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@KT_So_It_Goes @AndJogs and mom can wear her pearls1920 movies! Now my mom and dad can finally take me to see The Mark of Zorro @ashleyfeinberg i've got a great social media manager for you years ago today #ScottPilgrimVsTheWorld was released. Looking back on this magical voyage, I'm even more gratefu…
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoffthere's that new tone @micbro85 that's a rather tender subjectthe rocky horror picture show @PAPPADEMAS have you done the Lemonhope 2-parter yet? it's one of the best of the series[ahem]
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoff @ChiScribe if there's anything Disney is known for, it's generously allowing others to do what they want with their intellectual property @sepinwall @andylevy @mikeryan aw man i'm all out of cashArtists accused the Second City of institutionalized racism. The comedy theater agreed: it was guilty. Inside its H…
Retweeted by Dave ItzkoffI’m so sorry this is happening to you. has picked up a Sarah Cooper (@sarahcpr) comedy special, to be directed by Natasha Lyonne (@nlyonne) and ex… @Mikeaveli2682 @SimpsonsQOTD think even my 5 year old might draw the line there @jazzedloon congratulations! @pattonoswalt these happy days are mine and mine alonegood morning to the new tone @ditzkoff
Retweeted by Dave Itzkofftired: college football season never starts wired: NHL season never ends @AsteadWesley someday. @AsteadWesley is that Fees Dues & Services or Gifts & Activities
@JCrock_ classic Chris NolanDad, today marks six years since your passing. Your legacy lives on in your family and in those who carry your spir…
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Retweeted by Dave Itzkoffso much young Californian talent waiting to fill that senate seat @jimbonoles he's got an understudy waiting to jump in pretty much locks up california for biden imo
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoffmaya rudolph the next time lorne calls Senator Kamala Harris of California is Joe Biden’s pick for vice president. She’s the first Black woman o…
Retweeted by Dave ItzkoffMr. Peanut is frantically trying to age himself up to 35 in time for Biden to announce him as VP pick
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoff @davidmackau @swin24 not Klobuchar! @Grace_Segers you know what you might like is Star Wars @Grace_Segers classic television @MattNegrin I’m trying to delete it“There’s nothing in the world more powerful than a good story. Nothing can stop it. No enemy can defeat it. And who… Tenet out yet @BassoonJokes especially at night @atrupar dir. Paul Verhoeven"And then it became personal for me," -- Jordan donating a billion to Biden in two weeks
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoff @thatbilloakley @pattymo now who are the Coke, Pepsi and RC Cola of the onion-dispensary business @pattymo how are there two competing companies in this industrywow congratulations to Imminent
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@jarestia The clown. Is down. @ditzkoff
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoff Zealand citizenship
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Retweeted by Dave Itzkoff @loocheeoh @Adam23714529[googles "title of CeeLo Green's biggest solo hit"]
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoff[inserts musty NCAA Football cartridge into Super NES console stored in the closet since 2001] [garbled digitized… @erictacular "can you introduce me as...Binky" @ditzkoff
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoff @otherjimdonahue my understanding is that they still have footage to shoot - how they accomplish this is another story @otherjimdonahue per FX, Fargo is finishing its production later this month.The new season of FARGO, starring Chris Rock, will debut on Sept. 27, FX says. (It had previously been set for Apri…“It’s a fine snapshot—actually, several hundred snapshots—of what life was like for us in the ‘80s,” Yankovic says…
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoff @ditzkoff it's always bad when something that Arthur says could also be a quote from Travis Bickle
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoff @SolidShepard “and I’ll look down and whisper..... ‘hey.’”things may be bad, but surely the beloved children's TV character Arthur will lift my spirits this morning @swin24 profundity is in the eye of the beholder, i guess @turtlebee2 hope you are enjoying both!
@JamesUrbaniak @andylevy @AndyRichter @ACNewman When I'm with you baby I go out of my head Everybody's got a hungry… @nfergus @BethBehrs @Sethrogen 🙏thank you Beth! @crampell there’s that ol’ Tiger know-how @TaraAriano @pareene "good for her" cinematic universe
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoff @pareene the bookended structure of it is incredible, and Evil Homer dancing on the grave of Good Homer is possibly my favorite gag ever @pareene i voted "Last Exit," but i think "Whacking Day" tops them all, tbh
2020 @BobbyBigWheel are you sure you’re not thinking of that King of the Hill episode @erictacular @ditzkoff
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoff @padrock, so, he didn’t know I would ask to see his credentials demonstrating that he was the wallet inspector but he did… @ditzkoff I'm not going to let the government tell me when to stop my car.
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoffwhat about some sort of executive order requiring the installation of electric lighting systems at every traffic in…
@davidlsims what if Nurse Chapel was, like, Khan’s granddaughter or somethingthe last thing you see before they put you in the wicker man
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoff @thatbilloakley @Joshstrangehill you know, Bill, in some ways you and I are very different people. @FilmSpy007 It didn’t end up in the article but we talked a little about how Fiddler had influenced the movie’s ope… @Joshstrangehill thank you. it's the only reason i know what abalone is. @ditzkoff
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