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13 @dj1three TX to NYC

a hood bitch with substance. music my main ting. 🎲🕊🎱

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Joined Twitter 4/1/19 where the love at.if you know better, do better.if you not setting standards for yourself, you really just cuttin corners and that’s not very player of you. do better.if you eat fast food; you not my type. sorry not sorry. will lie for a living. @Kaprea14 lmfaooo stop!inspired by a few but my mind really drives itself like never have to lie to kick it. @KRISTELASAYEL lmfaooooooooo.
sundays are for soul music. @pop_sunky bless up. soon come. ⚡️I started mastering self when I became a student. @parisianysl lmaooo a scorpio.make dem talk say na jealousy o.summer walker’s “body” > meg the stallion’s “body”. I do not’s dragon energy 4 me. you niggas always stressin bout a punk rock bitch??? up grateful and beautiful. once again. bless up.used to give a fuck you could find.water get no enemy.I know I’m getting old cause I just be wanting my knees rubbed. @_2lite exactly. she up’s the way wizkid came through and shifted my entire year with a smooth 14 songs. “made in lagos” deserves all da love.talking to da moon.———“everyone ghetto. it was all so ghetto”. -summer walkersummer walker is unraveling before us and I just want her to get in the studio and stay there. release that pain baby.this song is so beautiful. I shed tears. I like yung bleu. a lot.tonight we coast with a king. bless up.
@_illionaire lmaooooo nah I’m crine.I seen that money make a bitch evil.let these niggas know your worth, ain’t no discounts.’m grateful for the rooms of narcotics anonymous. @ZayaniSol you a blessing. 🌹 is a great day to purge dat closet and clean with bleach. just saying.LOOK AT MY OPPONENT.create your own rituals. renew sum too.-can’t lose and won’t.
Retweeted by 13hardly home, always reppin.
Retweeted by 13 got her own, but she needs sum love.everybody can’t go and won’t.we dig for music daily. it’s ritualistic. @niyaxo_ libra shit.I do not have enemies. all love. always. all ways. if you hate me. you hate yourself.bless up. enjoy ya life. y pree. @ev_uknow lmaooooo @TRESENTAYA cadence is fye. @JE55ICAFANT bless up. happy you’re choosing peace. you deserve it. ✨🖤✨ @JE55ICAFANT you ok???you gotta be able to make yourself laugh. @DJSPINALL nuh miss. ever. @raymecutie @_RaaSCal lmfaooooooo why I’m laughing so hard at dis shit. @darwul baby boy so beautiful. @CAMLaPistolaa lololololololololol is da perfect example of how, sometimes, leos just be telling lies for attention. ok shock value ass nigga. @loneamorphous who jah bless, no man curse. keep going. ✨drizzy and wayne back on their 07’. women just be needing dick—why so serious?!taurus placements need to smoke more ganja and relax their jaws and unstiffen dat neck too.heat. @_DevonLee lmaooooooespecially verse 2. with old hoes feels like eating fast food.deep down ima romantic hood nigga who likes to be called “baby”. @ev_uknow big choppin it up & eatin’.bastet and I have a special bond. 4L. @niyaxo_ preciate dat. ✨ @tethegreat word???? damn that’s fiya. @tethegreat 😤 tough tat.
2020 @munnnyyhunnyy be the little things. n strong. job larry. I have two cups of tea before 1 pm. I be chipper AF.they sleepin’ on you.there’s so much beauty in the process. just gotta stop, be present and enjoy it.lead by example, don’t follow.Meet the Blanket Octopus.
Retweeted by 13 @marrshun always think about you. 🌞 love you goon.
@djpoizon_ 🥵 @MarkyDee3 it’s early bird for me. straight bangers. @dj1three
Retweeted by 13big up my NY family. mad love. be needing that blunt right before and right after the meal. @kayastrykes it’s so fiya. @AijhaYvanna 🎲 give thanks for real ones, always, all ways.