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DivineDragoon @DivineDragoonGG Iwakuni-shi, Yamaguchi

Marine Corps vet. Aircraft mech. Automotive enthusiast. PC builder. Twitch Streamer and Mod for @YoungRetrolive. Express yourself, don't hold it in. ♡

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It really does mean the world to us little guys ♡
We'll give a $2,000+ High Performance Gaming PC (special edition) to a random person who retweets this within the n…
Retweeted by DivineDragoon @Dwoalin I want your family in my house... lmfaoThe blep!!! 😭 @SWSpringer I don't wanna say this is the greatest tragedy of 2020.... but it still feels very serious
hiiiii, so i announced this on strim yesterday but to anyone who missed it 👀👀👀 we officially have merch! im super…
Retweeted by DivineDragoonSo nice of @ScrubKillaRL to dress up for the occasion 😂
Retweeted by DivineDragoonWe could throw some of these in them and preload them with new custom StreamBeats animation. js ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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When you tell yourself you're not gonna fall for another one but it happens anyway. Fuck... @Eggheadmanen @LenaAxios They can support American businesses if they want, but we shouldn't support them, nor allo… @Eggheadmanen @LenaAxios Hong Kong and the silencing of free speech at Blizzcon are perfect examples of what happen… @Eggheadmanen @LenaAxios Uh no. Corporations owned and operated out of China are not something I care to support. I…
@Eggheadmanen @LenaAxios Trovo is owned by China, no thanks.Remember when they literally silenced the voice of free speech of that young man at Blizzcon? Colin Kaepernick can… tried telling y'all. Let's not forget Valorant is Chinese and uses Vanguard for kernel level 0 access. Tencent Ga…
A New Contender Approaches! LIVE NOW for the first Souls Sunday with Winter! Playing Dark Souls Remastered!
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STILL going live!!! come get these free drops!!!
Retweeted by DivineDragoonHiya, heading to a wedding so no stream tonight~ but enjoy this clip of @NormRhodes, @Gagsy92 and I going against…
Retweeted by DivineDragoon @Prod1gyXx That was bad assYESSS!!! @Br0dy Olive juice ♡
How do you do fellow @Twitch Affiliates ;3? Thank you to the Twitch Community for getting me this far so quick. I…
Retweeted by DivineDragoon @stupendous Probably slid behind the couch cushions @Virtual_Spectre Glory to the time sealed home of future past.Not really sure how much more I can take... 2020 has been such a painful year for the entire world... learning how…😳
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@YoungRetroLIVE That's so awesome 😁
@BRILIANTBUFOONS God damn... @CatharsisDrums @BRILIANTBUFOONS I I thought stream elements was one of the platforms everyone boycotted because it…
Good news everyone. It's Friday. Better news everyone. @TangoTekLP and I are playing Ark. Dinosaur poop and dreams.…
Retweeted by DivineDragoonThe Jenna Marbles situation is why I hate the internet sometimes. People make mistakes and can change, but sometime…
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@Hunkstaban god beer is vegan ❤ @thinx_d @SpoodahRL Y u make me cry tho @SpoodahRL I live to see +9 / -9 at the end of every match @Robot_Giggles Purple Nurples
Harris Heller is a fucking LEGEND
Pixel Alert is now built and working on Twitch! Follow alerts, Raids, Subs and Bits! With about 10 animations to c…
Retweeted by DivineDragoonSo. I'm hypothetically working on something amazing with @SamCWoodhall and @HarrisHeller . Get ready for July 11th…
Retweeted by DivineDragoon @MrBeastYT Mass produce 3D printing machines to make strong storm/quake resistant homes that are easily affordable… @GoJamesbotGo @RLEsports Not unless you're tossin curveballs like @SunlessKhanOne reason I love @RLEsports is that we never have to question our players inherent talent on the pitch. That’s act…
Retweeted by DivineDragoonI got goosebumps >-< First ever going live tweet for @Twitch! a new land, new season, same weeb ;3…
Retweeted by DivineDragoonAs people move over to Twitch, a good reminder to be mindful of the music you're using in the background while you'…
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This hurts me a lot to see what's happening. I am working as quickly as I can to get twitch support up and running.…
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The gaming industry is so fucked up right now I’m honestly ashamed to be apart of it. Bout to just post vlogs on Yo…
Retweeted by DivineDragoonI stand with others who have said this and I will repeat it, We need someone to run @WatchMixer like @XboxP3 runs…
Retweeted by DivineDragoonThe one good thing imo to come from all of this is people are becoming okay with speaking up. Like a year & a half…
Retweeted by DivineDragoon @PiGuyGG @Zune_Girl @USMC Yes and no... I served after him and have assaulted no one. But yes 1 shitbag ruins the whole platoon 😫Supa, Kabby, and now iHollywood too and probably countless others... 😔 I don't want to be a Mixer streamer anymore.… popcorn eating and throwing down the chair gifs AREN'T IT right now. Cut that garbage out.
Retweeted by DivineDragoon @PaytonSolaire And I'm thankful for it every time brother 🤙 @PaytonSolaire Thank you for opening up to us and allowing us the chance to understand and love you better. Please…
@MilanKLee @wesley_shark Holy shit... 😔Mixer: The Black Experience Read:
Retweeted by DivineDragoon @PiGuyGG @Seven_of_7_ Always lookin for a slice of Pi
Spent the day fishing in a Japanese river today An 89 yo Japanese man approached me and said he has fished here fo…
Retweeted by DivineDragoonFacebook Stocks are about to take a nasty hit
@YoungRetroLIVE @Lethamyr_RL Turtle goals and turtle saves only
Cooooool! is a special place in hell for pandemic price gougers.
Retweeted by DivineDragoon @YoungRetroLIVE NOT THE BUTTON! NOT MY SUB-SCRIBE BUTTON! 😂
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@wesley_shark rap. Duh. #dinosaur #dinosaurs #trex #jurassicpark #jurassicworld #jurassic #pets #animal #dog #dogs
Retweeted by DivineDragoon"Gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a shit?" Name that movie 🙃
@PaytonSolaire should be federally legal already, no exceptions! If people can drink and drive, or OD on pain meds, then CBD i…
Retro with his sharks 🤣 @Br0dy @Phlog news! @princessonmixer What's stopping you? @HazardousHX Please tell me a lifetime supply of dignity or self respect @HazardousHX What did I win? @HazardousHX Dibs @That_FilmGuy I know how that feels. Took a razor blade halfway through. Lost sensation on the right front half of… @Carly_Rose_Toes I'm looking to get one too... might get it today actually, fuck it lol
@That_FilmGuy Daaaamn... you okay? @YoungRetroLIVE @Carly_Rose_Toes New ink?! @luvvmxa @HassaanAKANaz @shoeionare @Ninja As stated previously, I agree with you that the shooting was unnecessary
@HassaanAKANaz @shoeionare @Ninja He stole their taser tho... not saying the shooting was justified but he jacked o… twitch rivals and got verified on Twitter, this day is a massive W
Retweeted by DivineDragoon @wesley_shark But most important, he wear seatbelt across lap @wesley_shark He atak @wesley_shark
Same pup... same... @Sithos_ @elderpooter Both of you deserve a piece of cake after all that
Everything I love just leaves me, I'm sad now. C9 is completely splitting up... 😢 @SquishyMuffinz Holy shit what a line up! Guess I'm a NRG fanboy nowHoly shit Squishy is on NRG now?! What a line up! Damn I'm so torn... I still love C9 but... am I an NRG fanboy now…
Today marks 2 years since this very moment. @RLEsports #RLCS5 Worlds.
Retweeted by DivineDragoonHey there, so tomorrow morning I will be streaming over on Twitch! This is not a move, it's just for science. I've…
Retweeted by DivineDragoonI just want the pain to stop...