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Megan Lawton | Story Artist + Dracula (Invader ZIM, Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans, Monsters at Work, LEGO 2, etc) LOOKING FOR WORK! |

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@bethpecora AHHHH @alizabees It’s so good!! @infiernadraguar Amazon, but this tweet was from a few days ago. I ended up getting it day after.I just read this in one go, Beetle and the Hollowbones by @alizabees was such a fun story of magic and mallrats. I…
@JennerallyJenn @nate_maurer @OldLadyBoats @chapaghettii @raebits @rattusRose @miikesobi @GreyAnnis whoaaa I love t… @alexabosy big fan of a gallery wall that says everything about the person who put it together @violainebriat ahaha I can't wait! @gialigammari pour one outThinking about the MCR reunion tour and what could have been. The audacity of me to think I was going to have nice things this year. @futarinoshoutai @TheFantasticIan why does this remind me of the grubby puppet @rottenbananner NO. @rattusRose SHE BIG @krittastrophy UUGGHH exhausting. Fully agree with that sentiment. I love cartoons, but there's days I'd much rathe… @krittastrophy what a baffling and limiting take. we all want adult animation so we can EXPAND. @krittastrophy lmao yeah I want blood, guts and horror too thanks @DanaTerrace Congrats Dana!yo for lightbox online is there anything you guys would want to see from me? Art stream? Twitter QnA? @iyashichannel_ @alliartist @spidermilk3 has good new bugs every week. Locally I've gotten things from Gold Bug in Pasa… @MollyOstertag @SpencerWan OH IS THAT THIS EPISODE? I gotta watch @kilFee thanks!!!YES!!! Looks like I can finally say— this is what I was working on at Dreamworks last year! If you’re a Trollhunter…
Retweeted by My CheMEGal RomanceGood news it’s cat time
Retweeted by My CheMEGal Romance @violainebriat @genegoldstein Demons with jobs @OffBrandLink oooooh that good shonen protagonist energy @Spiderkib welcome @prinxeMu he's truly my familiarGood news it’s cat time @alliartist formerly rowdy, now tired teacher to the youththe only perfect shot in film history
Retweeted by My CheMEGal Romance @rattusRose not a single edge on this one @rattusRose how is he so smooth @kianamaiart thank youuu
@LightBoxExpo @FromHappyRock @Sunmininn ✨💪 @zakeno very very very good @kianamaiart my personal art received a WILD amount of praise on twitter dot com which I didn't know was allowed, a… @TheFantasticIan I hope you take him to the shiny legendary pokemon park a few times a week @TheFantasticIan some legendary shiny pokemon require much more physical activity than others, you should have chos… @tenaciousbee you getting Luke and me getting Han makes a lot of sense.let me pitch an animated series to A24 send tweetA24 making bold moves investing in female lead animation and I'm here for it. More niche projects by marginalized voices LETS GOOOOO!!! @SamanthaCKing I'll drink to that @occultclassic @Spiderkib just two Fox Mulders, not a Scully in sight. @BiancaSiercke I can't wait for everyone to see this!!! @occultclassic @Spiderkib Im not surprised we have a bunch in common @rowdydemon SAME @Radrappy damn!!! what a move!YES!!! Looks like I can finally say— this is what I was working on at Dreamworks last year! If you’re a Trollhunter… @colorpulp wow to both sides @ClaudiaVice @Spiderkib I dont know who she is either @ClaudiaVice @Spiderkib he's in tophs way @ClaudiaVice @Spiderkib I got the ranged melee one for Buzz Lightyear @itscalramsey eat books @genegoldstein I see it @Spiderkib that makes sense to me @DogMomTherapist thank you! @Spiderkib who is bronn gameofthrones @evantickles @Spiderkib I said he was itallian because he talks with his hands @Spiderkib it asked me if I wanted to answer additional questions and this was the first one @Spiderkib Im trying to do this quiz but what does this mean?????? Eilish ska cover hello???? @occultclassic the strongest boy in the world @SteveYurko I THOUGHT I WAS SEEING THINGS.does the kid who plays 5 know he's carrying the whole show @bignosebug WAAHHHH @breebird33 this is true! considering per-person ticket prices it is cheaper for a family than for a smaller household.
@breebird33 Sorry if this seemed like derailing from your original point, I do agree that more films going straight… @breebird33 That’s a liiiittle better. I’m still not into the idea of multiple pay walls to watch a movie. I can bu… @alliartist Aw man that sounds really good, everyone paddle six feet apart from each other @heyshanmurphy YeahI hope all these new followers are here for animal crossing posts and pictures of my cat, and not for more art. @Nafleky I bought a pair of these but it was for a Star Lord cosplay and I Did Not Use them as headphones. @amonns OH??? @amonns Hell yeah dude @breebird33 My issue is Mulan is ONLY on D+ though, so families/people who aren't subscribers won't be able to see… @DogMomTherapist Hmmm if they're 11 or 12 they should be fine? There's some cartoony blood and mild cursing. @_AshKs powers that be, we demand the goods! @genegoldstein THANKS FRIEND. @ShannonTindle_1 Onyx Equinox by Sofia Alexandra Deadendia by Hamish SteelePutting out a positive reminder, all those animated pitches you’re dreaming of, they don’t have to be animated. Ple…
Retweeted by My CheMEGal Romance @nthonyholden TRUE!!!Pretty overwhelmed by the positive response to my Hellaween post. If you'd like to see more, check out my short com… could have been Lazer Friendship✨✨✨
Retweeted by My CheMEGal Romance @sofiaealexander Likewise I CANT WAIT for onyx equinox. @nthonyholden Rip to what we could have had @twelfthst YEAAHHH @yesmaaike MAAIKEEEE @RufustheBat friendships only. @thelfr @rattusRose rats rats rats! @vicehii i would love to have you @artofserenawu That’s what I waaaaaannntI guess now is as good a time as any... I'm starting a new animated webcomic on August 24th! It's called ROBOBO an…
Retweeted by My CheMEGal Romance @genegoldstein you got this @genegoldstein GENE!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE DOING IT!!! @junkmixart WHOA THIS IS COOL your stuff looks rad!Anyways thank you for liking my characters. I hope someday I get to share everything beyond and even more than tha… @vaughnpinpin Things are clearly changing now, but with cable episodic comedies are a lot easier to show reruns of.
@DJGalligarArt thank you dan!!adding since this got a lot more attention than I thought: if you're posting your concepts, it's important you don'… @potatofarmgirl this is what I've been doing! and its a good reminder