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@ChillStableGuy Rip to a legend we miss you Kurt
Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥when nirvana said "work sucks, i know" i felt that
Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥 @cora__rosinante 🥺💞stop pls ilysm babe @BbabYyGhouL 🥺🥺💞💞💞
Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥HEAR ME OUT BRUNO IN THIS THANKS 😩
Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥ft. my big ass nose to kali uchis
Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥Absolutely stunning
Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥ISKDKMDKD I WISHED THAT KALI UCHIS AND DON TOLIVER MADE A SOMG TOGETHER AND IT HAPPENENDNSNMSD WTFAFFFRoaches always pop up when I got company over like go to ur room! I’m tryna get pegged 😭🤦🏽‍♂️
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@deltafloppa @DioActual it’s disgusting. @RequiemHenry LETS GOOO pls show us when you get some 🥺2/2 when you look up the account, an account with a pink layout pops up click their account and click the @ on their pinned to reporthi sorry I saw this on insta and thought I would share, please report any minors in nsfwtwt bc it promotes pedophil… likes is always a banger
Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥I need :( @Mooniates UR TALLER THAN ME 😭😭😭😭 MANdeath note but a shared google doc
Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥look at her eyes, he’s taking her soul
Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥 @RequiemHenry I LOVE YOU SM PLS HAVE. A GRAET DAY KING YOU DESERVE ITnew favorite genre of pictures
Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥I LOVE YOU HENRY and thank you so so so much for everything you’ve done for me and for being a great friend, have a… SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THIS KING RIGHT HERE 😩🥳❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ yeah it’s my birthday 🐉
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why is Cora always talking about farts 😟In honor of Tyler dropping June 25 😩 #NewProfilePic @BlasterIsVibing I agree you can’t go wrong with some nice boobies 😩 @cora__rosinante its sickening to think that people over-sexualize women and them just being them. They don’t contr… say I love tiddies but deep down I’m an ass lover :/CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST: JUNE 25TH
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Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥if u suffer from emetophobia or are triggered by sexual violence in films or many other triggers there’s a website…
Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥Manifesting part 9 with twin jojos and a female villain
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jojos really got the best woman in all of anime 🤤
Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥Everybody always says I look like Jungkook.
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@TRIGGAHAPPYHOE congrats 🥺💞 @VintageManga mommy
goo goo gaga
Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥#2021年自分が選ぶ今年上半期の4枚
Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥jojo banger jojo banger of my favorite people in the world, I may not be active but I love u goofy ty for everything 🥺🦎 fucking love big tiddies
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nicole watterson from the amazing world of gumball could beat goku!
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Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥i want this…
Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥 @KnownHalo COOKIES LETS GOOO I still want one 🥺 @dimplefuxmilfs cause you know I gotta let you know But cookies in summer. Lovely to eat, hard to cook cause heat
Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥 @urlocaldad__ YES BESTIEAdd me 🥺 @luwumiii QUUEEEN YESi dyed my hair red am i hot now😩
Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥 @BxbyyGeee As a gemini who loves sags, I’m here for you 😟🤲 @RequiemHenry one of the best signs be having it bad 😞which zodiac sign has the worst mental breakdowns?
@RequiemHenry BANGER @LOL_BOSS_BOY6 ‼️‼️🥖Pussy so good I shed a tear @Hentaihoemi One year wow 🥺 @Mooniates MOJO BANGERGolden Oreos are superior
Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥Damn y’all ONE YEAR???
These are the BEST cookies ever
Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥Long distance sucks asss :/If you are a cis het who is obsessed with Yoai/yuri dni ☹️
Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥 @RequiemHenry I THOUGHT YOU WERE LIKE 22 LSMAOAO @RequiemHenry UR GONNA BE 24!? @BlasterIsVibing BANGER @BlasterIsVibing WWWW @BlasterIsVibing GET THAT SHIT BLASTER GOGOGOGOMfer playing Minecraft everyday but won't hit the gym and run on the treadmill, he worried about the wrong speed ru…
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how i want to dress vs how i actually dress
Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥the dress code for my funeral is the absolute most sluttiest outfit you can think of
Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥Wtf did dream do this timetalking about mexican issues again.. 🧵 [ stereotypes , femicides , etc]
Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥 @CEOofRokuro Very stinky @RequiemHenry 👩🏻‍🦯👩🏻‍🦯👩🏻‍🦯Fart Squad <3 baka 😜😜😜🥳🥳🥸🥸🥸🥶🥶😭😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫He left and I can’t stop crying :( @RequiemHenry NEW HENRY LAYOUT LETS GOOOO
Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥city drops 🏙’s not me
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Some of yall need to understand that theres a difference between nudity and sexualization lol
Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥 @AY0YAHIIK0 IM THERE WWWWOOOOOme ○ く|)へ 〉 People who dislike farting  ̄ ̄┗┓ ┗┓ ヾ○シ ┗┓…
Retweeted by ❤️‍🔥deedeedimps❤️‍🔥 @cora__rosinante It’s decent 😭 I didn’t really like it tbh