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Dave Itzkoff @ditzkoff the holy goddam New York Times

''As a Jew, I'm very judgmental. As a street Jew, doubly so.'' --Sidney Lumet

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checking in on Star Wars development plans @jarestia it’s all good
the poet the poem @MIM_mmelo thanks very much, Mark. i appreciate it and i'm grateful for your kind words. (also nice to be rated an "exceptional value.") @ChaseMit we had all the best clocks in the 80s, doomsday clocks, national debt clocks, you name ithey, we got that new season of 'Watchmen' after all @edsbs this is Entourage erasure
somehow, Mr. Peanut returned you all for your kind thoughts and messages of support for our dearly beloved brother Terry. It is a cruel a…
Retweeted by Dave ItzkoffJust heard about Terry J It feels strange that a man of so many talents and such endless enthusiasm, should have f…
Retweeted by Dave ItzkoffFarewell to the great Terry Jones. His influence was more than wafer thin.
@ChaseMit! love the sag awards. Everyone gets to wear their 3rd favorite dress
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@PFTompkins it’s better as a duet with Kenny Rogersworkin' nevermore “prophet!” said I, “thing of evil! can't forget lenore, prophet still, if bird or devil! leave… @TheSpeakman thank you. he's old enough to have seen star wars in the theaters!
@LouisPeitzman @RustedWave Wow! Congrats. Will definitely pick this up.
@andylevy bad boys: career driftwatching the 90s play out again like only pawn, in game of life
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoff @mikeryan @andylevy still looks better than CGI jabba @andylevy @ditzkoff
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoff @mikeryan how rude"no, *I* am your father" @TaikaWaititi rock on, gold plate robot
Directed Werner Herzog for @TheSimpsons today. Conversation between takes: WERNER: "The Simpsons is more than mere…
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoff @andykhouri "nothing ends, adrian. nothing ever ends. well, except this." @byrdinator @gilbertcruz I HEARD YOU RECORD TRANSIT ANNOUNCEMENTS"Hi, I'm Marty Scorsese. This is 50th Street, near the old Magno screening room where in 1972 I first saw Once Upon… @LouisPeitzman it's always in the last place you look. @jason_ford thank you! my work here is done. the debut of "Star Trek: Picard" approaches, I took a look at the state of the Star Trek franchise, as it tries…
Today at the Supreme Court:
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoff @KevinMKruse @karengeier but what a year it was @AsteadWesley're telling me that Lambada movie is 30 years old already
@garettfsch9851 @elyssafeder No she was right @parallelsaf
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoff🎵 I want to be where the people are I want to live part-time in Canadawhen you correctly guess the Queen's true name before the third full moonlight @Nab_Cab_Nab since mid-summerwhen it's oscar nomination time
Retweeted by Dave ItzkoffIssa Rae: "Congratulations to those men."i think we all know how brad pitt is celebrating that nomination it's oscar nomination time @driverminnie I believe that settles it. @ditzkoff AN OLDER FUCKING DRIVER IS BETTER ‘K?
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoffdebating Adam Driver’s work on Girls vs. his performance in Marriage Story
The Mandalorian - Spaghetti Western Trailer
Retweeted by Dave ItzkoffYes! Your nom is so well deserved! Rooting for you all the way / Fuck 'em. You were robbed! What do awards mean any…
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoff @danielradosh @danielradosh what made them want to come and blow him away @realJaredGilman the bogosian charisma transcends generations @realJaredGilman was judd hirsch their favorite?
@DustinGiebel this reads like one of the subliminal messages from They Live
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Rush's Neil Peart, the Hall of Fame drummer who set a new standard for rock virtuosity, has died at age 67…
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoff @jasonxbergman the only danger is if they send them to that terrible planet of the apes @ditzkoff
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoff @dodaistewart for liability purposes i'll just leave it at your desk...whatever happens after that, happens @ditzkoff yea...uhhhhh....I'll take two "Please Stop Your Heart Cannot Take Any More Salt" box combos and a baja blast
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoffit’s like Taco Bell isn’t even trying to have fun naming its menu items anymore @edgarwright @guideguardian and then the chemistry was just so good that you had to write some new episodes? @swin24
[refreshes timeline] "ROMA to be turned into five-season sitcom for Disney +..." [refreshes timeline] "PAIN & GLOR…
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoff @GenePark i'm so old, i can remember #CATS the anthology series, you cowards.
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoffit can be one episode long and called "Parasite" @kibblesmith Here’s how this ends: @crampell @pixelatedboat @MikeDrucker condolences to his son, ten nunbAwards season with Michael Shannon
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoff#RIP Henry, the legendary screenwriter behind 'The Graduate' and 'What’s Up, Doc?', died tonight of a heart attack…
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoff @DavidInAlief @RPMiller74 @dailysimpsons "aren't we forgetting something, marge?" @timheidecker i guess someone doesn't have a hungry heart anymore :(born to run (3 and a half hours)
@iresimpsonsfans hope they name him frank is pretty much the story of "Livin' on a Prayer" @swin24 freshen yer drink, guvner @sepinwall this was right here!’t believe Ivanka got to meet the Incognito Browsing guy
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoff @AshleyRParker this but the nanny musicalNEW NEIGHBOR: Meghan who? MEGHAN [after a long look into the distance]: Meghan Skywalkerwriters for The Crown vs. writers for Suits @BobbyBigWheel i feel like he'll never get it rightPrince Harry's gonna rent a flat above a shop, cut his hair and get a job
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoffharry watches Endgame once told yall
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoffi am also working to become financially independent"The Nanny" is being developed into a musical, with a creative team that includes @frandrescher and…
Retweeted by Dave Itzkoff @Duvisited @mikeryan "Hey, remember the Chosen One? He was going to bring balance to the Force? Well, he was horrib…