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ً @diorexical ˚ ౨ৎ lin ⋆。 4teen˚ ⋆ she :。 bmi 16 ࿐ ˊˎ-

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chunky shoes and tiny legs will forever be my ultimate favorite combo @i001119011008 pick me choose me @jinricalorie oop @enhacalz yum🤭🤭 @butterf1y_w1ngs me at that party slaying the dance floor cycle of “fuck my ed I’m hungry” and “why the fuck did I just eat that” is brutal
Retweeted by ً @OuiBunni LEGIT ME TOO it’s so bad i have to get out of this five more minutes habit 😭😭 @lcvediaries hi nana how is skl who got invited to a partyedtwt who wants a tag !! its my take on that thread and i’m making it realistic @chinadoIls a few of my favs ! feminine urge to study psychology as an attempt to fix myself
Retweeted by ًI need to lose weight by October it’s not even funny
Retweeted by ًit went fine they jst have to see if i’m not too young because there was a system error saying it wrong or wtvr @cbbmi reallywhen can i be severely underweight so i can finally prove to people that im not faking my ed
Retweeted by ًnever got to eat nutella .. i was allergic when i was younger and am now balls deep into this ed f me 👎👎👎 @lcveblush yayyay how was ist ? @lcveblush TY LOVECORAL :((( ❤️‍🩹 wish i had no boobs fr
Retweeted by ً @lcvediaries CHEERING FOR U YAYY @bruja2877 thank u 🫶 @hearteyedgf4 i’m applying as a waitress !nervous my job interview is in exactly 1h and 39 minutes @miumiuhearts sacrificing my everything for this will reach BMI 14 by next week
Retweeted by ً @delusionaI666 cures oh my god !! @lcvediaries hi daily reminder that your are loved as well and esp by me hi @lcvediaries so so proud of you angel 🫶 @butterf1y_w1ngs I SAWW i looked trough it like a tv show interesting!! at least i got targeted 😇😇wanted😇😇 @61rie RIE ILY you’re the cutest @butterf1y_w1ngs unreal died on the first day.. who manipulated we should’ve gone around k ing everyone in their sl… @ugwdoll i’m ALWAYS nervous omg its in exactly six hours wowow okay THANK U ANGEL ilu DID I DIE SO FAST .. someones do another i have to stay until end😔
i’m on a self care journey (i am starving myself)
Retweeted by ً @ugwdoll nervous because i got like a mini job interview tmrw omg i should probably sleep but 😴😴 @ugwdoll ana i miss u hru 🫂 ALSO TY girl you too pretty to be shopping in the booktok section of barnes and noble
Retweeted by ًthe official edtwt measurement is kg
Retweeted by ًcan my ed ed more
Retweeted by ً @cinnamius spare height im stuck at mine 🫂🫂🫂 @OuiBunni @lcvediaries marnie pfp oh my god @sophie8099 oh my god please stay safe soph :( @lcvediaries ITS BEEN SO LONG ik we’ve been texting but still ..all i wanted was 11 line abs and now i’m insane
Retweeted by ًsunday brunches
Retweeted by ًstarting a 2 day fast 💐 @diorrscent whatt 😭😭 @bunnykcal excited omg @lcvediaries NAANAANNA URE BACK the world is healing
Retweeted by ً
starving and under eating every single day gives you such a strong sense of control and dopamine it's insane
Retweeted by ً @butterf1y_w1ngs so annoying @butterf1y_w1ngs tiff 🙁egg is such a god sent food we don’t deserve it
Retweeted by ًhearing “that’s all you’re gonna eat?” makes me so happy
Retweeted by ًi’m not even skinny yet all my bones hurt even with the smallest touch TT @sweetiebelle77 vitamin d, iron and some multivitamins @kyelanhua uh oh okay my bad !! i don’t stan them but really need to their music is so great @fieurless toad is ok @fieurless ON OIZZA @fieurless neither did i 😶😶 i just think it looks pretty so its most definitely good too that’s my way of thinking… @fieurless I SANG ENHA LULLABY 😒😒😒 ok yes 🥞 for u with butter idk butter is meh but in pancakes yum @fieurless enha lullaby rie and me did. billy billy poco billy poco tayo tayo bus SLEEP okay i just ate pancakes i… @kyelanhua new jeans hanni i think !! @fieurless SLEEEO sleeping is great esp when you feel refreshed in the morning .. which i never do 😠 its 1pm for me… @fieurless tl had gotten so boring im so ia how are you bb @fieurless true getting those 40grams of protein in @fieurless fia @fieurless its like 😶😶😶😋😋😋😠😠 @fieurless haven’t worked out in a week i need the gymbro era back @fieurless it’s the worst 💔💔 i always try to distract myself @lcveblush WE DOOO !! with cute coffees omg @OuiBunni okay slayed @OuiBunni lipstick it reading !🥰 @OuiBunni or not it @OuiBunni real im the one putting on lipstick it reading !! @butterf1y_w1ngs SO CUTE OH MY GOD @OuiBunni yes @tarobmi why is it still so much what @cinnamius anything with green tea is awesome 🫂 @winterange1 u look absolutely gorg @chinadoIls stunning omg i love the dress
@OuiBunni RIGHT I FEEL LIKE ITS SO CUTE FOR JOGGING PILATES GYM ANYTHING @chaidoII hi gigi 🫶todays haul ౨ৎ i got the dior forever concealer gifted by my moms coworker how cute :(( @worIdprincess22 rare finds </33 @tarobmi NOO OKAY IT COMES TGT i’m into all shades of blue hot just bought baby blue sweatpants they look SO cute 😔 @worIdprincess22 we think alike i just today searched for a yoga mat and that roller thingy 🤭🤭 @lvlzdiet @OuiBunni sure !! would love to be moots @tarobmi WHATT NO NAVY AND WHITE ? ure kidding that’s such a cool color combo 😋 @lvlzdiet @OuiBunni thinking of making this semi ed and study if that wouldn’t bother people ?? @tarobmi slayed !! i should come to ur games as a nana and team supporter what are your main colors @tarobmi omg how did it go 💐💐 @OuiBunni can you join while being on edtwt i’ve been lurking YEARS but I feel like it’d be 🙁🙁🙁upper arm fat deserves to burn in hell
Retweeted by ً @worIdprincess22 haul !! @bunnykcal hi yue enjoy