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Dad Jokes & Disinformation | "All I understand is that "Divest Trump" is spreading CIA-type propaganda." - Russian Internet Research Agency

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Good article on TikTok. here's the video, from TeebsGaming on , of an officer smacking the phone from a protest…
Retweeted by DigestTrump @PartTimeHobo Nah, that user means admin. Apparently, the comment has been circulated more than once with no repercussions for anyone. @hshaban China covertly influences elections and policy in America. Is that something we'd like to voluntarily improve for them?It was incredibly disheartening to see u/drunken_economist make a comment joking about Auschwitz and the Holocaust.…
Retweeted by DigestTrumpmaybe don't make anti-semitic comments at all, but definitely not on the platform you WORK for is very creepy. Interactive map of police surveillance capabilities. News hosts always end up having major controversies right before long planned vacations. 😥 is bonkers. Two Lethbridge police officers have been "temporarily demoted" for unauthorized surveillance of th…
Retweeted by DigestTrumpHow's that Harvard MBA working out now that you have to refute a Q Anon conspiracy theory that your company is sell… totally had a love child after proclaiming with complete confidence that condoms don't work. BIG CLIMATE NEWS FROM BIDEN, who will call for setting a 100% clean energy standard by 2035. w/ @arinatter and @jendlouhyhc
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@JasonSCampbell I'm confused because I thought wearing a mask meant Trump is leftist now. @morgan_sung guillotines on the white house lawn sharpened and polished @katie_rayford you don't cut terry crewsNot only are The Maskless spreading DISEASES, they are also TRASHING our beautiful cities and parks! Criminals? Sad!Can we cancel all oil & gas executives? support among Confederate statues polled. are a huge problem. away from the Twitter machine, creep. year, authorities should tell everyone a white girl went missing so we can find all the missing bodies regard…, everyone. There's not much more I can say right now other than that I am no longer at BuzzFeed News. After e…
Retweeted by DigestTrump @nycsouthpaw Kanye was already registered as a VP candidate, though: state? Drake no. Surveillance state? Drake yes!Хабаровск. Главное требование - Путина в отставку!
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It's Thoreau's birthday, so I'm just going to post this perfect piece of writing again.
Retweeted by DigestTrump @CompleteCO Debunked. a LinkedIn influencer to convince everyone cover letters are stupid.Absolutely do not believe "bot detector" apps that only catch "bots" from one political ideology. Pure ML snake oil fuckery.If your "bot detector" app was even halfway functional, it would be so congested with B-list celebrities, brands, a… Biden wins, I think we all know it's thanks entirely to the Krassenstein brothers. @nytimesworld Failed state Russia is ready for revolution.
@PatricktweetsCO @jaredpolis he accomplished less than nothing @PatricktweetsCO @jaredpolis lookup "negligence" it's a word that was used in the previous tweet @PatricktweetsCO @jaredpolis 134,000 lives wait, no... that's how many trump killed through negligencethis statue wasn't torn down. Just sayin.
Retweeted by DigestTrumpI’m not exactly sure why people are photoshopping faces of their cats onto bees, but they are.
Retweeted by DigestTrump @TheWorldWatch @mutludc The oldest people in the world were generally born in areas with poor birth record keeping.D.A.R.E. taught me strangers would give me free drugs to get me hooked. D.A.R.E. failed to mention this only applie… @swodinsky d u n kI remember thinking the Tea Party was an embarrassing stain on modern American politics. I wasn't wrong, but holy s… & ORDER SVU! wonder if this dude enjoys fellating his own turds are plenty of valid reasons to ban TikTok, but this is probably why it'll actually get banned: it in half! Teachers build automated murder drones from their own paychecks, why not the Pentagon?[turns on bat signal]
they've also barred FOIA requests, so we can't find out precisely which members of hate groups sign up! beyond, of…
Retweeted by DigestTrumpbrb getting a ppp loan Neff, a top writer for Fox News host Tucker Carlson, has for years been using a pseudonym to post bigoted rem…
Retweeted by DigestTrumpABC pls @cfarivar They probably think you're a blogger lol. They're being dicks, but it never hurts to modmail before posting something like that.gonna go huff bleachbit @middleofnohair Exactly, the rest of society actually has something to lose, not the wealthy elites from the original letter.Open letter response signed by like 8 trillion journalists that absolutely destroys the JK Rowling rant. Calling this one Murder Culture.Absolute legends.'s absolutely a time and place for anonymous sources, but every level of this administration have proven thems… talk about disinformation? Why not address "anonymous senior White House officials" that continuously feed bu… @BidenWarRoom @SadieMaybe7 That's like $2k worth of socialism right there.Vote suppression on the front page of reddit.😃 — so many times these companies ban some thing I’m thinking THIS WAS ALLOWED UP UNTIL NOW??!!
Retweeted by DigestTrump @The1nBetweener Top moderator axolotl_peyotl. that r/conspiracy was taken over by a right wing extremist just before the 2016 election. 5 in Cleveland has had enough of you all.
Retweeted by DigestTrump @michellemanafy @brianstelter @CNN yes @dankois @katie_rayford Crisis actors!If you believe in science, sanity, and decency, take a look at @Darien4Commish, who is exactly the sort of leader w…
Retweeted by DigestTrumpThis is a prime example of how dangerous the “thin blue line” is. Greenwood Village, led by its former Chief of Pol…
Retweeted by DigestTrump @cfarivar Make cars fly, problem solved.No fucking way. MURDER DOLPHIN A Nun up from my house in Thornton at this monster! 😯 #cowx #4wx @CBSDenver @ChrisCBS4
Retweeted by DigestTrump @swodinsky 😬 @swodinsky yea let's give robots knives and teach them to carve up mammalsNandini rules. Please read this. @TheGallowBoob Delete your Reddit account.
Retweeted by DigestTrumpA Justice Dept. investigation into a specialized narcotics unit of the Springfield, Mass., Police Department found…
Retweeted by DigestTrumpCoronavirus can be transmitted by fear. in. We're preventing poisoning #COVID__19
Retweeted by DigestTrumpit was platonic, you incel
@LoraThomasCO @TCHDHealth @AbeLaydon @douglascountyco @TubbsShow Congrats on killing your own constituents.are you serious
Retweeted by DigestTrumpDrinkem & Gropem LLP R A N D S A F E T Y"party inside your heart" #copolitics @jasonbe @TheRoot Seems too old for adoption. @TheRoot I don't mean to sound insensitive, but the guy on the right does not appear to be black. @TaylorLorenz Can minors even have reality shows centered on their love lives? Where are their parents in all this?armutszeugnis so unbelievably stupid @Remember_Sarah Imagine having to pee with 8 puppies squirming on your bladder. @nytimesbooks SMASH THAT INFECT BUTTONI am screaming
Retweeted by DigestTrump @BuzzFeedBooks @RyanSchocket Does it talk about the multiple sexual harassment accusations against her? @freep good riddanceWithin a day of the Chicago Reporter publishing an analysis that used policing data to contradict statements made…
Retweeted by DigestTrump @cyber @CISAgov My cybersecurity tip is delete Instagram."The federal government promised the Creek a reservation in perpetuity. Over time, Congress has diminished that res…
Retweeted by DigestTrumpOpinion penned by Chief Justice Roberts is 7-2. However, the opinion was 9-0 on the holding that absolute immunity…
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