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Strong but sensitive. Confused at times. #veggie #RealMadrid #FreePalestine #BDS

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Urgente: Barcos de ocupación sionista hunden un barco de pesca en el mar de Beit Lahia, norte de la Franja de Gaza.…
Retweeted by Dizzy ChickBillionaires need the working class. The working class does not need billionaires.
Retweeted by Dizzy Chick @ActualidadRT 😂😂😂😂😂 @telegram @_ThanjiiKun_ That would be the most useful feature from the 2467853 useful features Telegram has.Face Off Con Air Point Break The Rock don't need to be vegan to enjoy these delicious recipes 🤷‍♀️
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@georgegalloway Congratulations to all in the family!
@RTultimahora @ActualidadRT Total responsabilidad del ignorante de Bolsonaro.Creo que el @PSG_espanol se va a llevar la #UCL este año. #IcicestParisRayos! 😢 No mas #UCL pero al menos hemos tenido la alegría de la liga. Ya eso es mejor que las últimas temporadas. #RealMadrid ❤ #HalaMadrid @ThatEricAlper Hurt by Johnny Cash from NINQuiero que todo te salga bien, te quiero ver triunfando en la vida.
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@AliAbunimah BF: "The cops are gonna come here. You don't want that shit again." This is a re-offending #Karen8 Incredible Meatless Sandwiches
Retweeted by Dizzy ChickBeware of people who went through their toughest times alone, they don’t need you or anyone to survive
Retweeted by Dizzy Chick18 Vegetarian Versions Of Your Favorite Fast Foods
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Strawberry Blond (Bardcore with Vocals) #Bardcore 🥰 via @YouTube"Tu hogar no es donde naciste; el hogar es donde todos tus intentos de escapar, cesan". Naguib Mahfouz 📷Ferdinando…
Retweeted by Dizzy ChickWhat? #RealMadrid @crhoycom Ya era hora. Cuánto se tardaron en entender!'There are those that say you can test too much.' — Watch Trump's most mind-numbing moments from this Axios on HBO…
Retweeted by Dizzy Chick @CervezaTipo Hay que agregar que Israel pretendía/pretende anexar el West Bank palestino.
Opportunity, reconciliation, clarity. @ilana_____ The last syllable of the name in BrEng sounds like "lane", but originally it's a French name.It’s been 30 years since the first Gulf War. Here’s what happened
Retweeted by Dizzy ChickI just got kicked out of a flat earth Facebook group because I asked if the 6 foot social distancing guideline had…
Retweeted by Dizzy ChickWhen your dog photobombs a panorama pic😂 📸 FB Kimberly Krohlow
Retweeted by Dizzy Chick @nowthisnews Mariah Carey approves this dog. @kylekizu Phillip Seymour Hoffman - Love, Liza. Michael Fassbender - Shame Kirsten Dunst - Melancholia @Moondoggie38 @IMDb I feel the same way. It wasn't just the movie at first, but reading the book with the story tha… New Line employees have made a short film titled ‘ANNABELLE IN QUARANTINE’ focused on Annabelle’s adventures on t…
Retweeted by Dizzy ChickInside the horrifying ICE documentary Trump doesn't want you to see
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World is sleeping ... and the Israelis are bombing Gaza. #Gaza_under_attack
Retweeted by Dizzy Chick#Breaking: Gaza is under attack.
Retweeted by Dizzy Chick#Gaza under Attack now
Retweeted by Dizzy ChickApenas empieza agosto y ya está temblando! #temblorcr10-year-old Hassan weighs less than 20 lbs — and his story represents a much larger issue endangering thousands of…
Retweeted by Dizzy ChickHiroshima before and after the bombing, August 6, 1945.
Retweeted by Dizzy Chick1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4447: Alan Dershowitz defends himself after he's named in the Maxwell-Epstein…
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A story of Pitbulls and Poodles. Love, R.
Retweeted by Dizzy Chick @TalbertSwan @realDonaldTrump How dare you, Bishop? He's on Adderall!!!
Retweeted by Dizzy Chick @depressionnote First, are we going to survive 2020? 🤔 @depressionnote I can't trust people who don't like cheese. 😟 @depressionnote 20% of the answers come from billionaires 😂 @depressionnote I really don't know, but you can think about "the energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed"...
Evil @duolingo like when you try to be on the top 3 of your league... 😂😂😂 looks like you missed your spanish lesson… Most Decadent Vegan Chocolate Cake
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@duty2warn She's in danger. @MattScalici Your kid is a visionary! That's $$$ coming to her.5 Crispy & Cheesy Cauliflower Snacks
Retweeted by Dizzy ChickGracias por la esperanza. 💙
Retweeted by Dizzy ChickAbsolutely heartbreaking 💔 Survivors from Israeli 2014 52 day terror assault on Palestinian civilians in Gaza ࿐ c…
Retweeted by Dizzy Chick @hookdump Siempre pasa! El peligro es con youtube!5 Easy Substitutes For Ground Beef
Retweeted by Dizzy ChickThe world doesn't need billionaires.
Retweeted by Dizzy Chick @LeeRiley75 @clicheplottwist Awww who's a good dog? Yes, you are! 😊Vegan Meals High In Iron
Retweeted by Dizzy Chick @momentoviral Un fantasma bien fit?Maybe Lars von Trier, but for the wrong reasons. I can possibly say the same about Michael Haneke.
@TwitterMovies Brad Pitt and Charlie Hunnam. of @Sethrogen's comments on never being told there were people there, I'm reposting this thread I did about…
Retweeted by Dizzy Chick @crhoycom Noooooo! 😭Duélale a quien le duela!
Retweeted by Dizzy Chick @DrGJackBrown I'm stealing this #Cryelling @AITA_reddit Get that surgery, feel better, look bomb and have that man take care of the house and kids while you r… is what happiness looks like (petersage007 IG)
Retweeted by Dizzy ChickNever ridicule someone for mispronouncing a word. It means they learned it from reading a book.
Retweeted by Dizzy ChickWe NEED to talk about this. Stop praising companies like PornHub for "donating masks" (a PR stunt) when they are pr…
Retweeted by Dizzy ChickTw r*pe, animal cruelty. Please rt this. The money being asked for is not just about poverty but to help…
Retweeted by Dizzy Chick @ujpv2 @simangeo Sííí! Yo estaba aprendiendo con Duolingo, pero después de cierto nivel se necesita mas guía y acompañamiento.Pls boost this
Retweeted by Dizzy ChickTW: rape, suicide please share, venmo/cashapp RoseKalemba if you can
Retweeted by Dizzy Chick @TelevisionAcad @HBO @deadtome @nbcthegoodplace @insecurehbo @netflix @MaiselTV @SchittsCreek @theshadowsfx @theshadowsfx is pure gold!This is SO SO IMPORTANT and a person/family that needs your love + attention. Please read!!!!!⬇️
Retweeted by Dizzy Chick @Jess_lopezs @Guarromantico_ Me siento identificada. @RoseKalemba I admire you and respect you. You're in my thoughts and prayers. ❤🙏 @RoseKalemba Someone can set up the GoFundMe with their info and your story while you are the beneficiary, so your info remains private.When I was raped, my family lost everything. When I shared my story, we lost everything once again. I almost never…
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Las formulaciones de anticuerpos equinos preparadas por el ICP de UCR son capaces de inhibir la capacidad infeccios…
Retweeted by Dizzy ChickJohn Wick and Bryan Mills.
If you find something funnier or more entertaining on the net today please let me know 😂 #IYKYK #RetroRave2
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Twitter isn't working.
2020 @MHConvos Avoider, mostly.
@itscrazyamazing 50 shades of Grey
in case you forgot. i love you
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@TommyDoyle47 The Crow!The US is now the only UN member state in the world to back israel's illegal annexation, as China joins ranks in su…
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On #MandelaDay2020, we are reminded by Nelson Mandela's legacy of freedom and democracy, and we will honor his lega…
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Es posible decir que finalmente se superó la etapa post Cristiano? Ya volvió el equipo ganador? 🤔 #HalaMadrid #RealMadridCampeones! 💖👑#HalaMadrid #RealMadrid Vamos por esa #UCL @realmadrid @usa_pitbull ❤ Absolutely! A thousand times! @TommyDoyle47 It, definitely!
#Bardcore with Vocals! via @YouTubeOk, so this bird doing multiple dances to different alarm ringtones is definitely the Twitter content I’m here for.…
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Retweeted by Dizzy Chick @dog_feelings And Koala?Y recuerda que tienes que tratar de ser la persona que tu perro cree que eres.
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