoup
recent commissions!!! 🦋👑🦐
Retweeted by Diego @doromizu6 Last? @GameCobra That’s a lie! You barely post cats cuddling in saunas#DEVILSCANDYCOMIC UPDATE 04/05/21: CH13 • P21 --------------------- ---------------------…
Retweeted by DiegoHi i like to draw fucked up religious freaks #OriginalContentArtist
Retweeted by DiegoIt is simply CRIMINAL to kill the place that gave us this MASTERPIECE
Retweeted by Diego @NeoDissension Hold them nuts! @RicksWriting @dillydoodles That’s the bun from that pic with the bun outfit!!
@kqom_ That’s super hot!my high profile marketing team developed a new promotion strategy to direct traffic to my webcomic TAPAS…
Retweeted by Diego @BMBrice_cake 😍😍 @emilyerdosart Hit me!!Origin Story #animation #2danimation
Retweeted by Diego @DeyaMuniz @emilyerdosart Glad to see that slap again
@flamboYAAnt I love how much personality every single character has! You are doing amazing!!#BREAKING: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean TV Anime Announced! ✨ More:
Retweeted by Diego#Archaeology #archaeologylife #archaeology_online #Egyptology #Egypt #Egipto Un desfile inédito de 22 momias de r…
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