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@ponsfordmcquain let people enjoy the fluffy gay Christmas movie!!! @ponsfordmcquain @kevin_modestino Kevin stop talking to him I want him to turn on this Christmas movie!! 😂
just learned that this exists 🤩 I WILL be purchasing it ASAP through Ward 4 next Saturday night and the route passes right by @lymanstaverndc, see y’all there at 6pm sha…
took me 8 months to start missing Metro but I just thought about the driver who says “don’t let ANYBODY steal your… @libjackie little hands 😭there are still gentle people making real connections in this world
received chicken, fell asleep Diggers of 1933 is a good companion to dinner is a fake holiday but I did enjoy the opportunity to make a nice fall mealI did it @ponsfordmcquain I keep telling you @summergoth8 ugh buddy I’m sorry you’re dealing with anxiety too (though you have good reason with the apartment sh… @beautypill that’s a great idea — I also just put harissa-maple carrots in the oven so maybe tgiving sides will be helpful too? @RicardoHarvin hopefully it’ll be fine, I’m just IN it right now 😭lmaoooo I am not okaycurrent anxiety has a strong depression undercurrent, a high note of panic, with feelings of worthlessness and lone… to the incredibly talented Daria Nicolodi - one of the most influential figures in 🇮🇹 horror & a trailblazer fo…
Retweeted by mouse prince @womensrites NO @ateliertovar not in my size 😭 but possibly of interest to you or someone you love? (I really need to stop late-nit… @karcutes omg the Coke Zero 🥰 @karcutes me doing my best: 🔥😔🎉the depression is hittingwinter in hokkaido, japan by fuke
Retweeted by mouse prince @osutein I’ve been making this one for years, it’s foolproof
Chris just told me that the Trump campaign sent an election fraud solicitation email today at 4:20. How dare they a… This. is a Tove. Checks out @Hungryghoast I think it’s beautiful
@chillmorticia this one has two modes only: sleep zone and extreme party zonezero days since the cat has jumped right into my lunch, scattering veggie burger parts everywhere @kevin_modestino related @RicardoHarvin oh for sure -- the privilege is on full display here, ughh. Some overrated corporate artist or somethingTell us your favorite Thanksgiving dish, and we’ll share some of what we know about the work behind the ingredients…
Retweeted by mouse princeprobably just more dumbassed Burning Man jokers defacing public lands @chillmorticia a very good/dumb recent hi purchase @chillmorticia lmaooooo I have definitely done this
William Henry Pratt, better known by his stage name BORIS KARLOFF, was born on this day in 1887 #botd
Retweeted by mouse prince @jiandeleon a fine companion to this patch on the back of a denim jacket club 🤠🎩 @ratmothr it’s so perfect @ratmothr it is too expensive and I am also trying not to buy things new but very tempting! @twinearthwater yeah there are a lot of questionable choices going on over in men’s @TheShadeRoom @Blairmonique @chillmorticia it’s perfect! Games! Snacks! He’s got everything he needs! @twinearthwater I regret to inform you that the men’s selection is not as good 😢 father approves 👏 this year’s holiday sweater
@TorontoNaomi they might reject it but you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, you know?I did it lmaoshould I do it @womensrites lovely! 🦢 @ateliertovar my whales mug is also thrifted ☺️ @stankbrakhage a nice calming color 🦋the inspiration mug @villereal just central Va things @miraphorism oh shit!!!! 😂
the late-nite crew is at it again, comin at ya with a fresh bout of insomnia fueled by midnight snacks @nonstandardmcd @goatfalcon I was wondering when this one would come up @kevin_modestino Tower would have welcomed Matt with open arms after he got fired from the movie theater @kevin_modestino lmao have you seen this thread, projectionists are wilddefinitely had coworkers like this at Tower Records; I believe every word of it
@peachypipes demon squares of deliciousnesstruly evil. I cannot stop eating them why I have bruises all over my knees at the exact moment that I trip over a god damned cord and fall righ… has been found, thriving ❤️
this is exactly how I dressed in 8th grade (in case it's not clear, I love it) @summergoth8 hundreds of yoga classes did not prepare me for this corporate onslaught of forced gratitude"mandatory teambuilding exercise": can we notpublicly paging @ponsfordmcquain command that you live forever, you magnificent queen a vet appointment in a panic simply because the cat is getting older (she’s fine, just passing the 10/11-year mark)I will never understand why every stupid rich asshole on Earth has to make life miserable for everyone instead of f…
Retweeted by mouse prince @goatfalcon how much you wanna bet that they think Springsteen wrote that songChicago, Illinois (1970s). Photographed by Mikki Ferrill: A longtime Chicago photojournalist who documented the Gar…
Retweeted by mouse prince @ameliaabreu I’ve got an old new wave xmas album around here somewhereI wrote about the Proud Boy librarian and the ~shock~ that everyone (aka white library workers) have been demonstra…
Retweeted by mouse princedon’t cut down trees! People live in them @goatfalcon definitely becoming way more common and they banned law libraries from sending legal books long ago @ponsfordmcquain goblins!!!
@osutein blipy hirpe!! 🧯💿🛶⛸🍤I love to have insomnia for more than a week @_rumble_strips_ @scottythered lmaooo @_rumble_strips_ @scottythered alatt makes me want to die
@MasonJohnson14 oh yep Tove has also definitely done this @ratmothr happee bee! 🎉✨ @goatfalcon Looks like it! Pre-metrohe lived to be 18 and has four major credits on his IMDb page 🐺 what a good boy dog’s (wolfdog actually) name was Jed and he did his kennel scenes in one take 🏆 @stankbrakhage it would be lifechanging for me @johnmtaylor Columbus Circle just looks like a parking lot in this!Union Station in Blondie Johnson (1933) (very bad photo sorry) (look at those automobiles!)
@ponsfordmcquain becoming a brown cat from catchin those rays
@ponsfordmcquain’m not making anything grand, just enjoying myself for the first time in forever @ateliertovar oh god dammit 😂 @stankbrakhage this looks great! @ponsfordmcquain.@MayorBowser look at how your Terrorist Gang @DCPoliceDept treat constituents, but they protect and take pics with…
Retweeted by mouse prince @ponsfordmcquain magnificent