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Thank you @limecordiale for recording a video message to @hjbaker96 who is a total wanker for not being here!.@limecordiale was fucking amazing!!! Amazing set list. Please come back to LA soon 😭 stage of PR crisis management is it when literally LeBron James is trashing the commissioner on Twitter
Retweeted by Tatjana Vejnovic @GoldenboyFTW @proxywolf I second this. I deadass refuse to fly their ass. They’re racist, horrible customer service...
Also if it wasn’t clear (because it wasn’t) I’ll be reviewing the VR Power over the course of the next few days. St… @eminus VR Power! @djtyrant VR Power but I’ll wear contacts. Quest isn’t very nice for glasses wearing folk. The Rift S, however, is… @n1kolax The issue is that the strap wouldn’t go low enough on the back of my head, so it would just smoosh my face… @n1kolax VR Power! It legit was a Cinderella moment for my head and the Quest lolCharging my Quest because I finally have a way to use it without making my face hurt!!!!!! Please don’t @ me I lov… wish we didn’t waste this talent. 😭 @ObiCynKenobi Now if I ever go to Vancouver, I’ll be prepared. Had I not known that, I most likely would have shit myself.I have so much going on this week that I deadass will have no time to breathe except in therapy. Lots of content… get to see @Sunset_SC2 tomorrow and I could not be more excited because I HAVE MISSED HER FACEEEEE @sarahthebeef I’m the best co-shopper if you ever need someone to go with you! :P
We used this Oculus Quest hand-tracking app to learn songs on a piano. Did it turn us into Mozart overnight?…
Retweeted by Tatjana VejnovicWent into the rabbit hole of old photos. Found this dope photo I took flying into Chicago in 2016.’m staring at this box of Raisin Bran and all I can hear is @KylieJenner singing RIIIISE AND SHINE @GameOverGreggy Why do you do this to yourself lmao"HOLD ON THERE PLAYA"
Retweeted by Tatjana VejnovicMe: watch AD miss @DrKatsuragi: HES ANTHONY FUCKING DAVIS *brick*“It was real hard to see if Lowry grabbed his arm.” WAS IT THOUGH???
@STEALFROMWORK_ LOL. Isn’t it tiny though? I need one that’ll fit the Quest. @MinsooJoshua I just need to weigh a piece of hardware! 😂 @vicious696 Don’t know if it makes it better or worse to specify that it needs to be one of those baking scales that can way a few pounds @vicious696 LMAOHappy birthday to the guy I can say I fully 100% trust with everything because he’s the dude who will carry my ass… I know anyone in the mid Wilshire area who owns a baking scale? Need to use it for weighing something and taking… guarantee that their personal information will be safe, probably.
Retweeted by Tatjana Vejnovic @Neil_Druckmann We really enjoyed it, too! Thought it played faithful to the overall feel of the games with little… is preventable, but not selfish. Suicide is, normally, death caused by depression. The final symptom. A col…
Retweeted by Tatjana VejnovicWas brainstorming for some product shoots for my reviews and unboxing videos this week and realized my blanket matc… @SavinTheBees Pls go to Melbourne I’ll tell you about all the good shit and @hjbaker96 can be your guideSO ARE BAGS OF GHIRADELLI SQUARESBAGS OF LINDT TRUFFLES ARE 2 FOR $7 AT RITE AID AGAIN. NOT A DRILL.
Thanks for this. Cheered me up to see.
Retweeted by Tatjana VejnovicThis is what they asss get for adding fastpass to something that had no business having fastpass
Retweeted by Tatjana Vejnovic @sagesurge I had fun with it! I thought it was cute and quite enjoyable. A lot of little Easter eggs for long time fans, too.What. Are. They. Feeding. These. Kids??????
Retweeted by Tatjana Vejnovicme and the other people who don’t drink when we’re at the bar with our friends who do
Retweeted by Tatjana VejnovicI don’t know who does the social media for @SacramentoKings, but they’re really really good at their job. 😂THAT’S how you punish a team that cheats.
Retweeted by Tatjana VejnovicCongrats, TD! #GoSpursGo
Retweeted by Tatjana Vejnovic @Dicestronomus You now have a nice view to do yoga to. Just put a mat in the living room and look at dat skyline.I would be a sad piece of jello human if I didn’t have @AshleyEsqueda in my life. She supports me in ways I can’t even describe. 🥺 @SDinwiddie_25 He’d probably do a better job coaching the Knicks than Van Gundy, let’s be real.
@Alchemister5 It’s still there 😭Why do I have to go through so much to get my ears to stop ringing what the fuck @JetSetJamerson Even worse @JetSetJamerson *fuck out @JetSetJamerson Where like, it’s hollow where the peanut is supposed to be?? Because I’ve had that happen and it freaked me the fuck off. @JetSetJamerson BruhHAHAHA @dumbandawful you deserve all the big Toblerones you fucking Slav, you 💕I did a good deed. Real talk though Slavs love Toblerones it’s wild. When my grandpa died and we were cleaning ou… look at the bottom shelf and I see a ton of almond Toblerones. “Aw they don’t got the right color.” I crouched do… bouquet of roses, and a big ass salad (????). In his free hand he’s holding a bunch of random organic dark choc… greatest thing to happen to me today was some guy talking to me while I was picking out yogurt like “Ay, yo. Wh… wtf @JacobWolf @FionnOnFire AT&T in San Antonio is such a fucking nice stadium tho
@Suns @_anthonynashI have a confession to make. I have never seen a Wes Anderson film. That is all. @Cigargoyle_ Wait what @Cigargoyle_ It is what it is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯I think I’m going to buy a pie on Friday, eat whole thing while watching How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, cry a lot, a… @BilliamSWN Oooh I started that one on a plane and never finished it because I was tired as hell! Thanks Bill!! @lukei4655 Seen it. When I went to Hawaii many many years ago we went to one of the filming locations lol (they tol… just watched To All The Boys: P.S. I Love You and it was better than the first one do NOT @ me. Drop some romcom… @flameirl I'm scared @technosucks WYOMING DEEMED UNNECESSARY LMAO
@odiezilla305 lmaoooooooo imma do it but do I want banana cream pie or key lime broHIHO IS ON POSTMATES THIS IS NOT A DRILL IM GETTING MY CHEESEBURGER BITCHESSSS @McClellandShane THE ILLUSION OF SAFETY I AM SCREAMING @poedameroni @Batman_Infinite Lmaoo“Look, I’ll answer this one more time, okay? Just to be perfectly clear: Shinji ABSOLUTELY rejected Human Instrumen…
Retweeted by Tatjana Vejnovic @TayNixster I didn’t 😔 I got too anxious trying to pick one.A new VR Humble Bundle is now live, and it's got some pretty awesome games for $15.
Retweeted by Tatjana VejnovicI got so anxious about choosing a burger I think I may give up. @technosucks I now don’t know which burger I want and it’s stressing me out and I might give up @funranium @Whataburger I sometimes do half unsweet. Depends on what kind of mood I’m in. @funranium I wish a @Whataburger angel would bring me a honey butter biscuit meal sweet tea and spicy ketchup and a… I DOORDASH MYSELF A CHEESEBURGERImportant: “Ofc” means:
Retweeted by Tatjana Vejnovic @Katemonsterful Katie don’t play me like thisI WANT A CHEESEBURGER SEND TWEET @adashtra I’m sorry what
@hjbaker96 @David_Jagneaux @AkshonAdam @AshleyEsqueda Just any four games that you love or enjoy or your favorites.…“I showed you what a scarf is.” 😂😂😂 @smsymonds @gamebits @bclikesyou @fighter_kids @AlaskanGypsyTV Fuck yeah FFXIFour games, four tags: - Final Fantasy XI - Rez Infinite - Mass Effect 2 - Uncharted 2 @hjbaker96 @David_Jagneaux, attn: @ermonacelliALIENS DM ME ILL GIVE YOU MY ADDRESS COME PICK ME UP AND TAKE ME WITH YOU @paintedsky_ca @ZarduBen Nah they just announced the S20 lmao @Cigargoyle_ No pain!*S20 Ultra THE CAMERAS ON THE SAMSUNG S20 PRO TAKE UP MOST OF THE BACK LMAOOOOO @TheAgentBaum Nah this second Samsung food phoneHow the fuck is that phone $1380 LmaoOne gig short of perfect. @dumbandawful