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@CoyoteS03367210 Try the steps in this article! @LockeTrufeld I see. Could you send in a ticket describing the issue and include your device type, OS version, and… @better_ruerue Please try reinstalling following these steps!: @JustEmmaGD Be sure to make a post or upvote your suggestion on our Feedback page right over here!: @LockeTrufeld Oh no! Is your status set on "Do Not Disturb," by chance? Does this happen for all servers and DM's?… @oluwa_tobey That's an interesting idea and I can definitely see how it could be useful! If you'd like to share you… @elemtcraft97 ¡Disculpas sinceras por el problema! Nuestro equipo está al tanto de este problema y está trabajando… @BERSERK2901 @jayvains Genuine apologies for the trouble! Our team is aware of this issue and working to resolve th… @franciscoses16 Dang, well thank you for giving that a shot. An update from our end is that our team is aware and i… @Bassote97 Sorry for the trouble! Do you mind sharing who your internet provider is via a Direct Message with us? @SchulzeReyes So sorry! Do you mind DMing us and sharing your ISP information to help us investigate? @Farzian_The_Fox Dang! Sorry about that! Do you mind DMing us your ISP information? @GustavoGQueiroz Oh no! Can you try and reinstalling following this guide here? Also, be s… @jayvains So sorry! Are you still unable to connect? @franciscoses16 So sorry for the trouble! Does swapping the server and/or call voice region seem to help at all? @iceetw2 So sorry for the trouble! Does swapping the server region of your call/server help at all? @Farzian_The_Fox So sorry for the trouble! Can you go to this link here and direct message us the result of this te… @Aelvir_ Oh my! If you haven't already, please report this user to our Trust and Safety team following this guide h…
@MontereyAq @NZXT @jonnebook Oi! Experimente abrir seu navegador numa aba anônima e siga com estes passos: @deathcasterX 👍 @freezerbox1 Sorry for any trouble with that! We wanted to make sure you didn't miss it because it's a settings set… @DANNYonPC @Rentedsnow40 @LittleKidHBK @Aaaazif @Menakkee @TGDefinition It's almost overwhaleming how whalesome this is! @Justan0th3rus3r ✌️🤗 @Justan0th3rus3r Wumpus birthday is Discord's release day! @JustAShay2 Whale... maybe @JustAShay2 :3 @rkygamer So whales are not big? @JustAShay2 Discord? @SharnicaN Thanks for writing in to us! On Twitter we can't help you with account related issues. Maybe our support… @hectticc and a BIG one :) @plmlourelin So the average whale size is 1 whale? K. @Dawngrove14 I am merely speaking the truth @stormyysg woot? @SamukanFirr I saw a whale on time and it was way too big just trust me on this one @SolarionFX Never 🤗 @Jinzle_ ✌️😎 @Jinzle_ @CaptainTypho13 heyoooooooooo @SmallSpoooon Cursed thought @rkygamer whales @aersify Whale IDK. @Cala_aa How big do you want them to be? @leahdb98 🐳 @Not_Ramu03 The last thing we need in 2020 is ROUS @ThisLex 😎 @MaenoShounen Sorry :( You're right. @TheDragonHat ouch @FlameyHeart I've heard they're quite the party mammal @pigBTW Why do they need to be so big tho??? @snoomr Absolute u n i t @DANNYonPC i see whale you did there... wait does that work? lul @GrizzlyPlays things.whales are way too BIG @rockkdev For security and privacy reasons, we’re not able to discuss account details or ban appeals from here. Cou… @x_Ferris_x Could you please share this suggestion on our Feedback site?: @katiec16__ Heck, sorry about that. Can you try out these steps here and see if they help at all?:… @deathcasterX You should be able to leave a server by right-clicking on the server icon on the left > Leave Server.… @EK_800 I'll pass this suggestion along :D sorry you're missing these factoids @spammantha These are awesome suggestions! Could you please vote up or post these DM ideas on our Feedback site?: @AniketKumar5703 <3 @KingBaldi I'm so sorry to hear about this. Could you please take a moment to report this user to our Trust and Saf… @Tidge24 Uh oh. Try reinstalling following these steps!: @Aries091 That's fantastic! I'm so glad Discord could help you stay connected with your family! @Real_Willia Our engineers are aware of this issue with statuses not staying on the mobile app and are pushing out… @teflorator Could you send over a ticket to our support team with the details so they can check into this? Apologie… @teflorator I'm so sorry about that. Does this same issue persist across all clients, like web, mobile and desktop,… @ProjectWombat Sorry about the trouble! Can you try making sure all other instances of Discord are closed in your T…
@garflungus Uh oh! Hmm can you try reinstalling Discord and toggling battery saving mode and wifi to see if that he… @MostNames I'm really sorry to hear you had this type of experience. Could you please send what you can to our team… @Antharuu That's an interesting idea and I can definitely see how it could be fun! If you'd like to share your idea… @AngelzGaming Oh no, I'm really sorry about that. Could you ask him to try swapping his DNS @SwiftlyWerehog Oh no, that's no fun. Have you tried completely reinstalling and swapping your DNS? Steps on how to… @_recklesssmurf No problem at all! Hope you have a lovely day/evening! @_recklesssmurf I apologize for the hassle, but yes, they will reset upon logging out. If you have any feedback, be… @famossu Woah, that's strange! Does that happen with embeds from multiple sites or just that one specifically? And… @otpornick I'm truly sorry about that. For help with your login issue, please reach out to our support team directl… @KandeeCane You can gift it to a friend who has never subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass before! More information on… @KandeeCane Sorry for the confusion! The Xbox Game Pass promotion is only for new subscribers who have never subscr… @m1cr0server @NachopkeStudio Can you reach out to our support team so they can look into this issue further?: @primalminds Give your idea a vote on our feedback page!: Feedback has a huge impact on th… @Namavoid Can you try completely restarting you app to see if that helps? If you continue to have connection issues… @jeffhollan @catcel2 Thanks for making us aware! You can directly report these situations with all of the details to our Trust… @TbXie New location = new IP. That's a thing for accounts security. Sorry if that's inconvenient, you can enable 2FA instead.
@TbXie If you don't want to enable 2FA, you will need to verify logins from new IP addresses. And if you want to ma… @Bluemitch81 ✌️😎 @spoopwave Thanks for reaching out! Uh! Please make sure to check out our feedback page and vote it up there: @DeathOfFlames23 Can you give me some more details regarding the lagginess? Are you having problems on mobile, desk… @nbchihiro Sorry about that and thanks for the screenshot! Can you please give these steps for a clean reinstallati… @FazeMiguelf Thanks for reaching out! That's an awesome idea and I can see that be a nice feature! Please make sure… @rgnstreamer Awwww, thank you <3 @SirTweetsANot We are always trying to help where we can! You can directly report these situations with all of the… @pix_plush Welp, that ain't right. Can you try disabling the H.264 Hardware Acceleration feature in your User Setti… @AwesomeEman That sounds really cool indeed! If you haven't yet, be sure to post/upvote that on our Feedback page: @IRGRL I'm sorry to hear that! Please reach out to Microsoft's support team so they can investigate!… @TB5610 I'm so sorry about this. Could you please take a moment to report this bot to our Trust and Safety team? Pl… @NZXT @NZXT pretty shook ngl