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*sings in Elsa* 🎶 Into the Unknown: 🎶 Making Frozen 2 uncovers new behind-the-scenes secrets! Start streaming the O…
Step into the 🚪room🚪 where it happens with this brand-new clip from Hamilton, now streaming exclusively on… @etnow @Olivia_Rodrigo @DisneyChannel All we've ever wanted and more. 🤩Oscar-winning composer @Ludwiggoransson has spoken—with music! Watch as he performs the theme from #TheMandalorian,… day that is deeply embedded in our code. Happy Anniversary, TRON!, join @RobinRoberts and the cast and filmmakers of the ⭐️Broadway hit⭐️ for “Hamilton: History Has Its Eye…’s about the destination and the journey. Join Bob and Mack Woodruff on their adventure of a lifetime in @NatGeo’… School Musical 2 is streaming on #DisneyPlus.Chad Danforth: “I don’t dance” 📍 📏 📏 (1 song l…
Angelica! Eliza! And Peggy—plus more of the ⭐️incredible⭐️ cast from Hamilton, now streaming on #DisneyPlus.… is streaming on #DisneyPlus. (2/2) #Jessie transformations from season 1 to 4 literally felt like a New York minute. 🤯 (1/2) have an exclusive look behind the scenes of @DisneyPlus' groundbreaking new @Pixar #SparkShorts film, 'Out.' 🌈
Retweeted by Disney+The One and Only Ivan is streaming exclusively on #DisneyPlus starting August 14. 🐕 🦍 🦜 🐘 🐓“We’re family. We’re in this together.” The One and Only Ivan is streaming exclusively on #DisneyPlus starting Augu…
Show of hands, how many people have watched Hamilton more than once? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙌 Experience “a uniquely joyful achiev…
If you haven't already seen the musical event of the summer... JUST YOU WAIT. Hamilton is now streaming on… QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK #TheMightyDucks
👏👏👏 but why stop there? Don’t throw away your shot to watch it a fourth time! is amazing for so many reasons, but as we watched on Friday night, it struck me: > Every *single* song…
Retweeted by Disney+We like to watch it, rewind to the beginning, and watch it again. 🔄♾ in the afterglow of @hamiltonmusical “opening” weekend on @disneyplus. Which song do you have stuck in your…
Retweeted by Disney+"I had never in my life seen four men of color on stage singing about friendship and brotherhood. To me, the image…
Retweeted by Disney+I just heard my little brother singing You’ll Be Back to himself in the kitchen. My work here is done. @HamiltonMusical
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My timeline has been over taken by #Hamilfilm and I wouldn’t have it any other way
Retweeted by Disney+Anyone else stream #hamilton more than once already in a 24 hour period? 👋🏻 I got no shame. 💖 #hamilfilm
Retweeted by Disney+Jonathan Groff is King George III. #Hamilfilm (📸: @JoshLehrerPhoto from “Hamilton: Portraits of the Revolution”) is James Madison. #Hamilfilm (📸: @JoshLehrerPhoto from “Hamilton: Portraits of the Revolution”) is Thomas Jefferson. #Hamilfilm (📸: @JoshLehrerPhoto from “Hamilton: Portraits of the Revolution”) is George Washington. #Hamilfilm (📸: @JoshLehrerPhoto from “Hamilton: Portraits of the Revolution”) is Maria Reynolds. #Hamilfilm (📸: @JoshLehrerPhoto from “Hamilton: Portraits of the Revolution”) is Aaron Burr. #Hamilfilm (📸: @JoshLehrerPhoto from “Hamilton: Portraits of the Revolution”) is Angelica Schuyler. #Hamilfilm (📸: @JoshLehrerPhoto from “Hamilton: Portraits of the Revolution… is Philip Hamilton. #Hamilfilm (📸: @JoshLehrerPhoto from “Hamilton: Portraits of the Revolution”) is Eliza Hamilton. #Hamilfilm (📸: @JoshLehrerPhoto from “Hamilton: Portraits of the Revolution”) is Alexander Hamilton. #Hamilfilm (📸: @JoshLehrerPhoto from “Hamilton: Portraits of the Revolution”) and gentlemen, give it UP for the principal cast of Hamilton! 👏👏👏 Now streaming exclusively on #DisneyPlus.… to go down and dance after watching Hamilton tonight 🦋 Full video on the gram 😍 Congratulations @Lin_Manuel and…
Retweeted by Disney+We reserved “the best seat in the house” just for YOU. Hamilton is now streaming on #DisneyPlus! #Hamilfilm watching Hamilton, do you have any questions for the cast and filmmakers? Tweet us your questions for a chanc…
Retweeted by Disney+Don’t mind us… just STANNING the entire cast and crew for this incredible masterpiece. 🙌 Thank you to everyone who… 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏…
Retweeted by Disney+I got to work and play and create amongst those giants for over two years. Through this glorious work, I met all…
Retweeted by Disney+I def have had my fair share of @Phillipasoo and @Lin_Manuel tears on my face. I was trying to figure out a way to…
Retweeted by Disney+ @cmbettiol Yup, you got us. 😭Me doing Lafeyette's rap: I'm takin' this horsfdjakslfjdslakjadlskfjlasdjfl #Hamilfilm
Retweeted by Disney+ @AnnetteMarie31 We encourage encore viewings for this very reason 🎤Watching @leslieodomjr 8X a week was one of the greatest acting lessons of my life.
Retweeted by Disney+What you see *happening* here are icons owning the stage. #Hamilfilm @ChloCarrollMoo Welcome. You made it. NOW ENJOY! ⭐️Quick! Only 1 minute until act 2 of #Hamilfilm! Refill your snacks and take your seats. ⏱
Retweeted by Disney+That turntable transfer of @ReneeGoldsberry to @Phillipasoo 💯💯💯💯💯💯 #hamilfilm
Retweeted by Disney+ @HisMrsMedeiros Literally ALL the feels 🤯😮😍🤣😭
@HamiltonMusical Story of our lives. 🤣Is it just us, or does that King George sound really familiar? What do you think, Sven? #Hamilfilm
Retweeted by Disney+Chills, anyone?! Yea. Me too. @leslieodomjr #waitforit #hamilfilm
Retweeted by Disney+We couldn’t WAIT to see @LeslieOdomJr perform this anthem 🙌 #Hamilfilm Schuyler Sisters are the original girl group. #HamilFilm
Retweeted by Disney+UM OK how SA👏TIS👏FIED👏 were you with the POWER of that song???! #Hamilfilm @ReneeGoldsberry What did we do to deserve him?!Everyone get your raincoats, #Groffsauce is here! #HamiltonFilm
Retweeted by Disney+We added that between off Bway and Bway so @Phillipasoo @ReneeGoldsberry and @JasCephasJones could FLEX.
Retweeted by Disney+The Schuyler Sisters have joined the watch party! 🤩 #Hamilfilm
Retweeted by Disney+ @Achapphawk @DaveedDiggs No👏choice👏but👏to👏stan👏Things we're not throwing away right now: • our shot #HamilFilm
Retweeted by Disney+Honey @Lin_Manuel SNATCHED that coat off. #hamilfilm @HamiltonMusical
Retweeted by Disney+Getting literal chillllllllls from hearing @Lin_Manuel say “Alexander Hamilton.” #Hamilfilm wait is OVER. Hit play on #DisneyPlus and prepare for the cast of #Hamilton to leave you dazzled, inspired, and shook. 🤩 #Hamilfilm*tweets in theater announcer voice* Ladies and gentlemen, please find your seats. We’re just 1 minute away from sho… Fueling up! #HamiltonFilm I think this was before the last show. My furniture is gone and there’s new ha…
Retweeted by Disney+It’s almost time for ⭐️🎬📜 Using 3 emojis, tell us the song you’re most looking forward to in Hamilton! #Hamilfilm @DisneyStudios @disneyplus @HamiltonMusical The crazy talented @alysha_d as Angelica and me as Washington backstage…
Retweeted by Disney+10 minutes until the watch party starts! Everybody take your seats! #Hamilfilm 🎭⭐️🎬#TheLivingRoomWhereItHappens
Retweeted by Disney+The #Hamilfilm watch party starts in just 15 minutes. ⏰ To prepare, @HamiltonMusical cast and crew, any behind-the-scenes looks?
Retweeted by Disney+Get your #Hamilfilm program right here! Don’t throw away your shot to watch #Hamilton, now streaming only on…
Retweeted by Disney+Here’s our cast list of accounts that you can follow along with during today’s ~revolutionary~ Hamilton Watch Party… you wait—the Hamilton Watch Party begins in less than 30 minutes!! ⏱📺⭐️ Be sure to hit play on #DisneyPlus at… we’re gonna all start the movie at 7pm EST yah? Use the hashtag #Hamilfilm? This will be the big loud talkalong…
Retweeted by Disney+ @HamiltonMusical @zoom_us BRB putting ourselves in the room where it happens! #HamilfilmSummer Bucket List: Cry my way though #Hamilfilm ✅ #happyhamilday
Retweeted by Disney+Me today. #Hamilfilm 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Retweeted by Disney+Didn't even get out of bed this morning before turning on HAMILTON on Disney Plus. Just finished it and still cryin…
Retweeted by Disney+Out of office message reads: #hamilfilm @HamiltonMusical
Retweeted by Disney+His name is... Alexander Hamilton 🎶⭐️ Start streaming the musical event of the Summer, now on #DisneyPlus!… of course there’s a line at intermission #Hamilton #HamilFilm
Retweeted by Disney+This was the moment it all changed for me. Sitting in @PublicTheaterNY. Had been watching thinking, “Oh this is ver…
Retweeted by Disney+Nobody speak to me today. My sisters and I are spending the day with the #Hamilfilm. We have choreography to learn…
Retweeted by Disney+ @TwitterMovies OKAY we see you!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️The Mighty Ducks is now streaming on #DisneyPlus.DUCKS FLY—and pose—TOGETHER! Tag yourself. 🦆🏒 we go HAMILFANS: ⭐️ Tune in to the Hamilton watch party today starting at 4:00pm PT/7:00pm ET! ⭐️ #Hamilfilm wait is OVER 🙌⭐️ Hamilton is now streaming exclusively on #DisneyPlus. #Hamilfilm stage is set for the first weekend of #DisneyPlusMovieNights! 🎬⭐️ Start streaming Hamilton, The Mighty Ducks, D…' @Avengers: Infinity War is now streaming AND while we’re on the topic… can you name all six of the… ✅ Pirates ✅ Muppets ✅ Join us this July for action-packed blockbusters, musical masterpieces, and all-n… @LiveKellyRyan @ReneeGoldsberry 🌟🌟🌟
In celebration of #Hamilton on #DisneyPlus - Coca-Cola is providing a $1 million donation to World Central Kitchen…
Retweeted by Disney+The Undefeated Presents: Hamilton In-Depth with Kelley Carter Premiering July 3, 2020 exclusively on Disney+ and…
Retweeted by Disney+Calling all HAMILFANS: ⭐️ Tune in to the Hamilton watch party tomorrow starting at 4:00pm PT/7:00pm ET! ⭐️… #DisneyPlus original Prop Culture takes a new and unique look at favorite Disney films:
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