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@DeathRowRomeos WATCH WHAT U SAY ABOUT Chumbawamba. Hit us up @AleFillman Weird. Dm me the email address for your account and album title, so I can look into it @NOISEISSUES Go to
@The_realRainaAr We reply to all email usually within 2 business days or so. Check your spam filter if youre not ge… @The_realRainaAr Hit us up @Rytz_Cuecliche @CEOleeparsons Good publicists 🤷‍♂️ @gcampbellmusic Thank you @ro_halfhide 💪💪 @StevenCravis I feel you. We’re gonna redesign that whole page, make it simpler & less yelly. @Ang_243 What are your ideas regarding playlists? Let us know @williguesslofi Working on it @AleFillman Links generated after your album goes live in stores (that’s pretty much the only way our system can fi… @2KCOL ❤️🙏🥃🥃🍷🍾🧊 @iampelham ❤️🙏 @jesse10s 🙏🙏 @cincotheflexgod 🙏You can now edit the DM button text on HyperFollow pages. And before you say "I don't need a DM button on my HyperF… previews. This song sounds 🧨🔥, how @DistroKid seized the memes of audio production
Retweeted by DistroKid @thomdunn ❤️❤️❤️😂 @clementcasu Ask us anything at @AgerollRivera 💪💪❤️🙏 @breathingback lol ❤️ @ArisTake @chuckdafonk @cdbaby @TuneCore Nice! Pls don’t forget the comparison for timed lyrics, meme generators, T… @__wolfstone Interesting idea!💪💪 @niggayoudumb Good idea @skilidko 😂 @JamesGardin Good ideas @TheKunig @CrowsLabyrinth Go to your HyperFollow page and click “Menu” @LilJeice Working on dat @A1exCatrambone This is so awesome thank you 🙏 @AtexATL Always 💯 @4corners5 On the to-doSkip ahead to around 2:20 in this video to see DistroKid’s lyric syncing in action @HalfConscious89 This was awesome to watch—thank you! @JQElImparable09 Thanks! @RockstarJt Yes @brittspencer13 💪💪 thank youSorry about the high velocity of new features lately. Too many new features? 💅🏻 launching new features so fast, be… @LuisBardelang @aramisounds Yes
@Th3Melan8dGawd That’s mean, we like the people there. But I’ll allow it 😂 ❤️ 🙏 @cincotheflexgod 💪💪 @IDELRXaturn 💪💪Get your lyrics to scroll SYNCED with your music on Instagram, Apple Music and more. You can now upload synced lyri… artist Arizona Zervas @ArizonaZervas killing it with ROXANNE 💪💪❤️ @Faded_Thomas I enjoy this
@TranscendedBass @dvremusic Not to be a Debbie Downer but your DistroKid account will get shut down for that (or wo… @dxnny_dolphin @stripeluca @FerzGuy @almost_vanished @FerzGuy Tried that but looks weird when only 1 link. Maybe centered if 3+ links otherwise right-aligned? @murrygagewilson Hm good point. Will fix. Thank you! @hanimobeats @FerzGuy Thank you thank you @TheDutchMark @FerzGuy 💪 @BSlickComposer @FerzGuy 🥵 @LittleLightCZ @FerzGuy 💪 thank you. let me know if any issues @infinitereality @FerzGuy ywNEW! You can add social media links to your HyperFollow page. Go to your HyperFollow page and click "MENU" in the… @yourmombeats 💯 but there has to be weirder🌝 @UnfSonsOfficial 🔥 🤮 @Acamarachi This is awesomeWho else knows this feeling. Congrats on the release! @middream_LA 💪💪 contests on the release! @fusedofficial @karrade Something funky with your internet connection but I’m glad to hear it’s working now! @CrowsLabyrinth @jrobthehuman @fusedofficial The good news is genres matter less over time. Some major streaming se… @CrowsLabyrinth @jrobthehuman @fusedofficial This is a good idea 💡
@MusicsteinBand Interesting. People love Baby Yoda! @RoQkG_Marley Please DM details to usDid you get your Marcel video? Free for all DistroKid members at @thomdunn 😂❤️ @CrowsLabyrinth @jrobthehuman @fusedofficial The only problem with ambient, is when someone uploads the 1,000th “na… @fusedofficial here to help! We use Beatport’s list for electronic music. Let us know if they’ve added a new genre… @fusedofficial @akizoramusic We use the same genre list as Beatport for electronic music. Let us know if they’ve ad…
@LoseMyGrip 🤔 @takateruu why fuck @Iamkmdmusic Hit us up with details @DutchIvo What do people in the Netherlands use instead (if anything). WhatsApp? @DanielLeSaux @CountedByChris 💯What do you use more? @InaccuratePunk I once played pool with @brianXbaker when he was in junkyard in his moms lawyers basement in maryla… @half_cactus Hit us up
@victoryobot1 @NTMOBand Yes you can turn off audio previews. Click “menu” on your HyperFollow page to see the optio… page with audio preview, YouTube embed, "holiday cheer" and more. (also, a great song from @ntmoband!) @FallacyOG ❤️ @mattdmarshall @TheWeebl Three (feat. Doug E. Fresh) 🔥This may be controversial but is there a better Christmas song than (starts at 1:38) @franks_music Gotta turn your phone off silent @mistxrlu Thank you 🙏 @GoodxJ Yes yes yes @CansalsaBand Thank you! Happy to help 💪💪 @jonmagnussonof Good idea. We can build that easy. You mean like a Facebook ad pixel? @PhilippeDiShawn For old releases, visit your HyperFollow page and click “menu” on the upper-right to see & turn on new features. @wjedmmusic 💪💪