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Kirk @diettrade New York, USA

#BLACKlivesmatter. Kingdom Hearts enthusiast. #freepalestine ✨and it hurts with every heartbeat ✨ cashapp: autohaste

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I got any mutuals in New Zealand 👀 @holeinterrupted His eyes look normal here 🤔 @D31481261 @jermesz 😭"We have members in their 20s, in their 30s, who are suffering heart attacks months after mild cases," Diana Berren…
Retweeted by Kirk @D31481261 @jermesz Wait what happened to your other page @jermesz @D31481261 Of fuck @turnandstomp Asjsjsjsj @jermesz It’s not! I don’t care what the “creator” says @sweetiehoe1 @beychelIa @PopCrave Cleaning that they don’t wanna do... @evilrashida To be or not to be, NOT!Good morning ❤ --- Feel free to mention your morning booster 🌞 #milkmochabear #milkandmocha
Retweeted by KirkThe lady in the pink hat gonna change her vote @jermesz I’m so mad it ended there @jermesz I jumped ship lmfaoI’m not wondering why the sky’s blue, that’s not my business @FoxxGrayson She literally mimics him in her cover... @BunnnySummers This sounds like something Mariah would say 😭
@noellearchives Gonna block them so I never have to see this again @jermesz Lmfao but it’s still a great anime 😅 @jermesz They’re real idc idc @jermesz @MayceVassago Best part was miss first chair violinistBombs over Baghdad, that’s accurate @shady_rican *always @holeinterrupted What game is this? @shady_rican I read second hole and was about to smhNext step is to fold in the cheese @Abalisah Asjsjsj nvm @Liiiii_Liiiii Yaaaas I love it so much @Liiiii_Liiiii For the first time?? It’s sooooo wholesome, you’ll love itMariah’s cover of “The Beautiful Ones” or Beyoncé’s? I believe. Infinity. Is more than just a made UPPP.....dreAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…
Retweeted by KirkI wonder how different id act if I wasn’t premature and was born a ScorpioYou gon’ figure out you lost one and that’s me
Retweeted by Kirk @laquanndawson That’s such a good ass movie 😭 @Liiiii_Liiiii Chile lemme go workout for fifty 11 days @aint_i_emeryj Please stop 😭
@jermesz 😭 @jermesz Turning more into Naruto @PRAY4DEME The pee bottles....My mass gainer is taking forever to get here @jermesz I’ll never forgive what they did to the X-men franchise @jermesz Isn’t he omega classified @mascfeme Lemme go do these squats @drumicarter Lol the person who sold it to you is such a queen 😭 @tiddie_ Lol no I haven’t dyed it yet 😅 @tiddie_ Stealth!Breath of the wild update: I’m two divine beasts completed, 10 hearts, Lynel slayer and home owner @shady_rican Not them telling you go shower @sebaseba8 @booo_rad Reminds them of better days perhaps lmaoPeople waiting hours to vote is a systemic failure @ANTFERNY I mailed in my ballot cuz I wasn’t about to deal with those lines @ANTFERNY Omg @zkorixdevon That part!
@sebaseba8 Oh I’m not claiming that 😭 @sebaseba8 Ugh I want one tooCallisto was the definition of "ON SIGHT"
Retweeted by Kirk @holeinterrupted Lmfaoaoaoaoa @realhudsonyards Whatcha learn?"Your bill is now ready to view" me viewing the bill:
Retweeted by Kirk @orbgoddess Wait, but you’re onto something here @BunnnySummers That means they ain’t wearing their masks!Me trying to get my bf to watch anime @lvteef She better get ha coin!americans “slipping” into poverty
Retweeted by KirkThis You???
Retweeted by Kirk @osunenergy @beyonseh Got em! @valentine2fine @chrisisclueless @chrisisclueless @grape_son Lol I was premature @grape_son @chrisisclueless Lol thank you 🥰 @chrisisclueless @grape_son Everyday I come on here and I’m under attack lol @BoomerSlayer95 It’s stupid lmaoBREAKING OVERNIGHT: US sets new daily record with more than 77,000 new coronavirus cases reported on Thursday, topp…
Retweeted by Kirk @grape_son They are!That tweet! I’m cryinggggHe’s dead. It don’t get no more cancelled than that.
Retweeted by Kirk @Liiiii_Liiiii Wait how old are you now? @FloralAngst No I meant them taking away scholarships and banning him @sheisresting Lol I think it was, you saw how she took a chunk out of her manLmfao why??? are now finding hidden warehouse filled with MONTHS of COVID relief packages of food today smh . The gove…
Retweeted by Kirk @sickowico all my bones began to shake, my eyes flew open @grape_son Yobi 🤗 @drumicarter AsjsjsjjsjsPutting this on the mood board this if you've ever purchased a game after watching a streamer play it. Trying to see something 🤔
Retweeted by KirkHe called him Abraham Lincoln. I’m doneIM THE LEAST RACIST PERSON IN THIS ROOMAbraham Lincoln?! @anteuzi I mean are we surprised lmao @deej_20 Lol i know, but the way he says it takes me outTrump: they’re all different, everyone is different, it’s different. Differences make the world go...different? @jerekeys Ah I seeBiden said I don’t see colour!! @deej_20 Lol that makes no senseHe’s blaming this on Nancy Pelosi 😂Can we get a moderator with a backbone? @anteuzi USE IT!!!What’s the point of the mute button if you’re just gonna stare at itThis has way more likes than it should