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Thomas Wesley @diplo hiding in the halls

random white dude be everywhere, founder of smoothie wolf, feeding the streets since 1885. also in major lazer, silk city, jack ü, and LSD

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👉 We continue with Canadian production duo @DVBBS bringing all the big bassline vibes in the mix for @Diplo and Fri…
Retweeted by Thomas WesleyNow on @Diplo and Friends regular guest @Benzi is back with his annual Summer Mix! 🔊 Expe…
Retweeted by Thomas Wesleyjanuary was a movie fr
thank you @Spotify for adding Daylight to #newmusicfriday gifsThank you @Spotify for adding "Daylight" w/ @diplo to New Music Friday. Listen here:
Retweeted by Thomas Wesleydaylight by @sushitrash and @diplo x arcade game! @88rising
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Tonight Live Stream for @thehigherground 8-10pm (pst) on Twitch @ maddecentlive ! 🥁🥁
Retweeted by Thomas WesleyYou guys are on the cover of New Music Friday Japan!!!! ❤🇯🇵 @sushitrash @diplo @88rising
Retweeted by Thomas Wesleycheck out our tank tops and our song daylight on #newmusicdaily @diplo @sushitrash Joji and diplo: "SUNS UP BUT I REALLY WANNA FIGHT THE DAYLIGHT. I DONT CARE IF U MOVED ON." Me…
Retweeted by Thomas WesleyDaylight by joji ft diplo #jojidaylight
Retweeted by Thomas Wesley"DAYLIGHT" w/ @diplo out now.
Retweeted by Thomas Wesleydaylight out now @sushitrash in to @zanelowe at 9am pt to hear my new song with @sushitrash daylight"Daylight" with @sushitrash & @diplo premieres at 12:00PM ET (less than 2 hours!) Join us in the chat on @YouTube
Retweeted by Thomas WesleyAdded this week @diplo’s revolution @SIRIUSXM
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.@steph_gilmore and I have a lot in common tbh. shoutout @wsl thank y'all for having me I hope our song evokes this type of raw emotion. daylight out tomorrow alone in my room on quarantine day 894
my chicken found a new manager after our episode aired. all new episode tonight @celebshowoff the clubs open back up but everyone forgot how to dance they got a green screen too @thehigherground set from friday will be rebroadcasted at party royale at 6pm pt for everyone who missed it
of all the things that came from social isolation, this may be the best one. daylight coming this Thursday
The Giants just showed food the entire half inning on the scoreboard as they played "Why You Gotta Be So Heartless"…
Retweeted by Thomas WesleyThe inside of my mask smells like weed
Join us for the 2nd hour of @Diplo and Friends’ #DanceWeekend special with the man himself in the mix! He draws f…
Retweeted by Thomas Wesley⚡️ Don’t miss out on @Diplo in the mix right now for the next 2 hours with a #DanceWeekend special, only on @Diplo
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Thanks to everyone who came together to experience @diplo Presents: Higher Ground. Catch the rebroadcast on August…
Retweeted by Thomas WesleyBuild and rebuild.  Looking For Me music video out now. @diplo @PaulWoolford @KareenLomax
Retweeted by Thomas Wesleylast one for the summer. thank you to everyone who made these more fun than i thought a digital party ever could be @dakotaz shout out Florida 😎the @diplo event is a W
Retweeted by Thomas Wesleyit's still going on come thru assistindo o show do @diplo pelo @Brasil_Fortnite !!!
Retweeted by Thomas Wesleylast show of my @FortniteGame summer residency and we're making it count too late to come hang: gets cuter every time i visit. im live pull up log inWe’ve got @diplo on our mind Login between now and August 1 8PM ET to get the new, music-reactive Afterparty Wrap…
Retweeted by Thomas WesleyLet the Light guide you to Party Royale ✨ Jump in now for @diplo Presents: Higher Ground! Show starts in 30 minut…
Retweeted by Thomas Wesleystarting up in 30min but we're also streaming it on visual effects ✔️ Cool outfit ✔️ Paintball Launcher ✔️ We're ready for @diplo to take the Main Stage by st…
Retweeted by Thomas Wesleyi thought about how this is today and forgot the last 4 months for me with @paulwoolford feat @kareenlomax music video out now went from the basement studio to disney+ with this one thanks for letting me part of it @Beyonce @iStarrah
Heres the rare chance for all of us to do something thats popular with everyone, left and right. This is a bipartis…'m begging @marcorubio to do the right thing and support The Save Our Stages Act. We can't let indie venues die. W…
out of wine so just sat on my lawn and ate like 20k grapesAspire to the next level ✨ Don't miss @diplo Presents: Higher Ground. Tune in July 31st at 2PM ET to catch it!
Retweeted by Thomas Wesleypick 1 diplo to defend you the rest are coming to kill you that her in the picture
always trying new things for my fans do you guys think my password is ill tell you if ur rightthe funniest part of any social media challenge is that theyre called challengeslast show of my party royale summer residency. @thehigherground this Friday in @fortnitegame
in case you were looking for me on @applemusic --> to transition to living fully onlineℙ𝕣𝕖𝕡𝕒𝕣𝕖 𝕥𝕠 𝔸𝕤𝕔𝕖𝕟𝕕 @diplo Presents: Higher Ground is coming to the Main Stage on July 31st at 2 PM ET. Don’t miss…
Retweeted by Thomas WesleySo epic
#Tomorrowland Day 2 on Now! Performances from @MartinGarrix @davidguetta @tiesto + more!
Retweeted by Thomas Wesley“random guy” is forever the greatest villain in internet history
Huge release
do they have enough djs in the nba bubble?[HIGH025] @damianlazarus — Mountain. 01. Mountain 02. Mountain (@tornadowallace Remix) 03. Mountain (…
Retweeted by Thomas WesleyThis @channel_tres and @diplo stream is so goo000d 😭
Retweeted by Thomas Wesley❤️ you @diplo and thic Thanos for helping us all get through quarentine
Retweeted by Thomas Wesleycome thru on the zoom chat live
looks like my tik toks are gonna stop the pandemic ?? wear a mask and stay six feet apart so I don't have dance alone in my studio the rest of the year keep flowing... transmissions with @channel_tres tonight at 8pm pt really good at bowling is weird and being really bad at bowling is weird. everyone should be super medium at bowling
if 2020 was a person to @diplo’s revolution @SIRIUSXM
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every 2 weeks someone tweets like "having a face is a vibe" and it gets 600k likes and people replying like 🤯 @Diplo take her on tour mane!🤣🤣🤣🤣 #DoSiDo Lets see ya’ll dances 🎬🎬🎬
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Retweeted by Thomas Wesleypeople who follow me on twitter by choice: been trying to for 10 years now ring in lord of the rings wasnt even that fresh tbhEveryone should be watching @isthatakira and @hikeii dj right now
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If the government ever puts a chip in my brain it better be sour cream and onion
👉 We continue with up and coming DJ & producer @edenprincemusic in the mix for @Diplo and Friends! 🔊…
Retweeted by Thomas WesleyNow on @Diplo and Friends, it's production duo @GorgonCity bringing the house vibes in the first hour! 🔊…
Retweeted by Thomas WesleyWesley Mercado coming to @SIRIUSXM #diplosrevolution
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[HIGH023] @kuumusic1 — How Could I Ever? Now available on all platforms.
Retweeted by Thomas Wesleycomplexity is sexy ⏰ by @lonelygodmusic IS OUT NOW WORLDWIDE 🌎 VIA PIZZASLIME + MAD DECENT RECORDS!!! DON’T BE A COWARD 😬 STRE…
Retweeted by Thomas Wesleylord of dance on @diplo’s Revolution this week❗️
Retweeted by Thomas Wesleymy toxic trait is saying "you too" when waiters tell me to enjoy my meal
the hour yesterday when blue check accounts couldnt tweet was the happiest time of my life
I swear you didn’t even know how badly you needed this you gonna find out #GetPaid with Princess Noki…
Retweeted by Thomas Wesleyanyone who says simmer down and oh jeez is legally a dad was gonna be yeehaw 🤠 But rn it feels kinda yeenaw 😰