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Former Public Affairs trying to make it in the S-6, Keeper of the Miltwitter lists, He/Him

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Sometimes just being there (virtually or in person) can make a real difference. So thank you for all of you who rea… naming names (because reasons) but a couple people reached out, offered support, encouragement, and things that… you to those who reach out to others. I had a really rough disappointing afternoon and couldnt go to my MH ap… @GameOf_Cubicles Oh, then I was using yours... Sorry. Wrong login. @GameOf_Cubicles Are you using my desktop? @The210Ellis @CombatCavScout @OutNmbrdByBoys
@KCommando04 I appreciate it. I might take you up on that offer though. Just got to weather the current storm.Left work early so I could see the Dr. about an ADHD diagnosis. But my engine stops while driving on the highway. S… gonna lie, a sick twisted part of me wants one. whole thread is worth a read is completely correct, let people mourn who, how, and as much as they need.
@RHamptonCISSP @puckthepilot This! @GameOf_Cubicles @Accidental_E9 @KeraRolsen @pptsapper @CrimsonApache Or at least have the Capt or the TSgt add you to their email lists @GameOf_Cubicles @Accidental_E9 @KeraRolsen @pptsapper @CrimsonApache I went to bed early last night, must have mis… @GameOf_Cubicles @Accidental_E9 @KeraRolsen @pptsapper @CrimsonApache He's on Twitter? Guy probably needs a friend @luke_j_obrien Not gonna lie, Gone in 60 Seconds and Con Air are guilty pleasures. But The Rock is the clear winner.ASO with your #drunjhistory thread of the night! @_Dan_Ryan @CrimsonApache @LorenzoLlorente This is why we have it set as default. Every body signing everything
@CameraJones It's pretty wide spread.... RIP Wow @merii3 I like how both a TSgt AND a 1LT borked this up 45 min apart.Boom reminding everyone what day it is @Mother_of_Tanks @jeremy_BAY @LorenzoLlorente @GameOf_Cubicles @Nathaniel_Free @AndyKauffman @SigO26BVelma @CommoSarge @CPTCommo13 @Mother_of_Tanks @jeremy_BAY @LorenzoLlorente @GameOf_Cubicles @Nathaniel_Free @AndyKauffman @SigO26BVelma @CommoSarge @CPTCommo13 You say that like I didn't alr… @ForcePao @6stringandsushi @Bored_Marine You'll learn to love it @Bored_Marine Wait till it starts coming in mostly white @TheRealMrPugh @CPTCommo13 @GameOf_Cubicles @AndyKauffman @Nathaniel_Free @SigO26BVelma @CommoSarge You mean "Colla… @AndyKauffman @SigO26BVelma @GameOf_Cubicles @CommoSarge @CPTCommo13 @Nathaniel_Free @GameOf_Cubicles @Nathaniel_Free @AndyKauffman Where did you put in for that .gif? I need itDear God, why does CUCM default to adding a root domain along with FQDN on Tomcat certs? Now I've got CER/CSR SAN…
@puckthepilot HEY!!! There are at least TWO people down in our basement who are good at computering. The rest of us… @MiCBarin @realHeathSmith @Adobe I still have old install packages for each of those for when the need to recover old packages arises @S_Alwine @ForcePao So would I, buy it's going to have to be produced by someone elseI want to do a military version of the IT Crowd. Just a G-6 dealing with it's varied users. I think I could make a… @AaronCelli @SNAFU_Sara Wait, people don't know who the TAG/ State Command Team is?So - I had a minor breakdown a bit back. Part of it was marital and part of it was financial. If you can, please se…
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I've been dragooned into the App development....
@jgb00m @9coacheswaiting @BakerSevenZero @evo_kositz Duh @Breanna_clark01 Every one is different and relates differently. They could be in a sense of delayed shock or numbness.Ranks in order of susceptibility to mental illness: 1. Private 1. General 1. Captain 1. Colonel 1. Admiral 1. Corp…
Retweeted by New Year, New DisneyNCO @GPatrick Burn @GPatrick I think I'd rather watch the fire burm @GPatrick Seriously, I was just happily scrolling Twitter, watching the dumpster fires, and then... BAM! Now I nee… @GPatrick
@Ranger_Up @FPWellman Gotta agree with Nick on this one. The original ratio is the right one @Doctrine_Man The timing on this tweet is @poorkingbob If I thought you were willing to actually have an honest discussion, I'd engage. But you aren't. Look… @clovis69 @bayouwilson @StockingMillCo I will say that the $0 price is not available yet, so that may actually be a… @redlegtigger @AirshipRenegade Check drop bay 3F. Already primed. Armory crew may be a touch paranoid, but we pack for everything. @redlegtigger @AirshipRenegade You know, the Armory does have those new ground disruption charges we just developed… @Soldier_Cynic I want to pin this to a couple orderly room boards just to watch the hilarity unfold @_emilyisokay
@MinivanPunk @bullcitystorm I didn't know one could do that. @soonergrunt @terrancesavery This! Some of the people here could have multiple bad takes an hour! @Sigspace Like this on @Sigspace We now have a name for the add on. I bet some of the "spoiler" blockers that people have developed for G… @Sigspace Ahh.... That sounds like a browser add-on someone should build. @Sigspace You can mute words and hashtags, so you may be able to add a domain as plaintext. I'd have to test it though @agingerssoul One Two Three Huh? Three? *Sigh* One @bby_kays Adding this to the program got it! @evo_kositz, @BadassBowden @GameOf_Cubicles @LadyLovesTaft @ndkirschmann @micayla_wilson
@adownie @thinkdefence That was my first thoughtTalking about depression is not attention seeking. Literally millions of people have depression and don’t talk abo…
Retweeted by New Year, New DisneyNCO @FPWellman Sorry to hear. Pets are family, the loss hurts. @SecWonk @MalwareJake You aren't "old". You just have a wealth of experience to draw from. @evo_kositz Don't get me wrong, our "Taco Night" at home is pretty vanilla. I just realize how vanilla it is. But I… @evo_kositz I referenced this/you today when discussing tacos. They were surprised at my knowledge of the nuance. to scold a Maj. today for finding a conference phone gathering dust on a shelf in his unit supply and plugging…
@AndrewGreenzone @SigO26BVelma @AndyKauffman @aphil22 @GameOf_Cubicles @AlanWillNot @CPTCommo13 @Bound_Unicorn @alexbridgeforth @agingerssoul @CommoSarge It's because they had multiple buys for the whole damn state. So about 900 devices total. Just in time… @CommoSarge My only real issue with ABM has been getting Verizon to load our devices into it. @SigO26BVelma @jgb00m @agingerssoul I knew what the answer would be, but I had to ask. @agingerssoul I realize, but new DISA rules say we can't use civ backups, so I'm searching for a solution. My G6 a… #MilTwitter 6-Shops, anyone have any luck using MilDrive on a govt phone? @aphil22 @SigO26BVelma Don't forget "I Can Go The Distance" @SigO26BVelma @aphil22 @aphil22 I'd recommend Scarlett Pimpernel and Anastasia for some lesser known really good stuff. For more modern,… @tjm585 @CvilleCyber @GameOf_Cubicles @aphil22 What have you been enjoying? I have lots of suggestions.Ran a new 1809 install last night as part of a test group on my work machine last night. Came in and found it stu… agree 100% with this! Stop with the BH stigma and prevent toxic leadership.
Retweeted by New Year, New DisneyNCO @indelightful1 And they did... Repeatedly. Thankfully the one that didn't take isn't production impacting, so I can dig into it today. @broadcastmike We had a CSM come up from our MPAD, also had a BG who was a 2LT at the same MPAD. Miracles really can happen @LindaNora6 Everything turned out fine. I just coasted through a yellow light. Car is fixed and everything is fine.… @micahables @GrizzledBastard @PanelExpertSGMs Thanks!
@GrizzledBastard @micahables @PanelExpertSGMs Care to share? I think that would be interesting reading @merii3 servers update and praying that the install takes is a PITA.Driving into work this morning and my brakes decided they didn't want to work. No accident and I pulled over just… @OfficersIsland @Oldguard12 Server maintenance is gonna be fun tonight!Hey look, a new Disney Podcast on Google Play? Yes please!'s on Apple Podcasts, so all you iFans can listen in!
THIS SO MUCH!!! @kirby_pao @CameraJones We provide examples of what to do and what not to do... Sometimes in the same tweet