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Raiden simp account. I reverse engineer. If you hear that I said something but you don't see it here on this account, then I didn't say it.

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@SsukunaaA Too many changes to keep track off. Isekai doko.[2.1 Beta] Raiden Shogun ascension stat Changed from Electro DMG Bonus to Energy Recharge on the latest update. Th…
This is C6 (she unleashes a crowfeather at C2) which is why she drops a crowfeather right at the start, for the peo… @MohamedWalid54 It's a hard thing to time due to a few factors like animation and transitioning between screens (ov… @MohamedWalid54 This was also tested while attacking an enemy and the duration indeed looked like 6s, at around 9s…
Retweeted by Raidenbreath @MohamedWalid54 This was also tested while attacking an enemy and the duration indeed looked like 6s, at around 9s… the record it can be either 6s or 10s, only miHoYo knows, the video kind of makes it look like 6s but that cou… the people that want more context:[2.1 Beta] Sara's Tengu Stormcall Her ATK Bonus Duration was always 6s instead of 10s however the English (and als… for the resolve stack bonus, it's something that was just added so it'll be a bit until we know what it actually means. @SsukunaaA These are the values prior to this patch.[2.1 - Beta] Raiden Shogun's Secret Art: Musou Shinsetsu Her burst skill had slight modifier changes: * Musou no… of Propriety: When the Musou Isshin state applied by Secret Art: Musou Shinsetsu expires, all nearby party m… a reminder: Steelbreaker: While in the Musou Isshin state applied by Secret Art: Musou Shinsetsu, the Raiden Sh…[2.1 - Beta] Raiden Shogun's Constellations The order of constellations were changed, now her second constellation… wallet lost... And so did I.[2.1 Beta] Raiden Shogun Gacha Splash Transparent version:
[2.1 - Animations] Raiden Shogun Character Page Streamable:
[2.1 - Animations] Sangonomiya Kokomi Character Page Streamable:
[2.1 - Animations] Kujou Sara Character Page Streamable:
@ossoklose @AeEntropy They should be there.Hyakunin Ikki: Form 6 tag teams to fight in a 3-difficulty, 6-stage challenge event. Each team can have up to 2 cha…
Retweeted by Raidenbreath[2.1 - Beta] Raiden Shogun Animations Streamable link:
Retweeted by Raidenbreath @23kukulcan No. It uses a placeholder right now in the game.We've recently added character idles, special sprints, normal attacks, elemental skills and burst animations to Hon…
[2.1 - Beta] Sangonomiya Kokimi Animations Forgot to show water walking animations. Streamable link:… @Rottengrimoire1 Hello Dimbreath here pls delete this.(Nobody saw that tweet it's the lack of sleep.)This is just a reupload with her using her proper weapon because she deserves perfect footage. (Also includes charg…[2.1 Animations] Sangonomiya Kokomi Streamable link: @lumie_lumie Takes a few attempts to get the AA working sometimes it breaks. Good game.[2.1 - Beta] Kujou Sara Animations Auto-Attacks are currently broken, so they cannot be shown here. Streamable li…
Retweeted by RaidenbreathThe next posts are scheduled, should launch in a few hours. 👍 @lumie_lumie He'll probably appear in some kind of cutscene or anything of the sorts.I chose the wrong Polearm for her oh god no... The hype...I love Raiden so much... omg.[2.1 - Beta] Raiden Constellations[2.1 - Beta] Raiden Shogun Animations Streamable link:[2.1 - Beta] Raiden Skills This is subject to change. a sneak peek. Sorry I couldn't hold on. is based off a filename, so it could be wrong.Based on the name of the new video cutscenes, one labeled under "InazumaEnding," that the end could probably be on this patch.
@GenshinReport Not me I'm already bad in the head. @abc64real Big F. Take care man. :(
@Yukikami_Kris Oh god...
Retweeted by Raidenbreath"Were it not for Her Excellency, not a single one of Watatsumi Island's victories would have been possible." — Goro…
Retweeted by Raidenbreath#SangonomiyaKokomi ‧ Pearl of Wisdom Hibernating Homebody Strategist The Divine Priestess and supreme leader of W…
Retweeted by Raidenbreath"I must admit, #KujouSara is an opponent that cannot be taken lightly. " — Sangonomiya Kokomi ◆ Kujou Sara ‧ Crowf…
Retweeted by Raidenbreath#KujouSara ‧ Crowfeather Kaburaya General of the Tenryou Commission Leader of the Tenryou Commission's forces. B…
Retweeted by Raidenbreath#RaidenShogun ‧ Plane of Euthymia Her Eternal Excellency The undisputed supreme ruler of Inazuma. Her Excellency,…
Retweeted by Raidenbreath"Her Excellency seeks to rid herself of the mundane delusions of the world, but only in an attempt to overcome the…
Retweeted by Raidenbreath"Everything I do is in the service of life, not death. That's why I'm here with you." #Aloy Savior From Another Wo…
Retweeted by RaidenbreathWell well... @Genshin_Intel Who is under the *mask*? Haha...
A bit late but hope you all enjoy / are enjoying Inazuma.
@s_eleil @budn3kkid The issue that lies here is that people think all I do is leak when it's really not the truth, at all, far from it.
Sayu: Muji-Muji Daruma Namecard style. It is even smaller than Sayu, sure, but it can help her do the things she d…
Retweeted by RaidenbreathYoimiya: Auratus Spark Even momentarily sparks can leave beautiful, unquenchable flames in the hearts of those who…
Retweeted by Raidenbreath @And92469302 Not precisely. It's impossible to check the videos right now but they might be optimized. Sadly until… this was a mistake of mine and not something "new." I have no way to verify until the actual patch is up…
They are lower in size compared to the PC version ones so they're most likely optimized for the devices (and they c… no, they won't be posted.)Starting for this patch, there has been addition to what seems to be Android versions of cutscenes/movies which are…[Kamisato Ayaka: Folding Fan] Namecard style. Ayaka does constantly change out the fans she carries with her, of…
@RatedKatzchen Let me know how it goes if you do it👀 @RatedKatzchen Like a few years ago? That looked great pat @SsukunaaA Devastated. I love all the speculation about her weapon tbh. No matter what she ends up as, it brings di… @yuutsv It's not known what she is. The issue with the speculation of being a Polearm could be another Albedo case.… something was off.Was removed. For now we'll have to wait until she releases to be fully certain of what weapon she uses. @Uncaught_Hoe @SsukunaaA Nothing was datamined. All we did was provide an update based off their OFFICIAL server. I… @SsukunaaA We got pranked.Sussy moderators removed the character's information and made the channel hidden 🤨
Retweeted by RaidenbreathI wouldn't consider this as final or confirmation either. (Why are they naming her Baal when they always used Raide… @magnovoxxx It's just Kazuha quote about her.(The hidden stuff is some lore spoilers.)Genshin Impact and the mystery of Raiden weapon. (This is a reference to the updated character sheet in official D…
For the people asking about stuff: Yes, Gorou, Yae also have some data but less than the aforementioned characters.… @OtakuMavie I went with the name I saw on the files, my brain gave up and will always consider him Tohma.Most are on the same situation as when this was made except for: Tohma (and ignoring 2.0 ones) and the addition of…
Since people that has been asking about what the bot does: It provides official game news feeds (being pinged for n… @SsukunaaA If the change isn't as big as Yoimiya's E then it won't really matter that much either way.Sayu's comparison - Yoimiya's comparison - There seems to be no v…
Retweeted by RaidenbreathI want to thank everyone who's been using my Discord bot: Ganyu. Today it made it past 40,000 discord servers. It's…
@RatedKatzchen Fufufu
@RatedKatzchen hola katz
The skill has the same duration, but the gate moves a tad bit slower here below you can see it on the frame prior t… @valen11tino It's a bit hard to spot but if you look closely, the first one is a tad bit faster (it also means that…[2.0 - Ayaka's Kamisato Art: Soumetsu] This is one of the mentioned, visible changes to her burst, now being a bit…
This change is also only reflected on the Chinese localization of the game at the moment.[2.0 - Ayaka's Sousai Sumizome Sakura] First constellation now includes charged attacks. When Kamisato Ayaka's no…
The effect is denoted by the following animation:
Retweeted by RaidenbreathThe effect is denoted by the following animation: view it here:[2.0 - Katsuragi's Slasher] Weapon ascension material changed from: * Dismal Prism => Chaos Gear * Crystal Prism… 10:
Retweeted by RaidenbreathLevel 10: