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Megan "Moss" Lawton | Story Artist + Dracula | available for work | pitchin and bitchin | prev: CN, Flying Bark, DTVA, DWTV, Nick, WAG

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hhmmmHMHMMMMM.. hm.Why are we having a heatwave in January I hate this @Shnikkles big water @KerinCunningham I'll meet you in the middle: blursed @KerinCunningham cursed to hear this song every time I look up at the moon @my2k good boots seem to be one of the things you go with a trusted brand @my2k I dont have experience with that brand, but I used to get knock off doc martens that would fall apart in a ye… @emilyyyhu I love his big gulp @atadbookish it's already available in my shop! I'm just debating lowering the price for the digital copy and posti… @amonns when utica showed up I knew I would either love her or loath her, happy to report she's wonderful[YELLS]
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@gialigammari you showed me this before, but it's still a wild ride from start to manga pilot DUCKY is now available to download on gumroad!! ✨🦆✨
Retweeted by Moss (Lookin 4 Work 👀) @Drew_Rausch his rent contribution for the month @littleblackchat oh my goddd @littleblackchat aaahh I love seeing Vincent clonesThis handsome gentleman ate a spider in the kitchen @neilaglet YES! @occultclassic I dont knowit's two years old, I'll still sell physical copies at cons and keep a complete digital version on gumroad... @nervanaofficial I already do!what if I just posted my 30 page Hellaween comic to twitterBroadway needs me.
Retweeted by Moss (Lookin 4 Work 👀)Anybody happen to know of any programs/apps that let you use your ipad as a "cintiq" for your PC AND specifically w…
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@tangvampire a model @rattusRose a beautiful lady @tsulala kazu is so cute!! @occultclassic where would we be without Kamina @shanhorandraws AHHHH @kianamaiart THANK YOU FRIEND, incredible timing too, I just hit send @SamanthaCKing thanks!! I just hit send aaaaaahhhh!!! @IncrediMatt AH then you may be right @IncrediMatt mewtwo was grown in a lab experiment, I think mew is closer to cryptid @LaserSinger I've done some scary scenes but some day I'd love to do some real horror movie stuff @38___sr you're so strong!!! @TheFantasticIan @miwwiew @kianamaiart and? @nthonyholden THANK YOU ANTHONY!! @miwwiew @kianamaiart is ian kappa mikey kin? @kianamaiart I never watched this show but I'm pretty sure thats Ian @etherforth thanks dude!! @MagicBunnyArt @violainebriat this is precious @x_Wolfsteak_x (•_•)/ <) ) / \ @CountZachulaaa @LaserSinger thanks!sending off some pitches tomorrow (ノ◕~◕)ノ*:・゚✧. @nthonyholden I talked to their story students last semester! they got some good eggs in there @alliartist if he thinks I'm paying for art school after this he better thing againIm fine thankfully, but I looked behind the couch and my cat leapt up and punched me straight in the eyeball. @shanhorandraws a 1-hit K.O. @shanhorandraws have you considered opening with "hello everypony" or "buckle up homestucks" @tenaciousbee congrats dude!!!!
@TannerTrue I hope overtime it helps general park passes go down too @PedestrianWolf hmm!! good to know, thank you @essrose yeah I think looking into kickstarter or patreon would be the move if I did something myself, total control sounds nice. @genegoldstein AAAAUUUGHHHHHH big maybeStarting a proper webcomic or doing a full pilot animatic are well within my range of capabilities, but boy do I ha… comic I drew two years ago was supposed to function as a "pilot" or a proof of concept, and it has I've been ab… itch to just say fuck it and start making Hellaween on my own dime grows stronger... @prinxeMu every time I touch up my hair dye: "you gotta have blue hair" @TheCelticTampon @nannaisdrawing @drunkenfix @BotbCartoon @junkmixart Absolutely 👏👏 @lorovis it sounds like it!!love waking up to cold hot fresh indie animation news @PuccaNoodles YEAHHH @TheCelticTampon @drunkenfix @BotbCartoon @junkmixart hahah thank you guys, nice to meet you allissoon! @BotbCartoon @TheCelticTampon @drunkenfix @junkmixart (I'll be watching regardless lol) @BotbCartoon @TheCelticTampon @drunkenfix @junkmixart DAMNN if ya'll ever need board artist in the future, this art… @genegoldstein @BotbCartoon Seconding this for gene!!! @BotbCartoon @TheCelticTampon @drunkenfix @junkmixart THIS LOOKS COOL!!! I love this art style! @BotbCartoon @jimmyurine @drunkenfix @TheCelticTampon @genegoldstein um????I will also take an Actual Miss Piggy late night talk/variety show @shanhorandraws The cool tapes wall was my fac*book header for like six years🤞Muppets Great Gatsby Muppets Great Gatsby Muppets Great Gatsby 🤞 @ClaudiaVice @Spiderkib wonderful @genegoldstein anything for you gene @idealbraintonic BEAUTIFUL @Spiderkib thats so good, I signed up for an ecard but I wont be able to get a physical one until after *gestures to everything* @Shnikkles @sofiaealexander YEAAHHH @genegoldstein Im gonna give you a noogie and shove your brain in a locker @Shnikkles ashnikko's already on it @sasha_schotzko I love that @fsdavis2 omg this is great @genegoldstein gene thats very cool, and you're a giant dingdong people like your work for a reason @38___sr wowowow! @kianamaiart big time internet status @Miss_Jasbutts this is the vibemaybe I'll get a library card @fillKee and I have no problem with people who board like this either, but when you talk like its the "the only way" go outside! @fillKee THERE WAS A GUY AT PIXAR WHO TALKED LIKE THIS TOO. Sometimes people need to thumbnail its fine!!!LOOKING FOR WORK! -Story or Directing- Past: Invader ZIM: Enter the Florpus, Monsters at Work and Trollhunters: R…
Retweeted by Moss (Lookin 4 Work 👀) @ShooterAries I definitely have more planned! I'm just not sure what or when exactly that will be @ShooterAries thank you! I always love hearing that people enjoy Hellaween @ShooterAries the short answer is good and yes!since I've had quite a few people ask aside from the zim comics before breaking in and some character development… @kermitincognito the lumptrain @PuccaNoodles disney infinity has some of the best sculpts of any disney and marvel toy I swear
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Retweeted by Moss (Lookin 4 Work 👀) @alliartist Oooh they’re shiny!! I always wondered why you didn’t have some dark red docs. Prophecy fulfilled. @YingjueChen I cant wait to see how this turned out