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VP of Engineering, DigitalOcean. @sarah_edo is my better half. He/him.

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@sarah_edo @FrontendMasters I'm excited to see this one! It's already looking super cool :) @samphippen Settings, content preferences, disable show best tweets first - hey presto, reverse chronological order! @jeffsand Precisely. @samkottler I didn’t know that was a real url. @samkottler You should get “” and sell lifestyle items to people! @Pahimar More, I’d like to EAT pie. I’m not so good at making them...
I just published “Engineering Productivity”
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These are the top 15% speakers that were mentioned in my earlier "reply with your fave speaker", ordered sort-of by…
Retweeted by DizzyD @KirinDave 💙 @moiseyuretsky Wow. @oilaisee Football would be so much more interesting this way...
@jrrickard So glad for this break in the weather :) @jmissig @dwaite _You_ are especially wronger than both of us. @dwaite You're wrong.
Twitter has been ever so much better since I disabled "Show Best Tweets First". I don't get lost in my timeline anymore.... @_jared @randommood Congrats!Even after 20+ years on the 'Net, I still struggle with not engaging in flame wars. Our brains just love the dopami… @Nejjman_digs_u Seems like I’m in good company :) 👍💥
@estellevw I'm so, so happy for you! <3 @brianarn Oh, yeah. That's quite different. :/ @brianarn FWIW, as a manager I prefer to know how people are ACTUALLY doing. Knowing when you're having a rough day… @chadfowler @chadfowler 👋💥👍🙌👌🏻🤖I think I use too many emojis when I message people.The manager must provide all these things if they hope to see actual, lasting improvement. Anything less does a dis… 1-on-1 time - people need time with their mgr (you!) to discuss the challenges and work through how they are pro… Consistent feedback - people need timely and compassionate guidance as they work to improve. Effective change re… Clear expectations - people need to know what you’re expecting of them and what specific areas you want to see i… @chrisforrette asked what I meant by “proper mgmt support” in my tweet about improving performance yesterday. I t… @bzeeshanhyder @sarah_edo @The42ndMatt @josuenelson @dhh This is an ex post facto argument - experiencing beration… @bzeeshanhyder @sarah_edo @The42ndMatt @josuenelson @dhh No. Quality and speed of development are not contingent on… @bzeeshanhyder @sarah_edo @The42ndMatt @josuenelson @dhh Nope, I reject this theory. Linux did not grow into a sign… @chrisforrette * Consistent feedback - as they work on doing better, they need timely and compassionate guidance. *… @chrisforrette I think there are three primary support areas: * Clear expectations - people need to know what you’r…
@AbelSquidHead @film_girl @karissabe @sarah_edo and I watched the one about the Holiday Armadillo last night and laughed hard.I've seen a lot of different takes on Linus Torvalds' apology and I do think it's a step in the right direction. A…
Retweeted by DizzyD @zeigenvector <3 @IamStan @sarah_edo If it's so similar, why don't WE go back on vacation and send pictures to you? :)As a manager, sometimes you need to light a fire under a person for improved performance. However, if you do that w…
This is an important read. Linus Torvalds reflecting on his behavior and apologizing, and it's a good sign for the…
Retweeted by DizzyDNot only is Linus taking time off, but he also acknowledged his bad behavior and apologized. 😲 It's a good first s…
Retweeted by DizzyD @nnja Whoa! This is fantastic news. @dandigangi With the 1.11 modules, package management is MUCH better - tho obviously not as great for supporting to… @dandigangi It's a nice systems-level language. I prefer Erlang from a syntactic and semantic perspective, but the… need to realize that overall Straight White Cis Men™️ are assumed competent. URM walk into a job and need t…
Retweeted by DizzyD @Bensign It is the crappiest feeling ever. Never, ever again.Thread: @llimllib Thank you! That's a bummer, though. :/Is anyone out there using golang 1.11 modules + vscode and finding that autocomplete doesn't work reliably anymore? @estellevw Personally, I’d go for middle even so. That leg room is so very nice over a long flight.
@seancribbs @elizabethcribbs Congrats - nice work! :) @Pahimar Never again. One coffee per day. Ever. @jmissig So accurate. That’s exactly how I felt. @monadic @IamStan It’s not even close to 5. But I did drink gin to offset the coffee.I’m never drinking coffee again. @ashleymcnamara Please let us know where you’re registered.Drank too much coffee. Extremely chatty and vibrating. Hate this feeling. Can’t hold a thought, what! @kwuchu That is super cool.
@Pahimar Yay! Congrats! :) @codepo8 💙 @ken_wheeler While I know you travel a lot, @editingemily - this sort of raw take surprises me. It’s more something… have traveled better, more deeply and with more joy with @sarah_edo than ever before in my life. She is my love,…
@monkchips Speak your truth. :) @editingemily @JennyKCMO He’s very...beardy.When you're able to condense your software expertise into a practice that takes <10min and a relative beginner can…
Retweeted by DizzyDThis is facile. Brownfield TDD requires subtly different skills than cleanroom TDD. Among other things, It requires…
Retweeted by DizzyD @brianarn Yes. Hugs only allowed at HQ. 😜 @brianarn Next time we’re both in NYC, 🤗 @KirinDave There is no google translate link for that. But it’s beautiful script :) @editingemily Whoa!
I hate how this paranoia-inducing place can turn anyone into the boogieman. Peering at the world through a Twitter-…
Retweeted by DizzyD @allinison @jamonholmgren @jamonholmgren @allinison I needed courage when I took that shower after beach. Had it in coldest setting and it wa… @jamonholmgren @allinison Be brave, Jamon. Be brave. @brianarn Approximately 21,600 @allinison my knees today. AMA.Really enjoying the Southern Reach trilogy. Haunting and spooky. Perfect books for a vacation on beach. The contras…
@juliaferraioli On my last PET scan, I got notified 24 hours before the scan that it had been denied and I needed t… @snehainguva I believe that would be a Q4 DUMB (Dumbass Universal Majorly Bad) goal. :)So if Burning Man is so life-changing transformative explain to me why all the tech bros still so tech bro
Retweeted by DizzyDOH: Turns out, being dead, even for a little while, is REALLY bad for you! @camille_josse This is the one thing I reliably get done each week. @jessfraz @sarah_edo Done. We'll throw in an "Aunt Jess" commemorative nameplate for free. @jessfraz @sarah_edo Jess...we WANT the dogs. :) Kids tho...we can discuss that? @snehainguva I'm so sorry to disappoint your inner child. My inner child WISHES it was a backflip, but my aging bra…
@maciejmyslinski Backflops hurt when you’re over 40, apparently :)Did a slo-mo backflop for the kids. May never walk again. Certainly won’t have more kids. since I SIGSTOP'd nsurlsessiond the other day, my network monitor has been ever so happy. @chadfowler @kwuchu What @chadfowler said - you are every bit good enough for ANY conference. You got this. @KyleTrouble Why _wouldn't_ they be offended? I'd be pretty damn offended too. Adding to that, you reveal your actu… @buhakmeh The best way not to get flamed is to not make flameworthy jokes... :)
SIGSTOP is always a handy tool for misbehaving programs like nsurlsessiond. :) @codebeast @sarah_edo Hacking together has been some of my fondest memories with @sarah_edo. Its very cool to watch… those new here, I am designing and building a #3dprintable robot mower. First objective is for it to be a funct…
Retweeted by DizzyDIdiots.TFW you’re frustrated with men on internet being too literal and demonstrating both technical incompetence and inability to grasp a joke. @crazybob @_tessr It’s...a joke.Just ate some fantastic toro. Ready for sleep! @sarah_edo Made my day too.... 😜