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Three most important things in my life are TV, socialism and my cat (Nomi!). Chicago DSA and #FreeHeartlandKids. Thank You Chef family

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@midwestspitfire Who's going to tell Cam @brother_dag Important update @MBCnotNBC @JeremyMonjo @iatethetv Billy Crudup won for The Morning Show @JeremyMonjo hasn't been awarded yet. Don't know why they did lead firstI thought I didn't care that much about TV awards anymore but the shot of adrenaline I got when Jeremy Strong won an Emmy...if SUCCESSION wins everything, and I hope it does, the emmys award winners will be: entitled white family, lots of…
Retweeted by Matt F @iatethetv I wanted him to yell "KAMALA HARRIS 2020!" to close the loop on @GemOfAmara's Watchmen tweets @bridgeeetgreens "Vote for love and compassion and kindness." Sorry Mark Ruffalo, but Marianne Williamson isn't on the ballot @bridgeeetgreens If hope no one is drinking every time someone says "Vote"“shout out to Insecure” is hollywood for “black lives matter”
Retweeted by Matt F @iatethetv @GrahamB47 @sepinwall Every season is better than the one before, with the exception of S6 being a bit weaker than S5 @VK_HM I hope that means Succession will sweep too @GrahamB47 @sepinwall New Girl peaked in Season 2 while Schitt's Creek peaked near the end. It's all about the momentumThe Emmys saw this tweet so they decided to give Schitt's Creek all the Best Comedy awards Murphy's Alexis has long been the best and most underrated performance on Schitt's Creek, pass it on)
Retweeted by Matt FSchitt’s Creek is a good show and also doing the world a service by denying Ms Maisel more wildly undeserved plaudits
Retweeted by Matt Fwhen you lose the emmy
Retweeted by Matt F
My ranking of the Best Drama #Emmys nominees: 1. Succession 2. Better Call Saul 3-7. Realizing that keeping up wit… ranking of the Best Comedy #Emmys nominees: 1. Schitt’s Creek 2. Insecure 3. What We Do in the Shadows 4. Curb… Mario 64... still the best game of all time #SuperMario3DAllStars @JeremyMonjo Archer at #3... Didn't know people still cared that much about that show
Police are rooted in violence & white supremacy. Police are fundamentally anti-Black from their origins. WE DEMAND…
Retweeted by Matt F @foiaforlastname Imagine if there was a DSA steering committee with lifetime appointmentsWe're live with @90sSlowJamz on talking Norway, karaoke and the Grateful Dead!
Retweeted by Matt F3pm. Today. Standing on the Moon.
Retweeted by Matt F @barefootjim I’m the only non LA person awake right now
@mostlyemotional @coopercooperco @nicksgoodtweets works much better with Succession than Dead to Me because no one except for nick w… @VK_HM you should put out a ranked list of the best shows of the 90s.
Last week, @RossanaFor33 proposed a 24-hour crisis hotline that would divert calls to social workers and medics — a…
Retweeted by Matt FIT'S OFFICIAL! ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻 With 75% voting in favor, we won our NLRB election today! We'll be taking some time to…
Retweeted by Matt FStanding on the Moon listening party in the @ThankYou_Chef discord today @ 7p Central. Listening to @90sSlowJamz’s…
Retweeted by Matt FThe workers at UIC will stay out ON STRIKE as long as they need to! To support them, @ChicagoCityDSA and…
Retweeted by Matt FEvery single speaker during the public comment section of the Joint Committee Hearing on Budget and Public Safety t…
Retweeted by Matt F @VK_HM Besides Succession I think B99 is the show I'm most looking forward to coming back. And I only watched 5 epi… @KevKoeser If someone gives it 5 stars we'll get a Letterboxd bingoToday Nomi and I are celebrating four months together. Four months of falling asleep on me no matter how long my ha…
🚩Hey book workers 🚩On Friday, 09/25, @WorkerWriters will discuss the unionization drive at Borders bookstore with t…
Retweeted by Matt F @iatethetv C*ties discourse part 2 @iatethetv Netflix - Da 5 Bloods Hulu - King of the Hill Amazon Prime - Grateful Dead movie HBO Max - Larry Sanders… us next Tuesday at 7pm for the Socialist Feminist Working Group meeting! We’ll be discussing our ongoing proje…
Retweeted by Matt FAt the end of every meeting someone should recommend attendees listen to the Grateful Dead.
Retweeted by Matt F
And we'll keep showing up until @JBPritzker keeps his word to #lifttheban on rent control We want the meeting with…
Retweeted by Matt FShow solidarity with striking UIC workers this week by joining us for a picket support shift! Morning shifts are fr…
Retweeted by Matt Fas a UIC grad student & a socialist I support striking @SEIU73 and @INAaction workers. meanwhile UIC sends us self-…
Retweeted by Matt FI would like to get in on the business of making huge consulting fees for suggesting that media companies add a plu…
Retweeted by Matt FUIC nurses on strike for a health system that prioritizes care. 4,000 on the lines across the state! #SEIU73Strike
Retweeted by Matt F @iatethetv @H_Ram @clutchbucket I blame Film Twitter and leftist twitter. Maybe I just need to start muting people more oftenthe next big bracket..
Retweeted by Matt FI'd be more into dunking on people like Noah Berlatsky, Aimee Terese and Michael Tracey if we could vote one person… was about to go to bed but my cat crawled into my lap at midnight so I will be awake for the foreseeable future
Sign this petition to demand @ComEd, @PepcoConnect and other @Exelon utilities #StopPoweringPolice and sever all ti…
Retweeted by Matt FGo support @SEIU73 and @INAaction on strike for a fair contract. If we really believe these workers are essential l…
Retweeted by Matt FCensus Cowboy is now the Strike Cowboy. I love Chicago
Retweeted by Matt F @pogform Happy Birthday!
ABSOLUTELY NOT In IL @GovPritzker is staying silent about utility shutoffs. 34.5 million households out of 121.5…
Retweeted by Matt F @derekafinney This cat has a collar so it would be catnapping if I adopted them @Douchetoevsky Probably best to avoid the replies’s Enemy in the daylight hate that a whole generation of teens thinks the Netflix model of releasing things is the best and default model
Retweeted by Matt F @artincircles 😬 @artincircles Makes you wonder if there's something about the show that attracts entitled fans... Simpsons as a cultural and political marker? Yes, join us in less than two hours: Red Review Session #3:…
Retweeted by Matt FThere's enough time to (re)watch all 3 Simpsons episodes this morning before today's Red Review Session on The Simp… It seems that the car program from the social services agency has been put on hiatus. I cannot trust that this…
Retweeted by Matt FNomi and I had a surprise visitor @seanduffy_ @maridapr Summerteeth has always been my favorite @tweetingwithbr3 Ok but who is Roz
live now
Retweeted by Matt FWe're live now with @EAT_CHAIN and @dangerousneil at!
Retweeted by Matt F @tyc_sotm It's great. You were right that I didn't watch it the first time you posted it but this time I didJoin us for Standing on the Moon tomorrow 3pm Central Guests @EAT_CHAIN and @dangerousneil
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@NickJChaney Just watched that episode and I agree @azninthesun @clutchbucket I've always got time for you talking King of the Hill @clutchbucket @azninthesun Tonight I learned the show is even better high @clutchbucket @azninthesun My fave part of Bill so far is picturing Stephen Root saying all the lines @clutchbucket @azninthesun Fave character, episode and season? @azninthesun @clutchbucket I started watching King of the Hill this week. Made me think of you @a_moon_rabbit I’m sorry this week has been so exhausting. Here’s a picture of Nomi @48ONIRAM , hello (hola) I'm at a place called Vertigo (¿dónde está?) @sleepguava those bastards...Twitter please give me the option to sort Quote Tweets by # of Faves so I can see the best and/or most delusional dunks on tweetsJoin us in discord now to listen along to Grateful Dead 1974-10-17 1 of 5 nights at Winterland for the original "La…
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so when are you reopening the shuttered city mental health clinics like you said you would when you campaigned?
Retweeted by Matt F @Karatloz Was sad about Darlene leaving the show and then I found this. Pretty crazy story
@FutureHasbeen, as it must to all, cancellation has come for The Venture Bros. The pilot aired 17 years ago, which means the sh…
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@TheDailyKoko If I go too long without posting a pic of her she gets angry is enjoying her Labor Day don't protect us, we do! Join us in envisioning a more just future!! This Labor Day, enjoy food, music, spe…
Retweeted by Matt F @flipyourface Sending you so much luck you might want to buy a lottery ticket @KevKoeser I've seen 49. Wondering if I should watch End of Evangelion even though I've only seen the pilot of the TV show @foucault_45 @mollydeez @brother_dag We should get LeBron on the show
THE GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME PART 1 With the group stages of Part 1 behind us, The Definitive and Canon Greatest…
Retweeted by Matt FSince he's not here to report it, Kam is now at Rolling Stone which is really cool gig and I think a perfect fit fo…
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@a_moon_rabbit @foiaforlastname @brother_dag @foucault_45 Hey @foiaforlastname, @a_moon_rabbit wants you to know she likes your catWas great having @foiaforlastname and his cat, Robert Hunter, on tonight's Standing on the Moon: Thank You Chef Pre… @brother_dag yes imo @brother_dag Sorry about your negroni