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🥩 🎾 🏒 ⛷ 📈 🥰 Slovakian-American talking: Politics |Life |Money | Feminism|Relationship @Investandbefree has my body 😈 and soul 💕

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@heretobrowse99 @314khalea Can I please steal your meme? It’s just so funny 😂...with our Country, the United States Military, Government Contractors, and Grantees. Americans should be taught t…
Retweeted by AddYourName @BritMartinez @JulianaStewart_ Definitely correct. If a man can’t send a lousy text in one day he is not busy, he i…
@Investandbefree @iamRobONeill @WellBuiltStyle I have to agree... the chain and shoes destroyed it for me. This is… @SmithCabz19 👊🤩 @Investandbefree @silkdynastystx Nope....just bring butter. That's all .....or, Olive oil. 😈 @CitizenAnalyst Respect 🤦‍♀️ @Investandbefree @silkdynastystx Should I buy the baguette? 🤔 @TheRealLeeGNews Role model 🤦‍♀️ Asking to be respected 👊 You people will never learn 🤔 NEVER 🚫 @JesseKellyDC Stunning and braveThis tweet didn't turn out the way she wanted... 🤣🤣🇺🇸 #MAGA2020LandslideVictory @selfconquering Keep telling them...they will eventually get the memo. 🤓👊 @ManlyLifestyle What is Part 2 going to be about? 👍 @MetalShogun very well...😎👍 @mistergoodgod We love you too GOOD GOD! @IngriPauline why? 🧐😉 @tkroll9876 It really doesn't have to be just man always in charge...but if a woman can't decide he must make the… ⤵️👊 @nemo81886205 @Malangyaaar @giantgio The only correct answer @FWPlayboy @crypto_spawn @DrCrub Are you still healthy down there? No STD of any kind? 🤓😉 @K_Pole_73 Okay 🤔 @crypto_spawn @FWPlayboy @DrCrub were in a wrong school.... Sluts have been around for centuries..🤣🤣 @nageco @danny_ashman @HonorAndDaring I would never date a liberal man. I don't even attract liberal men. I like… @ticking_away All my tweets are about me, my opinions, and my way of life, and my life experience... I want my man… @ticking_away I think this rule applies to many women submissive in nature and men who like to be in charge. But i… @DaygameCharisma @alpharivelino @mindmusclebalan Agree, except leaning in in this picture. you have never ever com… @ticking_away No... I am a woman. Women and men have different roles and different treatments. @MikePawz That is spot on.... who said that? they want to wait at the finish line...and just have this successful g… @quagmyrehk your mom is GOLD An indecisive man is not attractive. 🤓🤷‍♀️ @ticking_away I am fully aware of it... Women and men are different... I like the men in charge. Some women like… @K_Pole_73 The whole tweet is about a man taking charge and control. Women do not want to be the ones setting up t… @MikePawz Absolutely.... we have our list and there are things you can compromise on, but there are things you just… @MikePawz We all have standards and boundaries. Those standards and boundaries define us and separate us from eac… @crypto_spawn @DrCrub @FWPlayboy She is a slut.... and she probably stays that way... How do I know? The way she e… @MikePawz Yes... I think we are also supporting each other "effed up behavior" by liking it. As I said, let's say… @MikePawz Yes, but let's be real.... I barely see men posting daily selfies... and tongue out and swimsuit attire… @K_Pole_73 You need to read between the line...of course being polite and respectful is not bad. Common @crypto_spawn @DrCrub @FWPlayboy Read her profile again and come back to me.... We can discuss... but read it from the top to the bottom.I'm losing women followers for this: "your selfie game & online validation suck" It's 1 thing to post an occasion… @LillChristopher @lisa_melvin Blue carrots 🤦‍♀️ @silkdynastystx That french baguette...hmmm @DaygameCharisma True...but after few dates... When you are starting a relationship it is a way to show us how you… @DrCrub @FWPlayboy @crypto_spawn As funny as it sounds it is very, very disturbing. @MM7674Runner @TWayneHicks Good luck...sometimes it works. @alpharivelino @Investandbefree Wait, that's my man! 😊🥰 @Roderic70318808 @alpharivelino yeah...that's one... keep going.... @TimChessman We did it all....he picked the place, I picked the place, we cooked at home... It's a balance.. @TimChessman My manifesto was pretty short.... 🤣 @danny_ashman @HonorAndDaring Every married woman who's husband is republican will vote republican. It's just the… @SamWalworth Perfect....Don't underestimate a POWER of THE KISS *euphoric, erotogenic, exciting, enjoyable * If you really like a woman,… @Investandbefree @RebelRancher @TomPiroli I don't think I would ever buy a cake in a box...but oh well, life is ful… @Investandbefree You are the man 😉 @RebelRancher The first few times he picked everything (we're very easy going when it comes to food-no allergies or… @Investandbefree I totally forgot 😂🤷‍♀️ @RebelRancher @TomPiroli This is his cake $1.45 😂🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ @RebelRancher @TomPiroli BF like the cheapest Vanilla cake possible. It's a tradition for him to have it ea… @Investandbefree I hope you are doing your "research" and studying...🤓 @Investandbefree I guess the Stock market is like Marriage You need to vet (research, learn) the person (the stock… @MurtMurt6 I am luckier even more @pig0unette @TomPiroli On top 😋 @duke_draper @RebelRancher Can’t argue with that 👍 @TomPiroli Tiramisu is great....but my favorite is Creme brûlée It's very light and it has berries... @Gus_RJ_BR You are a guy. @Gus_RJ_BR Good night... I am heading there as well @TomPiroli That's tricky.. I would ask her what she likes and I would give her recommendation. But my BF killed i… @TomPiroli That's a 3rd date and it sounds great.... @Gus_RJ_BR That's cute... for 17y olds..but I am little older. I have never had a dinner date at McDonald's 🤓If you ask her: "where would you like to go for dinner" you already lost! Make a decision! Be a Man! @REDdestGuy @Lamb_Bytes @DaygameCharisma ahhhh...Call Rivelino! 😈🤣🧐 @romanopiumtales @valoricnero @RebelRancher @MusclesAndGuns @Sociopathlete @FWPlayboy @MyPlayboysBunny 236g of Suga… @alpharivelino 😔🥺 @RebelRancher Oops.... not a bitmoji but this is me on the court 😂😂😂😂
@Wingnut_410 What is it about? Briefly @AndrewLoeschner How can someone destroy a classic piece like that? Leather jacket on a guy is so sexy @Investandbefree 😉 @brandon69448824 @MrSimonMount1 Not sure.. but I think we all learned a valuable lesson and now it’s time be smarte… @MoneyHealthMind @lex_andronikou @limitlessleila @romanopiumtales I hope you learned something @Investandbefree @mistergoodgod I would have said it just for a scoop of ice cream 🍦 so you definitely overpaid 😉😘🤪 @mistergoodgod I was going based on the picture description... let’s call him Best lover ever! @Rivershedge Ok... rephrase- best lover ever! @CarmineSabia @BevanneTX #follow ! She is a shit wife! @Lamb_Bytes @RebelRancher 🤝👍 @REDdestGuy @Lamb_Bytes @DaygameCharisma In a relationship... Man and women should never compete with each other.… @Investandbefree 😉 @Investandbefree Not everyone is capable of that...😎 @RebelRancher @Lamb_Bytes And I am definitely in heaven now. It feels awesome... @TheKidFour20 @DailyCaller I am scared to even turn the volume up. I haven't heard this yet...but I know this will… @morethanmySLE Now you did... congratulation @DailyCaller @TheKidFour20 I totally missed it and I am thrilled I did. @MrSimonMount1 #metoo 🤣I am going with door #2 One soulmate is enough and my life is really good right now, I don't want to go back...jus… @visegrad24 #ToxicMasculinity 👍😉#ToxicMasculinity at an early age! Yeah baby! #MenAreGreat @Rich_Cooper Their only medicine: big D (not available over the counter) They are not going home to any husband… @chef4131 I know what you are saying...but did you see those girls? They are 17,18 (no kids to feet, just being sl… A: such a good tweet and I made a typo... *Making the USA a Communist country is really scary. Edit butto… @chef4131 There are 100 other choices on how to make money. But as long as you do not want to be a mother one day,… @Rub00731275 @alpharivelino truly have to have a stomach and personality for this type of work. I am pict… is everything wrong with being a sex worker if you want to be a mother one day... #Think