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@atlanlol @Cloud9 @100Thieves @TSM @GoldenGuardians @Immortals @clgaming @TeamLiquid @EvilGeniuses @FlyQuest Love y… our baron throw of the season out early nice👍
Retweeted by Dignitas @TeamLiquidLoL @armao_lol @BobjenkinsLoL @Yeon7lol @Haeri_lol @SupportEyla GLHF 😤Who else is excited to watch @Spawwwwn1 debut in his first Academy game? 😳🤚 Catch us in our first match against…크리에이터 발견 \\ 01.22.21 looks familiar haha... 🤔 playing league feels rn😔
delete this @gpainbringer55 Love to see it! 🤩🎉We are the #RLCS The Grid Week 4 CHAMPIONS!🎉 (Soon™) 📅 Thursday, 1/21 ⏰5:00 PM CET
Retweeted by DignitasGamin with @Akaadian
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Watch, listen, read, and learn. • @Stanford Papers Project - • MLK's Works -… are some of the many orgs fighting for change. Every donation counts and makes a difference. •… is host to many online events through which you can engage: • @mfaboston Community Celebration -… we observe this Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, we encourage our community to join us in volunteering… is a day for reflecting on, celebrating, and honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Impact. This is a thread…’s have some fun
Retweeted by Dignitasgonna grind a bit before bed, if you need a place to hang out, I’m here :)
Retweeted by Dignitas @TheStephenYan Love it, thanks for making this for us! 💛
We're up next (ง •̀_•́)ง Catch our #LCS game against @EvilGeniuses #DIGWIN 📺 in for the big #RLCSX rematch versus @TeamBDS 😤#DIGWIN GOOOOOOO! What a close game, GGWP @OXG_Esports! #RLCSX #DIGWIN SHOT FROM @ApparentlyJxck 😳 #RLCSX #DIGWIN @OXG_Esports GLHF 💪 @RPlusOwl @OXG_Esports @Joreuz_ @ViolentPandaRL @ApparentlyJxck @Virge Oops 😅We're one step closer to the #RLCSX finals... Up next, @OXG_Esports! #DIGWIN 4-1 series from #DIGRL 🥱 or die. Tune in soon to watch our #RLCSX LB quarterfinals against WOO #DIGWIN at 4pm CET 👇
Retweeted by DignitasNew split same shit
@LCSOfficial @Immortals LETS GO #DIGWIN @HommeIncurve @Immortals Us too 😳It's #LCS time! Tune in to watch @Immortals get SOLI-GAPPED #DIGWIN have decided to part ways with @Oderuscs. Thank you for your hard work, and we wish you luck in your future en…'re back on track 💪 See you guys tomorrow for the quarterfinals 😈 #DIGWIN IS BEAUTIFUL 😭🖤 @TrainHardEsport GGWP, such a close series! 💛🖤A WIN’S A WIN #RLCSX We take the series against @TrainHardEsport #DIGWIN alien is back!
Retweeted by Dignitas#DIGRL is ready to set another record today in #RLCSX against @TeamBDS 😏 #DIGWIN | @Virge Congratulations Coach - you deserve it 👑Unlike anything you've seen before - a completely customized, virtual universe themed uniquely for one of the great… isn't the only legend we brought back in 2021. Welcome home, @GeT_RiGhT! In this episode of 'Off the Reco… @LCSOfficial #Digi is ready. @FlyQuest @Cloud9 GGWP! 🖤💛See you tomorrow @Immortals #DIGWIN sleeping on Dignitas
Retweeted by DignitasNO REFUNDS @FlyQuest, #LCS is back! We're kicking off the season with our first game against @FlyQuest! #DIGWIN… @Stay_Frostivus year. New #Digi ...and the best threads in the #LCS. 🔥
The world is against us today, but we're here to stay 😠 #DIGVAL is gearing up the reverse sweep against… lot has changed since we returned to the #LCS. Now, the slate is clean. The pieces are in place, driven by a des… @andbox_official unlucky 😔 GGWP!FLAWLESS round, with the help of @supamen's 3K 😈 #WC2021 #DIGWIN with a trickshot 🔫🤩 #WC2021 #DIGWIN if @GeT_RiGhT came back to rep #Digi That'd be sick aha ha, just kidding Unless...? correction to the stream link:'re excited to announce that we'll be participating in cs_summit 7! #DignitasVIE is coming for that 200k💪… 😤 Tune in to watch us take down @andbox_official in the @nerdstgamers Winter Championship! #DIGWIN ⏰10:0… hasn't slept in 3 days... happy brrrrrrrrrr day, @AriaZManzoori! 🎂 @EMUHLEET @DIGUpdate radiant tonight? 😤Grinding rank! 👇👇👇
Retweeted by DignitasStarting tomorrow we'll prove these predictions wrong 😤 Clear your schedule, because this weekend is PACKED: [1/…
@sapphiReGG that hurted @FlyQuest @megumixbear Happy birthday!! 🎂Spain without the s 🥲 his interview, @psalm reflects on the first few months of competitive Valorant, the overall future of the game,… makes the dream work ✊ ft. @heapcsgo popping off ☁️ one is as happy to have CS:GO back in action as we are. Which games are you excited about today? 🇷🇺 @forzegg VS…
Retweeted by DignitasIt's our first CS:GO match of the year 💪 We'll be taking down @SINNERS_ESPORTS in the Vulkan Fight Series quarterf… else wanna join the @makkaloff fan club? 🤚 Nutty 1v2 spray transfer from today's @nerdstgamers Valorant tou…
LIVE! Chess grind returns.
Retweeted by Dignitas @Jerektlol @dephh_csgo @SedatedGG @makkaloff @psalm @supamen @oderuscs TRUE @makkaloff played like a beast 💛🖤It's just a @dephh_csgo diff 🤪 GGWP, we take a convincing series against @SedatedGG #DIGWIN GOO💪 Sneaky @supamen play clutches the round for us #DIGWIN kill's a kill 😂@oderuscs #DIGWIN #WC2021 @PlayVALORANT Tournament, hosted by @nerdstgamers is LIVE🔥 For the first game of the day, our team wil… @aphromoo for good luck or else you’ll go 0-10 in placements 😔 placements today!
Retweeted by Dignitas @DerichlovesT @EMUHLEET @DEADTheia @BasedGodMilk @showliana @rainGG Happy birthday! 🎂
.@aphromoo is the last man standing 😭 @xnkcsy @LCSOfficial @100Thieves @Cloud9 @clgaming @EvilGeniuses @FlyQuest @GoldenGuardians @Immortals @TeamLiquid we LOVE this! 💛🖤 @VikkySenpai tfw ur pc sounds like a fighter jet 🥲When your pc is 13 years old but you still have to grind out the new season 😔🤚 your boy in AR! Got to work with @Verizon for the new DIG store. New looks should be coming in the near f…
Retweeted by DignitasThe looks may be outdated but they're still 🔥 We've partnered with @Verizon to help @HugS86, @LynnieNoquez, and… @KatContii @Spiher Yay! enjoy 💛🖤Hugest of POG! Thank you @Spiher & @dignitas for the comfy hoodie and hat 💛 I’ve never owned Dignitas merch until n…
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LIVE 🔴 playing VALORANT :]
Retweeted by Dignitas。 o ○ ╭◜◝ ͡ ◜ ͡ ◜◝ ◜ ͡ ◝ ◜ ╮ ( Viego 🥵 ) ╰◟◞ ͜ ◟◞◟◞ ͜ ◟◞ ͜ ◞ ╯’S HERE!!! 😍 thank you @dignitas for saving me!! We got a @HyperX Alloy Origins with Aqua switches instead of re…
Retweeted by Dignitas @Qvofred Congratulations on the World Championship! 👊Playing a round of Valorant with @Yukeo 😂 let’s see how this goes!! 🔴 LIVE NOW!!
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This is amazing🔥
Retweeted by DignitasTag someone who would miss the baron smite to Ezreal 😔 spike plant for @EquinoxOKC 😠 #DIGWIN's the final day of the @Complexity VALORANT Invitational! First on the chopping block: @EquinoxOKC 🗡️…