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@Antogames97 We're working on getting this patched up! Sorry for the trouble @Aeowin_ On it @Kamme_Sennin We're working on getting this cleared up ASAP! Sorry for all the trouble @MCillern Poop is healthy, don't worry. This image loading issue however, is not healthy. We're looking into it though! @Dude95Aviation Sorry for the trouble! We're looking into it @ragingturtleyt We're on it! @TrueKayaTheDeer We are aware of this, sorry! Looking into getting it fixed ASAP @MKfcguy We're working on getting this fixed ASAP! @ArgentinaTrt Apologies for the image upload troubles! We've identified the issue and are in the process of rolling… @JUNIUS_64 Awesome!!!!!!! I'm glad that did the trick! 💖 @GirlaPH1 Hi! We're already looking into the problem! Sorry for the hassle! @amazing_ant_man That's on us! We're looking to get it fixed as quickly as we can though. Thanks for the patience! @mahmxd Sorry for the trouble! We're rolling out a fix for this issue that should resolve things before too long! @FlexKamui We're looking to get this cleared up ASAP @iphqn Apologies for the trouble! We've got a fix out for the image loading issue and things should be recovering soon! @Conjured_Viper Sorry for the trouble! We're looking into getting this fixed ASAP @RynoRangerGames Unfortunately yes! 😥 We've got a fix out for the issue, but now there's a large backlog of images… @Xsimon47 Yikes! Sorry for the continued trouble with this! We're looking into the problem and should have a fix soon! @Failboat103 NOT EVEN ONCE. @LGamer02 We're looking into getting this fixed ASAP. Sorry for the trouble @CrazyBird1329 @Failboat103 No uuuuuuuuu @That1975Bush We are having some issues on our end, but are working on getting them resolved as quickly as possible @D4RKJ4CK_ @Failboat103 Weeeeeeeeee @Failboat103 're currently investigating an issue with the YouTube Integration on our side of things! Sorry for the… @Failboat103 Hello! We @jamesraiken Hey! Thanks for making the suggestion! 😊 If you get the chance I'd also recommend voting up/ sharing… @CATO_0001 Hello! Sorry for the hassle with images/emojis loading - we're looking into the issue and are working on a fix! @PoudlardUser Hello! Unfortunately our partner applications have been closed while our team updates things on our s… @jankiehands Are you referring to using video chat within a server? If so, that feature is not available, and was a… @OfficialAgent8 Hi there! Sorry for the image loading issues! Our team has been notified and we're working on patching things up! @xomichael_ We are indeed! Sorry for the trouble in the meantime @ADudeCalledLeo We're on it! @online_hayden We're looking into this issue as we speak @MislyDev Our team is working on getting this resolved ASAP @DreamyWinwin That's on our side of things! Apologies for the hassle, but we should have a fix before too long! @439bananas We do! Our team is investigating this now @Foolgerr Does swapping your DNS help at all? To do that properly, check out this article: @PoudlardUser Can you please contact our Support team and let them know what's going on here? @JUNIUS_64 Does this client work for you?: @Death2you972 Yup, that's on us! Sorry @JUNIUS_64 Are you sure you ended all Discord processes in your Task Manager? Sometimes there can be up to 6 runnin… @damnmattsucks Should we leave it like that then? OK but srsly, we are looking into this. Sorry! @ViolaFury Our team is working on getting this resolved ASAP. I appreciate your patience in the meantime! :) @ThermiiWermii We're looking into this now! Sorry for all the trouble in the meantime @OBV10U3_NINJA Sorry about this! Our engineering team has been looking into the errors and are working towards a solution! 🙏 @HangarOfPuppets Sorry for the upload issues! We're aware and are working on pushing out a fix asap! @outer110 Uh oh! Apologies for the trouble here! We're experiencing some problems with images on the app. Our team… @OutstandingSDW_ That's on us, sorry! Our team is looking into it now @slord399 Hi there! This is currently a known issue with images that we're working to resolve! We aim to have a fix for it soon! @jaden550_ Hello! I appreciate you sharing your feedback regarding this update to video calls. There aren't any imm… @A7U14 👍 @Mantia Weird! If you try this from another browser does the same happen? @A7U14 Hi! It'll be alright! Could you give the steps in this guide a try?: ( First end all… @Demon_Legion101 Hi!!! Unfortunately images on the app are having a poopy day (okay bad joke sorry). Our engineers… @xahldera Yup, we're aware and investigating! Sorry for the hassle with images in the meantime! @emiika9 Sorry about the upload issues! There's some trouble with the stuff we use for loading images. We're workin… @iiVast 👍 @ImRodry_ Hey there! Yup, this is currently a known issue with images that we're working on a fix for! Apologies fo… @batattackk Hi there! Can you try refreshing your client with Ctrl + R to see if that fixes things? @iiVast Apologies! We're aware and are currently working on a fix! @koopahunter197 Sorry for the hassle here! There's an issue with images loading properly when uploaded onto the app… @The_BrosYT Hey there! Animated server icons should only animate while you have that server in focus/ are hovering… @omneyu Hi there, this is a currently a known issue that our team is working to resolve! Apologies for the hassle the meantime! @fuchsiarascal Hello! Unfortunately we're having some trouble with loading images at the moment. Our team is alread… @Mantia Hmm, are you logged into your Discord account there? @Kiingtong Thank you for the clarification! As a heads up, server-wide screen share was never officially released f… @zemacplayer Sorry for this! Our engineers are taking a look at the YouTube Integration to see what's up. @CreamyBadness Sorry for the image issues here! Our team has been notified and we're looking for a fix! @OMG_RBX Apologies for the upload troubles! Our team is aware of this issue and is currently investigating! Hopefully we have a fix soon! @smughatkid1 Sorry for the trouble! Are you seeing this over all clients (web, mobile, desktop)? Could you try refr… @Kiingtong Hey there! I'm sorry for the trouble! Do you no longer see the option to screen share in a DM voice call… @Mantia Thanks for the suggestion! If you get the chance could you also vote up the idea on our page here?: @JUNIUS_64 Yikes! Sorry for the client troubles. Could you give the app a fresh install by following this guide her… @dr_fergenstein Apologies for the long delay here! By any chance, are you using a laptop with this Marantz Webcam tower? @PolygaNom Thank you for the kind praise!!!💖 @tenthousanddre1 Happy to hear the app is useful for you!😁👍 @JoeGosh_ 😁👍 Happy to help! @Lex57694596 So sorry if your having phone verification issues! Please reach out to our team here with the number y… @gushimself Sorry to hear you're having quality issues! If you've ruled out your connection being the issue, reach… @xSonku @M37B Thank you for taking the time to write in. I'm sorry for the trouble that this has caused for you. Ou… @JuanBan19540468 Options for hiding custom statuses could be really useful! Vote and suggest your ideas here: @FreyjaErlings Great suggestion! Vote it up on and we'll see what we can do to make it happen. @TrashyToni When that happens, try changing your server region and see if that helps things. @HoodlumKatieUK Hey there! Can you please give the suggestions listed here a try?: If those… @emma418311 I'm sorry to hear about this! Our support team will get back to you asap. Please make sure you respond… @_auttyalt Logging into the account from the browser or desktop client will renable the account. @AlexZwitscher Unfortunately, we're unable to remove the 2FA from your account. Please try the steps outlined here: @Arkl1te Anything is possible! Make sure you submit the suggestion over here: @CapitalGamingCC We appreciate the interest, but there's currently no update on when applications will be open. Sorry about that! @Donsch_377 Could suggest it over here if you waaaaanted to: @iroxxesport @DiscordHelpNet If you had the monthly subscription and upgraded to yearly, your payment for the upgra… @clouto_ken Please send us a ticket here with the server ID so we can look into it: @Donttagmeback If Clyde Bot's message didn't help, you can reply to the ticket for further assistance. Someone from… @tyrone_lyon You can submit reports for violations of our ToS here: @Darrell36329380 Uh oh! Submit a ticket here and we can look into this for you: @RageMan64 You can definitely make a bug report if you've got some info!: @dhfbrjtj You can renable the account by logging in from browser/desktop client. @KalaRaee ❤️ @Artem48831957 You will need to reach out to the Trust & Safety team for assistance with your account. Please send… @missmani09 Glad to hear that you all had fun! 😊