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@lastrainforest Really appreciate that I can just run it and go out for a bit rather than setting aside time for a 2-3 hour chore
Retweeted by Maguro Bōchō @honeyedflower I would love some street cred @honeyedflower I’m taking a Roomaji course online rn and am really digging it.I really hate doing this, but
Retweeted by Maguro BōchōHaving an in-unit washer/dryer is truly a life changing apartment experiencedoing the bay of pigs and then announcing to the american people “soooooo i did a thing”
Retweeted by Maguro Bōchō @depechejoe @THE_Stefano_DLC @jason1749 BvS is a movie about Batman having a midlife crisis and trying to murder god! @jason1749 @THE_Stefano_DLC I don’t go to the movies to NOT see Superman get pierced in the side by kryptonite spears @THE_Stefano_DLC @jason1749 The funniest thing is nerds getting mad about Jesus imagery in Snyder’s Superman movies… @Agent_326 @depechejoe Yeah there’s a funny little bit in Harley’s Holiday where Poison Ivy is just chilling in the…
Retweeted by Maguro Bōchō @depechejoe One of them is Mario’s House
Retweeted by Maguro Bōchō @depechejoe @abrahamjoseph Yeah there’s a lot of great facial expressions in that and the big car chase is extremely well done @abrahamjoseph @depechejoe Also great. There’s honestly like ten episodes you could point to and make a convincing… @depechejoe “Hello child” @depechejoe It’s like this, Robin’s Reckoning or Almost Got ‘Em I think. @depechejoe Robin’s technically a new character but yeah they never explain how Scarecrow becomes Jeffrey Combs lolYeah that Robin design is extremely slick love to be a head on some spider legs, just skittering around and whatnotI think Freeze is the only TNBA redesign that’s an improvement on the original @andrewstando The Unsolved Mysteries episode about that couple is going to be really wildForgot Dan O’Herlihy voices Not-Walt Disney in this, obviously he kills it.IS A MAN NOT ENTITLED TO THE SWEAT OF HIS BROW? a real Joey Sideabeef love this guy @AutoAmes It’s such a cute ending!This episode is very funny @rusty_shackles Maybe my favorite horror movie?? this the best TAS title card? I think it might be was a good idea, the waffle absorbs the juice nicely.It’s Sunday, you can put your leftover pork chop and Apple compote on waffles. You can do anything!
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Retweeted by Maguro Bōchōjust say "elect me and i will make weed legal coast to coast" you fuckin idiot break the glass and hit the big gree…
Retweeted by Maguro Bōchōwhat exactly am I looking at here
Retweeted by Maguro Bōchō @DieRobinsonDie Great to see liberals embracing race science. You love to see it.
Retweeted by Maguro BōchōShe had cancer for like a decade what is this @TheBrobe The box is huge!Holyyyy shit dude
Retweeted by Maguro Bōchō[Deep South tobacco CEO voice] Now ah, this here ah, Bowsuh charactuh... enlighten me as to hhwhy Mistuh Mario's got such animus for the boy
Retweeted by Maguro Bōchō @TheBrobe Is this the new one? I saw it at Target today and was gobsmacked for a second.Totally normal thing for a senator to tweet in 2020.
Retweeted by Maguro Bōchō @danmcdaid Funny how many of these complaints come down to “you didn’t do exactly what Superman: The Movie did!”43 year old woman with an 800, 000 dollar house: now isn’t the time to give up ❤️
Retweeted by Maguro Bōchō @colonelnemo @HellaNarez None of these Netflix shows are well animated! They look like shit!They list a Big Mouth above fucking Cowboy Bebop!!! @colonelnemo Archer...better than Samurai JackBojack Horseman, the Netflix show made on some dude’s Macbook, is not better than Batman: The Animated Series, The… list placing Bojack Horseman at number one has Jokerfied me. C. Scott’s family just got yeeted by a truckCracking another beer and putting on The Changeling @LisaMcCray She has a Halloween sweater but probably needs more tbhJust took the dog out and it’s like 45 degrees, you can smell people’s fireplaces! Fall!
@HelloCullen Absolutely @HelloCullen You’re welcome Cullen : ) @HelloCullen The most recent Sturgill Simpson album is stellar driving at night music @HelloCullen Here’s a playlist I made a couple years ago for basically the same reason
Retweeted by Maguro BōchōThe pork chop is nice and moist from cooking in the apples and juice @DieRobinsonDie It’s fall baby
Retweeted by Maguro BōchōYeah buddy that Jonah Hex is old as balls in this episodeFinally.
Retweeted by Maguro BōchōOh hell yeah Jonah Hex episode update: The kitchen smells greatSwitching gears to Batman: TAS. Red Claw is sort of a G-rated Lady Shiva huh.Oven at 350 for 45 minutes. @ShanusMcAnus Good luck Sean!The compote consists of three apples, half an onion, some sage, maple syrup and some apple ciderLetting the apples and onions simmer for ten minutes 😌 some loins ready to make this apple compote pork chops recipe I found on YouTube @ShanusMcAnus Thank you SeanIt’s a quiet Saturday 😎
Retweeted by Maguro BōchōLove the enthusiasm here, good hustle. got to the swole Willie Watt episode of Batman Beyond @depechejoe And the JLU sets up that this is the crime lord’s kid from “Date Night”?? @DieRobinsonDie A thing that Batman Beyond has up on Justice League is they just make up great weird guys like this…
Retweeted by Maguro Bōchō @megclark_txt Making a apple compote tonight! Putting it over pork chopsBernie must denounce Mad Stan and reject his endorsement rules that Henry Rollins was a recurring anarchist bad guy on Batman Beyond guy outside Safeway is playing “Hallelujah” on a violin plugged into an amp...Zack smiles upon us today @el_gray EXTREMELY goodnominate ghislaine maxwell to the supreme court
Retweeted by Maguro Bōchōdo the people giving millions to McGrath (or urging others to do so) know that she is unambiguously pro-Trump
Retweeted by Maguro Bōchō“Win over GOP senators on principle” yeah man maybe we can try to bribe the fucking terminator tooRamon lives his life one quarter mile at a time this old ghoul is still completely useless
Retweeted by Maguro BōchōGod help me... I’m considering it