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el @DJ90sHentai Minneapolis, MN

I love kos-mos /// soviet gun appreciator /// music at @postblankvoid /// art at @alfscene /// gay movie opinions

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Retweeted by el @VGAdvisor @Comrade_Yuii found carmen sandiego going under a different name, i GOT this bitch, would be so bad ass if i didn't have a brain disability that forced me to be on the computer all the time,how the hell did i used to think point of entry was not only a good priest album but an underrated one. stockholm s…
she likes metal? AND she got feet? @Indigo_ho this pussy kafkaesque af 😎everybody look at this amazing commish of my girl kos-mos @dreamgrave did!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by el @MacDeMarcosDick @coneboobs you can't act dumb because i got RECEIPTS lol poured a frozen bag of gnocchi pesto into a pot on the stove along with some potato wedges....get you a girl that can cook like me 😍😏😳 @deletejesus congrats!!! meanwhile 😔 hahaha you know that Kos-Mos and T-elos' original VA also voiced Mima from Perfect Blue? 😉 you can get this as an ex…
Retweeted by el @dreamgrave @Rhiph uh oh now I'm thinking about a pocari chan anime girl90s bob odenkirk fancam? yes
Retweeted by elDon't live your life like me, Kamille
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Retweeted by elLFG @Comrade_Yui @_AGOTO @Dishwasher1910 @doll_slut indeed. there are several things here that arouse my interestastorfos smooth perfect skinseeker of power
Retweeted by elthinking about the times in which i have received affection
Retweeted by el @tvtuners @JoeBiden #BringBackTheFuckingQuaaludes
Retweeted by el @vent_haven i climax halfway into "Climate Change" 😔this is the only great trump impression i’ve ever seen
Retweeted by elFuzoroi no Lemon (不揃いのレモン) // Bonbee Bon Bon! // PC-98 // #pc98 #BonbeeBonBon
Retweeted by elThey should start making Quaaludes again imo. @JoeBiden
Retweeted by el @pito_sh @Indigo_ho :0everybody look at this amazing commish of my girl kos-mos @dreamgrave did!!!!!!!!!!
that's my mom is why I stan her #asacoco
Retweeted by elif i could get a kos-mos fumo i would die,,,
Retweeted by el「なんて巨大な・・・一体どこに向かっているんだろう?」
Retweeted by el😑 went on this bleach podcast having never watched any bleach except for the 3 episodes i had to watch for this pod… @mr_hend0 v trueee @mr_hend0 holy fucking shit the tonethinking about the times in which i have received affection @spooky_halloren this how life feelasuka and rei go to a party
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Retweeted by eldamn... @FivdaZERO lol i know, but i figured i'd be safe hahaha @FivdaZERO do you mind if i repost this lolCOS-MOS
Retweeted by el @sega_cd 👀yea this soundtrack rules and i love how manami kyota here was just like "ok time to intentionally just make a yu… greatest trick the devil ever pulled was getting me to listen to the xenoblade 1 soundtrack while i draw and ma… @DawnYicks you succeeded in making an itasha where i utterly failed @DawnYicks i'm so intrigued and dont know what to do with this information @Shirui_lily this is some goated character design omg
i feel so seen @pussyronin you look nice in these photos . @pussyronin Hi, @dreamgrave its happening to me every day now and idk if i can break the cycle lol....#ゼノギアス ミァン カレルレン グラーフ
Retweeted by elゼノギアス 落書き
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Retweeted by elthinking about girl. as a female (gay)top 10 anguished bishounens @CroixBaker those marketers were good at their jobs. maybe a little too good @Rhiph no problem 👌how to make five guys fries what spices do five guys order rule 34 esurance rule 34 esurance mascot girl rule 63 verizon guy Kabbalah @Indigo_ho Lol @Indigo_ho
Retweeted by elyess!! ahahaha....yes!
@soc_bgm maybe i can draw myself after playing XCX for that prompt @soc_bgm lolalright time to draw the next one i guess. "Regret" is a song from xenoblade but how can i make it about not xenobladelook at my girls. look at them drawing incoming shortly. i live for this. if you dont like the drawing well then fuck you. i made some… @SodomiteBlocker yes @SodomiteBlocker i was gonna say yu yu hakusho lmao but nah cast is too diversehes here
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Retweeted by elLove seeing a lot of over eager takes about trump getting slaughtered in the general as if 2016 didn’t happen. thes…
Retweeted by elDeposition, 1901 #vasnetsov #wikiart
Retweeted by el @sprocketman1981 @sega_cd @Rhiph @sargentCINQ me and the boyys on the way to consume some kino @sega_cd @Rhiph @sargentCINQ 👋Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my GAMING. Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my CUM
Retweeted by el @nightpartridge fhasfhsfafhsashhahah @nightpartridge hoping they see my holding my lighter and smoking before they even think about approaching & getting fresh with me...immediately after i wrote that it violently started pouring sleet for about one minute and now its clearing up agai… job is to sit at the glowing screen and keep it company. i am sitting in a watchtower looking out at a dead worl… @limeboiler agreed. but id hate to be on there. because im not like the other girls you see(ᴖ◡ᴖ)
Retweeted by el @mmmm12yearolds also shit like the System @mmmm12yearolds David Gamson and Green Gartside are the single greatest counterexample to synthwave freaks who want… nanami
Retweeted by el @idlematts @Comrade_Yui @SublatedFaith you were just too focused on how badass shadow is