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Iszy J. Fry 🪐 @dizzyiszy Planet Express, New New York

✨ #BlackLivesMatter ✨• Milkshake enthusiast • Blackjack #2NE1 • Park Bom lover • Evander Apsu on #FFXIV Sargatanas • Deaf: HoH • A friend • 🇵🇷🏳️‍🌈♋️

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MAGA got #NotMyPresident trending. Don’t forget it’s also not your House and Senate too.
Retweeted by Iszy J. Fry 🪐 @twink_noise tweets has always been weird to me like you can't write your own material? @twink_noise Huh...What is the media’s fascination with JonBenét Ramsey? I’ve been seeing so many specials about her since I was a kid.Me: “I like DC more than Marvel but I still enjoy Marvel’s stuff!” Marvel fans: “You have no taste, you should cho… Former President Donald Trump is no longer immune from criminal prosecution. Prosecutors, stand back and stand by.
Retweeted by Iszy J. Fry 🪐Okay but what’s happening with the impeachment? 🌚I broke my current glasses so I have to wear these glasses from 2010. 🙂 invented duvets, your moms a hoe.My straight girl friend knows what a twink is down to the t, who has she been talking to? Is she cheating on me wit… Joe Biddy, make that stimmy $2,000. Not $1,400. @KaardsTheGamer True. I needed that back in like 2015. @KaardsTheGamer Used to it yet? someone tells you who they are, believe them. The first time.
Retweeted by Iszy J. Fry 🪐Joe Biden will inherit from Trump: The worst economy since the Great Depression, the worst public health crisis in…
Retweeted by Iszy J. Fry 🪐 @KawaiiLuis7 My name is Israel and I do not have the girl power.
@GoJanthony Dance but from Futurama. with a photo of you that somebody else took. No selfies allowed. Photo that captures the real you… @nocturnalstance @tiddie_ Not me baby. I know better. 😌💅🏼 @ScorpioGaymer I’ve seen hotter men on the bus I’m sorry. Get your jush tho. DC movies >>>>>His smile after she said "then I married him, obviously" is just the preciousness we all need sometimes.
Retweeted by Iszy J. Fry 🪐People talking mad shit about me: Me just chilling:
Retweeted by Iszy J. Fry 🪐 @ScorpioGaymer Always. 🙄 She should have stayed a niffin. @ScorpioGaymer LET ME GIRL REST! 😩 @ScorpioGaymer Julia needs a break omg. 😩 Poor girl has been through hell and back.념념
Retweeted by Iszy J. Fry 🪐 @ScorpioGaymer 😂 I wanted to slap him omg. @ScorpioGaymer Enjoy it!No more Bruce Wayne. Just give us Terry McGinnis from Batman Beyond.Don’t turn into Rihanna girl.Anyway, Ella Mai. Where is the album?Valyric(at)!!! 🐱
Retweeted by Iszy J. Fry 🪐Am I gonna take a page from oomf and make an alt for my horny thoughts so I can be pure and angelic on main? Stay tuned.Actual footage of me while watching tv. whew false alarm. Carry on.When I said end already I didn’t mean like THIS HOLY SHIT. being against raising taxes on the rich
Retweeted by Iszy J. Fry 🪐she deserves more award show performances
Retweeted by Iszy J. Fry 🪐It’s me, ya boi, revolving door. High is back yes patiently waiting for him to make the first move because as nasty as i am i’m still shy
Retweeted by Iszy J. Fry 🪐 @tiddie_ As the season go on, it’s like... okay, end already.Me: I watch anime for the plot. The plot: season 5 of the Magicians and Alice....
sometimes i be talking too much
Retweeted by Iszy J. Fry 🪐me tryna figure out wtf is wrong with me
Retweeted by Iszy J. Fry 🪐The only reason why I still have Snapchat is because my sister doesn’t know how to call or text me in iMessage. 😒 day I will have someone’s @ in my bio. Music, please let me alphabetize my playlists. everyday: “I need to stop fucking cursing so fucking much, fuck.”Good morning. I need to become a pregnant standup comedian.Whatever Ali Wong did to achieve her optimum level of success, I need to do it too.My mom: “Put this plant on your bedside table.” should have kept minding my business because now look at me, un payaso.Can I sit for a 4 hour movie? We’re gonna find out. change my handle. It’s been a long time.Like your servers and chefs are all wearing masks and here you are, face out for corona to see.You know how out of touch you gotta be to sit in a restaurant during a pandemic?Cry with me.
@JorgieKupo I believe 3,200 nuts in Crystarium. @JorgieKupo everyday
Retweeted by Iszy J. Fry 🪐I’m already stupid. and the Blind Forest did NOT have to hit me in the feels like that wtf.'s winning the fight?
Retweeted by Iszy J. Fry 🪐Best J.Lo movie?
Retweeted by Iszy J. Fry 🪐Are we really going to sit through a bunch of pandemic inspired lockdown movies? sorry I roasted you I was trying to flirt 🙄
Retweeted by Iszy J. Fry 🪐 @KaardsTheGamer Oh yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!People have been fighting for $15/hour minimum wage for so long, that minimum wage should NOW actually be $25 an hour.
Retweeted by Iszy J. Fry 🪐*Leg hair moves a bit* My brain:
Retweeted by Iszy J. Fry 🪐Retweets? Spare retweets? is everyone talking about the 14th of february ??? what’s going on
Retweeted by Iszy J. Fry 🪐
@HeSheFey “Put the gravy boat down or I’m telling Kevin!?”Best J.Lo movie?NY Attorney General Letitia James has 67 indictments on trump ready to be unsealed on January 21, 2021. I love New York.
Retweeted by Iszy J. Fry 🪐my parents didn’t raise me to order something expensive when someone else is paying
Retweeted by Iszy J. Fry 🪐I HATE WHEN PEOPLE TRY TO TALK FEAR INTO MY PLANS.... move tf outta my way
Retweeted by Iszy J. Fry 🪐2NE1's version of 'In The Club' at the New Evolution tour's winning the fight?Whew this salsa song that was stuck in my head is finally out.If YouTube blocks my play button with that YouTube TV shit.....You guys I need help... what color should I get for when my millionaire husband’s body is found ? Like I want it to…
Retweeted by Iszy J. Fry 🪐 @sqwazil Thirst traps. 😆My sister made me watch it the day before she ended up in the hospital and it kept replaying in my head.Halloween II I want attention.What’s the rule on retweeting your own posts? @tiddie_