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Dion Mkiva 🌎 @dion_mkiva PhilaBornEagleFan, Seattle, WA

Writer/racing columnist in NY for 30 years; now in Seattle, WA. V.P. LFO Advertising, V.P. Hofstra U/both paid 10x more but writing racing best job in the 🌎

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Whoa! Joe Biden ain't fixing this, I guarantee. Trump ensured a police state environment; that's what we got; it's… is 100% correct. And I don't blame him for being enraged. We all should be enraged. is an example of a smart man posting racist humor. . .Nah, he's not smart. Should I say he's racist? Nah. Shou… I live, they're all nuts! hearing that. you! @HorseRacingKK @TropicanaDerby @ChurchillDowns Thanks, Kevin. 1 p.m. comes up pretty early in Washington.Not funny if it's true, not funny if it's not true, just a really stupid post. there's my #3 late for her appointment. posted about #Anothertwistoffate earlier today. I meant to reply, got caught up in🦃forgot to bookmark it. A… is truly funny! First one up on my page. Is it one of those scary threats that trail off to nothing? Or will h… @georgiagirl581 That's one heckuva secret weapon! @RaymondLoretto Yep. I think that's most of time with these.Yes it is but continue the count anyway. Draft picks at stake? Get better, you have a great career ahead.'m counting and taking names starting Saturday - might be more Mischief in Mo's world than he would like. 😂 more reason to be cautious with firsters who run under an elite rider. Smart trainers will use a rider like Ros… @Kelvetia Oh! I am so sorry! Thought I got it to all the good people here who make a day like this even more specia…
Hmmm. Exercize?"Larry Collmus for the rest of the load...." Special turf routes are fun races to watch and tell me a few things I might need to know later on down the road.#1 at DelMar......................ah, yeah what the hell.Thank God no explosive diarrhea. this a test? DAMMIT! makes this scary, the dog is looking at me with an expression on his face I've never seen before. Quite frankl… started already with the chocolate pudding pie & whipped cream - ate all of that; now I'm in the stuffing and mas… @eschaz12 Thank you!Hey! What about me? @eschaz12 mINE TOO! How did he replicate that scene so accurately? From a photo? No, I think he did from his head.…, Philly! You too! resistor? Electrical shit, right? @eschaz12 *A lot @sarahjael HAPPY THANKSGIVING and ThaNk You! Me!!!!!!!!Happy Thanksgiving! from THE GREATEST and please get out of my way!! @georgiagirl581 Happy Thanksgiving, GeorgiaOh please! Ridiculous. @TomAndTomRacin1 HAPPY THANKSGIVING, TOMs @JackpotNick It is. That's Chris Antley. God, he loved that horse! Actual scene. I was so close.........still makes me teary eyed.A VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE! Sincerely, JH PS: Blurry because I'm all out to win this! 22 minutes in football @Goodbine56 Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!! @22minuteinquiry HAPPY THANKSGIVING! ps. was it really 22 minutes? (owner deserves 22 years) @UrbnHandicapper HAPPY THANKSGIVING 🦃🦃🦃🦃 ps. love the photo your page!RIP Chris Antley I can see his signature bottom right. What did he title it? Pretty emotional, huh?No, but now that I see it, I am wondering whether he did this >>>> @JackpotNick HAPPY THANKSGIVING, nICK NO (S) @joslewis HAPPY THANKSGIVING, BIRDS 🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃Beyer On Speed - Everything I know about the most important element in racing............. @leeharveyosmond A Happy Thanksgiving, Tom @citizencope Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. Greenwood @WestEndLoungeLo 🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃The Fast And Firm: The Untitled Turkey The Untitled Turkey....That's okay. @KAnntleemeaux hAPpY tHankSgiViNg, K-Monster @dretaylor_24 Happy Thanksgiving, Dre' @WestEndLoungeLo HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Who's cooking today? @RazorSharpPicks Could you please just send a turkey and forget about the Play?No second thoughts about this - Authentic was the Gift Horse Of The Year. Still can't figure out how bettors let hi…📌 Jimmy Creed mare; mid-pack runner w/plenty speed to stay close. In very sharp form right now, finishing 3rd and 2… Race 2 MSW 1 1/16th M Turf Nice looking first time starter, Duchesne, by Temple City, Miss Loren (Arg) Dynaf… @RaymondLoretto Well I only missed by 3,000 miles. Interesting, though. Thanks.No, $1Win. <><> nice races at DelMar tomorrow. Red Carpet - I can't get off 12/1 ML #3 - Colonial Creed. Well, I might place a… @MrKenRudulphTV @CambiBrown yes, and if he's the coward I think he is, he won't tell them. You might have to. Slam that sleaze bag.SJU? @MrKenRudulphTV - Glad you didn't let Matt skate with his definition for "tactical." You called it perfectly and Ma…
If you can get there, get there. son doesn't speak Ukrainian - their news service translated over him. Kind of funny hearing him speak Ukrain - t… buddy just happens to be my son. He has prosecuted much bigger than this asshole - including huge Mexican drug…Українець хакнув Майкрософт на 10 мільйонів via @YouTube My buddy at USDOJ, Assistant U.S.… Fast And Firm: Starting Saturday Want know how you're favorite sire does with first-t… there guy. Sugar?, an Uncle Mo vs Authentic head-to-head if we can get our shit together in time. Hell, a poll might be nice too… Saturday The Fast And Firm will be compiling and reporting on winning firsters by sire. Daily and cumula… Best horse. I hate it when this happens. would call it stupidity. horse to beat. Always a threat and I thought was peaking on a big run in BC. As things turned out, hard to te… @donderheadz @TampaBayDownsFL I think he actually did win pretty easily, and I've seen this a few times with photo/… About time! @JoshuaHosler @BoomBoomBango Look you got 105 in an hour. The Trump Train? He has no train. He has nothing. Maybe m… Rosario J. Ortiz J. Talamo J. Velasquez T. Cleaver is Grrreat! Ann Landers, I recently contracted rabies - I was bitten by a rabid termite. My husband didn't want to pay for…, it's rabies. Jesus, I had plans! is he collecting hockey pucks?'m feeling extremely feverish. It's not #COVID19 though - I've had the symptoms of that all my life.I'm a very sensitive child. 🤓 course - yes, I must be totally paranoid. My apologies. Hell you did not deserve that. Oh, of course, yes!!!'m sorry to hear that, John. But like the saying goes, "you expresses your opinion, you get your ass handed to you…
Well that's news! smooth rides on Stag - he was hard hitting, high action runner but he was tough as all hell to beat. number in there somewhere. @Super70sSports @97Mountaineer This is cool! Whoa! Just came with a slider from the on deck circle."Howie is supposed to make sure the team has a head coach. So what does he do? Nuttin' - that's what. Meet Howie Ro…, I see that. Meanwhile every team Eagles play has winning record. Sonofabitch. I don't care if they never win…