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a comic about depressed dinosaurs who find hope in each other

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Retweeted by dinosaurThanks @dinoman_j for the excellent shirt! Help us psychologists spread the message by offering it to grad student…
Retweeted by dinosauralternative ending @desukidesu hi junoI'll keep this sale going over the weekend Tales! # 71 - King of the Seals
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Retweeted by dinosaur or dare
Retweeted by dinosaur @jetztgleichbald yeah but the sleeping one is red not pink @jetztgleichbald the sleeping ones are red and blue. Tbh I don't deliberately gender any of my dinos, I just pick r… ten percent applies to everything, plenty of options for singles too: month until valentine's day, 10% off:
Retweeted by dinosaur @_psyguy yep @AceLiSonGAMES @deadlyknitshade
2021 trip
Retweeted by dinosaurMy wall now has a @dinoman_j print and all is right with the world for a minute. 🦕🦖💙
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yes yours doesn't have an apostrophe, but am i wrong, or is grammar wrong? @simptanamfc doing alright thank you :) @TheObscureGents this is beautiful ❤️In this final comic of the Obscure Gentlemen I ask my brother a question and thank you all for all of the great mem…
Retweeted by dinosaurI know you're thinking "I love the comics and the merch seems cool, but is it fashionable?" and in response I prese… @bizcochuelada damn yeah I should of made that comic“She put me in the friendzone” wrong she also does not want to be your friend
Retweeted by dinosaura new design and 10% off everything for 24 hours because there is a new design: @thatsgr8_siko @SAMOYEDCORE A dinosaur with a pet dinosaur would be pretty weird @SAMOYEDCORE
Retweeted by dinosaur @zoejoyport lol I hate the mindfulness stuff too (I mean I don't actually hate it I just hate it as a solution to m…
Retweeted by dinosaur @crocodilethumbs we really thought you were our friend, you sure showed us @rudy_betrayed you lost 65,400 followerssomething horrible coming this way
Retweeted by dinosaurquestion. where should we go for dinner?
Retweeted by dinosaur @Garnet_Smuczer @Iamafanofbirds @joelpetch mental health is a political issue, in some imaginary world it might not… @Garnet_Smuczer @Iamafanofbirds @joelpetch "there would still be some mental health issues if we lived in a fairer… @jbfan911 imagine you're a land mammal that can't fly @crocodilethumbs the second there's a chance to actually break you I don't want to, you're great and a constant sou… @GarthGilmour @transinnerchild @paincomics idk cats are like ninjas if they want to be, at your throat before you p… @ChantelFXOXO @HunsuckerSarah @britbmw20 my store, search "sweet dreams" :) @transinnerchild @paincomics octopus' guns: 8 cat's lives: 9
Retweeted by dinosaur @JSchleiderPhD got some good news for you :) you and your best friend have matching sweatshirts tho??
Retweeted by dinosaur @AEWMike thanks i'm going to fix it @blnktwicesing hey they're there, search "sweet dreams"
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Retweeted by dinosaurOpened a belated Christmas present and my day just got infinitely better.
Retweeted by dinosaur i make a comic like this, i'm not looking for people to tell me they like all my comics (although i do appreci… use this dude to hype up my mediocre selfies from now on
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Retweeted by dinosaurhad to redo as it had the plush in it before and that's no longer availableways to support the comic: buy the merch: become a patron: follow… know some people don't like the wholesome ones but i do and i don't want my comic to be a constant downer. Light…