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@code_nutt 👍👍 @boyjugomusic Legit @eljay831 Yep 🙏Charity aside, it's fun to scroll through all the album covers @luiscrucet Thank you for your generosity @MilessPerHour Is it working now? I think there were some technical issues this morning. @tonyfreeze We're going to leave it up, you can opt-in (or out) any time.Here’s are the artists who’ve chosen to automatically donate a portion of royalties to Black social justice organiz… @NickGarcia305 That is truly kind, thank you on behalf of everyone @SharmSong @YouTube Thank you so much for doing this! You rock @706nix @NAACP_LDF 🙏 @pianotpot @ColorOfChange @NAACP_LDF 💪💪 @Big_Al_Dalton @ColorOfChange Thank you @SoundOfALLA Come over @aolfreetrial @FriggyIRL @NAACP_LDF @ColorOfChange Maybe customer service misunderstood the question. It’s very eas… @bargainnoise 💪💪 @smrtdeath ❤️ @aolfreetrial @FriggyIRL @NAACP_LDF @ColorOfChange If anyone wanted their release stopped they can do that very eas… @FriggyIRL Disregard. It’s not. I like the bund strap tho. @FriggyIRL Thank you Friggy. Is that an IWC Big Pilot? @aolfreetrial @FriggyIRL @NAACP_LDF @ColorOfChange I’m not looking for credit. But we spend so much money, time, ri… @aolfreetrial @FriggyIRL We donated 100% of profits to @NAACP_LDF & @ColorOfChange. We built the world’s only syste… @alexwolfdoes More info here 🙏 @realliveanimals Yes as far as we know @holymob @NAACP_LDF @ColorOfChange ❤️ @NO_DDC Not currently to add them all in one shot but that’s a good idea. @aolfreetrial What do you mean by push back releases? Deadlines? Too late for what? For some reason I want to understand your tweet. @ethanfeldman Good call🚨 NEW THING ALERT 🚨 Artists asked how to auto-donate some of their royalties to Black social justice orgs. DistroKi…
@AdamBunnnnn No, streaming services don’t allow swapping audio. In theory you could try to re-upload w exact same m… @LunaForeverr @MusicLo14351436 Yep temporarily wonky. Thanks for hanging in, working on it. @ayodeesteele Sorry to hear that. What happened? Let us know so we can improve. Did you check @CaytWMusic @actualsouImate 💪💪 @vonst0rm Everyone keeps hating on us for that fake list @Call_Me_Meech That is a fake list but it keeps getting sent around @patiencesings_ @Kezington__ 💪💪 @Atlasdrogas That is a fake list but it keeps getting sent around. Sigh. @CountKlassy ❤️ @prodbywoo ❤️ @UncertainSound @Dan_Vasc Even if Dan hates DistroKid (and/or US-Brazil tax code) I remain a fan of @Dan_Vasc, have… from 2017 ❤️💪💪 @censoredialogue @cozycorpco @guapdad4000 🙏
@cozycorpco @censoredialogue @guapdad4000 "Where were y'all before today?" this is from 2017 @itsKisos @guapdad4000 Good point and thank you. ♥️ @MyFriendThayne @guapdad4000 🙏 @itsKisos @guapdad4000 "it was almost a week after this blackout was initially announced" I didn't hear about it til Sunday @guapdad4000 List seems fake? @MyFriendThayne @guapdad4000 That list seems fake 🤷‍♀️ @Dan_Vasc ❤️
DistroKid stands in the fight against racism & social injustice. Tomorrow we're donating 100% of profits to… @debojitroy94 Makes sense @PillaristNL Truth @importbeats_ You’re always paying for it with any distributor - the question is whether it should be baked/added i… @NickHaynesMusic 🙏 @thepaulsultana ❤️ @iammillaze Yeah we got a little behind but we’re caught up and fast again now 💪💪 thanks for hanging in @MpakaDerrick What happened? @whoisarjunnair Sounds like you accidentally uploaded music and opted-into an extra? Whoa! No worries or tricks her… @MyerClarity @dylanlockemp3 @sunnydutchie ❤️❤️❤️🙏 @dylanlockemp3 @MyerClarity @sunnydutchie People spending hundreds of $$ on CD Baby being like “they offer phone su… @MyerClarity @sunnydutchie Leave a legacy is in case your credit card ever gets declined your music won’t get remov… @MyerClarity @sunnydutchie DistroKid is $19.99/yr for unlimited uploads. @MyerClarity @sunnydutchie What do you mean no advanced cost? CD Baby charges $30 per album. @wrnghaus ❤️ @mack_johnsonn We’re trying @fluffy Love @xrulx_music Hmm @sakunera Thx - noted. @owu6u We could but then everyone would be paying for it, even if they don’t need it. Hm
@MerylSKavanagh Working on something like this. Thank you 💪💪 @MerylSKavanagh I hear you. What’s a better way to choose who gets on the playlist? @VascMusic ❤️ @jsthornquest Def @BabalooRB 🙏 @BSlickComposer It will, very soon 💪💪 @BabalooRB Working on that big timeThis is 💯 true. I’ve found cooperating and networking is the best ways to excel. (I’m not in a place to tell anyone… @fw__mee How can we help you?
@MuckyMann I sunny think so but this is an awesome idea for something else we’re working on, thank you @BlakeG703 Thank you! It's super fun to build these things. @Natureboymusik Definitely. I kinda want to get rid of genres entirely (or let artists type in whatever they want).… @danielquasar Ha! I like it @jrobthehuman These are good ideas. (ps customer service, i think, is speedy again once more - we recently cleared… is building something that lets any artist compete head-to-head with other artists. Fans vote on which so… @jrooseveltmusic @214Frost Sorry about that. Fixed! @MalAmazin @kingtahoe 🙏 @n8raps A fixer fixed? On it. @southwortha @The_Real_SoniiQ I don’t really understand the demand for that either but maybe it’s someone got a fin… @RockitGamingYT Sorry! Fixed. @Borsayt @hifisenpai 💪💪 @therealpresraps 💪💪 @danielquasar A SoundCloud-like thing and some other things to help folks connect w each other. You can change username any time. @karlido_ Can be wHatEveR caps you wantJUST LAUNCHED: Get your DistroKid username. Why? For stuff we’re launching in the near future. But reserve your use…
@geighb On it 😆
Working on DistroKid iPhone and Android apps. What should it do? What features do you most want for v1? @1ItzAlexYT 💪💪 @penrosebass Yes
@ParagonCause Yesss