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Kirk @diettrade New York, USA

#BLACKlivesmatter. Kingdom Hearts enthusiast. #freepalestine ✨and it hurts with every heartbeat ✨ cashapp: autohaste

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@MayceVassago I played it once and that was it. I have like 10+ save files on KH1&2 @MayceVassago Garbage, waited 10 years for what was supposed to be an epic final showdown @ChanchoInc @jermesz Best game 😭 I don’t know what KH3 was but she wasn’t this @JMxnsa please save this monkey from Mrs. Coulter
The actual story is that the person caught Covid in late December. The vaccine was given hours before they died aft…
Retweeted by KirkThe pedophiles will run amuck @jermesz She was giving us photo shoots!! @JMxnsa Lmfaooo @jonruizmota Things Fall Apart, one of my fave books“You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." @ButterMeUpGoods body butter on its way after a month. Hope it’s worth the wait 😬Every time Gabi starts talking #AttackOnTitan
Retweeted by Kirk @mahoumoreno Those prayers went up! So happy for youLawdddd 🥰
Retweeted by Kirk @justasvf Not you Asaf, you don’t pretend to be anything else is the new Black
Retweeted by KirkY’all always on here about to break your necks over a white man with muscles 😭 @adanylaluna LmfaoaoaoaaMarley kicked a hornets nest for YEARS and got stung. I don’t feel sorry for them.
But this was by far the best episode yet CGI titans are awfulI ain’t cheering for Reiner’s punk assThey’re playing the OG songThis episode of AoT is giving me heart palpitations omgHis Dark Materials is a perfect show @sickowico Lmao forreal @ANTFERNY Asjsjsjsjs that’s not true at all @wavruby @kissmeriver @yunghermoso @mahoumoreno @mahoumoreno This is so dark sided @wulfbrain Supergoop @Kris27jam Episode 66?We’re getting AoT today right?Goodbye lmfao @fernandojrod @mcarlovincent Her backstory 😔 @Abalisah @raeviin Thank you! This makes me think of that video of this gay boy crying on tiktok about how hates dealing with… think many of us have assigned shame, embarrassment, and fear to grief and sadness that seeing someone choose to…
Retweeted by Kirk @shady_rican @wavruby Lmfaooo @ItsHilaryBuff stewed oxtail with rice and kidney beans sound good as hell right now 😩 @saamuelryu Bye Sam 😭 @ANTFERNY Lmfaoooo 😭 @YonceHaunted That’s hilarious @YonceHaunted ???🤬 make some lentils @domthuhbalm When it picks it, it picks up!Black woman collaborating on a powerful and uplifting message to other black women: Hey, Queen! Kim Kardashian: @jaesyun IS THIS A DICK SUCKING CLASS?!
@twuublood You def have to use buffs. You know how many times I got destroyed by that damn demon dog when it’s just Cloud and Tifa @evilrashida I love Rashida so much @twuublood I already did 😅 the no MP restoration is a bitchKinda want to play FF7R again @roseforjoy @beyonseh LMFAO IT’S CALLED A ROUTINE?! @SheaCoulee Watching it as an adult is really so wild. Tyra was so cruel to those girlsJT singing now??? Justin Timberlake better count his days.
Retweeted by KirkTakes two days for my skin to breakout and act a fool but 6 months for the marks to go away 🙃Beyoncé really ate Gaga up in the choreo sequence for TelephoneI knew you’d take all my honey. You selfish motherf***er @shady_rican Bilingual king @mcarlovincent I hated this season asjsjsjI keep seeing people upset about this & the way folks expect the equivalent of a national forest fire to be put out…
Retweeted by KirkI don’t like being late and now I’m anxious waiting here for 10 min just for it to update saying 20 mins away 😬I hate the Q train @Abalisah God, he’s a piece of shit @holeinterrupted I have to take 50,000 IUs once a week lol @anteuzi NOT O FORTUNA!!!!! @nonotpaula Now why would you do that to yourselfSora vs 1000 heartless >>> @HimboKendoll I loveeee Korean fried chicken. With some kimchi 😩Not me being excited to use my new handheld vacuum @nickystizzy asjsjsj hi
@fernandojrod She got his ass in the end though 😭 @okvinnyboy @shady_rican This gif is a tumblr classic @shady_rican Break his knee caps @tyler_cov It’s so good! @domthuhbalm Please I’m so tired of seeing this face 😩 @kissmeriver 😂 @kissmeriver Beyoncé ate her up and it’s killing her @JMxnsa Here go Negative NancyI don’t care for the opening/ending of this new season of Jujutsu. But this season is gonna be litEpisode 15 of #JUJUTSUKAISEN is now on @Crunchyroll! Watch:
Retweeted by Kirk @slmxny @ANTFERNY Who you hiding from Solo lolRihanna already left. Next question.
Retweeted by KirkBeyoncé got three kids at home and their names aren’t skai jackson and juelz j smith idk why y’all keep trying to attach her name to this
Retweeted by Kirk @wulfbrain @cam_vrl LMFAOOOOOO @booo_rad Yea I’m the same way, on my off days I have to clean or rearrange thingsThey’re adorable 😍 @noellearchives Ragnarok was soooo good and funny @turnandstomp Those look like airpods this is awkward. Sitting Senator doesn’t know Paris Climate Agreement is called that because that’s where it w…
Retweeted by Kirk @lvteef Lol no just taking a breakPeople just be throwing money away huh