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“MUST there be Carnage, Senator?” is our history, our cultural heritage.Anyone dunking on this hates true love, imo a dude on stage during the primaries and Old Joe still went with Tilda SwintonWhat non-sociopath would even want that job like... Trump is basically the only public figure who’s even said anything about this at all??This rules, perfect old rich guy brain quote sucks that Batman Beyond ditches season long arcs after the first season, third season is especially all over… @Joe_Hunter Yeah that too @colonelnemo Felt like a proof of concept also the stuff with the love interest was dumb and unpleasant. I defend p… honestly didn’t know there were people who liked Hardcore Henry until today.Mad Stan has a small dog. Am... I... Mad Stan?Mad Stan is the best Batman Beyond villain, no question.The second Zeta Project episode of Batman Beyond is fine but Mad Stan just said “BIG GOVERNMENT BIG LIES” while firing on some fedsNot one to get overly defensive about movies but UPGRADE rocks ass and is probably the closest we’ve come to natura… @vladimirlem0n More offended by the Upgrade slander tbh @blakersims I really wanted to like it! Felt like watching a video game to me @vladimirlem0n I liked Copely I just think the gimmick doesn’t work for a feature and the script was really weak @VyceVictus like Venom but Upgrade is like a genuinely great sci fi movie and Hardcore Henry stunk. is beyond simple ideas of "good" and "bad". VENOM movies are simply gifts bestowed upon us by the Sony Corporation.
Retweeted by Maxwhen he doubts whether we should let there be carnage
Retweeted by MaxSinging venom symbiote making eggs world’s longest yeah boiYES*doot doot doot doot doot* connery saying pendejo
Retweeted by MaxGood morning #dailyannie #itsthedailyannie is also Jude Law’s villain subplot in the Guy Ritchie King Arthur movie that Trump’s only real punishment for trying to do a coup was getting his posting privileges revoked but it d… getting into a one-sided feud with a horse... our boy still has the goods @depechejoe Xeni taught Chet to smoke weed, now look where we are @depechejoe Gonna try telling the Qanon guys to “knock it off” and see if that works @depechejoe I like the implication here that she apparently used to hang out with Tom Hanks and Jeffrey Epstein all the time.Why on earth would you frame yourself as the Forrest Gump of Illuminati sex trafficking
Retweeted by Max @Felrender On Mother’s Day! LolGoing back in time to 2016 to show my past self that one of the loudest anti-Bernie voices on Twitter is unironical… @colonelnemo When my wife yells at me for being weird about the creepy pop up book she bought for our kidWatched a Let’s Play of the first 20 minutes of Village and was dying at “our new life in Spooky Europe is going gr… @colonelnemo I regret to inform you all that Zack Snyder has ordered a tuna salad sandwich for lunch @colonelnemo 2 and a half hours is a pretty standard blockbuster run time at this point tooExecuting a temporal pincer movementit's so funny that Xeni Jardin is such a compulsive liar that she's trying to convince people she has ties to Jeffrey Epstein
Retweeted by Max @Srirachachau Yeah that’s my answer...Problem? is a movie about going back in time to beat your own ass @DieRobinsonDie The bit in Tenet where he's planning the heist and he's like "one of them has to be a fire truck" a…
Retweeted by MaxYou can rag on Christopher Nolan all you want but dude really did use Warner Brothers money to crash a real 747, king shitJohn David Washington has a great Jim Rockford kinda vibe in Tenet. Just rolling with all this weird shit, fighting… @wesbarton On lolMFW we live in a Twilight world family is watching Tenet in honor of Twitter’s tall mom, Elizabeth Debicki
Not to toot my own horn but these filets turned out perfect 👌TOUCHDOWN*Gordon Ramsay voice* Beautiful @Jacob_deNobel Tony took away their platinum cards when Cap and co did a coupHelp Maverick beat cancer!
Retweeted by MaxHi all, I am unlocking for something really important so I hope you all can help me out. My baby cousin was just…
Retweeted by Max @Jacob_deNobel Vision had enough on hand to buy a house!My folks are watching Falcon and the Winter Soldier and it’s still hilarious that Tony wasn’t paying the Avengers a basic salary @THE_Stefano_DLC She provided those kids with a total party houseSalad’s ready and chilling in the fridge, decided to make mashed potatoes instead of baked potatoes because it’s ea… time for Olive Garden is two hours so I’m improvising a Mother’s Day dinner of filets, watermelon feta salad a… some severe fomo about not waiting to get vaccinated at Dracula’s castle
Retweeted by MaxWhy is Princess Peach Italian @DieRobinsonDie don't forget to save Martha today
Retweeted by MaxHappy Marthas Day everybody a powerful but hideous omelette this morning can’t believe three people were shot in Times Square — including a *4-year old* — and the shooter got away. The N…
Retweeted by MaxPolice unions like the SBA here continue to be some of the most evil, vile and all around disgusting organizations…
Retweeted by MaxJackie Chan unknowingly dropping a slur and getting into a bar fight is still really, really funnyJohn Hawkes was in Rush Hour?!Aw I miss Elizabeth PenaHartnett playing against type as a sniveling coward in Wrath of Man was great @katelynnmorgan CURSEDWatching RUSH HOUR just in awe at how far gone Whedon had to be at this point and how broken his threat assessment rubric had g…
Retweeted by MaxWRATH OF MAN hive 🐝 🐝 🐝
@ChrisCrash00 @BeyondVideo_ Been looking forward to Psycho Goreman!Your precious @BeyondVideo_ rentals... gratefully accepted! @colonelnemo Bust, he has that there are multiple unrelated Jason Statham/Rob Delaney movies😌 Carne asada tacos with pineapple salsa and creme freche 😌 @jason1749 @THE_Stefano_DLC “SUCK YOUR OWN DICK *blam*” @THE_Stefano_DLC check to eat lunch so we’re going to have a lil charcuterie a craving for pineapple salsa earlier this week so I made some, we’re eating good this week. @depechejoe Super fash costume tooThe JLU lineup where it’s like a couple of implied legacy characters plus Barda and Superman is real goodChristopher McDonald voicing Superman is a cool callback to how he voiced Jor-El on Superman: TAS. I’m guessing Tim… Justice League two parter for Batman Beyond is good, I like how “off” old Superman isPorco Rosso (1992) @morsecough !!! @ronchronchronch