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Attention @olsonpower sure about thee greatest but if yr looking 4 reduced raga and gimlet drone, then we're def the place… @NAPPYNAPPA Same
OMG. WTF Pre-orders up on @Bandcamp this week at some point. Remastered by Beau Thomas Artwork by Pointless Illust…
Retweeted by DisciplesUH OH! Mississippi Records got bandcamp!!
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Retweeted by DisciplesTomorrow is Monday, and I’m playing a live show on @tubbyskingston IG at 8pm. Check the rad lineup they’ve booked!…
Retweeted by DisciplesA S T V 30/3-2/4 22:00-00:00 Punks of London (and W Mids) bring you live sets, pub quiz, punk/indie/EBM videos, DJ…
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New radio show up. From home. Some content for ya if you need a channel change, break from news, socials, Tiger Man…
Retweeted by Disciples“Washington, DC duo Model Home uphold their hometown’s DIY spirit with One Year, a compilation of their grainy and… studio edition of MIC x NTS tonight 10pm - midnight 👂🏽🌎❤ @NTSlive
Retweeted by Disciples'No Man Is An Island. Truer words were never sung. Especially now. I need to remember that.' This month, a solit…
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Lewsberg’s second album, ‘In This House’ is available today via your favorite streamy service. North American LP e…
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Retweeted by Disciplesthis one is so good - don't sleep on model home!!!
Retweeted by DisciplesDisciples bandcamp still pay-what-you-want on digital until end of the weekend, get in there… THE POPPY STAIRS OF HEAVEN AF Weekly hodgepodge of thoughts & graphics. A true zine collaboration made by cooped-up weirdos like you…
Retweeted by DisciplesWake up people! Don’t sleep on this opportunity, this is the quarantine soundtrack you need!
Retweeted by DisciplesListen back to last week's broadcast on @ResonanceFM . @JJStannard plays @CALSUTMORAN_WDC @dalecornish @depechemode
Retweeted by Disciples🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕 (🙏)
Retweeted by Disciples#busydoinnothin
Retweeted by DisciplesAll The Mirrors In The House and Return To Never albums are pay what u want on bandcamp (one dollar or twenty three…
Retweeted by DisciplesDOLO PERCUSSION - DOLO 5 8 new drum trax - 4 DJ USE - OUT NOW DO YOUR BEAT!
Retweeted by DisciplesAll the digital on our @Bandcamp is still pay-what-you-want until end of the weekend, grab some cornered curveballs… self-isolation Friday! New Iceman Junglist Produktion =
Retweeted by DisciplesAnother magical mix from @noblazoblij ft. Enhet För Fri Musik, @hisnameisalive, Pram, @0PN, My Bloody Valentine, De… it DC
Retweeted by DisciplesD O L O
Retweeted by DisciplesThis 12" is total dynamite MH15 🙇🏿‍♂️🌍☀️💜🕸💫⚡️🐝🤲🏿🔊
Retweeted by Disciples new sounds
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@johnxela That fucking sucks, sorry to hear JohnMICHIGAN RECORD A DAY : The Imaginary Cassette Company Series #2 / Club Of Rome "The Mourning Party"11i
Retweeted by DisciplesOn a total Pascal Comelade kick this week thanks to @Tim_E_Wilson
Down to the last handful of this @hotline_recs zine. Comes with an hour of hotline material on tape (some of which…
Retweeted by Disciples @12XUrecs I worked for ages on this isolation-themed Polka album you utter bastardListen back to my live Dub set for @noodsradio. Listen:
Retweeted by DisciplesFeatured Reissue: The Other People Place - Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café @WarpRecords A…
Retweeted by DisciplesGo to our @YouTube channel to watch the new Best Available Technology video 〰️Bone 2 Brick 🔊
Retweeted by Disciples @cyanidetooth Damn, will be quicker next time! @cyanidetooth Bummer interrupt the regular scheduled Disciples programming to bring you urgent news of new Nate Young jams on Wolf Ey… sound and power by the genius @NAPPYNAPPA | DIY electronics and degraded beats by @Patrick61171776 | Model Hom… Don’t let mans madness driveness yu crazy We want th chicken biscuits een get th extra th gravy GLUTINOUS… tip toe’ng walk’n on eggshells Bouta yolk this game out like spreewell I know yu hear th flow like seashell… meals delicious Ain’t no resolutions made but we hear a lotta critics Guess ets th observations of livin We go’n see en th end’nCorner bend‘ng onna mission Loyalty Should never come at a percentage That’s just love and some trust with some… Charlie and th factory wonder’n heavens gate will I get en I am th holy will like my name was william Du et… bigots half witted Creating mad division Off a minor difference Holmes ain’t waan sell his soul but he… get this thang hotter than a jalapeños Maintain balance so keep et cool like a frigid winter But keep th f… ruin th innocence of ignorance With disparity go’ng off of th henge Keep et stable Christ born en a mange… HOME | GRIP | FOLLOW THREAD IF YOU WANT TO SING ALONG AT HOME trouble en paradise Took a chance like a pai… new VON LMO documentary about to stream.
Retweeted by Disciples'Return to Never transports us to our own teenaged late nights alone' A beautiful review + interview in…
Retweeted by Disciples😎😎
Retweeted by Disciplesoooh another His Name Is Alive home recordings album
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Pretty groovy SPIN AGE BLASTERS coming at you in a few hours on @WFMU. Lotsa overlooked post-punk from the 1980s,…
Retweeted by DisciplesI'll be streaming and steaming on Thursday night about 8ish. Hold onto your Di'd acoustic guitars and yer goatees!…
Retweeted by Discipleshello. we have managed to move the entire shop in to the G10 house, so we are still being able to ship online order…
Retweeted by Disciples @Tim_E_Wilson This is great @richard_king Loved this book
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@Budgetcuts4 It’s definitely kids before mixtapes! @the_brogues I need to get the 7”! Most of his stuff is pretty cheap on discogs I think, he’s really overlooked @the_brogues That whole mini-LP is so great, primitive electronics in dubToday's obsession: Eric Random "Fade In" (New Hormones, 1980)
Retweeted by DisciplesScrub away scrub away scrub away. X Ray Spex, Smash Hits, '78
Retweeted by Disciples @Frenchrocksmplr @salyujoe @incapatm Thanks Warren, that's tonight's isolation movie sorted As Loud As Possible 만든 Incapacitants의 다큐멘터리도 있네
Retweeted by Disciples @XeaglepissX @hippriest Just realised how much that last tweet sounds like a Half Man Half Biscuit lyric @XeaglepissX @hippriest I have a very low prog threshold but find "Dragon Flight" by Savoury Duck oddly compelling.
Retweeted by DisciplesWell what's this then? you into 69’s ‘Desire’? DJ Screw? Nearly God? John T Gast? Breadwoman? you need this pearl t…
Retweeted by Disciples- COMPETITION - To celebrate the announcement of Home Model's 'One Year', we are giving away special edition hands…
Retweeted by Disciples @XeaglepissX @hippriest This one is the opposite end of their catalogue to Vannier, total rockers (and admittedly a…’ai assemblé ces quelques morceaux l’autre jour. On s’en fout un peu, mais bon, si ça vous dit je vous mets le tra…
Retweeted by DisciplesHad a little chat about music / history / industry / contemporary issues with @punkmarx for this excellent monthly…
Retweeted by DisciplesMo-Dettes - WHITE MICE - RARE VIDEO via @YouTube
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2020 trakMARX - March - Isolationists International (IA) - featuring I/V with Ossia @OssiaOssia
Retweeted by Disciplesunpeel slowly and see
Retweeted by DisciplesSo, we spent a bit of time deciding how we can help ourselves whilst the shop will be closed while we all social di…
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NAPPYNAPPA MERCH 4 YOU GUYS 2 ROCK NOT THESE 2 ITEMS BUT YE HMU 💜☀️⚡️🕸💫🌍 moor nu music next month 🙇🏿‍♂️🤲🏿🐝
Retweeted by DisciplesMuch of today was spent hammering new/exclusive Bandcamp releases by artists I rep via @asragency on IG – please sc…
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LAFFS & DANGER, my comedy & horror record label is on Bandcamp. I recommend the AARON DILLOWAY & JIM MORRISON tape…
Retweeted by Disciples100% of payments go to musicians on Bandcamp today, we’re all freelance in case you’d like to buy some weird music
Retweeted by DisciplesLive streams from Cafe OTO this weekend each night at 8.30pm. Spread the word! Friday: Alexander Hawkins / Matt Wr…
Retweeted by Disciplesall $ generated from my personal bandcamp will be going directly to low income/shelter less families impacted by sc…
Retweeted by DisciplesConey Island Ice Cream Techno Series: Part 2 / パート2 'MOONBAY/PS3' out today! Second in a series of new tracks over…
Retweeted by DisciplesYou can get the whole FT discography for the very low! Enjoy the tunes :)
Retweeted by Disciples @hellotaraquinn Ah damn, that’s one of my favourite pubs in the whole worldyou've heard that the generous folks at @Bandcamp are waiving their fee today - i made an EP for the occasion, 'Hor…
Retweeted by Disciples @hisnameisalive This Shells stuff is so greatthese are great, I love Shells
Retweeted by Disciplescouple weird albums here if u wanna check em out, whatevers cool, u can listen for free too
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Retweeted by DisciplesSelections from Warp HQ for today's waived revenue share on @bandcamp
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