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@patriotact discusses the barriers to mental health care access here in the states. From insurance companies to lac…
@IncitingARiot Witches’ Voice is shutting down at the end of December 2019. Learn more here:
Marriage, health, happiness. Good tidings after some of the difficulties in 2019! @LunaLuvgood2020 Rolling thunder softly stealing its way to me. @LadyAlthaea Marriage, health, happiness. Good tidings after some of the difficulties in 2019! @AITB_reddit NTB. You can make some hotel recommendations and suggest you take him out to dinner one night. But you…’ve been a tad disconnected from my usual witch contacts. These first steps into winter always kick my butt. The… @SelineSigil9 Saw this exhibit when I lived in Ireland and it was worth it. ✨ Thank you for bringing back excellent memories!!
I love the #pagan “Sometimes a Wild God” by Tom Hirons. Oh, limitless space. Oh, eternal mystery. Oh, endless cyc… @ZachLinge @DecemberFBryant I love “Sometimes a Wild God” by Tom Hirons. Oh, limitless space. Oh, eternal mystery… I’m going to be serious about pagan therapy, my first stop is to review the basics. Thankfully, Mum has an unu…
@drphilth_ @justice_witch I know they exist! was a blog up until 2017 (?) and it referred to other pagan therapists as well. @IncitingARiot I know there’s a subset of therapists that help people navigate treatment around issues (usually of… I want to become a pagan therapist? 🤔 @banefolk I can see him still trying and I @banefolk Oh my gooooooooooood. @starrsitter @andreagrimes It’s...not good. 😬
Let's get baking, witches! The @SabrinaNetflix and Nailed It! minisode has arrived!
Retweeted by Mercy Brown @adfdruidry, how you could decide that was an "interpersonal conflict" instead of a clear violation of the ADF Constitution?"Finally, it came down to a man telling me that black people all wear their shit-stained underwear showing and so t…"I suggested adding some green ornamentation or other druid identifying items. Multiple dudes then proceeded to fre…"One of the final straws was an experience with racism I had on the ADF FB Discussion group where I suggested that… shit. Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit."The class covers alchemy, astrology and the overall history of witchcraft in Europe. "Beyond covering magic-rela… of the first representations of the neopagan horned god as we know him today can be found in "The History of th…
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@ArtemisNYC I desire a good day for you to come to work and get you some stuff done and I can help with him. 🙃Wondering what the big deal over ADF's quitting clergy is? Find the full story below, with some ideas about how we… love being in haunted-ass buildings.
@thecunningwife I’ve never seen a fossa before and I am in love. 😍
I’ve spent half the day preparing to renovate the house without actually renovating. We’re all chomping at the bit.… @jack_of_wands Dog at the bottom, owl on top...and a leaf in the middle??? @thecunningwife As I’m a witch, I guess you could say I would have a flying fox. @thecunningwife I used a tumblog to figure mine out. It used my Hogwarts house, MBTI type, Enneagram and D&D alignm…
@everydayjoyand1 @okelay @SketchesbyBoze Lizzie Bennett Diaries — all free on YouTube and worth the binge-watch. @okelay @SketchesbyBoze Honestly, the best of the Darcys.Today marks the 443d anniversary of accused Bessie Dunlop‘s trial in Edinburgh. Found guilty of Sorcery, Witchcraft… @NeverTrumpIndie But disavowing Bonewits should have happened in 2018, not nearly two years later. @NeverTrumpIndie To me, this reads like too little, too late. That’s not to downplay how big this step is! But wi…
👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 This shows that the problems are organization-wide and still not being addressed. @banefolk *wearily waves hand* Yo. Former Member's Advocate (and former member), also estranged spouse (everything'…
Retweeted by Mercy Brown11. The Mother Grove of ADF Druidry has issued a public response to further allegations of pedophilia from Isaac Bo… Samhain, everyone! (And yes, I do it astrologically because I’m boring like that.) I officially joined, I realized that ADF was basically putting band-aids on suppurating wounds. The fixes were… why am I so invested? Because I remember the reaction to the allegations against Bonewits. As a former sexu…’ve only pointed to two articles and produced screen-caps in this thread. This is for friends who don’t have FB an… All of these images were linked, along with a lengthy review of the issues cited in these statements, by Echo S… Desiree Amber Cook, ex-member’s advocate and current Non-Officer Director serving on the Mother Grove, has also… Rev. Robert Lewis is the clergy member who is stepping back but not (yet) resigning. Here’s his statement: Diane Emerald Bronowicz’s resignation, which is the most detailed allegation of spiritual abuse propagated by AD… Sara Blackwelder’s resignation. She had been a member of ADF since 2008. Melissa Hill’s resignation. Melissa Hill was a druid priest of Cedarsong Grove and wrote the Dandelion Lady blog… Fuller’s follow-up statement, cont. & Fuller’s follow-up statements [1/2] Snow Fuller’s first public resignation statements: Lauren Mart is a Non-Officer Director of ADF. non-male #pagan priests under the age of 45 have stepped down, depleting ADF’s total clergy by 15%. A fifth ha… coyotes are back in the neighborhood. I haven’t heard their eerie songs for a year or so. Hadn’t realized how much I missed them.By the way, this is very wrong and you should not follow it. I’d still love to make an alphabet-style book on the…
@LadyAlthaea @thewildepearl Me liking = sending support. @LadyAlthaea I’m so sorry.The renovations keep on giving. Apparently, when I was in fourth grade, I decided to make myself an alphabet book… @trebleluna Not to go all Marie Kondo, but I’m paring down my consumption — and this new burst of New Age/witchcraf…
Retweeted by Mercy Brown @azrail13 @AITA_reddit It’s an office — we’ve all been there. But we do what we can to get along because we’re a team, ya know? @chesapeakshippr @azrail13 @AITA_reddit @azrail13 @AITA_reddit Regardless of personal issues (I have ADHD & understand your concerns), calling your coworke… @AITA_reddit YTA & I guarantee your superior attitude is unwarranted. @IncitingARiot I had this coworker except she was my underage roommate in college and she was e x h a u s t i n g. @trebleluna Not to go all Marie Kondo, but I’m paring down my consumption — and this new burst of New Age/witchcraf… @trebleluna This is 100% my 2019 mood. @LlewellynBooks just announced their new partnership with #tradwitch publisher @TroyBooks. Check out their current… @gemeauxlogy’d be over the moon if this planned out for one of my favorite bands.
The tail-end of a really important thread. #animism needs you to listen. @TarotSkeptic I’d read it! 🙌🏼Hello, #witchcraft friends and neighbors! What did you learn this week — magic or otherwise — that has helped you g…
Happy Halloween/Samhain 2019, witches!
@thecunningwife If they don’t turn up within a day, you can always stick a pin in your sofa. I don’t know why it works, but it does.
What they call a spicy take, I just call truth. 🤷🏽‍♀️ @UntoNuggan Such a mood.Favorite fictional witches include the Hex Girls from Scooby-Doo & the Witch's Ghost. You could say it was my first…'ve a soft spot for Isobel Gowdie, the Most Obvious of Historical Witches. But her testimony, obtained without tor…*genius loci, I just caught that. @LadyAlthaea A wise decision.
Back to renovations at the house today. Now we’re uncovering wallets full of money. It’s like every time we start… is wrapping up here in New England. This is the longest sustained foliage period I can remember. And someho… @TheRaDR And this is my shocked face: 😑 @AITA_reddit This is literally the stuff of my nightmares. If I were single, I'd be pretending to go along so this… @Silver__Frost @LadyAlthaea This is beautiful! 🥰 @polyphanes I really had to struggle to decide if Jack was the calendar or the geomancy text. Did I make a mistake?… Dunlop's trial records sound like a classic fairy tale. This is the first time I've ever seen such a clear…
Yesterday was the 37th anniversary of the death of Sybil Leek. Famed British witch, astrologer, and psychic, she di… @Literature_Lady I didn’t know how much I needed this today! Thank you for bringing the sunshine. ☀️My gently used copy of Cunning Folk & Familiar Spirits (Emma Wilby, 2005) was definitely formerly owned by a witch.… @thelettuceman No worries. I didn’t think that was your intent! I’m just having trouble formulating my disgust, generally speaking. @thelettuceman Having men sexually solicit me just feels so degrading.My favorite type of DM to receive is old men asking if I’ll be their sugar baby. I will not.
@LadyAlthaea This was a 10/10, excellent. Thank you for sharing (esp with grace and patience)!! @LadyAlthaea