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building new infrastructure to support creative people and things. partnerships @meowwolf. public speaker. prev. @autodesk @mocalosangeles //art. power. play.

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@thedak friendship is beautiful!
@uppi17 Ben!! If you keep this up I’d say you’re the front runner for 2020 person of the year!!! @uppi17 I did not! I’m assuming it was filled with nice compliments about me and that you want to keep me *humble.*I really slept on Booksmart and truly loved it but must earnestly ask: was this written about my high school?! @kategwen Kate, this England place is pretty good!(My visa application is taking FOREVER and I have no proper occupational leads but I’m going to just keep on showin… has done exceptional work on the Maraoke software / front end / back end and this is super interesting even if y…
Retweeted by Sarah Brin is in London @DanjoKaz00ie Not this time (I think) but hopefully soon! I’m back in the country in June, if not sooner... @scd I may have burned through all the Cadbury but I will do my damnedest! @dannybirchall Hi Danny, I’m trying to move here!!!Oh it feels GOOD to be back in London. ❤️ @Seemo Dang! That sounds lovely!!!
@tpizza TONI YES!!! @ibwatson We sure will!!I’m speaking this year, please hang out with me. to announce our 2020 Mild Rumpus cohort today Mild Rumpus, @WildRumpus' annual exhibition of experiment…
Retweeted by Sarah Brin is in London @nd_kane Oh no, she’s trying to make a case for that: @dontstaylong @ibogost The staff kept curiously peeking over and asking how it was. It was great. It also came with fries on the side. 😂 @kvetchup Oh I already am and I’m so excited to be somewhere where it’s culturally acceptable!!! @ibogost This happened to me unintentionally when I ordered a “grilled cheese with fries” in Denmark. I was not ups… @comfortfood I think “hello sharks” might be the funniest way to greet any group!I’m so excited to eat dinner in Spain next week but as someone who also goes to sleep at 8:30pm I’m terrified of ho… @kateparsonstv @buffalovision Great!!
@timmaughan @doctorow @pnh Oh snap!!! That’s exciting. @SamanthaZero I can and I WILL. Also I’ve got some time early and evening on the 23rd also time the following days!Oh oh oh and if you're in London and you'd like any specifically amurrican stuff brought over (no liquids please) L… and I mean, also me, I'm also on that panel.Hi, I'm booking my SXSW travel today so if you would like to have a meeting, or better yet, invite me to a fancy pa… @shineslike @LottLaura My pleasure!! @shineslike @LottLaura I definitely agree. This Michael Warner essay was the first thing they had us read in my cur…❤️✊🏻
Retweeted by Sarah Brin is in London @tigershungry I got mine from kaibosh, and I really like them, despite never wearing them...Also, yes, I'm still trying to move to London and applying for a visa. I expect it will take a bit for the right op… Shift is an exciting new arts programme coming to Bristol (UK) in June 2020 exploring creative and critical…
Retweeted by Sarah Brin is in London @amtrekker He was only lit up sometimes!! I tried to figure out if there was any rhyme or reason why (feast day? Su… @amtrekker I used to live across the street! The big Jesus hologram from the cathedral stared right into my bedroom!Hot dog. Really looking forward to being back in London later this week (and thru tues. next week). Glad that even… @amtrekker This is so lovely!! It’s such a special place.
Wanna know a secret? There are no irreplaceable geniuses. There's looooads of genius out there. So if our resident…
Retweeted by Sarah Brin is in London @Seemo It could happen! The conference I was supposed to speak at next week got cancelled. I’m curious about SXSW too.A little less than two weeks until our fun event here at Manchester Metropolitan - Ludocapitalism: Structures, Cult…
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@dillonwork @PAN_hq @HUXTABLEJULIANA @GI_London1 @TheRiverCafe @PetitFlo @ADuffau @Tai_Shani @hollyherndon @Jlin_P
Retweeted by Sarah Brin is in LondonSorry, very entertained by this video of my dog: @AsherBrain Welcome!!!
Another incredible opportunity from @StoryfuturesA - check it out! 👇👇👇
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hope you like my joke!!!
@tpizza Toni! You should def apply, I feel like you and @jettstein would get on swimmingly, although it's not that hard!!They’ve got a very sweet team over there! ALL #CANADIANS 🇨🇦 working in #AI #AR #VR #Gaming or linear content & heading to #SXSW 📣 If you are part of…
Retweeted by Sarah Brin is in London @KommanderKlobb yes, that feels like an important component!OK! MWC is cancelled, so I will just stay in England Feb. 20 through 27th. (although I might need to pop over to BC… @johnnemann @GSMA I miiiight just have an accidental vacation? @ammonite @GSMA yes I know, I was really looking forward to it! I will definitely do that, I might just stay in Lon… @GSMA Essentially, I am for sure in London Feb. 20-23, and then the 23rd through the 29th is unaccounted for, and I… @joonturbo @GSMA I mean, it's in the cards?! The cancellation is kind of messing with me financially because I was…! The conference I was meant to speak at in Barcelona has been cancelled. I hope @GSMA can still reimburse my fl… is a great opportunity to work across disciplines (designers, policy makers, artists, technologists, anthropol…
Retweeted by Sarah Brin is in London @DanielZarick Seems like you need some hats! @DanielZarick No we just care about skin cancer! Do you even spf bro? @Seemo Yesssssss. @Seemo Does this mean...I’m a wizard?!? @joshgondelman Josh, this is cerebral.
We have funding to award people exploring expanded performance (music and theatre) based in our region. It comes in…
Retweeted by Sarah Brin is in London @DanielZarick Oof WHICH astronaut?!? What’s the collective noun for them, an “admiration?” @Seemo Ah my life is kind of the opposite right now...I am trying to do much less in the hopes of someday having an… hope they appreciate the special song I wrote for the barbershop quartet, it rhymes "scrum" with "hum." Also "som… you need my address for valentine and/or floral delivery, that's fine. Also fine to send ostentatious gifts to m…🚨JOB ALERT: CREATIVE TECHNOLOGIST 🚨 Background in 3d, games, interested in research? Come work with us Check out…
Retweeted by Sarah Brin is in London @lindadong Soooo good!Biggest move was turning off all red dots 🔴 and deleting slack and gmail from my phone
Retweeted by Sarah Brin is in London @bkbkbk I believe this is fake news? Albeit sort of interesting fake news? @s_l_clark You are probably not eligible for this specific one, unless you are secretly British, but totally yes I’d love to hear! @pixlpa Ugh, solidarity.
@jessiechar they are hard-won boundaries!!! @imLeor ew he did? yuck. @jessiechar It's super personal! But I find if I'm writing the same intro-level email over and over, it's fine/usef…! Doing a little bit of speaking in SF in May, let me know if you'd like to have me in for any consulting/workshops/pep talks. :)Another great funding opportunity for immersive. If you'd ever like to write me into one of your applications, I wo… @Rio_Garcia perfect!! @Rio_Garcia ugh my brunch plans are an airplane unfortunately!! but i'm around lunchtime on the 20th until the 23,… @Rio_Garcia hiiiii, so far I don't have plans the evening of the 22nd and would be happy to come and see you or do…! I'm going to London (and then Barcelona) next week. Wild! I've got to hunker down and do quite a bit of writin… @joshgondelman @natalieweiner so, at my old work we had this: and I would nap in the secret… @fctry2 actually i have a very hot (and admittedly wrong) take, and that's that fancy coffee is very bad. @helvetica right after @eyeofestival! better to have a posse for escape rooms and many treats!! @helvetica *in @helvetica I’m going on June! Come in June!
How can we let these parts of space exploration die, so that we can conceptualize and build a different, more radic… saw a lot today that conflated space discovery with private capital, nationalism, expansion, and extraction. I gu… more I think about about it, the clearer it is to me that good futurism is about letting things die. Sometimes… I visited CERN, I caught myself feeling very emotional—it was so beautiful to see so many people from around t… @TechnologistXS @kateparsonstv That would be fine, tbh!!space boyz. is my favorite part!!! A special stick some mission control staff use for comms buttons!!! #StateOfNASA @nickfourtimes Lol I know, named after a surname apparently!Mission control running an Artemis Ascent simulation. Very cool. A woman next to me (correctly) remarks “there are… administrator is talking about commercial partnerships, including “urban air travel” (delivery drones) and h… Mars 2020 mission is genuinely exciting though, and will attempt to fly the first helicopter flown on another w… @jamesgleventhal oh no. 😂😬 @jamesgleventhal Oh no, this is turning out like my Birthright trip. I showed up excited and with questions and...i…