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Easiest way for artists to get music into Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Instagram & more. Unlimited uploads, auto-splits, be prolific

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@nyeahhnyeah Yes I think @EmoBot9000 🧇 @singtoconley Yes @KidVisionMusic Yes @BSlickComposer That’s next. Really soon hopefully. @NomadQuinn Yes, all streaming services @mattmojica15 Working on that too; hopefully soonThis doesn’t seem like a big deal but artists are now able to use whatever caPitaliZatioN you want for song titles.… @nilesdadon DistroKid is the fastest distributor in the world but the streaming services themselves usually take 3-… @nilesdadon How so? What happened?1,000 retweets and I post the password (as a tweet thread here)
@grooveslinga @Supernalist 💪💪
@bygbyrdpro What happened? @KuikenAndrew @NovaStarpaws @xX760Xx @WerepuppyTweets @StreamerBans @HermanLi Without DMCA, there would probably be… @slopgan Not us. Streaming services. Tho we’re working/hoping they’ll loosen up on this type of thing. For example,…
@NuBlacc Ooooooh this is a good idea. Hmmm @Ofcl_LeahJude Thank you! You def made the right decision (even if we were the only ones you knew at first!). Keep any ideas coming. @Fjafarli 🙏 @HertzHorn Totally. We did add a rusty car but will add more! @danstudnicky @MusicsteinBand Verrry soon. We’re waiting on streaming services to do some stuff, but will be ready soon. @clementcasu NiceThinking of organizing the “More...” menu in DistroKid, which is becoming too long. Maybe categories like “promote… Trent Reznor on keyboard
Get yours (for free💪) at @wildmanjrnc @RebCreezy No it's the space bar thing. But now it outputs files you can use in Facebook, Twitter etcAnnouncing... something nobody asked for but we built it anyway 😂 💪 A free timed-lyric file generator (TTML, SRT, L… @shitjelani What happened? @strangethrapper Not quite yet @Mindongomusic @BrysonKnoel On it. @JohansenCph ❤️ @morocco_dave Seek therapy. Jk awesome! @TheRealJ_Dot 🔥🔥 @HectorDeAnda12 you met Dave?
@SliMrenyDunk 💯💯 @deejaypile Good ideas! Keep them coming @iamdelandrea What keyword did you search? @eroswhite Good call. We should add a “paid/free” flag that lets artists report playlists either way, and other art… @GillGraff @strangethrapper In the works @stoneskin11“The Two of Us” was released through my favorite distributor @DistroKid and I got lucky enough to be featured on 2…
Retweeted by DistroKidBoom 💙💙💙 @SpoopySimone I can still look it up if you want @SpoopySimone Artist name/release name? I can look it upAnyone buys this I’ll retweet/shout-out a pic of you wearing it @Pouryadamanager I don’t understand. Are you talking about getting another artist to verify a feature or something? Or is it another issue. @jazzyg_music ❤️ @SpoopySimone What happened? @SpoopySimone Is there a reason listed on the site? Sorry to hear. Let me know @OfficialPrinceO Yes coming @OfficialPrinceO ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @Pouryadamanager I want to help! What’s the issue? @kfyma @wasabinoise @jjbbllkk @cdbaby Apple requires the song title be the same as previously released versions of… @benparksounds Thx! Will fix
@YunuetMusicOF Working on it @ElenaDuffMusic Thank you! For your help, I've just upgraded your account (for free) to Musician Plus/unlimited contacts. Enjoy! @DomFromNYC Fixed this in dev - will be fixed soon. Thank you SO much @DomFromNYC Ah - good find! I will fix that, thank you! There's a different signin link on that page (whcih works)… @DomFromNYC Can you give me more detail? What does the page look like, and what exactly is happening? Are you getti… it work? @ErisianLib What device (mobile? laptop?) and what browser? Thanks!
I uploaded my single to @DistroKid 5 days before the release date and it was added to NINE @Spotify editorial playl…
Retweeted by DistroKid @KvngQwan What problems are you seeing? Also, congrats on the new release! @donnamariesongs weird thx, will figure it out @iamdek Try again. Same thing? @donnamariesongs Try again. Same thing? @Point__Reazon Oopsie. Please try again. Same thing? @NobodyNWD Thank you! Helpful. @robtswthrayguns @gootsy Hm sorry. Try reload. @gootsy Thanks for the feedback! Will fix. @infinitereality @cmillermusic_au Did it work? @byzantinebtbx @alexrealmusic Check your spam folder @_Xprssn Being built now
@synchro_start @aaronshadrow Sorry to hear it. What’s the issue and how can we fix? @evnmusic Today we fixed an issue where if the same person pre-saved twice, it was counted as 2. Now it’s counted a… @MarakoMarcus @murraygabriel @lofi_bogolub 💪💪 @RadariusLegacy Where? Do you have a screenshot of the error? Sorry about that @EatASpiritBomb @senseimarq 🔥
@Produced_By_AJ @MarakoMarcus 🙏 @WHOPRODUCERALLI a chance
@jxmvvis @Mayzin You won’t be disappointed @tonygregory_SW Recently started using SweetAlert2 and love it is hard. (our latest error message, for a new thing, attached) @MMagic42 Yes"If it's stupid but it works, it isn't stupid." @DiegoLandaeta Try again- streaming services have loosened up on both those issues @NiquoSuave @DJ_Underminer ❤️❤️❤️🌶🌶🌶 @ChrissaSJE What new format? @producedbyh @1chaibeats Yep DistroKid is the fastest payer in the world but streaming services are usually 2-3 mon… @fadedwindsprod Noted. The original idea is to make the buttons more customizable - so you can add stuff like “mY a… @jaysixkilla Sup @TheKidBrothers 🔥 @DiegoLandaeta Scared to ask by why not DistroKid?