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@realdocD @erinnthered @Texan_505 @94960Art @mustlikeme4me @GabrielEnck Don't know what's so hard for you to grasp… @ambermruffin He paved the way for Benadryl Bandysnatch. @realdocD @erinnthered @Texan_505 @94960Art @mustlikeme4me @GabrielEnck She was SEVENTEEN. She was barely legally a… @GabrielEnck @Deniz435269 @erinnthered @94960Art @mustlikeme4me @Texan_505 👢👅 @Layla_Shadilay @sailorboygreg @peterdaou That's not your lowest income tax rate. @thepoodleofdoom @ChrisTweeterman @dougiealbs @StrengthBuild @peterdaou I SAID HONK HONK BACK TO 8CHAN. @ChrisTweeterman @thepoodleofdoom @dougiealbs @StrengthBuild @peterdaou Well you're clearly still all-in with the R… @Layla_Shadilay @sailorboygreg @peterdaou Try to follow the logic: you accuse US Dems, the most centrist leftwing p… @ChrisTweeterman @thepoodleofdoom @dougiealbs @StrengthBuild @peterdaou I remember the Blue Wave that's getting Tru… @thepoodleofdoom @ChrisTweeterman @dougiealbs @StrengthBuild @peterdaou No, first America has a racist bitchfit (te… @Layla_Shadilay @sailorboygreg @peterdaou What exactly is so disgustingly far left about Democrats anyway? Pushing… @Layla_Shadilay @sailorboygreg @peterdaou Well your "Party for Freedom" is practically off the right side of the ma… @Jpdawe7 @peterdaou Maybe you could sum up for me what Hillary's done to get us universal healthcare. Or universal… @ChrisTweeterman @dougiealbs @thepoodleofdoom @StrengthBuild @peterdaou Obama literally got elected on "far-left" p… FAR. LEFT. I launched the #TooFarLeft tag because I've had it with Republicans, media elites, and corporate D…
Retweeted by yoongi's dangerous collarbone 🍁 @billburr Shut up, Bill.When Obama's telling me I'm #TooFarLeft while he's speaking at *private donor meetings,* that tells me I'm doing ju… @Texan_505 @erinnthered @realdocD @94960Art @mustlikeme4me @GabrielEnck As I have said many times, it is entirely p… @GabrielEnck @erinnthered @94960Art @mustlikeme4me @Texan_505 You're just flat-out wrong there, in every possible way. @Texan_505 @MisterKltpzyxm @mustlikeme4me @GabrielEnck @ewarren @taylorswift13 ...who is being prohibited from perf… @Texan_505 @realdocD @erinnthered @94960Art @mustlikeme4me @GabrielEnck What are you not understanding about the fa… @Texan_505 @MisterKltpzyxm @mustlikeme4me @GabrielEnck @ewarren @taylorswift13 Where the hell are you getting this nonsense? @MisterKltpzyxm @mustlikeme4me @Texan_505 @GabrielEnck @ewarren @taylorswift13 Just bc it's happened to others does…,@ewarren laid out a plan to get 100 million ppl onto Medicare in first 100 days, via exec action & 51-vote re…
Retweeted by yoongi's dangerous collarbone 🍁 @realdocD @erinnthered @94960Art @mustlikeme4me @Texan_505 @GabrielEnck At no point did she sign anything that said… @Texan_505 @MisterKltpzyxm @mustlikeme4me @GabrielEnck @ewarren @taylorswift13 You might be shocked to hear that it… @MisterKltpzyxm @mustlikeme4me @Texan_505 @GabrielEnck @ewarren @taylorswift13 And no one would ever hear a single… @erinnthered @94960Art @mustlikeme4me @Texan_505 @GabrielEnck I mean don't you think it's pretty fucked that an art… @GabrielEnck @ewarren @taylorswift13'm #TooFarLeft because I've had enough of this:
Retweeted by yoongi's dangerous collarbone 🍁 @ewarren Failing upwards is the only thing this administration knows how to do. @always_resist @RubinReport @AOC @seanhannity @TuckerCarlson Now watch how quickly Dave whines that he's been cut o… @always_resist @RubinReport @AOC @seanhannity @TuckerCarlson Tucker & Hannity would insist they ARE journalists, th… All you need is love
Retweeted by yoongi's dangerous collarbone 🍁 @BigHitEnt COMEBACK WHEN @SebihaDaglar @BTS_twt could you say he's... amigiri? @Mattel @bts_bighit @BigHitEnt If they used 3D scans of the members' heads to sculpt the faces, why do the dolls look so unlike them? @allinwithchris @AOC LOUDER FOR THE SANDERS-TRUMP VOTERS FROM 2016! @thatbilloakley @OhNoSheTwitnt Also worth reminding everyone is that - per the Constitution & GOP themselves! - a c… @HateMeDebateMe @Brian_Alford @DanielC94481026 @FrancisVeeGee @challengersma @AOC And for the record, yes I would b… @Sharkboy992 @RubinReport @AOC You're a meteorologist working collaboratively with a journalistic entity. @Sharkboy992 @RubinReport @AOC Do you publish this report on a public platform? @HateMeDebateMe @Brian_Alford @DanielC94481026 @FrancisVeeGee @challengersma @AOC ?!? So like, if there's no way to… @HateMeDebateMe @Brian_Alford @DanielC94481026 @FrancisVeeGee @challengersma @AOC Damn dude you don't even understa… @HateMeDebateMe @Brian_Alford @DanielC94481026 @FrancisVeeGee @challengersma @AOC I have, it was Civics 101, you should try it. @HateMeDebateMe @Brian_Alford @DanielC94481026 @FrancisVeeGee @challengersma @AOC Well your @ is accurate. @HateMeDebateMe @Brian_Alford @DanielC94481026 @FrancisVeeGee @challengersma @AOC Some hillbilly in Wyoming's vote… @HateMeDebateMe @Brian_Alford @DanielC94481026 @FrancisVeeGee @challengersma @AOC You realize if we increased the n… @HateMeDebateMe @Brian_Alford @DanielC94481026 @FrancisVeeGee @challengersma @AOC However, yes I do think there sho… @HateMeDebateMe @Brian_Alford @DanielC94481026 @FrancisVeeGee @challengersma @AOC Oh man you're getting really conf… @Sharkboy992 @RubinReport @AOC Is a vehicle safety report an interview with a political figure or an article about current events? @HateMeDebateMe @Brian_Alford @DanielC94481026 @FrancisVeeGee @challengersma @AOC What I am trying to get through Y… @HateMeDebateMe @Brian_Alford @DanielC94481026 @FrancisVeeGee @challengersma @AOC 225. WY gets 3 EC votes, 1 per 17…
Daily reminder that literally everyone who facilitated the Trump-Russia collusion is behind bars, except the person… would be drinking conservative tears right now but conservative tears taste like racism and the blood of dead schoolchildren.
Retweeted by yoongi's dangerous collarbone 🍁 @HateMeDebateMe @Brian_Alford @DanielC94481026 @FrancisVeeGee @challengersma @AOC more representation. If EC votes… @HateMeDebateMe @Brian_Alford @DanielC94481026 @FrancisVeeGee @challengersma @AOC And number of House reps are SUPP… @HateMeDebateMe @Brian_Alford @DanielC94481026 @FrancisVeeGee @challengersma @AOC ?!?! Did you completely ignore th… @HateMeDebateMe @Brian_Alford @DanielC94481026 @FrancisVeeGee @challengersma @AOC @HateMeDebateMe @Brian_Alford @DanielC94481026 @FrancisVeeGee @challengersma @AOC 2nd of all, if we went by popular… @HateMeDebateMe @Brian_Alford @DanielC94481026 @FrancisVeeGee @challengersma @AOC Oh god here we go again. @cspan If watching the impeachment hearings means I also have to listen to all the Trump cultists say shit like "at… @Brian_Alford @HateMeDebateMe @DanielC94481026 @FrancisVeeGee @challengersma @AOC And his 35% approval rating, and… @HateMeDebateMe @Brian_Alford @DanielC94481026 @FrancisVeeGee @challengersma @AOC Are you... are you blind? @HateMeDebateMe @Brian_Alford @DanielC94481026 @FrancisVeeGee @challengersma @AOC The point of the SENATE is to giv… @kore93k @gcfnxna he told tae the biggest room is upstairs, told him he was in the upstairs room, literally BEGGED… @istanbh @gcfnxna @Taraneh_V95 and JK, just 100% DONE 😂😂😂😂 @gcfnxna @vantaeflakes i admit i did not have "beat me with your huge banana, bro" on my BTS crackhead bingo card @nihaoheather_ @btscIip He's pulling down, as though it's bunched up on him. @HateMeDebateMe @Brian_Alford @DanielC94481026 @FrancisVeeGee @challengersma @AOC Since then the EC has been manipu… @HateMeDebateMe @Brian_Alford @DanielC94481026 @FrancisVeeGee @challengersma @AOC The EC was originally set up to p… @ewarren THIS. THIS IS WHAT I NEED RIGHT HERE. @shesnottrump @OhNoSheTwitnt @GOP Let me introduce you to the concept of #RedPillWomen... @OhNoSheTwitnt I'm listening to the @CSPAN commentary coming in from viewers & it's definitely not. Not only are al… @cspan Also so much for "holding public hearings will allow people to see through the BS and turn on Trump like the… @CSPAN could stop letting obvious right-wing propagandists calling in on their Democrat & Independent line, that would be great. @The1stMrsO @RubinReport @AOC If his defense is that his shitty YouTube channel isn't "preparing news to be broadca… @Sharkboy992 @RubinReport @AOC See above re: Ellen. It's "The View," not "The Report." It's "The Conan O'Brien Show… @The1stMrsO @RubinReport @AOC Part of a free press means if I want to do actual research & reporting for a self-pub… @nihaoheather_ @btscIip i'm just sayin maybe if this is such a frequent problem for him he should switch what type of underwear he wears??? @Hlbykerk @Rowannnj @joonesque @btscIip which is a shame bc it's literally their native language and the most frequ… @bts_bighit ALDKFJADSGKJ HIS FACE "hey this sounds like the birthday song, who... FOR ME?!" WHOSE BIRTHDAY DID HE T… @Brian_Alford @DanielC94481026 @FrancisVeeGee @HateMeDebateMe @challengersma @AOC Fun fact: literally every time in… @lovelara @AOC No, that you are. That Trump is burning the country down & you only like it bc it makes liberals mad… @lovelara @AOC @yourowncook @AOC well, except for the "wise" part. @TrevorP74003986 @AOC And that's why you're not employed by the intelligence community. @yourowncook @AOC Accurate Twitter handle. @lovelara @AOC Wanting 4 more years of Trump is like being on fire and wanting the first responders to put it out with kerosene. @DanielC94481026 @Brian_Alford @FrancisVeeGee @HateMeDebateMe @challengersma @AOC You mean like how 2018 and 2019 were? @AOC Trump is the corrupt, unqualified demagogue that the Founding Fathers warned us about. He's already done monum… @AOC Let's also be honest, though, another 4 years of Trump is ALSO disastrous - for our economy, for our environme… @ConnerMcduff @RanaAurora @RaeyHan @TeamWarren What makes you think the person who actually ran for & won a Senate… @ConnerMcduff @RanaAurora @RaeyHan @TeamWarren "he actually understands" dude how far up your own ass are you? @ConnerMcduff @RanaAurora @RaeyHan @TeamWarren "he actually understand class struggle" he said in criticizing a can… @ConnerMcduff @RanaAurora @RaeyHan @TeamWarren Whatever reason you have to believe Liz won't be able to pass anythi… @RanaAurora @ConnerMcduff @RaeyHan @TeamWarren LOUDER FOR THE ZEALOTS IN THE BACK! @ConnerMcduff @dietotaku @RaeyHan @TeamWarren Both of their plans are good and she's as dedicated to hers as he is…
Retweeted by yoongi's dangerous collarbone 🍁 @ConnerMcduff @RanaAurora @RaeyHan @TeamWarren OK, billionaires shouldn't exist. What's he plan to do about it? Mak… @RubinReport @AOC If calling oneself "The [Blank] Report" & interviewing notable public figures & politicians is ho…