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Gracie, my 10 year old Yorkshire Terrier, is having her teeth pulled tomorrow while under the effects of anesthesia… @ignHayylie This mindset is a hell of a lot better, and probably more accurate, than thinking it’s the other way around :) @IGNoPack @Thuntree That’s him alright @Thuntree It will be worth the struggle once your arms are too big to fit through doorways. @Thuntree Getting them massive muscles?Presented my dad with a Ridge Wallet as a late gift for Father's Day and his reaction may be the most expressive I'… @virmaah Happy birthday you massive gentleman @lodliee @sadwadis I pray the first half of that handle goes away sometime soon <3
Got to the gym for the first time in ages, gonna try and make it there daily @duuppy @ignFastMouse You could but I think we’re all in agreement here that HP is a good distance above Villa on t… @lodliee Do you have a priv tho? Cuz I’m not aware of it. @duuppy @ignFastMouse Was about to ask if you were gonna redo this one but I guess that’s my answer. @virmaah @Pikaclicks @Siphano Very large vouch @LiquoMC That’ll do it more often than not nowadays :/ @MineProWes Hello Wes :] @PloYama that's the idea ;) @EyEyChill Congratulations mate! Hope the future treats you as kindly as you treat this community with your work :] @kratoast_nate > : [ @kratoast_nate I'm scared of you you retweeted Amouranth“I’ve killed 240,155 people.” @mqdusalive I call this TALENT!
Hypixel is now open to players with ranks! Expect downtime and reboots. (Read image for everything time based on…
Retweeted by DiscoZomboss @kratoast_nate @Iauriii You retweeted Amouranth, they’re wise @Iauriii An excuse to get outside and to see a friend. I’d do it @dilfgia meant to reply to this sooner but good lord I hope that passes quickly. Very glad you're alright altogether tho.
@Horus_The_Local G FREAKIN’ G HORUS!!
Retweeted by DiscoZomboss @virmaah Think he still deserves some appreciation in these troubled times give how many people have now received centuries of ++Lotta people concerned about the Delivery Man but nobody bringing up this guy 🙏🏽 @mqdusalive SHE KNOWS LOTR YESSS @ignShroam it often doesn't, but it CAN. Timezones and a lack of understanding the person compared to what you can… @LilyButPriv holding you to it ;p @LilyButPriv seems like the exact same outcome as last time :pensive: @virmaah hard to believe I've known this man for about a year at this point. Sadly I don't have any ideas for ye :( @ignHayylie Hell yeah we love to see it :)
As much as I struggle with understanding the network's decisions at times, I can't help but have an immense amount… @ignMetro I'ma take that as a compliment then @ignMetro how is that mad D: I leave it to other people to decide if I post something worth appreciating, not me. @ignMetro by all means go through my posts and replies, you won't find anything @Voltage212k1 oof @dilfgia F :( @LilyButPriv Except everything that is good in this world @dilfgia I saw the replies so I’m glad you’re ok but man.. any idea what caused it? @LilyButPriv Right, figured that might be it. Gn Lily :] @LilyButPriv THEIR main? What is it cuz they follow me in that account @duuppy @duuppy @ignForums @ignKarder incorrect ;) @Thuntree @SpecularBorito Put simply, I couldn’t cope with what school ‘did to me’. @FalconShok @SpecularBorito There’s always a way @SpecularBorito Believe it or not, I stopped attending for a few months @SpecularBorito Incorrect @SpecularBorito - I temporarily held 2 world records in speedrunning LEGO Indiana Jones - I dropped out of 5th gra…
@LilyButPriv Then that… wow. That fucking sucks and I am beyond sorry. @LilyButPriv That’s gotta be the first time I’ve ever heard someone say they’re NEVER nice or good etc. @LilyButPriv EXCEPT the old people, they’re cool at times and not as cool at other times @LilyButPriv You’re spouting too many truths in too quick of a time slow down a bit @KyroIm that sort of like for something is not something I can see without it being explicitly stated. I refer to t… @TheSleb How are you?? @Iauriii I think ‘inaccurate’ or ‘untruthful’ would be a more appropriate term. @Iauriii Maybe not to that degree but it’s very normal to be disappointed @Shimky_ Damn @Iauriii SAME THOI laugh in disappointment whenever I see someone liking their own tweets @LilyButPriv 2% D: @ignForums what the hell man this is disgusting and awful to see, I'm sorry you were on the receiving end of all th… also found miniaturejosheys hideout 😳 ft @DiscoZomboss
Retweeted by DiscoZomboss @TheSleb Hello there Karli :] @pollefeys @AnonymousEXT LOL y’know when I said that after this clip was taken I immediately thought of the picture… @TheEnderKnight1 @AnonymousEXT quite the time, yes. Much of it was simply walking the floor together but it was mor… @dilfgia I picked that part up, yeah. It's just amusing to me that he says because he doesn't talk to LGBTQ people… @dilfgia "I don't normally talk to anyone that's in LGBTQ" Is he implying that it's normal and therefore acceptabl… @ignKarder the lengths we'd go to LMAO @ignForums @ignKarder He included Chronos and Pollen, that's enough for me @ignKarder you can't tell me you'd do any different if they brought back Chronos AND Pollen.. @ignKarder I will start several riots and possible bring an AC-130 @ignForums
@AnonymousEXT Could my neck appear any longer in this clip??? @AnonymousEXT @mqdusalive Can confirm he was a walking horror show @Thuntree @AnonymousEXT Socked meetup 👀 @AnonymousEXT Love you to death man. Won’t be the last time 🤘🏻🧡 @TheSleb @AnonymousEXT Heyyyyyy nahhhhh 🧡And here I part with @AnonymousEXT. Four of the best hours I’ve spent in recent memory 🧡 @mqdusalive Depends what you say lol @FalconShok Thank you brother, means a good deal :] @kratoast_nate @AnonymousEXT Maybe in a bit @oNoahSW @AnonymousEXT DAMMIT @mqdusalive @AnonymousEXT It’s bad LMAO @IGNoPack @AnonymousEXT Who you meetin’? (If I know them) @AnonymousEXT IT’S FUCKIN’ LITSoooooo I met a person… ONE OF MY FRICKING BEST FRIENDS TODAY!! I’m so honored to meet you as my first online frien…
Retweeted by DiscoZombossMet up with the homie, my boy @AnonymousEXT 🤘🏻 @dilfgia Enjoy the trip! :D @duuppy Rightfully so @CrinJayy This turd thought he was slick @dilfgia tyty!! It’ll be alright @dilfgia :shrug: @dilfgia PARENTS WERE DISMISSIVE OF SUCH AN IDEA @dilfgia I HAVE NO OTHER WAY OF GETTING WHERE I NEED TO GO @dilfgia I’ll be doing the latter today so :D @CrinJayy @duuppy ;)