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Dino-Ray Ramos @DinoRay None of your beeswax

@Deadline editor. Representation. Inclusion. Diversity. aZiAn. QPOC. Beyonce. #NewHollywoodPodcast co-host. These are my own opinions.

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@lindazge If it is not 90s-style hand drawn animation then I want NONE OF IT.#WAP’all can’t top this... #WAP this? #FBF #CrazyRichAsians #TwoYearsAgo FOR THIS.
One time I ate a whole bag of Bugles and puked..@hulu's #Woke is gonna be in my queue'mon @ava!'s start with #ODAAT's @JustinaMachado telling truths at #PaleyFestLA and @everythingloria's moving speech. I wa… #OtheredNews thread for August 7! (FYI: I usually am off on Fridays so threads on Fridays will be late because… @RayLoveJr_ @TrevellAnderson hate y’all... @DivaDelux GAGGED.This is a tweet. That’s the tweet. @TrevellAnderson I discovered my homosexuality much like one would discover a fossil or an underrated show on Netflix. @tira_tira_tira OK STOP.This is fun. Also, Megan GOES OFF. #WAP #WirelessApplicationProtocol only thing that matters in this world is this chocolate chip cookie I am about to make out with. @AtsukoComedy Are you on Postmates? @AtsukoComedy I haven't eaten all day. Can I have some?💀 can't believe 45 is concerned with a fucking app when people are dying by the thousands from a pandemic he refuses to believe exists. @angelique814 give me some encouraging words because my work day is not done yet.Me clicking on the #Verzuz hashtag.
First #Mulan and now feelings are very mixed... adds two new faces... late than never? #BTS news that you're gonna love...'all are gonna wanna watch this... (and read the conversation the filmmakers had!) #JudasAndTheBlackMessiah @chellamanart! @AlecMapa That's where I usually do my scouting. Figured I'd branch out on Twitter.Some Bollywood news for the girls... can host all shows as far as I'm concerned... is helming a K-pop movie! up....hear that call... #ALeagueOfTheirOwn for Thursday August 6 is pretty lit starting with @lizzo's overall deal with Amazon! am very close to setting up an email auto-response that says "No". @JarrettHill I mean I would be a Maxine, a Hakeem or maybe even an Urkel or Kimmy. Or maybe I will just establish m… @tira_tira_tira I CANNOT STOP STARING AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH @DoctorJonPaul She is my icon. just want to be someone’s wacky neighbor that always comes into your house without knocking when there’s food and/or gossip.I would watch a whole series based on this guy. am eating some granola right now and it is fucking great. @Suetube I have the eps too but I want to savor watch!
OH. SNAP. C'mon @NiaDaCosta!!!! #CaptainMarvel2 @StevenCanals @PoseOnFX @MjRodriguez7 @ImagenFound Congrats Steven! You know what you should do to celebrate? You s… @TheJakeChoi Speaking of @kenjeong, this is my favorite. @TheJakeChoi I'm fine as hell. Send her to me. Oh, wait...Y'all I just warmed up a soft pretzel in the air fryer. I am good for the day.I am so excited for #LovecraftCountry that I might pee my pants.'mon #ImagenAwards! You better represent that Latinx community!“It’s not always easy to do the right thing and to speak up for those who can’t use their voice. Sara uses her priv… you @AMC_TV for this box of carbs. out here hosting game shows! am so on board with cooking with @selenagomez see you @MoreReginaHall... is back on track! @runwithskizzers FINE I'LL STOP..@BFFfestival has added two more world premieres, unveiled their panels for this year's hybrid ceremony AND named t… has set their 2nd annual TV Honors is releasing his @Netflix comedy special in English (#BadDecisions) AND in Spanish (#MalasDecisiones)… here's your #OtheredNews thread for Wednesday, August 5! #RepresentationMatters Starting with @IssaRae hosting… don’t think it’s that celebs “don’t know” people treat them differently. I think it’s that toxic workplaces are w…
Retweeted by Dino-Ray RamosRemixes from the early ‘00s was an era. #Bootylicious #DestinysChild @Beyonce @KELLYROWLAND @RealMichelleW else get hype when they hear “Just Around The Riverbend” from Disney’s “Pocahontas”? I know that movie is trash but that song tho... @shrrycola They already have one and it’s this bitch right here... if you ever called a teacher "mom" or "dad" on accident.
#NailedIt's @nicolebyer and @jacquestorres should win an Emmy for Best On-Screen Duo. birthday, dad. open secret becomes even more opener....'s a time for love and a time for living! So take a chance and face the wind! #WallaceAndMcQuade #WhosTheBoss we can get #Mulan on a streamer but not all seasons of MAKING THE BAND?#Mulan is headed to Disney+ and theaters...not too sure how I feel about this news. speaking truths at the #TCA panel for #TheUmbrellaAcademy! #CTAM #CTAM2020 #TCA20's #DeafU is a must see! Also, @NyleDiMarco can get it. one and tell me why.The @stellamink-directed #WhitneyHouston biopic has landed at Sony's Tristar. Get it. @runwithskizzers out to @runwithskizzers on her new book #AvengersAssembly which is out today! YAY!'all ready for more #Power? #PowerGhost see you @NaomiScott and @ARamosofficial! @MediaAccess4All #EastersealsDisabilityServices and #WGAWritersWithDisabilities have opened submission… folks! Here is the thread for #OtheredNews for Tuesday, August 4! #RepresenationMatters Shout out to #BTS fo… Census Bureau confirms all #2020Census counting efforts will be cut a month short, risking a severe under…
Retweeted by Dino-Ray Ramos @cashleelee OMG I HAVE BEEN ON A MOESHA MARATHON. @ReignOfApril @ava @ava QUARANTINE HAS BEEN GETTIN’ TO ME!Protecting the fine citizens of Ho-waii. #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch am watching #Moesha straight-through for the first time in my life. Join me.You guys. I know I am late to the party, but episode 6 of #BabySittersClub gutted me.I stopped watching #BabySittersClub with hopes that Kristy would change. I am on episode 5 now and she is still do…
Shout out to Arturo Sampson, the new Head of Production at Exile Content Studios! continues to teach the children! But you don't have to take my word for it! @originalspin @robinthede STAND IN YOUR TRUTH. @originalspin I will gladly take the throne. @mariejamora @bernardbadion You can always just email me! :) Hope all is well boo!The @crenshawdairy is kicking off #BlackAugust with a special event this weekend featuring the docu "Whose Streets?…