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@Deadline editor. aZiAn. Inclusive. QPOC. Beyonce. #NewHollywoodPodcast co-host. These are my own opinions. I'm always hungry. He/Him

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Time for your daily Tip Drill break. want the House to deliver the impeachment article to the Senate as if it were RuPaul telling the queens their max…
#DisclosureNetflix isn't just a documentary -- it's a learning tool for Hollywood to realize where they fucked up i… if the vaccine was just a mix of ginger ale and vicks? @its_willyu I totes get it because in the end, we are all trash.RT if you have a pandemic hoodie rotation. @RepMattGaetz You're a racist..@GavinNewsom you listening? @inkookang I got through 2 episodes and I was just like...ugh. However, I have a strange interest in Anna.Someone send me tacos.This is fun @JohnCornyn Go outside, take a walk and when you see dog shit, just go ahead and eat it.Gotta give a shout out to @bigpunam and @MattRogersTho! I have never met y'all but hopefully one day -- I'm a fan!… Huckabee Sanders looks like that high school volleyball coach who also taught English.Listen....I trust the doctors and scientists but Newsom? not so much..@GavinNewsom really wants another surge, right?This was my horoscope on Sunday. It just confirms that today and this entire week will bring luck and good news in… @DewaynePerkins Ed should have been front and center running point on this the entire time.I support this @Isabelvsandoval Now that’s a question! @lcshorten If you wrote My So Called Life in this thread then we will get along.While we are here, which song is more difficult to sing at karaoke: "How Will I Know" or "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"?I just wanted to post this gif. @aguirreryan I saw it in Berkeley before it went to Broadway. It was amazing. Also, at the reception following the… @malcolmvenable STAAAAAAHPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPCONSIDER THIS ATEN. @malcolmvenable I WAS SCREAMING.Nothing but love for #TheFortyYearOldVersion's @RadhaMUSprime @OswinBenjamin and #PeterKim -- had an incredible con…
#JudasAndTheBlackMessiah will take you on an emotional journey and further prove that this system needs to be disru… @originalspin NOT FUCK IT UP. #WearAMask #RuPaulsDragRace 💋💄💅🏽 @kelleent OMG. What you just said had me like.... kaiju stand before me. Ladies, this is your last chance to impress me, and save yourself from elimination....… @SorayaMcDonald Someone please bring in Tyra to talk to these people... vibes. Good energy. Good news. No time to let that negative bullshit live rent free in your head — I am saving… @tedcruz @Sethrogen Seth Rogen is are a fascist piece of shit and you bolstered a bunch of white suprem…🤯😲😵👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 @_samijayne This also applies to “fries for the table”I miss going to a restaurant and ordering a “dessert for the table” knowing damn well that I was gonna eat it all by myself.
Had a delightful chat with my #MalcolmAndMarie pals @Zendaya, #JohnDavidWashington and #SamLevinson -- the movie is… @vivamiao Yes, horrible movies that disrespect BDSM culture is SERIOUS CINEMA and, of course, BURLESQUE is serious… @alyssajperry THIS IS A COMPETITIVE SEASON. Based on the previews for next week I am torn in regards to who I need… my #RuPaulsDragRace fantasy league The scores have been tallied for this week's episode and I am tied for 5th… @therebeccasun IT IS A HYPE SONG!Listening to Jagged Edge's "Where The Party At" and when Nelly come in with the rap, I am immediately transported… @alizasessler @DEADLINE @Zendaya Thanks for watching! 😊There's a new thing during #AwardsSeason when a film strikes a soul-stirring chord with me when it comes to family,… to put even more shine on #Minari because it deserves. #DeadlineContenders more for the people in the back... Hamada still owes an apology to those who participated in the Justice League investigation. A>E
Retweeted by Dino-HEEEEEEEEEEEY RamosThaaaank yooooou!! 🙏🏾☺️ that Chirpty thing and I LOVE it... and the fact that it includes @staceyabrams @AOC @ossoff and @dionnewarwick @Lamar_Alphonso Thank you!!! Such a great film!!!I would also like to add that @the_symonee and @TheKandyMuse were in my top choices for my #RuPaulsDragRace fantas… @BrookeObie Ooooh I need to put that in my thought bankHope your weekend is calm, cool and brings you some good vibes, energy and news. Because I know I am ready to recei… might see me pop up today for #DeadlineContendersFilm! Make sure you tune in! #MalcolmAndMarie #Minari like.... RuPaul’s DuRag Race! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST GIVE @the_symonee THE CROWN ALREADY. #RuPaulsDragRace man. I only hope to have a career as successful as his. #RIPLarryKing thread is iconic. Also special shout out to Chad 🇵🇭 send me a pie.Y’all this Tina Burner-Rosé rivalry tho #RuPaulsDragRace @yourfriendLilan It’s basically all I have been watching. @cryptcrier only character on TV that I feel a deep connection with... @ColinAnder IT’S FUCKEN HILARIOUS!I am really late to the #SearchParty party. Goddam this is a fun show.Y’all I am obsessed with trying to figure out what the hell is happening on #WandaVision — this helped A LOT.
@runwithskizzers Was he eating pancakes in this gif? Anyway, I’m craving pancakes now.There’s no way your ignorant ass can Roll Bounce your way outta this one because this administration isn’t trash doesn’t mean white privilege is taking a seat @benjpasek @ossoff ...and I’m pregnant @karenkho CHEESECAKE FACTORY IT IS!Name a movie that is terrible as fuck but the performances are amazing.This sun is shining brighter today because it’s putting the spotlight on all the good news that is about to drop in… BERNIE NOW LET’S GET IN FORMATION.’s 11pm and I want oatmeal. @AnikaNoniRose STOP. @RepMTG @JoeBiden @BrookeObie I mean, I'm happy for him and all, but now he's just flexin hardcoreMy dad got his second round of the vaccine today and he's posting it on his Facebook page and I'm like... gonna lie, that Sokovian greeting bit on the first episode of #WandaVision makes me laugh a lot.
@FilmFatale_NYC OK WHAT.Also, this era was the height of cargo pants. @yourfriendLilan I remember watching it back in the day....and this is just wild! I love how there is a token POC i… @jumpedforjoi'all. Swimfan is quintessential '00s cinema.Well, if it walks like a racist and talks like a racist... my eyes and randomly clicked on a movie on HBO Max. It ended up being Swimfan.Goddamit someone send me a breakfast burrito. @nancywyuen I feel like she has seen stuff and has stories to tell.Giving #BlingEmpire another chance. I would rather have a whole docuseries about Anna. She is fascinating.Now this is proper #InaugurationDay coverage. This is the content we deserve. #LetsGetLoud @ReignOfApril I AM ABSOLUTELY DECEASED AND DONE FOR THE DAY. We need more of this content please. @ambermruffin morning! You know that feeling of joy, hope and relief we all felt yesterday? Well, I’m gonna keep that party… @kimmythepooh GODDAMMIT. STAWP.I hope that H&M releases a capsule collection of all the coats we experienced today. #InaugurationDayI hate y’all...