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72 hours left to grab one of these beautiful jigsaw puzzles I'm working on. I hope these bring a little peace and h…
Retweeted by sarah brin @AsherBrain Yeah, to hearken back to your car example, the response to a smashed car is really different if you hav… @AsherBrain I think every other culture I've lived in has been less selfish, and I think one important factor in ma… @TheAllThing Can you use a carbon dioxide monitor? @ruthsaxton76 @SlungLow Oh you're at @SlungLow now?!? Congratulations!!!if you’re posting pictures from a protest it’s not enough to just blur / crop faces. PLEASE take this extra step to…
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Christo passed away today, on May 31, 2020, at his home in New York City. Christo and Jeanne-Claude have always mad…
Retweeted by sarah brin @ChrisCloud oh yes. yes yes.Wow, I hope all these companies who have decided it makes economic sense to denounce systemic racism also decide to… repeating that all of the police violence you see happening right now has been happening for a long time befo…
Retweeted by sarah brin @grmartin They are!!! I like both of them normally a lot, but all the fun they had with each other did not translat…
These politics have always been here, but I’m hopeful they’ve been spelled out clearly enough for anyone who’s chosen to be “colorblind.”Now isn’t the time for play in public discourse. But for when it comes back—I’d like very much for designers to rem… @riotupdatez @jessfromonline This account looks soooo shady.
Official George Floyd Memorial Fund
Retweeted by sarah brinThis is really impressive!!! @davidnunez Yes! You might like @drkeir’s and @shineslike’s book. The chapter I did with @DRZZL definitely touches on that. 🙂 @davidnunez I think a lot of the responsibility here (esp in the US) is going to need to come from philanthropists… @davidnunez I reckon understanding industry and foundation partnerships will be key, and some silver lining here is… @kbelflower wow he sucks!!! @davidnunez The more I think about it, the more we need to radically reimagine what museums are, what they do, and…
👉 I'm making a set of three 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles! Original art by independent artists! Made from super-premium…
Retweeted by sarah brinI edited a thing! A lovely thing!
Retweeted by sarah brin @teenytinylisa It *is* lovely!!! @lindadong Happy birthday, Linda!!!!here are some starters: "yikes," "woof," "oh wow" (ht @tinysubversions for this one) or "what do you mean?"
Retweeted by sarah brin @mollyofchauncey You already are good at it!!! @mollyofchauncey Molly!! I love this. You are both discrete and discreet. ❤️
@Seemo Yup yup yup I get these! They are so sad but also often nice. I’m so glad you got to have a nice relationship with your dad. ❤️ @SamanthaZero hi you're smart, this is smart. @undividual oh no, Emma! Unsubscribe!! This is menacing!!The Audubon app is fantastic. The Audubon hiking trail near my house is the first funny hiking trail I've ever seen… @colombinary Michelle that sounds fascinating, congratulations!
@tatianatenreyro the entire twilight new moon OST. @joshgondelman achievements!!! @rclarke hahaha hmmm, I guess it might take some petitioning to get something added but it's worth a shot! @lindadong Yes!!! Solved. @joshgondelman Josh, the answer is obvious. Invite Cesar Milan onto your podcast!!!Looking forward to this session today with @ninaksimon of @OFBYFOR_ALL! @joshgondelman @mariskreizman Happy anniversary, you two!!!! @tigershungry Nothing about this seems bad!! @tigershungry YES MARIE!! @spozbo omg look at those corgs!!! happy first day! @lazerwalker @siobhanfgx Oh hey I take those too!!!Big news! I am now available for full time roles! Me: Led cross-disciplinary creative teams for over 10 years, wit…
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@ccccamden @lazerwalker Damn I love to be soft!!! @lazerwalker That makes perfect sense! I *guess* I won’t stop taking it, but dang, I need to open jars!!! I hope yo… @lazerwalker Wait does estrogen do that?!?
@rabbisandra Please keep up the beautiful work! It means a lot to see the Judaism I believe in and identify with ar… love her. day 78:
Retweeted by sarah brin @teenytinylisa He pretty much ONLY ate plain hamburgers!!!! I will probably eat a hamburger today in his honor, but…
@mister_raroo These are really specific messages! You would need a medium-quality AI to accidentally send messages like these! @lisamoab Seems like a perfect time! Rents are lower, it's easier to telecommute than ever, I'd get NHS access, there are no guns... @jtoresson @ModernWolfLtd Oh! Thanks for looking out! Heck yes, that producer role looks perfect. I’ll send in my application! ✨
@RachelRayns That’s great!! @loudoye It’s great to be able to do that!!! It’s kinda fun?! @SimonParkin Me too!!! @maltron3D Just a fun lil’ weekend project, right? @SimonParkin Well done, Simon!!But DO NOT make a videogame yourselves. I urge you.Also it’s a bad look for any arts leader to dismiss videogames! They’re not going anywhere, they’re (often) a compe…'m noticing a lot of arts orgs are asking about how to transition from free to paid digital content. Videogames ha… @souris thank you!! yes, even though it seems counter-intuitive, this is exactly why i'm choosing to move now! @therourke yes I saw in the article, Daniel!This...wasn't already the rule? This is what I was planning to do anyway. @JesseDamiani @ARealityEvent @MuseumOR @KaleidoVR Cooooool! @rachaelschafer Yaaaaay, happy birthday!!! ❤️✨ @Jon_Aitken a viewmaster! @DanjoKaz00ie Of course. @therourke No need to apologize! Rental companies are telling me prices are negotiable, which must just be because it’s the the end times.Howdie kids! This Friday at 1pm (BST) @PMStudioUK have invited me to chit chat about playfully curating online as p…
Retweeted by sarah brin @Bexmo That’s wild! And yet, it seems better than the standard in the states, which is always pay at asking price,… @undividual Thanks so much! I’m hopeful. I’m looking south, generally. I’m keen on Brockley, but have seen some nic… @undividual Right, that makes perfect sense! My timing is pretty flexible, so I’m glad I have that going for me. @sophiehbishop @digitalpromises @DanjoKaz00ie That’s so helpful, thank you! I think I’m probably desirable on paper… @lukemcneice That one’s the same in the states! But good to know it’s crooked over there too... @lukemcneice That is good to know, thank you so much, Luke! @AsteAmundsen That’s my hope and why I’m moving now!! Fingers crossed. @avvisavv Thank you!! @edjeff Thank you, Ed! I am still scarred by San Francisco apartment hunting, which was like the hunger games and p… @lukemcneice Thanks so much, there’s no way I would have figured that out otherwise! @digitalpromises @DanjoKaz00ie @sophiehbishop That’s so useful, thank you! @DanjoKaz00ie @sophiehbishop @digitalpromises That's so weird!! It's good (I think?) but wild! @iamzuuk Great, I’ll stand by! @iamzuuk @bartsimon Cool, thank you! Let me know if you ever want to participate in discourse. @melissamcewen Ugh I’m so sorry, Melissa! Very smart of you to take a minute.what are the best conspiracy theories of architecture
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@joshgondelman I like my tempuroedic one!! @joshgondelman I wish my friends had hype-ometers so I could know when they're most in need of a hype-up! @joshgondelman This is something I worry about all the time, specifically on your behalf, Josh!!! You deserve a who… @iamzuuk @bartsimon that's a lot of work! sounds like this is mostly for an academic audience, but congratulations on your publication!! @joeymiscue lot of the themes of an orchestra conference are super relevant to anyone interested in DEI, negotiation, creativ… might've mentioned that I'm doing digital production for this conference. In addition to offering *really* intere… @lazerwalker no problem! i sterilize mine with hydrogen peroxide weekly. you might also treat yourself to a facial… (and will) strongly recommend. @iamzuuk cool! if you want people to read it, you might consider posting the pdf somewhere, i can't imagine a lot o… @joeymiscue