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Yeah, no, totally. This is a totally normal thing to say about a country and people you commit genocide on and cont…’s going on in Armenia is awful. I have no words. My heart goes out to Armenia and I can only hope things resol… @Batman_Infinite digitalvix3n @MamaRosaMakeup made a TikTok I don’t know how it works @aramisx I'm very curious as to what is being talked about in them, if I'm being honest.
@willsmith I thoroughly enjoyed FF7:R, but I also had SO many issues with it. I've never had a game really make me… case you didn't know, Amy Coney Barrett is a woman who believes the constitution should be interpreted and utili… Coney Barrett will be a disaster for our country. She doesn’t believe in the separation of church & state. Sh…
Retweeted by Tatjana Vejnovic @LindsPlay unrelated: hi i miss ulol spectrum out here trying to scam people by saying their modems are showing up with connectivity issues..,… guy who played young Nathan Drake in Uncharted 3 is 24. Fuck, I feel old.“Probably more than any other shooter I’ve played in VR, Solaris is the most seamless to play. It’s pure entertainm…
Retweeted by Tatjana Vejnovic @iuhutch @DrKatsuragi @kicksonfire ..then start up again. It was the wildest shit I've ever witnessed in my life. H… @iuhutch @DrKatsuragi @kicksonfire the point where if he hit buttons in a certain order on his steering wheel… @iuhutch @DrKatsuragi @kicksonfire Hacker buddy of mine back in the day had a 330xi that he upgraded with M3 perfor… @iuhutch @DrKatsuragi @kicksonfire Imagine vomiting a whole ass M3 @DrKatsuragi @iuhutch @kicksonfire Oh the reviews said it was a shoe check app. I was thrown off by the German lmfao @DrKatsuragi @iuhutch @kicksonfire @gmcfosho I’m keeping this month’s in my room because I need that reminder daily lmao @Batman_Infinite The most Duncan shit to have ever Duncan’d. ACV: @dumbandawful @SheaSerrano I once made jalapeño corn bread with pieces of corn and red jalapeño in it and it was so fucking good.If you want to get cheered up by a ridiculous photo coming in the mail every month, I highly recommend pledging $5… @iuhutch @kicksonfire @DrKatsuragi Does the tip on the front have something written on it? Like 24? @_Lajong_ @iuhutch @kicksonfire @DrKatsuragi The glue and the unevenness of the white portion at the top. I could be overly c… @iuhutch @kicksonfire I'm gonna tag @DrKatsuragi - he's got several pairs. To me the glue is a little suspicious. @iuhutch @kicksonfire Do you have a photo of the tag on the inside? Have you heard of NikeTalk? You could always… @iuhutch @kicksonfire This came up for me as promoted tweet, but I feel like chiming in. Could you get a better st…'m not around them, so I don't know what they've been doing to stay safe, or if they've been doing anything at a…'ve known him since I was 8. He's family. But if I - heaven forbid - come in contact at the airport or on the airc… says it's outside, masks are mandated, and that there is "over 20 acres of outdoor space." When I asked him if h… would be at a table with his mom and stepdad, two people I love dearly and care for. His mother has been a second… of my childhood friends is getting married next month. He's still going through with his wedding, and I need to… League players are still using homophobic slurs in the year 2020? In the third season? OWL *still* hasn't… Coffee Appreciation Station > Yours Not pictured: another French press, cold brew pitcher, and an Aeropress @KynoPygan Y e aThis is your daily reminder that Amy Coney Barrett is a piece of shit.And still looks good tbqh @Drash_VR DRASHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT FFXI VR WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…’re so honored by and grateful to @KojiPro2015_EN and Yoji Shinkawa for creating this stunning The Last of Us Par…
Retweeted by Tatjana Vejnovic @Drash_VR Do you play XI!?😭😭😭😭 has it already been a month... I miss her so much. It hurts too much. She deserved so much better. She deserve… I think I got it, but it's not wanting to connect to my WiFi. Hmmm. @_anthonynash Because I've been wanting to do this since high school lmaoI spoke too soon, I somehow managed to fuck this up at the very fucking end. Jesus Christ.I FUCKING DID IT I PUT UBUNTU ON MY MACBOOK @ArynRozelle I have that same red panda onesie.. lolSometimes I just want to punch MacOS in the fucking throat.It's Friday night and I'm drinking a coke zero at 1:00AM putting Ubuntu on my fucking MacBook Pro so I can play FFXI fucking ANYWHERE.Allen Iverson said he hates a popular media personality and Twitter is trying to figure out who it is…
Retweeted by Tatjana Vejnovic @David_Jagneaux @VRChat This reminds me of Russian Kermit. I will never forget Russian Kermit. lmfao @FluffyPancakeXO Netflix! It’s German so it’s all subtitles. Takes about 4-5 episodes to get going. BUT ONCE IT DOE… @FluffyPancakeXO It's not a movie but a show (short, three seasons, 10ep s1, 8ep 2+3); Dark. Thank me later.why are sharks trending @KynoPygan LMFAO I DIDN'T EVEN SEE THAT ONE HAHAHAHAHAH @_anthonynash There's a Gregory and Joseph. lmaooo???? @KynoPygan I thought the same thing LmaooooI cannot THE FUCK IS THIS @SMUCKERS Diesel sings? come back, @DidiG18. 🥺
Retweeted by Tatjana VejnovicPraying for everyone with ears within a 10 mile radius of @dumbandawfulUgh @LAPDHQ out here giving me fucking tinnitus flying over my apartment complex for no reasonHow can so many people work with someone and never teach them how to blend their foundation?Ben Carson: retire, bitch
@partylikeaninja @deadeyebrakeman I mean, a mile is just as bad (and offends me, too). @partylikeaninja @deadeyebrakeman Apparently slightly smaller than a football field. A football field is 48k square… @marycclarke I'm on Excalibur! Same data center. :) @deadeyebrakeman @partylikeaninja All I know is I used to live in a house on a half acre of land and holy shit I ha… will be honest with you guys I have no idea how big an acre is
Retweeted by Tatjana Vejnovic @marycclarke I didn't see the "free trial" part and nearly shit myself. What server? @TheChrisPaduan Me wanting to punch doctors in the throat lol @GregorySolis lol haven't actually updated it yet but it auto-posts to my twitter feed when i doI like that kid
Retweeted by Tatjana VejnovicAmy Coney Barrett, eh? Fucking wonderful. I hate it here.I’m so mad right now holy shit I’m about to update my fucking blog that’s how mad I amRIP Florida like this tweet!! Mel is the best!!!! @Avion_FJ @Cire1037"The gaming PC, accessories, and furniture came out to around $2000, and the Valve Index is $1000. While 10 Oculus…
Retweeted by Tatjana Vejnovicokay. why.
Retweeted by Tatjana Vejnovic @EvilDeadGuy @blasianFMA @TheRNKyle You can skip legit if you pay for it. Otherwise just skip all the cutscenes lol it’s trash @blasianFMA @TheRNKyle Stormblood is dog shit just skip through it. Shadowbringers is where it's at. @blasianFMA We have not been sleeping on Alexander good sir. He has an entiiiiiiiire story arc in XIV!! @paintedsky_ca @Gpryu Oh more than that lol @Gpryu But calling it "GameStop" and making it an Amazon rival is... dumb. @Gpryu GameStop's warehouse is run by idiots. They would never be efficient.As someone who worked for the company for seven years, this is hilarious and I can guarantee you it will fail miser…
Why is the PAC12 being so fucking dumbYes, yes he did. just wrote a resume for the first time in more than 15 years for a board position and it's so weird. The front ha…
Retweeted by Tatjana Vejnovic @cymrychffxiv lol @hootsuite Why would you consider it in the first place? @KING_BABYBAY no. back 2 bed 4 me