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I try to keep people talking even if they have nothing worth saying, Keeper of the Miltwitter lists, I speak for myself alone, He/Him

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@Idiotprofessor4 @bullcitystorm @gilltheamazon My standing offer when if I ever win the lottery is a masquerade bal… @Idiotprofessor4 @bullcitystorm @gilltheamazon One of my mutuals just moved away, and a couple of the others that I… @Idiotprofessor4 @bullcitystorm @gilltheamazon That feeling when I don't live near my mutuals... @JordanBHiding @DisneyFGO Wait, so what do they do?
@milphilosophy @standclearpod A ride people are just hoping to get off @milphilosophy @standclearpod Come hang out with Buzz and Woody @standclearpod Can you feel the love tonight? @standclearpod Let's be inclusive here... @terrancesavery @standclearpod No pants? @bullcitystorm A yellow/gray. Like a mutual you'd want to meet up weekly for coffee and talk about all the weird stuff in the world.Messaging Systems
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@Idiotprofessor4 I have a cheating chili recipe that is borderline idiot proof. I developed it for days I'm too laz… @TweetinJoshBe Hard to say because we can't see the side they are coming from. They may have stopped, but the field… you're not okay, reach out. Please. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255) A global list:
Retweeted by Mask-Wearing DisneyNCO @jgb00m Can I have an attached underground bunker? Because if so... @GameOf_Cubicles Now I need to go find a recipe so I can make these @jgb00m 4 I like minimalist, but I got kids and need some space. @GameOf_Cubicles Best fall comfort food? @petulantskeptic It’s 2020 and the world is garbage, enjoy the things that make you happy and fuck what anyone has to say about it.
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@LostLT1 Oh @adownie, @jgb00m and @2000Thought, something you might be interested in @Idiotprofessor4 We're here or DM or whatever if you need to vent. @scottjstephens I've said for years I joined the Army till I figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I'm at…
@standclearpod So the "Smart Disney Planner" can't read a menu at Via Napoli? And then stiffed the server because s… @ski2point0 Be safe @SigO26BVelma @NCFranklin @ABNSupplyGuy @scottjstephens @txcommodude @ChesterfieldO5 Printers are the devil. I will… @SigO26BVelma @txcommodude @NCFranklin @scottjstephens @JamesGField @ChesterfieldO5 That would require NGB to be pa… @SigO26BVelma @txcommodude @NCFranklin @scottjstephens @JamesGField @ChesterfieldO5 This makes me so sad... @txcommodude @NCFranklin @scottjstephens @JamesGField @SigO26BVelma @ChesterfieldO5 I'd agree with that. How many u… @scottjstephens @NCFranklin @txcommodude @JamesGField @SigO26BVelma @ChesterfieldO5 Secure Print Queue is a univers… @txcommodude @JamesGField @SigO26BVelma @NCFranklin @scottjstephens @ChesterfieldO5 Right, it's going to be up to t… @SigO26BVelma @txcommodude @NCFranklin @scottjstephens @ChesterfieldO5 Sending a DM, I'll break anon for this! @scottjstephens The message I got from one of the senior people in my directorate when I was discussing imposter sy… @JamesGField @SigO26BVelma @txcommodude @NCFranklin @scottjstephens @ChesterfieldO5 Exactly! We had slow adoption o… @SigO26BVelma @txcommodude @NCFranklin @scottjstephens @ChesterfieldO5 Yup. My Share Point Designer/Dev worked a wh…
@txcommodude @SigO26BVelma @NCFranklin @scottjstephens @ChesterfieldO5 Because to eliminate OWA means locking the m… @txcommodude @SigO26BVelma @NCFranklin @scottjstephens @ChesterfieldO5 From what I'm seeing, they are projecting ze… @SDDCCSM @first_sausage @merii3 Or even a link on milsuite? @lostmidwestern @USCGAcademy Not gonna lie, I'm jealous @GameOf_Cubicles Then go with Windows/Bedrock edition. It's compatible with the most things. Java Edition is PC onl… @GameOf_Cubicles Are they going to want cross play, as in with friends on Switch/Console as well? @NomeDaBarbarian Not gonna lie, I love that bathroom though @redlegtigger @silver_shots You just listed my mid 90s playlist @WTFIOGuy Show me someone arguing for Exegol and I'll show you someone about to fed to the SarlaccI laughed
Retweeted by Mask-Wearing DisneyNCO @standclearpod @milphilosophy @DisneyFGO I don't know how the anima-tronic Ariel from Voyage Under the Sea didn't g… going onsite to troubleshoot a system and find drywall powder all over the connection on the network cable... But nobody touched it...
@CyberOtters @wambat2o Metrics are easy, leadership is hard.
Retweeted by Mask-Wearing DisneyNCO @Cattileesi @gilltheamazon That was my first reaction to seeing that. Not saying Rapunzel doesn't swing a mean frying pan, bu… @2000Thought If it's a month in 2020, no dice! That would be like giving it up for a decade in a non-apocalyptic timeline @Cpl_Dont_Know @GrimKim I learned it from it being a setting for a Hardy Boys book that I read 30 years ago. I fully admit I could be wrong. @GrimKim Some, large stretch of forest land within sight of NYC. Legends of the Jersey Devil from which the hockey… @NomeDaBarbarian I'm in the process. I've done the assessments, waiting for the formal write up from the counselor… @MalwareJake That sentence AND that gif makes me anxious @agingerssoul @barefootboomer @XOofXOs @pptsapper @kawulf @KeriLeighMerrit I have a decent variety of whiskey, but… @barefootboomer @XOofXOs @pptsapper @kawulf @KeriLeighMerrit Hot cider and whiskey now that it's fall @XOofXOs @pptsapper @barefootboomer @kawulf @KeriLeighMerrit I've been keeping at a double Old Fashion in the eveni… @CameraJones Reminds me of when we managed to convince our command to let us use Eminems "Toy Soldiers" in oursEvery day is a good day to post this gif.
Retweeted by Mask-Wearing DisneyNCO @plainoldbowden Please know that you changed many peoples lives for the better, either directly or as an example of… @DisneyFGO Bloodborne Death Deniers Miracle Makers Wound-B-Gone
"Social media challenges don’t prevent suicide. Giving a damn about people does." @spectee_news @HayesGardner Pay the man! @M_Lynx_3000 I am always down for more tacos @shonadelie @SingingTech I'd watch it again @3rdTempEmeritus @SNAFU_SGT I'm mixing metaphors because I was tweeting while watching a tech panel at MSIgnite and… @3rdTempEmeritus @SNAFU_SGT At my org at least @3rdTempEmeritus @SNAFU_SGT I'm Compo 2. We've got a couple people getting up to the elbows in the weeds with this… @3rdTempEmeritus @SNAFU_SGT But let me go find the last timeline slide I got and I'll check @3rdTempEmeritus @SNAFU_SGT From what I've read, thats not getting pushed until they solve the GFE issue. It would… @Benoit_Ballss @3rdTempEmeritus @SNAFU_SGT Thats until they get Zero-Trust working (projected May) and then you "should" be able to. @3rdTempEmeritus @SNAFU_SGT The getting notifications while signed out is an intended feature. But not prompting a… @SNAFU_SGT Where are you seeing this behavior? Gov system or personal? @SNAFU_SGT I haven't heard of the appearing to be online, thats one I'll ask the CVR Champions group about. So you… @SNAFU_SGT You should only be having to sign in once a day (per device). If its more than that, there may be an iss… @DrunjeonMaster I'd like to sign up, I'll promise I won't get one shot in the surprise round again.... I hope @branflakes4evr Why does he think your hair cut means he doesn't have to wait his damn turn?Reading this, I'm struck at how so many people failed him. If we, including myself, don't actively fight this behav… 8276 JUST PASSED THE HOUSE!!! #AlwynCashe @brinkofill @ChipSpoonts @MollyCain @braxton_mccoy
Retweeted by Mask-Wearing DisneyNCO @cindynorth1 @MyNameIsRickyM I'm more informed then my mom on issues, I haven't voted for the same person as her in at least three election cycles. @AllThingsCivil If that's the case, most any smart watch will work. Where most differentiate themselves is the extr… @JasonKirell We're still in 2020, of course there will be suffering @AllThingsCivil Depends on what they want to do with it. Price point, form factor (big operator style or blend in… @LoggieNightmare @lilvirgomeg I appreciated those for a familiarization, but I didn't like how it was organized @lilvirgomeg Are you doing a bootcamp or a course? @LT_REFRAD I used to argue with a CW4 in the office preCOVID. At least WFH means I don't have to anymore @donachaidh That looks delicious @MeatballNonner That may be true, but I will forever hit the button to chase him knowing that it's wrong. Also, I… @DrunjeonMaster Still space for 5e 20 & 27th?
@lostmidwestern @TradocDCG @usairforce I liked it before, now it's outstanding! @lostmidwestern @TradocDCG @usairforce Ok, I really like that @Trevorbiscuit @GPatrick You're a better man than I. Thats two... please update if he strikes out. @Trevorbiscuit @GPatrick Did he even realize what he had done?Eating breakfast tacos and watching @NerdPyle talk at #MSIgnite @oldheadstyle @NotMyNameWhoU @evo_kositz That went somewhere dark very quickly @halbritz @Soldier_Cynic @TradocDCG Great article, I've used him as an example trying to get some of our senior leaders to use social media. @NotMyNameWhoU @evo_kositz Please elaborate