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@jimmyharrison @Akaadian GG Coach. Tomorrow's our day!Flash Assist: @rainGG 👻 3K: @DEADTheia 🔫🔫🔫 Our chemistry on LAN is too OP. #DIGWIN
"DISASTER FOR TSM" 😂 #LCS day at DIG before our game with @TSM👌Clean 2-0 - GG @100EmojiVAL. One more Bo3 tomorrow to qualify for the Main Event 👋😏 #DIGWIN @RiotAugust maybe one would say VI-able 🥲We have the Viego this time 🤔 Our Match Draft is presented by SIG! #DIGWIN @CaptainFlowers, hope we put up an entertaining game for you to cast today 🙂 game-winning Agent Select, presented by SIG! 😤 #DIGWIN were undefeated against @TSM last split... 👀 Tune in to watch #DignitasQNTMPAY secure another #DIGWIN 📺…💯% ready for @100EmojiVAL, continuing to fight our way to the coveted Top 8. No stream, but we're manifesting a…༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ ENERGY WAS RECEIVED. #DIGWIN 2-0 for our squad against Team Blossom. One more BO3 to go to end Day… @TSM he’s back NOW! 31 teams begin. Only 8 make it through. Let's go DIG! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ @rainGG TAKE OUR ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽… that's a #DIGWIN vs @TradeLikeProsGG! We secure the top seed in our group heading into playoffs, starting th… Brazilian @showliana dancing around generator and fragging with that beautiful NA ping. fearless captain @EMUHLEET knocks down 4 with her Phoenix 🔥🔥🔥🔥 stream debut - @dignitas (2-0) takes on @TradeLikeProsGG (2-0), battling for the top seed in the group. 📺… 2 of our #VCT Game Changers Group Stage: 💪13-2 #DIGWIN vs @KunaiValorant! @TigerQueenRL @herculysee have fun! 🧙‍♂️Game 1 of our #VCT Game Changers Group Stage: 💪13-2 #DIGWIN vs besties!📢We're proud to welcome back @XP3cs, former coach of our CS:GO team and now Head Coach of our VALORANT team! A leg… very own @valesports_na team is ready to go, competing from the @Verizon 5G Gaming Center... in the @Verizon Qualifier for the @Verizon #VCT Game Changers, presented by @dignitas, starts NOW! The best Women's… @lindseybreezyy @PlayVALORANT @InvictaVAL Good luck!!Guess who @Akaadian is playing tonight for a chance to win a jersey in today's Predict the Draft, Presented by SIG! @kthzoxo @ManILoveFwogs Good luck! ends the day with a chicken dinner and 43 kills 🍗 Catch us next Thursday for the final week of #PCS4!… had to do it to ya 😘 @CaptainFlowers @RazLCS'll take an ACE for that dragon 😏 #DIGWIN first blood 🩸 #LCS's time to RUMBLE 💢 Today's match draft is presented by SIG! #DIGWIN day at DIG #DignitasQNTMPAY is heading into #LCS and looking for a 3-0 weekend! Tune in to catch our game against… @GoldenGuardians ankles’t forget these bad boys while celebrating. 😎 THANK YOU @voodooranger! BIRTHDAY TO OUR #LCS STRATEGIC COACH @JoshMabreyBaby! Let’s bring home two cakes today 🎂😄 #DIGFAM
@tyler_cooley_ @jimmyharrison 👊 @lindseybreezyy @riotgames 👊I can be ur angle or ur devil's ready for some more chicken dinners? 🍗 #DIGPUBG is now live for Week 2 Day 2 of the #PCS4! #DIGWIN 📺…🌟SURPRISE🌟 All participants competing in @Verizon #VCT Game Changers NA, presented by @dignitas will receive the '…"We were one of the only teams in the pro scene that took its entire roster and moved it from CS to VALORANT."… have a stacked caster lineup for this weekend 👀 birthday, @ShinboiPUBG! 🎉🎂 all begins tomorrow. #VCTGameChangers @TigerQueenRL'! #DignitasVIE is live at FUNSPARK Ulti, so we'll see you there! #DIGWIN 📺 went the wrong way 😅 but we still placed in the Top 5! Starting up Day 2 of #PSC4 tomorrow at 4PM PST! See you t… leaderboard! Our #DIGPUBG boys are sitting in 3rd place right now but not for long. 😉 Keep the chicken dinn… ya it was dinner time but more specifically a...CHICKEN DINNER! 😏 #DIGWIN👀 #DIGPUBG defense lookin' gud. #DIGWIN
iykyk @TSM @qntmpay @Akaadian @Soligoms @Spawwwwn1 @JayJLoL @Lourlo A rough 0-2 week for our DIG QNTM Academy boys. Looki…'S DINNER TIME! #PCS4 Grand Finals - Week 2 Day 1 is now LIVE! Tune in now for the madness and some #DIGWIN's.… @EMUHLEET @LynnieNoquez @rainGG our eyes have been blessed @Jardalive @Lekr0 @VIE_Bet any frag tbh @GoldenGuardians @n0ned @respawnbyrazer @5gum @Razer @Dardoch 🧊 🧊 🧊Entry frags and @Lekr0, name a more iconic duo. 😤 Check out his guide below for some tips and tricks to pull them… only thing that can beat a gank is a gank #DIGWIN the DIG QNTM Academy goes against @TSM Academy at 3PM PST. See you there for the dub. 😎 #DIGWIN 🖥:… @AngeIMartz @mikeprindi @ChampionEsports @respawnbyrazer can we keep itẅ̴̧̜͙̠̲́̚e̷̼͆ ̸̯͓̞̉͌̐͝a̸̯̜̘͈̰̾̍͗̒̕r̵̹͍͍͒̾̍ẻ̸̢̼̬̤͝ ̵̗̭̱͋c̴̨̹̦̦̑͜ȧ̶̲͔͖̩̹̽s̸̱͒̏̄t̸̡̼͎͈̏́ā̷̢͓ͅw̵̛̭͛̉͝a̶̛̺̿̍͛͝ͅÿ̸̹̖̩́̑̾s̵̨̢̲̬̼̿́̚͝castaways...2 Days. and clean #DIGWIN, time to dominate Overpass next 😎 1-0 vs @k23_esports!'s upper bracket semis time at #FunsparkULTI and #DignitasVIE is live! #DIGWIN 📺 ARE LIVE. JOIN NOW! ‼️ ‼️
Closing out the day with a tie! We will be getting that 2-0 #digwin tomorrow VS. @TSM Academy! GGWP GGS! 🤝 @xShawnThomas @Verizon @aphromoo Just you wait, we'll have a link for you shortly 😏We have a special @Verizon 5G #LCS stream later today with @aphromoo on our YouTube channel! Get your questions❓co… FOR THE FIRST BLOOD DELIVERY. 🙂 #DIGWIN lead for the first game 😳 Starting up Game 2 NOW! Tune in for another DIG QNTM Academy dub! #DIGWIN @Talift52 @valesports_na @Verizon @GenG @TSM @clgaming @ShopifyRebels @Cloud9 @ManILoveFwogs @nerdstgamers minute ace? We take those. #DIGWIN @krnnguyen_ @ShopifyRebels @itnothan_ @Slandyyyy @24HavenVal Here we gooooo @24HavenVal @psychowinn 💪 @KunaiValorant 🙌 hyped! @SSIRENNgames @xlncval 🥰 goooood luck! @LillianVowo @xlncval GL @xlncval! @RiotAugust you’re so hot brotherThe queen is in the building. 👑 #DIGFAM @TigerQueenRL @Verizon We are the grateful ones to have you here!!! @ApparentlyJxck @herculysee @Verizon hey come overOur DIG QNTM Academy team are taking on @GoldenGuardians Academy for their first match of the week! LET'S GOOO!… @ShopifyRebels Excited to have the @ShopifyRebels debut in our event! GLHF! @xoxCheIs @NoShotVal 💛 good luck! @Apidaez @NoShotVal 🤍Presenting the @valesports_na teams competing in the @Verizon #VCT Game Changers NA, presented by @dignitas! $50,0… @TeamLiquid @Verizon does this make us related @herculysee @Verizon we are so lucky to be in your presence 😍 @Dexerto @DIG_HoneyBadger @TheKowo @PUBGEsports goatedAre you ready? 06.19.2021
6.19.21 👀's less than 24hrs left for a chance to win one of our limited #Dignatures NFT holograms of our Women's FPS te…'s been over a year since our last #DignitasVIE fragmovie! Check out our best highlights from our games this year…