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@strangelands620 It’s only going to be as good as the people who use it. We’re in the midst of a global pandemic, s… @MrChuckD @jamieGroovement When does Trump officially get declared a dictator?#NHSCOVID19app looks good, the only issue is being that it’s optional to download. Like the new regulations that we…
...the reality is, looking ahead to October, there are going to be many more like her. This is a bigger pandemic th…
Retweeted by DJ Marco GianniniThis man is too good for football. We need him in Government.👏 this is how you do a marketing & PR campaign - seriously hats off @BurgerKing asked me to write a few words about my volunteering experience so far...
Retweeted by DJ Marco GianniniHiya! Available again finally. Print run going in at the end of the week. Dm if interested and RT I’d you can ❤️
Retweeted by DJ Marco GianniniKeir Starmer finally hits back at claims he’s talking down NHS when he criticises test & trace failings. His moth…
Retweeted by DJ Marco GianniniI’d encourage the world to look at how NZ managed this pandemic and do the same. howling at Camilla Tominey’s cleaner walking in on Politics Live.
Retweeted by DJ Marco GianniniTess and Trace
Retweeted by DJ Marco GianniniJesus Christ... The Revenge “This time it’s personal” @Live_Ade @ameliasward Yeah, I don’t get the hate. My daughter loves them. @TheJimmyRund @badly_drawn_boy This reminds me, and I never need an excuse to tell this story, but I met the mighty… @LDLDN When this is done and we go back to life as it was, and kids are taught about COVID-19 at school, teachers w… is the most cat thing ever
Retweeted by DJ Marco GianniniJohnson was defeated by a majority of 100 in the House of Lords last night on a motion to stop a chlorinated chicke…
Retweeted by DJ Marco Giannini @badly_drawn_boy Did you ask him about his bins? Apparently in America they call it trash. @PD39dontpanic My list is a lot bigger than yours. @MsEmilyMorris I mean it’s just baking 🤷‍♂️Don’t fall for this schools vs hospitality sector narrative - it’s what the Tories want. If Test & Trace was worki… @TwitterSupport how do we report tweets and accounts that spread fake news about #COVID19 and encourage p…
Neither of us have Photoshop @louise_toal @badly_drawn_boy Blue bin for us as well. Maybe it’s only brown for celebs and blue for the norms? Ho… Johnson said ; "you can't tell the Brits what to do and they disobey the rules because they are so amazing a…
Retweeted by DJ Marco GianniniOne big thing missing from the PM’s lunchtime statement which needs to be added before he addresses the nation toni…
Retweeted by DJ Marco GianniniWithout extending support, this Government will be remembered for ripping the heart out of our 5th biggest UK secto…
Retweeted by DJ Marco GianniniNone of these new laws/rules will do anything to force the anti-mask cranks to play their part. The ppl who have f… @tiraquon There IG game is strong.Priti Patel #SpittingImage
Retweeted by DJ Marco Giannini'The shark has told me it will take Christmas Day off'
Retweeted by DJ Marco Giannini“I oughta be ignored... 🎶 🎶 “ @midlandsound “I have no words” - yes you do. You just wrote them.This also goes for the small local DJs who have bizarrely got themselves agents as well. No promoter is going to g…📢📢📢 PUT THE SALARY ON THE FUCKING JOB AD
Retweeted by DJ Marco Giannini @bethmayashley This has always infuriated me. Sorry to break it to companies, but this is the main thing people are…, for example, a holiday home in Perugia 🇮🇹 Farage not keen to appear on the BBC, for once, as he hangs up when asked about a £10 million Brexit Party donor #Panorama
Retweeted by DJ Marco GianniniHow many Motown bands could you name? Two, three? Maybe four tops.
Retweeted by DJ Marco Giannini‘I’m closing the pubs... an hour earlier’
Retweeted by DJ Marco Giannini
Thick as mince. @djdeacon Look at the countries managing this situation the best and they’re all led by women. Nicola Sturgeon is… @crowbloke She’s basically this... Witty spelling it very clearly and slowly for the thicko’s at the back refusing to play their part. This man… kruger, the tory MP for Devises not wearing a mask for the entire Hungerford to Paddington train journey yest…
Retweeted by DJ Marco Giannini @MichaelDiPaola I was thinking the very same thing this morning.Matt Hancock told Andrew Marr 226,000 people were tested on Saturday. The Department of Health said they’re ‘not…
Retweeted by DJ Marco GianniniKey message: You alone cannot decide to take risks. By deciding to take risks you are endangering everyone else aro…
Retweeted by DJ Marco Giannini#SackVallance and #SackWhitty trending is disgusting. They're two highly qualified medical and public health profes…
Retweeted by DJ Marco GianniniWe need a track & trace system for our Prime Minister
Retweeted by DJ Marco Giannini
We deserve to get relegated this season.🚨 EXCLUSIVE @repubblica 🚨 According to a statement and local sources, Boris Johnson recently travelled to Perugia,…
Retweeted by DJ Marco GianniniIntriguing. Perugia airport - close to Evgeny Lebedev’s luxury Italian hideaway - says that Boris Johnson was there…
Retweeted by DJ Marco GianniniFucking called it, Eid, Diwali, Rosh Hashanah all banned from gathering, but when it's a Christian holiday it's fin…
Retweeted by DJ Marco Giannini @mozessalvatore To everyone saying that this is a Christian country, I assume you’re all very welcoming to refugees… @Luminilulu and @Rich_Attwater what we were chatting about today. It’s all oh so predictable.’t worry bands, you won’t catch me using Spotify. I’m all about the deluxe, mega deluxe vinyl boxsets! 🤘 . . .… GET YOUR CHEQUEBOOK OUT! @sometimes_angry S1 E1 - where are they now... that Vegas episode
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We have @mrchrismassey followed by @DJ_MRTG on the decks tonight. Head down and enjoy the evening with a few cock…
Retweeted by DJ Marco GianniniPeanut allergies know if these new lockdown restrictions in Halton mean that I can’t now go grouse hunting?
@ohdavidnotagain @Faycebuk Rubik’s cube speed. @mrgarethbrooks Kitchens. Massively underrated. @ohdavidnotagain @Faycebuk It’s like karate. You start with a white vest and progress up to black vest. You never… to believe? On the one hand we’ve epidemiologists who have spent their lives studying viruses, how they spread…
My printshop is re-open again...
Retweeted by DJ Marco Giannini @aalice_tweetz Norway is the one by all accounts. The best standard of life and satisfaction.One positive out of all of this is that my tax return is going to be a piece of piss next year.Opportunity of the century
Retweeted by DJ Marco Giannini @Sacha_Lord Ha, I got told the same and that I should probably dial it down.
Be more Paul. our theatres, live music venues, cultural organisations, nightclubs still shut, the Government must continue s…
Retweeted by DJ Marco Giannini @deanrmarsh @mrgarethbrooks @SeanSines There was a plague rave in Widnes? That’s where I live.
@ianbrown The Public have lost all respect and credibility for your views! Your music and cheekbones are a dream…
Retweeted by DJ Marco Giannini @Man_Power_Music How short shorts are we talking here mate? the odd loop lengths on the @PioneerDJglobal CDJ-3000 to go from House to Drum and Bass and back again withou…
Retweeted by DJ Marco Giannini @jack_saundrs There’s not enough of anything on that plate. You’re literally buying a postcode fry up. @Danny_McMoomins I am and I am... well kind of. I’m a Metalhead who loves Goth music.😂 I love this man! am a 1/5 of each of these characters then 😎
Gotta love Cloughie
Retweeted by DJ Marco GianniniI went to see Onward before and I don’t think any film has ever made me feel more sad. Great film though, but bloody hell Disney 😢.@SoundCloud what have you done to insights? It’s now impossible to find in the app. Please put the feature back in Pulse. @MerielMyers “Watch daughter grow” And how about a second one even... “Drive car less”.@RishiSunak you promised you’d stand by until we are through this. Theatres Live Music Venues Event Spaces Cultur…
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I've just been told the sad news, that EventCity opposite the Trafford Centre, a huge exhibition space, has decided…
Retweeted by DJ Marco GianniniBlimey, lots of the spots for the @SupernatureMCR x @sprechenmusic party at @freightisland with @GinaBreezeDJ our latest mixtape over on our @SoundCloud page we asked Hot Gorilla Records boss @IamAndyBuchan to step away f…
Retweeted by DJ Marco Giannini @instruct Someone responded to a DM I sent them on Facebook about recording a mix... Eight years after I sent it!
Yes yes yes ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡
Retweeted by DJ Marco GianniniBookings for the @SupernatureMCR x @sprechenmusic party at @freightisland with me, @GinaBreezeDJ @mrchrismassey & t…’s all YOUR fault
Retweeted by DJ Marco GianniniThe Government urgently needs to find a better way of communicating changes to COVID-19 rules. We need to return t…
Retweeted by DJ Marco Giannini @mrgarethbrooks Where does this leave Puffin Box?
In a world when you can be anything, be kind ❤
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