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@progamingandvl Please report this user to our TnS team so they can investigate this matter: @JustRed23 Alexa, play... @pzcomposer ⚔️Time for an Adventure!⚔️ @frogglethefrog They're jamming out! @electroplazma idk, can you? @fl0werclub @bloo_heart i do indeed like future bass @Nupawru That's correct! That's something on their end: @cness_50b Hi there! What issue are you running into with our sound capture? @Mothsora This is kinda funky! I like it @ShaunRyken It's like putting your ear to a seashell only it's chips. @skigh9 Unfortunately, you'll need to contact our team here about that: @HawkyVR @AllTimeKerys And check out this article from our support center on what you can do to report spam/giveawa… @Studiolo_ Nothing official at this time unfortunately! Our team is still reviewing the program and how they'd like… @xMinzu Now that's what I call lofi hip hop - beats to relax/study to 💖 @zakawagoe @unfiltered_MEME Hi there! Sorry for the hassle with this issue. If you'd like to report a bug to our team, it'd be… @MCProHosting "Never Dig Straight Down" new EP? @Doktor_Nein @Dialga22239 Seeing someone promote their friend's music is so dang beautiful 😭 @JoesToasty I need those pants @mQp_LoL Looks fake to me. Please report it to our TnS team: @iqbal122641 never gonna let you down 🎶 @teehaychzee This is amazing!! I work to music like this every day, so I might need to add it to the list ;) @LostTimeLordTV <3 @csistone I mean sure, why not! :D @LostTimeLordTV Y'all are good!! @it_daniel_d 🤗💖 @luvdiic I'm truly sorry that you had to experience this. Could you please report this user to our Trust and Safety… @LTJ81 @hatelucki Lofi vibes ~ 💙 @NZXT YO THIS SLAPS @Abraham03676009 Worth it tbh @fusume_rkk We're always open to suggestions! :D Could you please upvote these ideas on our feedback site?: @Vladone_06 Oh no, sorry for the video call slowness on mobile! Can you try switching from a WiFi to Data connecti… @admir146 Well luckily we've got some amazing music already being posted here! Definitely worth checking them out :D @voicemod 💖 @lennynotbruce @ryguyishere @FluffyStripes shoutout to @omniboi for the tunes! @clash_not lofi hip anime beats chill music be boppin' @jack_p I'll be sure to forward that feedback to our team! @cark_irl know there's a lot of you making music over discord so drop your soundcloud links below and we'll create a 𝒗𝒆𝒓… @neoutron1 You can report these users to our T&S team by following the steps here: @Darkybunny1 Oh no! I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Could you submit a ticket at so that o… @ChairmanMeow_11 Hi there! If there is a violation to our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, you can direct… @Something_Kinky You can directly report these situations with all of the details to our Trust and Safety team at… @MoosseyArt Can you send in a ticket to our support team so they can help you with this issue?: @_s0ftxe_weeb Can you submit a ticket to our support team so they can help you with this issue?: @Otaku_Frio Infelizmente, não é mais possível sincronizar contas League of Legends ao Discord.
@thisBrettHall Hi there! Thanks for the suggestion and the ❤️❤️❤️! If you'd like to see it don't forget to also v… @heyitsbrilopez @iamcindychu Thank you for providing what information you could. I'll let our Trust and Safety team… @iamcindychu @heyitsbrilopez If you haven't submitted a report before, this guide can help walk you through the pro… @iamcindychu @heyitsbrilopez Hey, to verify content in-app (messages/images etc.) our Trust and Safety needs a mess… @Smirky_16 @Twitch Congratulations on the two years!!!!✨💙😊 @iamcindychu I'm sorry to hear about the situation. Our team can help with investigating, can you report this to ou… @jaramillo58gma1 Puedes registrarte en este enlace: o desde la aplicación para móviles. ^^ @JamesDoesALot That's a pretty great ideal! Give your idea a vote on our feedback page!: F… @hypittio Are you still experiencing connection issues? Also are you on mobile or the desktop client? @retr0ali Can you try to reconnect your Twitch with your Discord following these steps?: I… @AstrAnime This is a scam. You can directly report these situations with all of the details to our Trust and Safety… @Ray_Barnhart Hello! I'm sorry to hear about the connection issues. Just to check if you try testing a different ne… @CptWeeab0o (♡˙︶˙♡) Thank you! @1ukiii Then you didn't win :(
@CalebeDuarteYT Olá! Você poderia enviar uma mensagem para o nosso suporte explicando exatamente o que está acontec… @ClayWitch Try disabling any antivirus/security programs you might have running to see if that helps. Also, can you… @GFuchsi Wir können leider keinen Support für Bots anbieten, da Bots von unseren Nutzern gemacht werden. Du kannst… @SuperFire92 (´• ω •`) ♡ @CptWeeab0o Uh oh, well then. It was nice to have you on our platform :( @mooseman1103 (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ @Tyncci Happy Birthday!!!! 。.:☆*:・'(*⌒―⌒*))) @DoramixG Can you see if swapping your DNS helps at all? @Sami_Bacha_ @StarrehWyd So sorry for the trouble! Does this still happen after resetting your voice settings at the bottom of the Voice & Video tab? @DC_BleakHeaven (≧◡≦) @mrjcdavey Naaaaaawwwww ♡( ◡‿◡ ) So are you! @Sami_Bacha_ Sure thing! @RebeccaBarUX We gotchu 👊 @BKeyOn92 ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ @Skyroaw_TV Thanks for the input! If you'd like to see some audio tweaks implemented for the next update, make sure… @OP_Amqerica_ Sorry about that! Our engineering team tried to get this fixed asap but it might take a few minutes u… @IrritatedGoat It's not :( @BKeyOn92 Did you ever not have our love? <3 @ClayWitch See if swapping your DNS helps at all! @RohitJagasia1 Please report this to our TnS team so they can investigate this matter: @notproxyz So sorry about that! Wumpus and the team are working to get it fixed as soon as possible. @Wentrupie Sorry for the trouble! Our team is aware of the connection issues and working on a fix. We'll try to get this resolved asap. @Lman92584489 Winner! @grape_helmet That's on us, sorry! We're working on getting that resolved ASAP @BlueLampShadenl No. @TonsOfProtons Right?? <3 @Lols92517261 If you're an owner or admin of that server, contact our Support team including the server ID number s… @smokiepokie21 ok @normal_squid Sorry for the trouble! Our team is looking into it now @Fares199815 Sorry about that! We have a small issue with the API right now but it's about to recover so it should be good in a few! @outdateddnz ⊂(▀¯▀⊂) @RBannons Hi! Apologies for the connection issues! We've notified our team and they're taking a look at the problem… @edyyyOwO Discord runs this account :3 (we are many) @Anberal_Linone paper! @nicoleroni_ :( Sorry to let you down.