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as a nerd who grew up obsessing over macs this made me so happy this morning @EssengerMusic @directofficial @DirectOfficial is always trying to win our giveaways, we want to win this one!
Retweeted by presave labyrinth @Monstercat @EssengerMusic oh no i knew this would come back around one day
@directofficial @Monstercat we will send these out next month to two randomly chosen people!
Retweeted by presave labyrinthGIVEAWAY: @DirectOfficial and I giving away two metal plaques featuring the artwork for our upcoming single Labyrin…
Retweeted by presave labyrinthi could watch adam savage talk about anything and would be fully entertained.i took a 2+ hour nap today so i’m going to make it worse by drinking coffee at midnight now
Super excited to announce that my next single Labyrinth (w/ @EssengerMusic) is out on @Monstercat on Feb 25th. Thi…
Retweeted by presave labyrinththe kick can have a little OTT, as a treatI’m not trying to inflict any FOMO, but if you’re in/near LA... this venue is classy af, and I’ve never been so ex…
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If you’re in LA you should go see Matt play and say hi to him. You won’t be disappointed.! Firing up a another super-charged episode of #COTWRadio packed with songs you need to hear! Join us now 🔥🔥…
Retweeted by presave labyrinth👀👀👀 you better here for a preview of Labyrinth! :))╚╩╤╬ LΛ BYRINTH ╬╧╦╗ My new track with @DirectOfficial is out on @Monstercat Feb 25th As a long-time listene…
Retweeted by presave labyrinthi’ve seen a bit of talk about the pomodoro technique in the last couple weeks so i tried it today and it’s been ama… @CloudNoneMusic same 🤔
am i dreaming?
Retweeted by presave labyrinthDuuuuuuuuuude
Retweeted by presave labyrinthSuper excited to announce that my next single Labyrinth (w/ @EssengerMusic) is out on @Monstercat on Feb 25th. Thi…
@redzamusic yes this is it
Just updated my Spotify playlist “Beautiful Chill Music” with a few new tunes that I love. @canofblissmusic thanks man :)i’m partially blaming @ExistStrategy_ for pulling the wrong eggs from fridge. but thanking him for taking this photo.this is the face of a man who cracked open a hard boiled egg thinking it was raw. @SirAchieve PASS the BALL LE the COURT
@AetherAudio I love you dude! I hope we can hang again soon.
stream saturn sent out an email and censored my username. this is all they left
streaming services should have a @patreon type option for listeners to add a couple dollars to their subscription t…
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@tigerhunter69 i absolutely know that feeling. it’s like i’m looking through a fisheye lens or something
how do y’all have the attention spans to watch movies? i always have to eat like 5 pounds of popcorn to make it th… like music can feel faster or slower based on how tired i am...i also feel like fonts look bigger in the morning and smaller at night.
he said “👺👺👺” (feat. @directofficial)
Retweeted by presave labyrinthi hit my goal weight yet still have a double chin 🙄
i can’t believe I bought something that will encourage me to sit for longer periods of time... but huh gamer chairs are very comfortable.
@canofblissmusic krunker is better than tf2, overwatch, and csgosometimes i think “people i respect follow me here i shouldn’t tweet because they might unfollow me and that would…
😤𝟤 . 𝟤 𝟧 . 𝟤 𝟢
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i want the exact tape hiss tone that is throughout Radiohead - Daydreaming. it adds so much to the song. i was an extra in Law & Order: CI but they cut the scene i was in (thankfully).when i was a freshman in high school my parents made me audition for a commercial or something. every once in a wh… spent the whole day listening to caroline polachek - pang over and over again. what a great day it has been.this week a girl just left because she was crying.
@gupimusic i can also send you the build i just made to see if it works on your end. @gupimusic this doesn’t answer your specific question but you can build stepmania on catalina from source and it se… @ari_the_enby @PajoEneo nah it’s not that weird. just mildly annoying @ari_the_enby @PajoEneo i see these like all the timei just ordered a Gamer chair
just out here making some music on my computer @PrimumQuentiam i see quite a few, enough to block my vision at times, but they photographed my optical nerve last… eye floaters are being real annoying today.anyone else wanna watch that lego building show?i don't care i would stomp on '''Baby Nut'' until there is no nut left . d*e!!!!
Retweeted by presave labyrinthhonestly agree. thanks jeb
@canofblissmusic if you need any advice don’t come to me i sucked at it @Dauwpunt not a mastering engineer, but my mastering teacher told me "do no harm." i feel like changing the dynamic… @MWOffisch its difficult for likes to count on a deleted tweetmusic has always been good for remembering specific moments. but it's always crazy to open an old project, hit play… time i take a nap i feel like i jump to a parallel universe where everything is slightly different
@BURNTMOOD absolutely agree
if el*n m*sk gets on a festival line up i'm quitting electronic music @backblaze guys i love your service but whenever it’s backing up it takes 100% CPU of a thread on my machine which… feel so creatively free right now.
I have something special coming for you guys next month with @directofficial...
Retweeted by presave labyrinthadhd bitches have a scarlett audio interface but cant focus rite
Retweeted by presave labyrinth @redzamusic omg
having a lot of fun Making Music
@CloudNoneMusic loner? i barely know her @mattvanmusic @AetherAudio i actually want that now @slightblu @FyrePixel @fabfilter sorry if any of this comes off condescending or weird. I am also just going off my… @slightblu @FyrePixel @fabfilter sorry that was incorrect. I mean that two peaks next to each that both affect the… @slightblu @FyrePixel @fabfilter i used plugindoctor to display the resulting phase (right) and as long as the gain… @slightblu @FyrePixel @fabfilter but those phase changes cancel out and the result should be nearly equivalent to j… @MetalGearEric this has real george w bush energy
@lucancoutts oh my god these are so beautiful. @tunttunen @fabfilter i didn’t even consider using the sidechain function haha @j0DUB i honestly don’t use it as much these days because it can make things sound more dull. but it’s great for ta… @slightblu @FyrePixel @fabfilter just purely the number of filters shouldn’t degrade the sound. the amount of filte… @RogueAmoeba If I send an app to a Loopback device and have that Loopback device monitor through an output SoundSou… @RogueAmoeba I just tried this and the issue I am having is that I’d like to monitor with effects, and record witho…*oeksound soothe2 @duumu this is easier than relearning my muscle memory lolits a long way away but if anyone asks what i want for christmas tell them vulf compressor from goodhertz thanks
Retweeted by presave labyrinthyummy seltzer water @Ephixa @fabfilter Muddymy command key has decided to not work and i can’t bring my mac to apple yet so rate my solution... @tephradubstep @fabfilter idk i clicked a bunchmy use of @fabfilter pro q 3’s dynamic mode is stupid but pretty to look at can’t believe i have a flag in rocket league.
@Nebita i was going to work on music but now I’m going to bed.i just spent all day on one synth patch Help
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it’s so cool to hear @elliegoulding on this new @FourTet tune. her voice is ever implanted in my mind from the earl… @redzamusic @radiohead @thomyorke i need the vocal chain thoughoh my god this is amazing @redzamusic @radiohead @thomyorke @theneedledrop