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full-stack JS • instructor: @eggheadio @scrimba

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@chriskalmar @CodeNewbies That moment when you stack is literally... a “stack” 😂 awesome tooling Chris🙌🏼 @Sahil_Fruitwala It’s a twitter dashboard app with telegram notifications😊As I am approaching product launch 🚀 I will start working on landing page - will be super grateful for some awesome examples🙌🏼 Thanks😊Okay, googling seems to be very important one among first replies😀 don’t forget that googling is also a skill and takes practice🙏🏼Today is my last day being hired for a company. I am officially a freelancer. No more distractions. I'm looking…
Retweeted by Dimitri ⚡️JavaScript ⚡️ @AnnaJMcDougall Haha, Twitter is too unpredictable to expect something from it😀What’s that one essential non coding skill for developers?🧐 I start: Communication🤗Having lots of notifications in twitter can be overwhelming😕 @calebolojo This is my nightmare - positioning and responsive styles😂What is the hardest part of #CSS @designkojo @FrancescoCiull4 Made my day😂🙌🏼 @Leandro8209 Thanks😊 @StasKlymenko Thanks A ton Stas😊😊😊 @FrancescoCiull4 Thanks😊 😊😊It’s Friday and that means „Don’t pu... Wait, today is my Birthday 🎂 and to celebrate I will push to production to my heart’s content😉
@DavidKPiano 😂😂😂How did I miss that @nexusgql has one of the most amazing loggers out there in JS ecosystem :D @DanEnglishby I use blah,123 and here😂What's the hardest part of #JavaScript for you?JavaScript core skills before jumping into libs and frameworks: 🔥 types 🔥 operators 🔥 objects 🔥 arrays 🔥 functio… @StasKlymenko It’s a passion🤩Why are you coding?
Retweeted by Dimitri ⚡️JavaScript ⚡️ @vinay4gamz Nope, but I like to play music very much😁
@chrisdixon161 Congrats🔥🔥🔥 where to have a look at it?😀 @NehemiahKiv @Twitter To share, to learn, to teach, to earn more, to make friends - I can continue for the length of two Tweets probably😂I honestly can say that @Twitter gave me opportunities I never dreamt about If you are developer and still have qu… @chrisdixon161 Can’t wait to see it🙌🏼Go learn #javascript yesterday - single right answer if you want to succeed👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Ask questions no matter what position you have 🙌🏼 Curiosity is the power, use it to your advantage 🔥
@jh3yy Looks awesome🙌🏼I am making this these days. Would love to get your ideas, suggestions and feedback 🤩
Retweeted by Dimitri ⚡️JavaScript ⚡️ @natterstefan Or as I like to say: If you want to learn development or some other skill - start yesterday not tomorrow😀Help both @chriskalmar and @radnerus93 with their milestones - I promise you won't regret following these people T… @catalinmpit Be polite and send them back to where they came from with „Go fvck yourself, please. Thank you“ if the… non programming skills for programmer: 🔥 touch typing 🔥 text navigation with keyboard 🔥 shortcut and macros s… I code every day? 👉🏼 yes Do I have to make compromises to do it? 👉🏼 yes Does it still bring joy after many ye… @rafrasenberg I am sure it was already mentioned but - 😜node_modules😜 @chriskalmar Some meta-level shit 🤩 @AnnaJMcDougall Happy birthday! All the best 😁 @smakosh @arvidkahl thanks for the rec :D @rheinardkorf amazing :DRecommend me a book or two for indie makers😀 @StasKlymenko @florinpop1705 Contrary to redux which is easy for complex things and complicated for easy things😂 re…
At a couple jobs now, I've been tasked with reviewing incoming applications, so I've read _a lot_ of cover letters.…
Retweeted by Dimitri ⚡️JavaScript ⚡️ @AndyTamburino @_marcba @ErgoDoxEZ @ON4LPF Haha, you deserve the praise as the most attentive one😂Find someone to discuss tech stuff with: 👋🏼 coworker 👋🏼 meetup 👋🏼online forums It will give you tech speaking ski… @traversymedia If I hadn’t ask for help Million times - I would still be developing plain html pages in notepad🤷🏻‍♂️You can look at more complex things while still learning basics - it will give you advantage🔥🔥🔥 @chriskalmar Vacation setup at its finest😂 @estebananocolo @ErgoDoxEZ @arnold_smith1 @ErgoDoxEZ @webDev444 @ErgoDoxEZ @AnnaJMcDougall @ccIces Well, u have some good points😅 it’s hard to adapt to blank keycaps but then switching to no… @kettanaito @framer React?😀 looks awesome☺️ @kettanaito @framer Is it web or in design tool?I got ninety-nine problems but #javascript ain't one @DmytroGladkyi Calculators? Those are little step based sequencers, yup @WellBrained Love it😀 @StasKlymenko @_marcba Yup😀 yours is so clean and awesome☺️ maybe some day I will also get all the dongles out😅 @smakosh Techy🤩 love it, Ismail😍 @shembunde 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 @guynoar Pocker operator by teenage engeneering @human6777 Ambient😻Show me your setup👨🏼‍💻🎮🖥💁🏾‍♀️ Here’s mine👇🏼 @EmmaBostian @Spotify Congrats Emma! wish you a lot of fun on your new journey :DYou start progressing faster as a developer when you: 👉🏼 have horizontal knowledge 👉🏼 have solid grasp of basics…
Using @TermiusHQ to debug the droplet when relaxing on the bed is precious😄 @DivDev_ Mines @GiftwalkerApp
Retweeted by Dimitri ⚡️JavaScript ⚡️If you want to reach the top of your game, here are some things you need to do ✨ Keep practicing every day 🧪 Try ne…
Retweeted by Dimitri ⚡️JavaScript ⚡️This looks pretty awesome🙌🏼 check it out @chriskalmar You must be pretty complex and nested object🤪Reply with your side project and I will share the most prominent ones🤩 @florinpop1705 My very good friends are from Sibiu😀
@NehemiahKiv You start hating Angular @benawad @Micheal46777232 Looks good,can’t see anything to comment on😄Love how this has grown for other people also offering their reviews🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼Are you coding or having a rest on weekend?😀
@DThompsonDev @kentcdodds Well, is it Merlot??? I prefer Chardonnay😕 love your parallel😂You are an awesome person👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 @Yousef_Hmidi Everything except reflection effect on text is super awesome🙌🏼🔥 @kishoreio Remove loading indicators from your skills😄 @anklovy Give more width to about section, it looks too thin @colbyfayock Haha, so humble👍🏼 on main page subscribe button is not aligned on iPhone X Max - otherwise looks aweso… @krishnadevz Love the simplicity - about section has no valid route though😀➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ You have tweeted 2,724 times❗️ You have 10,738 awesome followers🤩 This week in your twitter: Tweets🐦:… @SaadPastaDev 🔥🔥🔥 @PulkitS53679047 Remove progressed based skills😀 @lux_academy Looks good👍🏼 @BuhaHemal @AaronCuddeback Remove progress based skill levels @PierreCharles97 Awesome - like it🔥 @VPilipchatin Navbar links aren’t vertically aligned😀 otherwise it’s awesome how much work you pour into your personal website🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 @its_ayush24 Navbar too big, bg blends with overlay text @purshupro Horizontal padding is missing in typewriter @chriskalmar It wasn’t even a joke😂😂😂 really haven’t heard about it😅 @The_Spar Looks good to me, can’t add anything😀 @chriskalmar What’s even react static😀 @DevyashB @geeky_bhavani Looks good overall, but little bit too much emptiness and whitespce sometimes - fill it😀 @radnerus93 Seems like your mic got out of control😂😂😂