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@d00mlee anything with u bae @kumieho ily @CoochieHamy U SO FIIIIIIIIINEEEEEEEE @805l4 come here lemme hold u baby its okay i love you @syIv1a @webbslie @kiwiramune @Governor_Val my baby @syIv1a @webbslie @kiwiramune @Governor_Val LMAO.... @805l4 you having a lot of moments of weakness babe. @805l4 girl... @__kamisato BAHAHAHAHA?>???/ @805l4 same i been thinking about getting it @pupwiie do ur best for me my good girl @pupwiie u got this and u also look fine as hell @SKITZ0FRENIC_ @selsbbys @ssvula oh @SKITZ0FRENIC_ @selsbbys @ssvula yea ur telling me @selsbbys @SKITZ0FRENIC_ @ssvula for real @gengarluver yum @caweenies same @rizulol hi sexy @buhblies LMAO @strawbettimilk ur so gorgeous @222GenTle HAPPY BDAY I HOPE U HAD A GOOD ONE GORGEOUS @shaliyum shes so sexy fr
@SKITZ0FRENIC_ @ssvula ah @babysopii WHY DIDNT U COME OVER. @tadeshabi during esex? they stay on babe. @tadeshabi put ur titties in my mouthglasses on or glasses off? (during gaming ofc)
Retweeted by dill @babysopii ur a man lover of DOOM @buhblies need u BAD BAD @ssvula WTF AM I @memowbb yes right now and every second and every day @kazufIwr when are we gonna get married n live happily ever after @emahwie are you gonna hop on ur alt disc to anime and chill w me?u look lonely, I can fix that
Retweeted by dill @gengarluver BAHAHAHAHA @memowbb ur so perfect babe @soizanami yes it always works. i just love you what can i say. @soizanami u dont even reply to me or love me now ur tryna win me back with pics? 🙄 @edendeeznuts114 think its more like wannabe joker @SilkyFabric so ur not cheating on me? >_< @KITTENL0VER21 GIRL AUSHDGUIASHDG @ROTTENEGIRL i be telling everyone don't trust anyone you can be in 3+ diff calls at once but nobody believes me 🙄 @bunnyberrry i used to feel bad and stay every time but nobody ever stayed for me so i was just like yknow what it doesnt matter that much @Elyuwu_ oh.... 😭😭😭 @ophi777 AAAA @bunnyberrry I DO AS WELL BUT I JUST BE LEAVINNNNN N SHIT WHEN I WANNA TALK TO SOMEONE U FEEL BAE @pupwiie me always @bunnyberrry i mean its nice when you do it the first bunch of times but 😭 i just be leaving @gengarluver @rizulol @edendeeznuts114 in my mouth @ophi777 can you feed me @edendeeznuts114 @rizulol @gengarluver u stfu @rizulol @gengarluver @edendeeznuts114 skye said she listens to mommy dill @bunnyberrry YEA BUT WHY DONT THEY JUST LEAVE THE CALL 😭😭😭 @gengarluver @rizulol @edendeeznuts114 yeah you're my good puppy @ophi777 so ur not cheating on me @Mitsuha__Chan you LOST your mic? @KITTENL0VER21 what do they come in handy for 😳 @bvnnichi so ur not cheating on me? @lolambie IM SAYING @_katgirl GIRLLLLL 😭 @_Shiklin_ YEAH. ALL THESE MFS ARE JUST SLEEPING ON MIC ? WHY DONT THEY JUST LEAVE @ROTTENEGIRL FOUR ? @rizulol SWEAR LIKE 10 DIFF GIRLS I KNOW JUST HAVE ALT DISCORD ACCOUNTSwhy does like every girl i know have an alt discord account 🤨 @rizulol @edendeeznuts114 @gengarluver nobody listens to mommy dill @craibani in love with you @edendeeznuts114 @gengarluver he always said shit like this to girls its so weird man @__kamisato we should be come here rn babe @emahwie real @__kamisato AM I NOT? @__kamisato wish i was her 😵‍💫 @syIv1a @milkteaboards ur on thin ice @rizulol not the man lover of doom @suhniiee @emahwie no bc u are.. @suhniiee girl ur so finehi gamers i’m back just to say it’s my birthday 🥳💗
Retweeted by dill @lilibwun i love u @milkteaboards definitely blocked @syIv1a @milkteaboards 🤨
anime gf
Retweeted by dillI’m on top of things, would you like to be one?
Retweeted by dill @wyruei give me a chance @britvalorant PLS I NEED U @joybwitt i'm stealing you. mine now @SilkyFabric I LOVE U MORE MY PRETTY KITTY @tomodachiix LETS GET MARRIED ASAP @bbybni ily @SilkyFabric my lil kitten @gIizzyeater i love you so much @memowbb @hypocrtt LITERALLY WHEN UR DONE EXAMS @memowbb @zefiyy @hypocrtt for real @pupwiie do you want more @pupwiie hm @vampwi esex whenanime n chill?
Retweeted by dill @emahwie DONT CRY LEMME KISS IT BETTER @emahwie ITS CUTE PLSSSSSdo u like sanrio, gamer ? ♡
Retweeted by dill @emahwie i like you can we kiss already @emahwie ITS CUUUUUUUTE 😭😭