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This “Matrix” film. It’s just. This scenario, with robots. As President. I will keep this from happening.
Retweeted by Bijou Drains▫️ MY SON CHRIS WAS SHOT AND KILLED IN ISLA VISTA, CA IN 2014. I voted for @JoeBiden ... because he has prioriti…
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If you need assistance, look here @KellyannePolls Sure "Anonymous"Wanna watch Superbad with me, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Bill Hader and MORE?? Well, you’re in luck!
Retweeted by Bijou Drainshe’s fine just doing a little krokodil
Retweeted by Bijou DrainsIn better news, with the help of my collective, Molasses Chicago I’m launching the Trans Self Defense Series starti…
Retweeted by Bijou DrainsFact check: Migrant children separated by the Trump administration during Zero Tolerance came with their families,…
Retweeted by Bijou Drains @JasonMillerinDC @realDonaldTrump @POTUS How much are you stealing from the campaign like Parscale? @TheOnlyDetox The word is that it's some cheap ass stuff called "Bronx Colors". No I am not making that up. @FloridaManly Let's build a time machine. @chrissteinplays We need Shelley Hack to corral him off stage.Back to talking my shit 💀💀💯
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@hfmuddjr @seanspicer @realDonaldTrump @JoeBiden Hold down a regular job apparentlyGonna post the pilot of @SadoPsychShow #sadopsychiatrist on my YouTube for Halloween! Stay tuned for details!
Retweeted by Bijou Drains @mikeymusto Even if he was, his body count ain't nowhere near Tr*mp's.Hey trans sibs. If you are are experiencing difficulties voting because of your ID or whatever bs reason please cal…
Retweeted by Bijou Drains @golikehellmachi When he thrusts that lower jaw out, you know he's stressed af. @opulence_black @uneedashanita @Pillsbury I'm still seeing them over on the east coast. @_iamalterego_ @abhora_sucks @JSJdarling He was shitty to Edie and alternately mocked her and froze her out.Trump’s Director of National Intelligence is a partisan hack.
Retweeted by Bijou Drains @robintran04 Well she is cute
@GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump Ronald McDonald is gonna be yeeted out of her job on November 4th @chrissteinplays Too old for him.Louis was used to getting up for his morning walk at 10. But the schedule has changed and morning walk time is now…
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@abhora_sucks @coldslutsonfire Hear me out: it should be animated.We're never returning to normal. We're building something new.
Retweeted by Bijou Drains @Liz_Wheeler Sounds awesome @UweBollocks I spy William Marshall over there. God bless that man who was Blacula, Dr. Daystrom, and the Original King Cartoon. @MrCamW The Cabin in the Woods @BeardOfRiker @DWUhlfelderLaw We have nothing. I walked away from 28+ years in my district because we were given n… @BostonSue72 @DWUhlfelderLaw And Jared Kushner graduated from Harvard. The Ivy League is a scam. @BeardOfRiker @DWUhlfelderLaw They've shut down an elementary and a high school in my county. And quarantined the… @JoeBiden ON BRO WE TALKING GOOD SH!T TODAY 🔊😤😤
Retweeted by Bijou Drains @mitty1376 @mercifuln8 @CBNNews He looks like Jeff Sessions got into Mr. Burns's skull-expanding brain tonic.wanna feel old? look in the mirror ya fuckin. fuckin dinosaur. haha old ass bitch
Retweeted by Bijou DrainsRT if you agree: We must expand Medicaid in Mississippi.
Retweeted by Bijou Drains @ParkerMolloy The same newspaper that published a picture of John Lennon's corpse on the front page? @JenKirkman Yep. Saving "crab rave" for another day.not wearing them like that no
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Alright listen. The man vows to, and this is real, "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'." It stands to reason, this singular goa…
Retweeted by Bijou Drains @PaulaDunnBrown1 Rick Scott and Marco Rubio. What do I win? @blainecapatch The camo bedspread is...well..."Who had the greatest lipsync of all time?" The Pope:
Retweeted by Bijou Drains @GwenGraham @GovRonDeSantis We were never even given a choice. We just have to navigate this Pandemic by ourselves… @GeoRebekah These guys' TLs are ...a lot. And academics sharing Daily Fail links? Okaaaaay... @FrankConniff @MJMcKean OMG they included 1941!!!!Gang can we, as a nation, cool it
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@pattonoswalt @JoeBiden Since 'Sabotage' is canon, Joe Biden is now part of the Star Trek Universe. @ChuckGrassley but u can take an electric car u know where @TheDarbyLynn @kirstiealley We preferred Robin Curtis as Saavik too. @shaylakraze @TrumpWarRoom LOL if he's smart, witness protection. @TrumpWarRoom Like how Bradley Parscale tried to '86' his wife?In pursuit of herd immunity, ⁦@GovRonDeSantis⁩ is willing to sacrifice Florida’s seniors. Seniors know the truth,…
Retweeted by Bijou Drains @danagould Nothing says delicious cereal like the spectre of Peter Lorre. @mitty1376 @kirstiealley There is only one Saavik. edited TRUMP into the WAP video and it's 😂😂😂💯💯💯👍
Retweeted by Bijou Drains @MSignorile We don't have the ability to recall a governor but if we did, he would've been out on his ass before summer. @kayleighmcenany @realDonaldTrump This is my company's data. You're wrong. Republicans are just cannibalizing their…
Retweeted by Bijou DrainsFree COVID-19 tests. Free COVID-19 treatment. Free COVID-19 vaccines. No exceptions.
Retweeted by Bijou DrainsYour regular reminder that a corgi crossed with any other breed just ends up looking like a corgi disguised as the…
Retweeted by Bijou Drains @JuddApatow Hell, Robyn Curtis was better than Kirstie. @SWAtlasHoover Reporting this psychotic shit @TwitterSafety @ChuckWendig Someone gave my 9-year old stepson a 5-Hour Energy Drink one year and my husband winged at the side of their house.
I am the Governor's Deputy Digital Director. I see everything that is said about and to her online. Every single…
Retweeted by Bijou Drains @DWUhlfelderLaw It's taken a physical and emotional toll him. Good. @Ryan0666 @marcmaron Me to JFK Jr today @PamBondi @TeamTrump @WomenforTrump Don't get COVID PatUkanipo.
Retweeted by Bijou DrainsDang, you made it to October 2020. You're a whole lot stronger than you probably thought you were.
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Retweeted by Bijou Drains🎃 Trick or treat 🎃 Thank you for being a (ghoul)friend. Get your tickets now and save 20% !…
Retweeted by Bijou DrainsMade it on Fox News for my Kanye and Kourtney tweet 😂 The amount of idiots bashing me and defending them is astound…
Retweeted by Bijou Drains @JoshCrewsReally Extreme, Orlando FLBobcat Goldthwait, Laraine Newman, Bob Odenkirk, Dana Gould, Maria Bamford, Baron Vaughn and More to Perform Plan 9…
Retweeted by Bijou Drains @AnandWrites Pretty sure "Perdue" means "Raw Chicken Teeming with e-Coli"Let's go Brevard! Complete your ballot & get it in!!!
Retweeted by Bijou Drains#COVID19 Shit is about to hit the Fan . #publichealth told us get our shit together before Flu Season . People lis…
Retweeted by Bijou Drains @nemesislacroix ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ @HamillHimself @PhilEhr LOL Matt Gaetz is having a bad day.
@kibblesmith LOL what a day for Matt. Luke Skywalker literally hates him and Trump forgot his name.Donate today to help me defeat... Rick Gates:
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Retweeted by Bijou Drains @nikkifried If we had the ability to recall a governor, DeSantis would be trying to navigate the unemployment site by now. @golikehellmachi Florida is The Bad Place. @golikehellmachi It's what DeSantis deserves. We really need the ability down here to recall a governor. If we'd… @GeoRebekah @AndrewSolender @DWUhlfelderLaw LOL I want a live video feed tight shot of DeSantis's face during election night.Y’all me must’ve missed the “progressive Democrat” part. Delete this and F off.
Retweeted by Bijou Drainshow it started how it ended
Retweeted by Bijou Drains @seerubyfalls @kenklippenstein I know some amazing college teachers. @boobarrymore That browbone highlight--i can't stop looking at it @blainecapatch For a moment I got confused and thought you were talking about Arnold Ziffle, but he would've been P… @JoeBiden town tall feels like watching Walter Cronkite anchoring the news. It feels like Robert Osborne intro…
Retweeted by Bijou Drainsflippin between town halls like
Retweeted by Bijou DrainsSo just so I follow this story: Hunter Biden, who lives in Los Angeles, decides to fly 3000 miles across country,…
Retweeted by Bijou Drains @AnnaForFlorida @HamillHimself He once liked a reply I made to another account and I lost my mind.
everybody thought they got suspended for saying that thing
Retweeted by Bijou Drains @mitty1376 @JasonMillerinDC Hunter looking like a fucking Zaddy while Jason looks like a meatball with a consultancyHere is the info you will need to #BoycottNBC @comcast Do not forget #PhilGriffin and @cesarconde_ Please #RT
Retweeted by Bijou Drains#NBCBlackout
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