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Tweets about TV, socialism and his cat. He doesn't have the cat yet. Just warning you that it's coming. Chicago DSA and #FreeHeartlandKids

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Hey! I wrote this fairly long essay on my issues with Michael Schur's work. Please read it even if you disagree, wh…
Retweeted by Matt F @jpalfrey @macfound MacArthur Foundation should stop donating to Heartland Alliance until Heartland frees the hundr… @macfound @jpalfrey @FieldFoundation @BenefitChicago @heartlandhelps @EnvisionJustice @safepeacefulchi Heartland Al… are in a housing crisis, and the impact is disproportionately felt by low-wage workers, especially women. We nee…
Retweeted by Matt FHard to believe that the actress who voices Tree Trunks didn't do any acting before Adventure Time @JeremyMonjo @lalecondeski OH IS IT EVER @JeremyMonjo @lalecondeski In retrospect it's pretty weird it wasn't on Emily's 2019 list. I remember her championi… @VK_HM We're in the same boat @lalecondeski @JeremyMonjo Well the good news for you is after we get socialism in America we're going to force it… @VK_HM Considering the number of people you follow they must be a real piece of shit @Richie_Trnr I'm rewatching all of Adventure Time right now. I never rewatched stuff in the past but 2020 means rew… @Richie_Trnr I'm looking forward to rewatching the entire show some day. Wonder if it packs a bigger emotional punch that way @iatethetv Maybe I should have kicked Rick and Morty off the list and put Ramy in. That's what happens when list cu… @iatethetv It was basically a coin flip between those 2 for #30. Either way you'd have this reaction. Hoping for big things in S2 for both! @yeeyee187 @iatethetv Dan Fienberg constantly shouting it out on his podcast has officially elevated Ramy to overra… @iatethetv Haha of course @tweetingwithbr3 At the SocFem sign making party I googled him to see what he looked like. Immediately when I saw h… that rose the most since last eligible year: Mindhunter (51+ to 13) Schitt’s Creek (41+ to 8) You’re the Wor… @jmtryneski Episode 6, Outward Bound, would probably be in my Top 5 Episodes of 2019 TV for the record @JeremyMonjo It's so good that I'm trying to log into Ello to tell you where @lalecondeski ranked it on his list @jmtryneski I liked this season of GLOW but I prefer the first 2 seasons. Haven't watched F is For Family. Gotta try it sometime @Richie_Trnr It certainly helps that the goodness of Succession was spread out over 10 weeks while Fleabag was over in an instantI watched less new TV in 2019 than I did in previous years and I aim to watch even less in 2020! So I can't say whi… OA wins most improved imo. Narrator: take that observation with a grain of salt since it was the only show Matt… at the top of the list two years in a row. That hasn't happened to me since at least 2012. That and Flea… Top 30 Shows of 2019! @yeeyee187 @GrahamB47 @GraceAlt @VK_HM Dom, you did it again! @yeeyee187 @GrahamB47 @GraceAlt @VK_HM I have a theory that no one actually cares about what she thinks and she jus… @GrahamB47 @GraceAlt @VK_HM Another thing to remember is they called Obama a Communist and he won twice @GrahamB47 @GraceAlt @VK_HM I don't think it would. The vast majority of the people watching Fox News were always g…
@NIheartland @heartlandhelps Heartland Alliance imprisons thousands of immigrant children each year. They also shar… know what else denies thousands of immigrants a chance to build a life in the US? Heartland Alliance jailing im… you @chinyereosuji for speaking out about @heartlandhelps ‘ child prisons. We need to #FreeHeartlandKids now!
Retweeted by Matt FThread by a former @heartlandhelps detention center worker: "We took them to swim and play everyday and taught Engl…
Retweeted by Matt F @local_hotdog I know I’m going to Muscatine and I know when and where it’s leaving from6 days until I ride the bus to Iowa to knock doors for Bernie. 7 days until Bernie wins Iowa. @RowanKaiser Wow, can't remember the last time we're playing the same video game at the same timeTwitter is too distracted tonight and I'm too productive doing other things so I'll release my Best TV Shows of 2019 list tomorrowKlobuchar sapping up just enough support to prevent anyone but Bernie and Biden getting 15% would be a fun result weekend I talked to a Yang/Klobuchar supporter in Nevada who has Leukemia. She’s paying $18,000 every month fo…
@tweetingwithbr3 @JBPritzker Alright, now that the three of us are in a room, it's time for Pritzker to denounce HeartlandAzns for Bernie
Retweeted by Matt FStatus update on the gay bar that Chasten Buttigieg cancelled an event at because he didn’t like that they had a st…
Retweeted by Matt F @tweetingwithbr3 This video was already good the first time I watched it, but now that I'm watching it high I declare it a masterpiece @yeeyee187 I was thinking earlier today about how sports fans openly tamper their enthusiasm online if they're doin… supporters after February 3 Warfare is the TV episode from the past decade I've rewatched the most. There are very few shows that can re…
Getting someone who's expressed transphobic views to support a platform that would enormously benefit trans people,…
Retweeted by Matt FThe New York Times is objectively more dangerous than any podcast, has done more damage to more people in particula…
Retweeted by Matt FNew video: I spent a day inside the mind of #JoeBiden
Retweeted by Matt F @ChicagoCityDSA Headed to Muscatine, Iowa on February 2! @lalecondeski The world's biggest Joker fan! @cheepguava Did you see this?
@zhandlen @ZeppoMarxist I've seen some positive reviews from people who've seen all 3. Hoping it's good since so ma… keep planning on finishing and releasing my Best TV Shows of 2019 list but something keeps getting in the way...… for Bernie update: People from all over are mentioning Bernie's polls going up and lots of people are signi…
Tonight’s #BernieSanders phonebank 💗 hosted by @KimletGordon
Retweeted by Matt FIt took until my 3rd watch to notice that there are multiple @ChicagoCityDSA members in this ad #NotMeUs
Retweeted by Matt F$1 for every campaign event @BernieSanders did for @HillaryClinton, because #ILikeBernie.
Retweeted by Matt F
@artincircles I think it's going in that direction eventually (AOC's recent comments hint at it) but it would be a…“Nobody likes him” - Hillary Clinton
Retweeted by Matt F @Karatloz @VK_HM @VK_HM I love Steven Universe but Adventure Time is an all time great show and it is not @KevKoeser Out of everything on the air now feels like the best contender but will have to build up a lot of critic… @VK_HM Steven Universe is epiloguing. We need a new one!The question we shouldn't be asking is "What will be next Game of Thrones?" The questions we should be asking is "W…’s up YouTube? Doing a review of my hotel bathtub in Seattle.
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@bridgeeetgreens The worst part is there aren't any more new texts today so now I have to actually do work 🙄Best part of texting for Bernie today was helping someone in Michigan who is leaning towards voting for Bernie figu… @RowanKaiser Wow, can't believe it's been a decade since Noah Hawley's masterpiece came out! @Srirachachau He dropped out in between when they filmed it and now @cheepguava Your statement is equally substantive as the NYT's endorsement @coopercooperco regret to admit I'm looking forward to his tweet about this @KevKoeser At least we can agree that Bernie is Parasite and Warren is Little Women @the_queen__bean Aw, thanks! That means a lot! Now, am I an uncut gem or a crystal gem? @TheDailyKoko I avoid sucker status by only watching the last 10 minutes. Was watching Jeopardy before thatThe NYT endorsing both Warren and Klobuchar just reflects badly on Warren. Klobuchar has no chance of winning, so i… Booker was in the NYT's initial Top 4 and Bernie wasn't so this joke is closer to the truth than I expectedFinished my first day of Texting for Bernie! Talked to multiple people who are excited to volunteer for Bernie. Had…
@local_hotdog @KenzoShibata @catsarewitches @bridgeeetgreens I just talked to a Trump supporter who's seriously thi… signed up to Text for Bernie and I'm already so addicted! Thanks to @local_hotdog & @KenzoShibata for inspiring… who randomly popped into the East LA Office today 🤩 @ericandre phonebanking for @BernieSanders!
Retweeted by Matt F @tiennecrpeau Is your coworker Dom?Amazing panel by #FreeHeartlandKids organizers @the_queen__bean and @juliadratel after the @ChiFilmmakers screening…
Comrade Melinda, co-chair of @ChicagoCityDSA, speaks to our members on the Bernie bus to Clinton, Iowa with @CDRosa
Retweeted by Matt F @infraredflower Everytime I think about what his political career is going to be after this I have to remind myself… are getting so close to the day when we don't need to allocate any brain cells to Pete Buttigieg ever again in our livesToday we braved the cold & snow to educate Chicagoans about Gov Pritzker's ties to child immigrant detention. Tomor… just delivered a letter to @GovPritzker’s office in the Thompson Center demanding he stop donating to Heartland…
Retweeted by Matt F
I just delivered the letter to @GovPritzker’s office urging him to stop donating to @heartlandhelps and to make a p… through my speech the person at @GovPritzker's office cut me off and said "we have had those calls so we wi… going to @GovPritzker's office today to protest his support of @heartlandhelps detention of immigrant childr… @IrvSanz Does Governor Pritzker have a response to the 17 orgs and community groups calling for him to stop donatin… @emily_bittner Does Governor Pritzker have a response to the 17 orgs and community groups calling for him to stop d… @jesshimes Does Governor Pritzker have a response to the 17 orgs and community groups calling for him to stop donat… @MartinVTorres @HarrisPolicy @GovPritzker Does Governor Pritzker have a response to the 17 orgs and community group… @aditi_tanya Does Governor Pritzker have a response to the 17 orgs and community groups calling for him to stop don… @alexhanns @GovPritzker Does Governor Pritzker have a response to the 17 orgs and community groups calling for him… @JordanAbudayyeh @GovPritzker Does Governor Pritzker have a response to the 17 orgs and community groups calling fo…