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Forensically dissecting one album per season, one song per episode. Named 2018 Best Podcast by New York Times 🏆

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Don’t sleep on KEY NOTES! @kevinabstract THANK YOU @pennylaine_ Thanks Penny. I have a daughter named that too.
New TikTok with Bo Burnham talking Kanye 😥 #donda I’m feeling after getting a million views on TikTok
DONDA first reaction conversation with @KanyePodcast is now up on @spotifypodcasts. They share their experience at… me doing God’s work having all my friends to listen to @dissectpodcast 😌
Retweeted by Dissect PodcastThat was fun. Posting most of the convo on Dissect here shortly. join 'Kanye’s DONDA First Reaction' on Greenroom! minutes. Come hang First Reaction Convo on @SpotifyGrnroom TODAY at 11am PST / 2pm EST. I’ll be joined by @KanyePodcast who att… anyone cares I ended up going in, listening to the livestream on headphones until Inside started. Amazingly, Jay… this turned out to be Jay I’m being honest….I’m happy to wait as long as it takes to finish that album. It sounded… not done. @_KingHavana Yeah it was actually a bad sign lolThis is aging well 🤡 my favorite part of the album so far. Her voice is magicSitting in a parking lot in front of the movie theaters. I got tickets to a one night only showing of Bo Burnham’s… @chrisjewson_ Cage did it firstI bet someone is recording a last minute verse in Kanye’s suite. @Dr_TSho I just now learned this as I read it
@yeeshataughtme Sorry my man! Hope you’re saying hi to them! @sawvest I don’t know man, imagine owning a limited run shirt sold only at a Beatles album release party in the 196… anyone is at the Kanye event and planning to buy merch, hit me please 😀The fact Mike Dean isn’t locked in a room scrambling to mix/master the album is a good sign why is @dissectpodcast ‘s Key Notes sooooo good?! Me every week:
Retweeted by Dissect PodcastDoes Donda actually drop tonight?Alright we’re gonna do this Friday at 11am PST / 2pm EST. @KanyePodcast will be joining, who will share their exper…
Still recording verses… 😬 to host a first reaction convo live on @SpotifyGrnroom about Kanye's new album. Would you prefer it to be ab… damn says he listens to Dissect in this article 😭😭 @franklin_brett No, not here. It’s in Only One, kind ofGut checking potential interest in a mini-series on Bo Burnham's Inside.Ye and organ a cheat code. His voice sounds realllllly good on this. I love album rollouts from the heavyweights. Nothing like seeing so many people excited about MUSIC. I can’t re… wiped his IG and posted new photos. I’m excited and I hate myself for it.
Without further ado, turn right. @sealiketheocean @Spotify Hm what’s it saying?Yeah I do stuff like this all the time and usually no one notices lol @ericskelton @SameOldShawn @IamPVNCH Great job 👏Today on KEY NOTES I’m talking about one of my favorite chords EVER: the borrowed minor four. I’ll break down what… guys I’m trying to reach out to @kanyewest or His team to fly me and my mom out to experience his Album release…
Retweeted by Dissect PodcastReally need to interview Tyler @robynkanner Hard to say for sure. But seems like it.Cole Cuchna, host of @dissectpodcast and Key Notes, was kind enough to drop by the podcast to talk about the comple…
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Addendum: Kanye is the best Kanye. #donda ready for the Kanye album drop this week😭😭😭 @GARFl3LD This is true. @kevinabstract What is that piano sample???Kanye’s album rollout so far is a few leaked photos & pulling up to a basketball game for retired athletes with a m…
@PigsAndPlans We made video to celebrate. Easter Eggs: Frank Ocean Edition love with my @dissectpodcast SZN 8 Merch 🤘
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One of the best episodes of Dissect imo
@bre_d__ 🔥🔥🔥 @korrvisuals So cool! @sinenotsine If you’re pointing to the use of “present day”, that was used to signify that was we presently call Na… for #slugger?’s none of these btwA peak into the Dissect season requests in my DMs. @TBGRaul 🔥🔥🔥
why would i go to therapy when @dissectpodcast is free
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@charlesxholmes me spending every episode trying to convert you @spotifypodcasts @charlesxholmes and BTSI have never in my life cried during a podcast episode like this!! @dissectpodcast this episode of Key Notes HOW DA…
Retweeted by Dissect Podcast @roturru 🙏🙏God damn This episode had me in tears. Hit so many spots close to home. Great job @dissectpodcast
Retweeted by Dissect PodcastGlad to see the latest episode is resonating. Took me to a pretty dark place for a few days, but was worth it.
@dissectpodcast Never thought I’d hear you talking about Sufjan, but boy did you deliver. Top to bottom one of the…
Retweeted by Dissect Podcast @kjones_in_co 🙏🙏The new Keynote episode “Does Death Have a Sound?” Was beautiful. I am not going to lie I was crying at the end. @dissectpodcast
Retweeted by Dissect Podcast @wmskeith The Show Must Goes on does something similar (modulates up V2, back down C2)If you haven’t already, please check out the Key Notes episodes from the @dissectpodcast crew. They’re truly someth…
Retweeted by Dissect Podcast @jesssicrap 💀Really appreciate all of you who have been checking out KEY NOTES. 🙏 new episode of key notes had me like @dissectpodcast
Retweeted by Dissect PodcastWhat an amazing episode. Almost teared up... @dissectpodcast
Retweeted by Dissect PodcastDoes DEATH have a sound?💀 In today’s episode of KEY NOTES, we’re drawing musical connections between songs about… @Rolls_20 Thanks for listening 🙏 @BradBj Oh that makes so much sense @kvothetyrion The best one.Songs about Death. 😌 @mdoyle_words @Olivia_Rodrigo I’m aware 😀Here’s why “driver’s license” by @Olivia_Rodrigo is mathematically PERFECT. Google.searches.look like this.on.your phone?
@yasisalek @NylonMag @NifMuhammad Amazing. Congrats Yasi!
2021 correct answer is Lauryn Hill.
@nmyra00 Just having fun : )...two THIRTY minute halves divided at THREE minutes and THIRTY seconds exactly is some next level wizardry. If w…'t catch this in Season 3, but the beat switch in Frank Ocean's "Nights" occurs at 3min & 30sec. Most know th… @jake_bogardus 🔥🔥
@tylerthecreator You didn’t have to go so hard at 1:57. Sheesh.Key Notes will only be available on Spotify. They are the only platform that allows you to integrate FULL songs int… @PaddyCM @Spotify @RadioheadBook Full songs only play on PremiumShout out to the co-writer of this episode Dr. Brad Osborn (@RadioheadBook) who wrote the most comprehensive book a…