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@sardesairajdeep Wishful Thinking...We have become extremely कट्टर such songs cannnot impact our minds or conscience
@avicheque @TheDeshBhakt That "Despite" is the real danger @TheDeshBhakt Many Thanks Mr Akash..A much needed episode...It is Whatsapp that is the real घुसपैठिया which has to… @Shivani_bhat_ @mani1972ias Aree Madam, KYC is insisted at every stage, open an FD account ....Give KYC Maturity of… @RURALINDIA Remeber, transfers are quite Normal events and are not Stigma....the courts themselves have held everyt… @mani1972ias @Shivani_bhat_ Remove that monster called KYC and other documents....More than the credibility of the… @VORdotcom Let the reality sink in ..Left Wing Politics is dead. It has proved to be a total failure & rejected by… @rupagulab @dhume is right. Rahul may not be the president but his casual and inconsistent approach, his sudden & p… @Lotus2021 @smitadeshmukh @iamjohnoliver But the pre condition of having suffered religious prosecution unfortunate… @Lotus2021 @smitadeshmukh @iamjohnoliver Statement of Objects And Reasons comes into play only when a major interpr… @vivekagnihotri आपके ट्वीट हमेशा biased क्यो होते है?
@anandmahindra Indeed it is time us to introspect why secularism as a policy appears to be failing & why Divide-and… @gurdeepsappal अगर यही महौल रहा तो देश की अर्थव्यवस्था बिगड़ती ही चली जायेगी. @writetokhan @gurdeepsappal फिर फिर भी....सिख कभी मानवता नही भूलते..यही गुण तो सीखना है सबको ..क्यों हम बरसो पुराने… @gurdeepsappal 🙏 @gurdeepsappal 🙏 @gurdeepsappal 🙏 @gurdeepsappal 🙏 @gurdeepsappal 🙏 @gurdeepsappal 🙏 @gurdeepsappal 🙏 @RoshanKrRaii You missed that Moon Suit Wala @smitadeshmukh @iamjohnoliver Since you seem to.have read the amendment Act, could you kindly share a screenshot wh… @ReallySwara Befitting reply...Those sitting in US feel that merely by going there they have done a patriotic act &…
@AmTrehan Yes @anandmahindra We had almost achieved it....but very sad that we may fritter it away @AmTrehan Whatsapp is like Modern Day आकाशवाणी @ksvijayabaskar @stylistanu @Nidhi @arvindgunasekar @saurabhshukla_s Great....Match One Blunder with Another and then sleep.. @imrantelegraph @ttindia Dissent nowdays leads to diarrhoea and dysentry for the dissenter
@MayaramArvind Right or Left Frame ? @msm_maniac @GirishK21044006 @phaneendrab1 @TheJaggi What will be achieved in asking such questions..Nothing Except… @salonayyy @NDeshbhrtar Trump पर बने वीडियो का बेसब्री से इंतेज़ार है @msm_maniac @phaneendrab1 @TheJaggi What will be acilhieved out of it...and who is the loser out of such mocking @tapandas8973 @BhavikaKapoor5 Court of Conscience is on long Vacation @rajiv61818030 @gurdeepsappal @RubikaLiyaquat इस गलतफहमी में मत रहिये कि नही जानती आज मुश्किल ही तो यही है जो पहली… @gurdeepsappal @RubikaLiyaquat Pro_CAA is quite perplexing 1. People dont know their next door neighbor for years… @gurdeepsappal @ReallySwara @dirtigmanshu Very Very relevent point..Sir @Jethala07924902 @Snottyboy5 @gurdeepsappal @RubikaLiyaquat नही समझेगा
@VikramMotwane @amitjain002 Maybe Due to consumption of fafda, dhokla, khamman & jalebis 😀😀😀😀 @phaneendrab1 @TheJaggi No No now it is our National Passion...We will keep dicussing it till eternity @Mumbaichamulgaa @AnupamPKher किसी का सर खाली हो तो ये मत समझो कि वो भक्त है हो सकता है भक्त को समझाने में खाली कर आया हो 😀😀😀😀 @AmTrehan I still watch it... कहाँ गए वो दिन, वो लोग..Everything so simple, so pure, so honest. @satadru2010 @syedmohdmurtaza It applies both ways @dhume @tavleen_singh The rule is applicable only in a vibrant democracy. Not applicable when majority do not value the value of democracy @MyFellowIndians Really pitiable.We r passing thro' biggest challenges post independence/Partition & we find indust… @pbhushan1 The "Value" of anything is directly proportional to the "Value" accorded to it by the masses & it keeps… @VikramadityaSR1 @HalkutHateli @sonaliranade 😀😀😀😀 Add to it the vagaries of Global Warming which has completed alte… @satadru2010 @syedmohdmurtaza So which version of the story you will like to see again
@TheDeshBhakt @AnupamPKher अच्छे अच्छे चार्टर्ड accountants को भी पुरी तरह समज नही आया GST लेकिन अनुपम जी को ये exp… @VeeryaSorry But If I am not mistaking similar news had appeared few years ago @iSM2407 @NihaMasih @washingtonpost Also in US or other country you are not made to run from one office to another… @iSM2407 @NihaMasih @washingtonpost Agreed. But in US you dont have plethora of documents like PAN, AADHAAR, VOTER… @rupasubramanya Congress did not know how to use News or Convert the once boring topics like GDP growth rate, stati… @Javedakhtarjadu @ABornPatriot @likz84 @PresRajapaksa @GotabayaR @RW_UNP @UPGammanpila @devkara58334240 @Swamy39 @salonayyy That last punch line....ठीक है चले जाइयेगा देखने....Fantastic
@pochamaach @nixxin @UIDAI I am still perplexed reading the tweet of @UIDAI that even biometrics can be forged. I… @IndianOilcl @ChairmanIOCL @PetroleumMin @fpjindia A complaint covering entire details like Consumer Number, Mobile… @IndianOilcl @ChairmanIOCL @PetroleumMin @fpjindia Today at 6:15 PM & 7:11 PM shock 2 receive frm IOCMKT on my cell… @salonayyy Congratulations....100% Deserving @the_hindu I find the term "Human Rights" quite perplexing. First the powerful people/countries blatantly violate t… term "Human Rights" is quite perplexing. First the powerful people/countries blatantly violate them Then, the…
@UIDAI Could you please clarify how false biometrics can be submitted? @incognitospeaks @ShashiTharoor Then why the issue of Citizenship is being made a precondition for issue. Is residency proof not enough @IamPillai @makedelhi @ShashiTharoor Please get out of this myth and dont trust the system so religiously
@firstpost @MANJULtoons I think we should close all the Schools and Colleges and start teaching skilled jobs to boy… @AdityaMenon22 @PeaceForAll111 But it is clearly mentioned on the Aadhaar Card Letter that it is not a proof of Citizenship @VORdotcom Except a few left thinkers, a majority of leaders cutting across all parties have either openly or tacit… @BasuAshis By remaiming silent they are in fact they are legitimizing such anchors @BasuAshis I would say people who agree to partcipate in such so called Debates perhaps lack Self Respect, else the…
@abhaychawla13 Not is impossible...Maybe in coming years I may get the coveted post @chhatrala_mayur @pbhushan1 So where does colonialism come. She too has a valid visa. Had your reaction been same i… @ajay43 @rupagulab They violated the license conditions by defaulting on their obligations. Otherwise I dont think… @chhatrala_mayur @pbhushan1 You may call her shitty but what you will call the lacs and lacs of Indians who are enj… @republic @jvsk3 I think Bhagwatji is right. Ego issues which can lead to divorce do arise in cases where wife is m… @samjawed65 Oh...Such a violent News Anchor....He has lost his mind it seems @Cold_Peace_ Is this news? No this is road side quarrel.. Is he a journalist?
@Luv_Datta @ArvindKejriwal @Radhika_Khera @AkhterH007007 @INCDelhi @KilaFateh @KimHaokipINC @LavanyaBallal @fayedsouza But is it real or fake?Simply Hilarious.. What a God gifted personality @salonayyy is. Thank you for entertaining us. RUNOUT ON LOVE AAJKAL BIGGBOSS AND FILMAFARE AWARDS #FilmfareAwards2020 #HistoricWinnerSid #LoveAajkal
Retweeted by dilip shahani @salonayyy @bahetidevesh13 Aapne ab Twitter pe roz ek naye aadat banwa le hai Twitter login karte hi pehle aapki na… @DrKumarVishwas Insurance है न sir? @UtkarshSingh_ @AmTrehan @sudhirchaudhary @ChouhanShivraj शर्मिंदा!!!! और सुधीर...दोनो समानार्थी रेखाएं है @ghazalawahab @ABHIJIT_LS @atti_cus @POTUS And by Arnab and Sudhir @snapnchat Please accept this as new normal Gradually Rape/Gang Rape has been gradually Normalized in our country N… @Puneetvizh अब इन सब बातों और आश्चर्य व्यक्त करना छोड़ दो अब ये आम बातें हो गई है @taapsee @nidhiparmar Many Many Congratulations Madam...A well deserved award.
@SunilAh64145529 Wait Wait..A story blaming him may be getting cooked by Media @_YogendraYadav सरजी आप बार बार shocked मत हो जाइये @sardanarohit @aajtak प्यार वो करते है जिनकी तकदीर होती है जागीर होती है @IndurChhugani What about the differences in names, surnames, middle names across different documents /id proofs du… @angelboydom @KUGULET @ShekharGupta @kairvygrewal 😀😀😀😀 @AmTrehan बिल्कुल हमारे साथ भी प्रायः यही होता है कभी न आने वाले guest भी उसी दिन टपक पड़ते है Boss भी उसी दिन फ़ोन…
@MANJULtoons कुछ समय बाद देश में रेप इतना आम हो जाएगा कि रेप की घटना की खबरे newspaper के bylines में और वो भी inside pages में छपेंगी @sandeep_PT What if Congress decides not to contest the next General Election....Just an wild imagination @ksvijayabaskar These and Many Other Sicknesses are being systenatically and gradually being "Normalised" @THBengaluru @the_hindu It is entirely his mistake....We are a NEW INDIA now where Fish, Chicken, Meat and in comin… @ShekharGupta @kairvygrewal However the veracity of the news has to be ensured as nowadays we see increasing cases of Fake News reports @ShekharGupta @kairvygrewal It should not come as shock or surprise if perhaps highly educated & intellectuals may… @ShekharGupta @kairvygrewal Highly Shameful is all that I can say. Now in India we are daily setting new standards…