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@shall001 Lmao I didn’t see this. @eatinginmycar Italians only eat pasta when they are very frightenedwatching Goodfellas and it contains a warning about anti-Italian racism
Retweeted by Autumnal Max @tmbg13 Are you telling me a the rock float is any less weird than anything that’s happened in the last yearI’m still unclear if this was a real float or just a gag in a commercial @Jacob_deNobel Living Daylights rules, it’s shot like a Sprite commercial and Bond teams up with Al-Qaeda @Jacob_deNobel I gotta rewatch this one, I love The Living Daylights @Joe_Hunter A TERFStill laughing about the fact that I got blocked by David Simon on ThanksgivingLong awaited Sixth season of the Wire is about a rich genius savagely Tweeting things like "Fuckfail impertinence f…
Retweeted by Autumnal Max @NickMillerMusic Awful man @NickMillerMusic The Gringe12 hours later, Broadway Grinch is still pissing me off can’t believe there’s a Sheev jokeThere’s an “off-world Jawas” gagA shot for shot Lego recreation of Snoke getting cut in halfLego Vader being a big weirdo is greatLego Lumpy, Mala and Itchy“No it’s just....”Death Star Two” feels kinda derivative.” @abrahamjoseph Yep! Yellow lightsaber and everythingLove that this is literally a sequel to The Rise of SkywalkerThe Rey voice actor they got for this does an insanely good Daisy Ridley. Billy Dee and Kelly Marie Tran thoHmm since it’s officially the Holiday Season and I just smoked a [REDACTED] I think I can watch the Lego Star Wars Holiday Special @tmbg13 AlexFinishing the day with a white chocolate cranberry cheesecake
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@morsecough Doom? @LisaMcCray He’s a dud
Retweeted by Autumnal MaxGlad Trump’s having a shitty day :)Lmao’re watching ThunderballBeef coma...😎 @nagromztuak !Lobstah don’t care what the government says, my family and some friends still got together for Thanksgiving.
Retweeted by Autumnal MaxPacino’s Jimmy Hoffa is so funny, great performanceWould love to get a couple of guys together and participate in the Bay of Pigs and off to the side for later captive audience for the twice baked potato making Salad Elegy @notrivia That’s right @champsuperstar Can I @jason1749 @colonelnemo Imagine getting that deep in your feelings for a band that sounds like seasonal depressionYeah this movie still whipsI have been told to put on a movie so I’ve thrown on The Irishman
Retweeted by Autumnal MaxThanksgiving update: mom has burned the crotons. We are remaking.Ryan Dorsey and David Simon are gonna have to box it out at Royal Farms Arena at this point.
Retweeted by Autumnal Max @colonelnemo This is reverse classismNow where am I gonna go to see a guy defend his right to say the N-word?“This is classism!” I declare as I cry into my caviarDavid you are literally a millionaire man the alien pirates try to drown The Mandalorian the one guy’s like “We’re rich, brothers!!” @LisaMcCray You *deserve* Wensleydale @OilyWhisper68 Didn’t see emrock n rollll rock Rock n roll these little freaks Lifetime Movie HeliospherePillsbury Doughboy balloon looks roughLet's just float the Young Rock balloon around the country for the remainder of the year. I think we all need him u…
Retweeted by Autumnal MaxPatti LaBelle where’s your nephewYoung Rock vs Young Sheldon every time the green giant float comes around on thanksgiving, i think "incesto"
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Retweeted by Autumnal MaxBoss Baby may be the worst Macy’s balloon of all time
Retweeted by Autumnal MaxYayyy Darlene LoveJust had to explain the Boss Baby to my momTed Danson is Mister MayorLarger PikachuHeeeere come the dancing Pikachus @DieRobinsonDie Grimace loathes McDonald. After they abandoned the McDonaldland concept he spiralled into a deep de…
Retweeted by Autumnal Max @morsecough Two queensDang, these ninja turtles got major boobs“With his good friend, Grimace”Ronald McDonald with a medical shield... bleakHas Ken Tremendous died from thanksgiving yet?
Retweeted by Autumnal MaxI love the motley crew of celebrities at this year’s parade. Keke Palmer?? @DieRobinsonDie I feel like I should have known the Coach mascot is a dinosaur skeleton, big failure on my part
Retweeted by Autumnal MaxCoach gay coded T-Rex puppet @ronchronchronch SameTrue story: @AoDespair once paid me to come to the church he owns and push a cable a half a centimeter farther into…
Retweeted by Autumnal Max @Jacob_deNobel Send CroodsCroods 2“Ohhhh he’s back” - Al Roker, to a man dressed as a stick of butterTemptations musicalMy mom just said Larry Hogan looks like a Minionthe boss baby balloon snaps its tethers and devours al roker
Retweeted by Autumnal Max @morsecough Want 2 c @morsecough Cranmarg