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Story Artist + Dracula (current: DTVA | past: Invader ZIM Shippuden, Nick, Dreamworks TV, Warner Animation Feature)

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@rattusRose straight up tho, phoebe had fleas the other day @puppsicle @Krooked_Glasses AND I APPROVE OF IT. @puppsicle @Krooked_Glasses A! he got a big ol tongueIf storyboard pro crashes at the end of Friday that means you're done working.
@shoomlah Violet Baudelaire or Count Olaf @jakewyattriot looollll @jakewyattriot why does everyone hate sokka @MagicBunnyArt The Cheat @alliartist 🌈💸 @lordbilingual GonzoLook at my dog @kilFee I watch Muppet Treasure Island AT LEAST six times a year. @kilFee Muppet Treasure Island The Muppet Movie The Muppets What We Do in the Shadows A Series of Unfortunate EventsHEY BOMB SQUAD!!! Our Kickstarter is ending at 10:52 am tomorrow, so now’s your last chance to help support our upc…
Retweeted by My CheMEGal Romance @kilFee @reverie_struck TORY THATS AWESOME @artofserenawu welcome to margaritaville baby @swamptomb thank you @CountZachulaaa Audrey IIblending in with the residents #ACNH @tonikopantoja @paramore love this!!! @kritterart HOMESTAR!!!!!
LESS THAN TWO DAYS LEFT FOR OUR KICKSTARTER!!! Thank you for everyone who’s supported us so far! For anyone else on…
Retweeted by My CheMEGal Romance @IncrediMatt yeah @erictrueheart @OniPress @JhonenV @essrose @rikkisimons hell yeahTELL YOUR ENEMIES! My "Medium-Sized Book of ZIM Scripts vol. 1" is full of scripts and behind-the-scenes ZIM tales!…
Retweeted by My CheMEGal Romance @amonns HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAREST JOSH @Lythero sorry dude @kaseywllms Stitches is so cute @essrose @banannerbread @FredCStresing anime goop @banannerbread Dib @sktchmstrskllz good.I never want to know who any youtubers are. Unless they're part of the BA test kitchen, they're not valid.
@nekosd43 Firealpaca is another free alternative. If he can spring it, Clipstudio is a one time payment for 50$ for… @nekosd43 is he looking for an alternative for free/less money than photoshop? @EricaHayes87 TAMMY. @nthonyholden @jakewyattriot Yeah thanks for fixing itThis week on #PreciousRascals We Embrace an Uncertain Future In these turbulent modern times, I have decided it's…
Retweeted by My CheMEGal RomanceAfter years of watching me struggle to finish Necropolis, @nthonyholden has finally stepped in and wrapped up the s…
Retweeted by My CheMEGal Romance @jakewyattriot @nthonyholden Necropolis is a good comic @kritterart homestar runner @raegeii I'll mail um @artofserenawu congrats on your boy
@Gingerhazing Just Bear! @raegeii yo did the items I give you save for you, they're stil in my inventoryhmmmmm everybody working from home is something alright. @faith_schaffer OOHH @faith_schaffer PRETTY I want all the blue flowers @banannerbread huge mood @Gaiazelle @Nifflehime IM SO JEALOUS OF THE HAT @mooncitygames @ChocolateMisuu YOU GOT IT CHEIF @ChocolateMisuu THE BOY HIMSELF. @_AshKs @JaredMorgan @reliablecomics blease @vicehii WOWZERS @banannerbread yeah as long as youre not on the first you should be good, I wound up crafting like 30 baits...and t… @acnhgrace pretty sure yes @banannerbread are you on the second or third tier of your island? @heyshanmurphy makes senseTurning to our elected officials for wisdom during these dark times
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@amonns A woman of culture @Trash2King which is wild when you can legally change your marker to X on your state ID and drivers license in CAi was rummaging thru old files and found some comps for illustrations i was working on...this was way back when i w…
Retweeted by My CheMEGal Romance @Krooked_Glasses pour one out for a homie @alliartist see it's not impossible! @hackedmotionart Squirrel!Tasha when you move in I’m getting you a leather jacket so we can match. #acnh @FromHappyRock someone from Invader ZIM @alliartist ahh you did it! @Trash2King mm, yeah muting the tweet does a lot for my sanity but sometimes the slugs do slip through. @Trash2King you mute the tweet yet? @gialigammari these are sick @jakewyattriot yeah @alliartist mine too! @Gaiazelle you get stars on your own beach next day! @occultclassic SaharaCursed Zimage #444444
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@CountZachulaaa I just messed with it until I got something that didn't look stupid. I tried to do eye bags too, but it never looked right. @RubberNinja Is that static? I love his design @TheFantasticIan thanks!BOGHOLLOW FLAG #ACNH @phantasmarky pee pee @jetgreguar very good!!!!tom nook invite someone cool to my island challenge @prinxeMu Bless you Rebecca Sugar. @prinxeMu wHAT @Nafleky im gonna take off but this was really cool!!! @Nafleky im coming @alliartist woops @phantasmarky MAYBE. @phantasmarky thank you @phantasmarky WHAT IS THIS GIVE ME MOREI screamed the whole time. #ACNH @potatofarmgirl river's too wide, money island maybe? @alliartist you got this @Shnikkles very very good @ClaudiaVice added @KingOfSafari frozen veggies! They keep longer and I can throw them into anything. Personal favorite easy meals are… @TheFantasticIan It's a webcomic but @kcgreenn's Back is always at the top of my list for recs Some other's I've l… @TheFantasticIan I'll definitely consider the Shonen Jump app for my ipad when I get through more of my own library…
@TheFantasticIan I haven't! But I did read a lot of DBZ when I was getting Shonen Jump in the mail as a small weeband to make some kind of dent in my ever growing to-read pile