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@paul_irish @BrowserNative @cjamcl This warning will go away after review - will keep you posted.
@bz_moz @heycam We'll pull the right people into to finalize the design and discuss implementation. @bz_moz @heycam Having both error and API linked would be best. Console has a few more tricks up its sleeve to crea…
New in Firefox 73: 🔎 persistent zoom level setting across sites (!) 🔒 NextDNS as alternative DNS-over-HTTPS provide…
Retweeted by Harald Kirschner 🔥🦊🛠 @snmcp @FirefoxDevTools @ChromeDevTools In case you need material for ideas, we used this in 2hr workshops and its… @cwardphotos Thank you. Sharing those rabbit holes with the community has helped us a lot, in nailing down details… you, everybody, for the input, there is definitely work to do here! The discussion will continue in… @dmgr_ Firefox dev here. It is great to hear that Firefox generally works better, especially on sites like Youtube!…
@petermllrr @wesbos Thanks for jumping into the UX challenge! None of the other apps (Finder, File Explorer, Googl… challenge: All DevTools panels right now are responsive in nature, so they can be docked in narrow and w… @ohearn @FirefoxDevTools If its not compat mode we gotta keep digging 😓. Thanks a lot for your help so far – especi… @uninen @fvsch @FirefoxDevTools Having no constraints around sizing is definitely good. Is there a specific use ca… @uninen @fvsch @FirefoxDevTools Neat. It seems a bit wasteful to be able to resize smaller than the horizontal widt… @ohearn @FirefoxDevTools It looks like that is and we are on it! Can you check which compa… help needed 🧠. How could resizing network tables be more intuitive and flexible. Should the table allow… @ohearn @FirefoxDevTools Could you try starting DevEdition up in safe mode? @Stammy Fantastic work. I’ll do some profiling tomorrow and see if there are bugs to file for Firefox.
@HenriHelvetica Any error in Browser Console? I assume you are macOS? @kylealden @auchenberg @EdgeDevTools @FirefoxDevTools @ChromeDevTools @hiamerica Just in WebXR and with editing. Please. @auchenberg @EdgeDevTools @FirefoxDevTools @ChromeDevTools z-index: 99999; Fixed.🎊 Firefox 73 – 2nd release of 2020 🎉 🔎 WAMP support in WebSocket Inspector 📎 Copying text in Changes panel ignore…
Retweeted by Harald Kirschner 🔥🦊🛠 @davidwalshblog @FirefoxDevTools Eager eval meets awesomebar!
🤩 @linclark starting of a day of #WASMSummit with thought provoking and practical advice on protecting your users a…
Was hanging out with a French stranger in my hostel and I told her I worked for Mozilla as an engineer and she gasp…
Retweeted by Harald Kirschner 🔥🦊🛠
@seaotta Yes, you do 👋🏻. My team and I created it way back and I am still tangentially involved in supporting the M… @RaaVijayakumar @JKTwitdev @FirefoxDevTools That works for CSS, right. Sadly not easy for JS-triggered focus/hover/etc. @peterbe Like a vibrant green mushroom?
@zachleat 🏅 One-Why-Ing Achievement Unlocked. I keep adding whys though 😁. Mine would be Why not more devs don't k… @zachleat @NotionHQ I assume Firefox's Containers didn't work for your use case? @mtellin Now might be time to give Firefox a try again. I saw your concern about performance – which I tend to hear… @zachleat I use an Apple Script that lets me pick a profile as one hack. I also have the the profile dialog enabled… @georapbox @FirefoxDevTools We have a patch landing soon that should help. It would be great if you could give it a…'🦊').should('contain', '🔥'); Hell yeah! Proper use of 🔥 and 🦊 use in Cypress' 4.0 launch video. Massive ku…👋 It's finally here! 🦊🔥🦊🔥🦊🔥🦊🔥 Introducing @firefox and @MicrosoftEdge Support in @Cypress_io v4.0 👉 Read Blog:…
Retweeted by Harald Kirschner 🔥🦊🛠 @zmoolla @FirefoxDevTools @brave Firefox dev here. Which channel are you on (release or dev edition)? So with Disa… @JKTwitdev @RaaVijayakumar @FirefoxDevTools Yes. Flow might be freeze by default and click (maybe some overlay) to… @RaaVijayakumar @FirefoxDevTools So basically as soon as you inspect, the page should freeze in place; right?🔥 added support for Firefox Profiler ( & it can run against the new…
@cryptodavidw It's true that it as stopped for a while; but thanks to close collaboration with the Firefox extensio…🧐 The Internet is, in fact, a series of tubes connected with y-splitters that direct bytes based on User-Agent head… @robcee @FirefoxDevTools That seems one theme in the feedback, that its too made up. While 𝑓 is being used in othe…
@robcee @FirefoxDevTools I know you can do better than that comment, Rob. The console case here might not be the c… a typical day in the devtools community slack … asking the Twitterverse to get more input in our polish ideas.… @strudra @firefox @FirefoxDevTools Yes, it is being worked on for macOS (and Windows as wel… @Stammy It should be applied to new tabs after enabling it, but I'd advise restart just to be sure. WebRender rend… @Stammy Cases I have seen that have been slow had SVG filters. Sounds like you might have a test case that you coul… @EdgeDevTools @MSEdgeDev @hiamerica Asking as is still open and I can't make sense of the stream of patches. @EdgeDevTools @MSEdgeDev @hiamerica Does that mean Chrome DevTools are localized now as well? @deezel @Stammy Firefox dev here. Is that case up somewhere so I could debug it? @Stammy if you want to test with WebRender, it can be enabled on about:config via `gfx.webrender.enabled` @Stammy Any other effects on the page, like SVG? Are you on Windows, which mostly has WebRender enabled these days…
@b4bomsy @patrickbrosset @mozilla Welcome to @FirefoxDevTools (and Berlin )!The theme of 2019 continues in 2020. Thank you @brad_frost! Making it "incredibly painless" to switch between brow… changed my default browser/search setup on both desktop and mobile to Firefox/DuckDuckGo. It was incredibly painl…
Retweeted by Harald Kirschner 🔥🦊🛠 @brad_frost Fantastic to hear. Thank you for spreading the 🦊❤️. For my work on Firefox, I'd love to hear about you… on my Portfolio during my lunch break. Oh, how I have missed CSS Grid + Firefox dev tools. 😍
Retweeted by Harald Kirschner 🔥🦊🛠 @WorkonaHQ @samdbeckham @firefox Firefox dev here – great to hear that support is coming. If you run into any issu… @smashingmag Also helpful: Firefox Containers to profile with different cache/login states:…
@matscode @mozilla @firefox @FirefoxNightly @FirefoxDevTools @mozhacks Firefox can tweak the position per website t… @fvsch @FirefoxDevTools Needs its own toolbar icon, just sayin’ 😊
@anthony_ricaud @meyerweb @patrickbrosset I guess you mean the issue that the color opacity wasn’t warned for, but… @saschaplas Welcome to the 🦊!
@codepo8 I find it interesting how hard the feature it so explain (I don’t have a better short description), so I a… @codepo8 Have you checked Firefox’s Telemetry, it’s possible to query on as open data? Can…
@fliume @sunahsuh Nobody drew the keys though, so all we had was a goose holding a circle.In collaboration with Mozilla, we’re proud to announce Puppeteer v2.1.0! 🔥 The new version works with Chromium 80…
Retweeted by Harald Kirschner 🔥🦊🛠 @brend0 @firefox Let me know how DevTools (which I work on) is working out for you. @BranickyMarek @FirefoxDevTools Build files galore 😅. Whatever you are able to share will help. I don’t think I hav… @CarolSaysThings @FirefoxNightly @FirefoxDevTools I like how you described it, it’s definitely inspired by the many… @BranickyMarek @FirefoxDevTools Could you put your build config in a gist. I can try to build a STR.
@NiceYannick @FirefoxDevTools That is an annoying one, sorry. We are working on refactoring how devtools connect to… @bmeurer @Vjeux @brian_d_vaughn @hooraybuffer @hooraybuffer? @Vjeux @brian_d_vaughn Canvas' stroke method shows up even without native stacks, great example:… Firefox devtools profiler is extremely impressive. You can look at C++ stack traces and share links to profiles…
Retweeted by Harald Kirschner 🔥🦊🛠 @Vjeux @brian_d_vaughn Thanks for the kudos, I shared the ❤️ with the rest of the team. Within a few releases, the…
@AnjanaVakil @Mapbox Looking forward to see what’s next.
@patrickbrosset Can we already talk about 3D Scroll Tilt? @meyerweb cc @argyleink , maybe he can Fugu-ize it so it becomes more shiny. @woedenaz @FirefoxNightly @FirefoxDevTools Have you tried with ? @olifantoliver Das ist sehr schön zu hören, dass Firefox DevTools Team hat viel Zeit investiert in JS Debugging – b… @tomayac @CharlieCroom @FirefoxDevTools It did slowly degrade through re-architecture and got removed. It is defin…
@networkaaron We see some issues where Firefox's parsing is more strict while other browsers added workarounds to b… @arglazer @elliottrichmond Assuming you mean Firefox's UI – have you tried compact mode (via "Customize …")? @elliottrichmond I am curious about what that "something" is. Could you share? @marcosc @aslushnikov We have been checking in occasionally, but nothing concrete about this project as it just cam… @AndyDavies Just landed this week.Oh my god I thought it just did picture-in-picture on other browser tabs but it's everywhere. This is truly revolut…
Retweeted by Harald Kirschner 🔥🦊🛠 @networkaaron Ok, so you wanted to switch off source maps to work around a bug. Which issue did you hit?
(aka if nobody replies we'll consider removing the option, because twitter surveys are the ultimate truth 😅)Have you (or devs you know) disabled source maps support in DevTools – now or in the past? Please help me understa… @username_ZAYDEK Thanks for the details – I'm happy to help!📢Just in 📢 New CSS warning when top, right, bottom, left or z-index are used on a non-positioned element. Try it…
Retweeted by Harald Kirschner 🔥🦊🛠 @username_ZAYDEK Firefox dev here. An alternative would be not blocking Firefox and fixing issues as they are repor… @AndyDavies @brendangregg Ah, the MutationObserver issue you described. How does the stack chart look for that one?… “I have 3,500 tabs open.” A conversation about browser performance with @CSSWG folks. Guess which browser can handle this…
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@KRLyric @SamHulick Makes sense, its a lot of noise. We have a bug open to collapse larger snippets, which should save history space. @danielvanc @brad_frost I can reproduce. Interestingly it goes away after some clicking or opening devtools. I fil… @danielvanc @brad_frost Firefox dev here: Thanks for the in-depth article. Would you mind helping us with the CodeS… @KRLyric Have you tried multi-line editor mode, which gives a somewhat similar authoring experience but in the main… @brad_frost Firefox dev here. Let me know if anything doesn’t migrate, if you have praise or feedback 🙏.