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god's bathroom floor @DJ_Slizzard it's Lizz with two z's

thin line between flawed protagonist and comic relief 🦂

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@savio1i like the cheese @Azww I assure you, you cannot. And it’s okayMelanie Daniels was thirsty for some lawyer D and while I admire her impulsive behavior it resulted in her wearing… @persiantittys @laurendawi you good i got invited to apply to be a Sephora Influencer, but they’re asking for people to tell them why they follow me…
Retweeted by god's bathroom floor @theb0tfather this lil hitch took me out @CNCoffey @persiantittys @laurendawi HAHAHA NAWWWmoon is scary crisp tonight hello ma’am @NeeKO_lgnd @xxxduckling hmmmm okay!!!! @NeeKO_lgnd @xxxduckling no you can say it. you just look dumb as hell doing so. and from an Android too lmaoooo talk about hmmm 😂 @NeeKO_lgnd @xxxduckling idk why you keep saying “hmmm” like you’re sitting there thinking. it’s bizarre. there is… @NeeKO_lgnd @xxxduckling There wasn’t even another person involved lol @persiantittys @laurendawi @laurendawi omg favorite fucking show in the universe. deadass. Can not physically possibly co-sign any hardergetting this text is like better than any sext ever @CNCoffey @persiantittys @ProximityM @BadRobotBass Can vouch for @BadRobotBass @luna_bambino_ @PrincessLegend9 @laurendawi give it to Ciara she was feenin
@spaceyholly my spine just seized. I have the full collection on a bookshelf in my house ........... @drippingshakti @laurenlipsay yes ,,, I no .... bichscalding hot take: I think matcha either tastes like soap or grass and I strongly dislike it @colleencroskey @laurenlipsay nOo I wanted to wait til it was all out ma’amI can’t wait to buckle in and start Schitt’s Creek purely because of @laurenlipsay ‘s influenceWow. This is Chicago, IL where the bean’s babies have finally returned after not being seen for over 100 years. The…
Retweeted by god's bathroom floor @itsjohnsummit @V_nss_A oh yes hunni.........I know @doxmontoya LMFAOOOOOO @maddyohlizabeth ah. no @maddyohlizabeth no u r not! It’s not super common, soda bread actually focuses more on baking soda but like can be… @maddyohlizabeth have u ever made Irish soda breadASOS randomly having savage x fenty pieces is the come up. I’m not gonna order right now cause it’s not important b… @V_nss_A is it @itsjohnsummit he be everywhereI’ve been driving with my windows down cause it’s like 73 and of course got caught behind a garbage truck for like… @pulte Hi!!!! @HOTSlNCE92 we know @HOTSlNCE92 babe you tried so hard to spell esthetician 🥺 wow love you @hog_mild wait this is low key perfect for me...holy shit thank you @alaw312 no that’s normal haha your brain isn’t meant to do stuff like that. productivity and output actually goes… the funniest things I’ve ever seen
Retweeted by god's bathroom floor @HOTSlNCE92 he cheated on her and is trash. wow the misogyny rly jumped out here babe 🤢oh my god Andy hahhhahahaha’d give anything right now to be a tiny mouse nibbling on a strawberry, using a leaf as an umbrella to protect mys…
Retweeted by god's bathroom floor @fnf205 heard @endofanerajc I knew I liked you for a reason @edenswoon @gineycat lmfao found out recently she has me blocked on twitter and I have no idea why @MaximusGirthius damn I was literally gonna watch it tn hahaha @badgirIkiki “your” lmaooooo america
@luna_bambino_ yes and every day I muster up confidence @KinggCaroline @kimmichal3 very on-brand Carol energy @hog_mild I would call or text or email for you. And I hope you know your mental health is first and foremost!!!! wow am I a simptoo horny to meditate properly 🥵
Retweeted by god's bathroom floor @dances wait 🥺I know quarantine has “set in” but it really set the fuck in for me when I washed a load of just sweats last night.… @aecushing I wheezed. Caption makes itme mustering up the confidence to post a selfie: @jxcobb @maddyohlizabeth not everyone is that altruistic?? lol it’s rarely that easy. if the person selling isn’t… @jxcobb @maddyohlizabeth you’re buying nudes to support the person/people in the pic, rather than just consuming co… just told me, “watching the federal government deal with COVID-19 is like watching the Ministry of Magic de…
Retweeted by god's bathroom floor @hm_custserv DMed! Thanks @MjDaJuiceMan godspeedwe, as a species, are losing our minds
Retweeted by god's bathroom floor @V_nss_A yea idk how good they are or how they’ll hold up but I’m obv gonna watch anyway lmao @V_nss_A There have been 2 or 3 yo!!!! Forest Whitaker I remember did the one in the early 2000s. And there’s a ful… @V_nss_A I’m plowing through the 1959 original (have previously only seen a few scattered epis) and then gonna watc… tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs and explosions and fallout. there are weapons that are sim… @V_nss_A @Charnizard ...David Lindhagendoes the @alyssalimp fandom have a name yet? can we be the simperis(es)?earlier today I had a visceral moment of pure nostalgia for the first sip of a Jameson cocktail at 2-3pm in my hote…
@kemma_winds @itjustneeks @MjDaJuiceMan Most recent article @itjustneeks @MjDaJuiceMan @kemma_winds Unknown as of now! Hopefully summer @Skoog I literally hit reply instead of saving to drafts so I could think of more but like many @Skoog Tiger King, Rotten, Twilight Zone, Narcos @MjDaJuiceMan @kemma_winds Marty sir u have some other priorities but I meanthink I’m due for a euphoria rewatch while we’re at itbut soft, what baja through yonder window blasts?
Retweeted by god's bathroom floorHow does one make their brain produce serotonin right now without eating or spending massive amounts of money onlin…
Retweeted by god's bathroom floor @helenamierzwa @snitchery It’s a remix of roses by saint jhn! Remix by imanbek @C0nzie @headybetch Jesus Christ @pulte could be better Bill @NaomiSchit @HammerFist3 he’s joking lmao karl is on here 2 be funny at all timesWeezy F Baby and the F is for Fuck Carole Baskin
Retweeted by god's bathroom floor @HammerFist3 shut up I literally just got into bed after watching it lmfao @kemma_winds I love garlic thots @drippingshakti chopped and screwedDay 369 of Quarantine: I ordered cocaine off Wish
Retweeted by god's bathroom floor @BriAnneHolthaus ok but skinall of us on twitter dot com: @eprombeats @C_Ost2Coast LMAO LFO WAS SUMMERGIRLS @dances When I tell you I begged my mom to help me find this sweater when I was younger ...... 😭 @NaomiSchit @hm 🙄🙄🙄 @NaomiSchit @hm I feel like it has to be a glitch and they didn’t actually try. I checked all motion on my doorbell…
Retweeted by god's bathroom floor @illhueminati pls fuck me im lonely @laurenlipsay that 👏🏼 shit 👏🏼 hurted 👏🏼what I think I look like using “🥺” vs. What I actually look like
Retweeted by god's bathroom floor @BlockheadNYC @hm is this a joke? We have a video doorbell and are all home...? @eglozman @cariboucoffee buy bottled arabica cold brew from Trader Joe’s, it’s less expensive and more delicious an… @MjDaJuiceMan okayyyyyI wish someone would help me convince Marty that starting sense8 is the best idea 🥺